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Found 22 results

  1. Good day BIS! Over the past two months, I have seen a lot of changes for Thermal Vision Arma3 in the Development Branch Changelog. This definitely makes me happy, but I would like to write to you so that you also try to eliminate the main Thermal omission of Arma3 that has been all this time! The fact is that Arma3 has never taken into account the current weather and time of day for Thermal Vision before, and this does not look good. In Arma3 (all versions including 2.08), at any time of the day/any weather, the thermal vision looked the same. Unfortunately it was looked like a terrible flaw, like cheating/imbalance, because all targets looked like torches from huge distance on a dark background and only the ACE3 mod some smoothed out this problem. My Main message: In addition to temperature differences, the thermal imager must be affected by wind, rain or sun, which can heat up or cool buildings or the landscape, and this must affects the accuracy of the result. For example, In sunny weather, on midday, when houses or landscapes are warmed by the sun, they must emit heat.This means that in such situation, the determination of targets should be difficult, because everything should radiate warmth - as target itself and its background also. In this case, the target should simply blend into its background. But if at this day time, with such weather we look at vanilla Thermal Arma3, then we will see flaming targets, as if everything else will not radiate heat! It doesn't look real... Conversely, at night, when the entire landscape cools down, targets should be more clearly visible. Please, due to the latest changes for Thermal Vision, try to also create at least the some influence of weather/time of day in the same way. It seems to me at the current stage of Arm`s life, this is not a super difficult task. Also, your recent Thermal Vision overhaul can help you do just that. Thank you for Support our favorite game!
  2. Hello everyone, help someone is not difficult, please make me a collection of mods for realistic sounds. I need mods for realistic sounds of shooting, explosions, helicopters and planes, etc. Sounds should preferably be as close as possible to real life. If not difficult, help me find a good body cam mod, something like this video https://www.youtube.com/shorts/QR7ayb6wnS4
  3. "So gory, that Bohemia Interactive once banned it from the Workshop!" "The most badass mod you've ever used." Adds various elements of gore to ArmA3 such as blood splatters, blood sprays, blood pooling, bleeding, gibbing, and other misc details. For Multiplayer: Servers and clients must run the addon. Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667953829 Github: https://github.com/zooloo75/BloodLust/ Requires CBA! The addon must be running on the server and all clients. YOU MAY NOT RUN BLOODLUST ON A MONETIZED SERVER WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! Support my endeavors with a generous donation using the "Donate" button below. Donations go towards coffee/beer and stuff. Thank you for your generosity! 🙂 Changelog:
  4. AWESome : Aerial Warfare Enhanced Somehow Makes ARMA 3's flight environments more realistic (GWPS, wind effect, etc.). Recommended to use with ACE since it will enable ACE Interaction instead of vanilla actions and give more specific weather data on ATIS. This addon is SP/MP capable and basically works as a client-side mod, and gives some additional features when used on both client/server. Although this addon is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0, feel free to contact me if you need any code from this addon for applications. ---------------- Features 1. Voice Informer, GPWS(Ground Proximity Warning) GPWS(incl. Voice Informer) has three modes: B747, F-16 and Rita. B747's GPWS has more familiar sounds from commercial airliners including altitude informers during landing. Suitable for large transport or support planes. F-16's ♥♥♥♥♥ing Betty GPWS includes missile warning and other sound-warnings (voice informers). Gives basic warnings such as: Counter; Warning; Caution; etc., and is suitable for fighter planes. Rita is a Russian voice informer which works similar to ♥♥♥♥♥ing Betty, but speaks Russian and has fewer features(it's mainly because I don't speak Russian, and therefore I can't find enough sound files). You can set default setting for GPWS in addon settings which will override plane's default GPWS mode setting and set GPWS mode to what you want when getting in a plane. However, if someone with this addon is in or has been in the plane, the GPWS mode will not change and stay as it was. 2. Realistic Aerodynamics (drag, lift, etc.) Basic drag model is replaced with an enhanced model so that it better reflects the drag in real life. This will generate drag that's much more complicated than a simple polynomial function and create many effects such as the so-called 'Sound barrier'. Vehicle's fuel status and weapon loadout will now affect mass and aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle, resulting in high aerodynamic drag and lowered stability when armed heavily. This also brings air density and wind into consideration. Air density is calculated based on altitude, temperature and humidity which gets more accurate if ACE3 weather is used together. Can enable/disable at addon settings (enabled as default), and effects of wind can be adjusted with "Wind Multiplier" setting. 3. ATC (Air Traffic Controller) Radar Screen Shows friendly & civilian planes on map with name, speed, altitude, and heading. Useful when commanding multiple planes. Information lines are consisted of the following three lines : Pilot's Name or Callsign Speed Altitude Heading(deg) Pilot name/callsign setting and units for speed & altitude can be changed at addon settings tab. Supports kph/knot for speed and meter/feet for altitude. Note that unit callsign uses the unit's group ID and therefore cannot distinguish between planes in a same group. To enable this feature, you need to add the following code to the target object's init field: [this] call orbis_atc_fnc_addRadarScreen; 4. ATIS (Automatic Terminal Information Service) Plays ATIS radio broadcast using real in-game atmospheric data. Provides wind, visibility, etc. Temperature, dew point, QNH will be provided when ACE Weather is enabled. With basic settings, ATIS provides real-time data, but with addon setting changed, ATIS data should be updated on ground To let the controller manually update the data, disable 'Real-time ATIS data update' option in addon setting, and add the following code to the target object's init field: [this] call orbis_atc_fnc_addATCConsole; 5. Ground System Provides towing vehicle & system for all planes. Works in MP and does not require other players to use this addon for towing their planes. Offroad vehicles are used as towing cars, and can tow planes by deploying towbar via Interaction / Action outside the vehicle. Once the towbar is deployed, place target plane's front gear at the end of the towbar, then use Action to connect target plane to the towbar. After towing around, stop the vehicle and disconnect target plane using Action. NOTICE : moving too fast may occur collisions, so drive with caution when towing. 6. Cockpit Utility Adds camera shake feature reflecting the vehicle's speed and status including the touchdown speed, and checklists feature for fixed-wing pilots which provides decision speed, rotate speed, landing speed and many more automatically filled in. This helps pilots to check if they have anything forgotten and gives reference speeds for takeoff and landing. ---------------- Issue Tracking To report issues, please use Github's issue tracker https://github.com/mgkid3310/AWESome/issues ---------------- Steam Workshop You can subscribe this addon on Steam Workshop https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1301399507 ---------------- BI Forum thread For more specific update notes, please visit BI forum thread https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/217012-awesome-aerial-warfare-enhanced-somehow/ ---------------- Authors (Contributors) Orbis2358 (mgkid3310@naver.com) : Project Manager & Programmer
  5. This addon is to make driving in Arma more realistic to give players new driving experience. V3.00 Introduction: For players who are first time try this mod, pls turn on "test mode" switch in the addon option.Surface type and vehicle inclination angle will be shown on screen per 1 second. Then drive some vanilla cars in vanilla maps to build a preliminary understanding of BI's default surface types in maps. After that, Set up VRsurface bump param and VRsurface wheel/damage param in addon option. Then open SP scenario and play Realistic_Driving_Terrains VR mission to test other functions on the test mission. Reference video: 1. Steep Slope effect function: (can be turned on/off in addon option) A script checks vehicle's tilt angle vertical per second and will be triggered when the angle is over a certain degree to make vehicle hard to control. Trigger angle is 25 degree by default. ( Trigger inclination angle changeable in addon option) 25 degrees is based on many vehicle materials that I have read in reality. If tilt angle vertical > 25, the mass of vehicle will be 3.5 times by its original mass . (this value changeable in addon option) When < 25 degree, the effect will cancel automatically. Vehicles will be hard to control on steep slope, and fall off the extremely steep slope and cliff, with this function. 2. Off road bump function (can be turned on/off in addon option) This function adds a force in a controllable random range to the Z axis of car chassis repeatedly. It is triggered whenever you are driving off road above the trigger speed. (default trigger speed is 10km/h, changeable in addon option.) The bump frequency is positive correlation with speed. (implemented by script) Magnitude of the force is in a controllable randomly range. (coefficient changeable in addon options) Magnitude of the force is related to different surface type (surface relating coefficient changeable in addon options) Same as in reality, wheeled vehicles bumps more than Tracked vehicles. (implemented by script) Also the more wheels your car have and the longer you car wheelbase is, the less bumpy your car will be. (implemented by script) 3. Track and wheels damage while over speed off road driving (can be turned on/off in addon option) This function checks the off road speed of your vehicle and damage the tires/tracks when off road driving over the trigger speed. The damage level is positive correlation with speed. (implemented by script) The damage level is negative correlation with type of wheel (light, medium heavy wheel, easy to tell by visual in game) . (implemented by script) Default off road damage trigger speed is 55 km/h. (changeable in addon option) Damage level coefficient is changeable in addon option. Different surface type damage coefficient is changeable in addon option. 4. Enhanced fall off damage (can be turned on/off in addon option) A script checks the vehicle acceleration at z-axis of vehicle per 0.33 second and damage the engine if acceleration is over a certain value. Default trigger acceleration is 10 m/s^2 , equally freely fall from 5 meters height. The damage level is positive correlation with height vehicle fall from. Damage level coefficient changeable in addon option. 5. AI driver speed limit function (can be turned on/off in addon option) This function makes AI drivers drive below a certain speed (55km/h default, changeable in addon option) while off road driving. This is to make AI drivers drive do not trigger damage, bump or both, depending on the AI driver speed limit, the bump trigger speed and the damage trigger speed that you set up in addon option. 6. Friction parameter of surfaces , brake force parameter , vehicle offroad ability parameter tweaked. Friction parameter of surfaces and roads are tweaked to be closer to reality. Vehicles' brake force parameter are tweaked to be closer to reality. vehicle offroad mobility parameter are tweaked to be closer to reality. 7. Players can change center of mass of vehicles. May useful for drifting purpose. (default off, can be set up in addon option) Supported Maps: MUST READ BELOW PARAGRAPH !!! Steep slope, fall off damage, AI speed limt, center of mass function support all maps. Bump function and damage function will theoretically support most maps. There is some fuzzy recognition surface type code in this addon for keywords like "grass , forest, ..." in the surface type names of a map. If you use #1 in a certain map but didn't work, then try #2 instead. If still don't work, leave a message to tell me the map name, I will make compat . Friction tweak function will only support listed maps because friction parameters has to be tweak one by one in config.cpp. WARNING!!! DO NOT load both #1 and #2 at same time when running game. Main package #1 Fully support Vanilla maps and CUP maps, Chernarus 2020, Kunduz Afghanistan , Project Buckler , X-Cam_Taunus, Chernobylzone, Rosche, Lingor / Dingor , Beketov, Bornholm, Tilos, Ryderwood, Kerama, Abramia, Panthera, Nam2, Pulau, Kobbvatn, Pecher, Bozcaada, Diyala. Will alos support most maps with traditional surfacetype names. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2363837768 Extend map compat #2 Fully support Vanilla maps and CUP maps, Chernarus 2020, Lythium , Anizay , Kujari ,Unsung, Face of war, Virolahti, Fallujah, CLA CLAFGHAN, Vinjesvingenc, Summa, VT5, Hellanmaa, Wake Island, Ruha, Northern Fronts Will alos support most maps with traditional surfacetype names. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2423158675 Supported Vehicles: All Vehicles , both vanilla and non-vanilla. RHS vehicles optimized compat ( will work after #1 OR #2 loaded , but not both) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2404140256 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2404131877 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2402988131 CUP vehicles optimized compat ( will work after #1 OR #2 loaded , but not both) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2400962183 Known issues: not yet. Road map (v3.00++): 1. Compat with ALL completed maps with realistic background in ArmA 3 steam workshop. Will be a long-term project.
  6. Hi i have a doubt about a script to move the USS Liberty (static ship)... Are any script guide or something to make it work? Like to free move as a vehicle. I found this on reddit but the publisher said that is works "fine" in SP but in Mp didn't work (I test it and he is right), he said that may be it could be fix doing... that was 2 years ago, someone could tell me how to do that to fix this error? just imagine the possibilities in multiplayer with a movable USS Liberty 😎 . ·Link (reddit post): ·Link (files): https://github.com/Keithenneu/arma_moving_ships
  7. REA [Redeploying Engage and Annex] 🔹 Very Friendly Community - 8 Units, One Objective a week. 🔹 We teach Newcomers how to play all the time. 🔹 Current map: Clafghan. 🔹 Current enemy: Taliban. 🔹 Next map: Lingor. 🔹 Next enemy: Russians. 🔹 No attendance required, but always helpful. 🔹 15+ Player Operations and growing. REQUIREMENTS Working mic is HIGHLY recommended Must be able to speak, understand, and type in English. Must be willing to contribute to the unit. Whether it's helping staff or showing up for ops, we like it when our members are a little more hands on. WHAT WE OFFER A friendly community of like-minded individuals who are teammates on the field and friends off of it. An environment where Quality of members is more focused on than Quantity. We like it when a lot of members join our operations, but do not like it when members start ruining the fun of everyone else. DIVISIONS/ROLES 164th Infantry Company - The main attacking force of REA. Typically composed of those that have a thirst for action. 62nd Force Recon Company - Secondary attacking force of REA, also specializes in Recon, and works closely with the 164th. 10th Mountain Division - Main Recon unit, typically located on mountain sides, not sky-lining. Primarily keeps over watch for other divisions. Can consist of a few Snipers/Spotters. 82nd Para Infantry - Airborne Unit, Focuses on jumping out of aircraft near combat areas/behind enemy lines via. C-130 or CH-47. Able to survive using limited resources. 300th Menewa Waya - A special unit that specializes in CQB, commonly clearing buildings and extracting subjects and/or hostages. 16th Air Cav - Specializes in anything air related. Redeployment, insertion/extraction, gun runs and more. 9th Armored Division - This division specializes with anything armored, aka tanks. 195th Artillery Detachment - This division supports from the ground, whether it be self-propelled artillery vehicles, or via. ground mortars. SCHEDULE ➤ SUNDAY: Post-op training ➤ MONDAY: Open for training/small ops ➤ TUESDAY: Open for training/small ops ➤ WEDNESDAY: Open for training/small ops ➤ THURSDAY: Open for training/small ops ➤ FRIDAY: Recruiting/Pre-op training ➤ SATURDAY: Main Op 4:30pm EST If Saturday is unavailable, then it will be pushed to Sunday. INTERESTED? If you are interested in joining us or coming in for a chat, please join our discord or our teamspeak. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/mT7mJ3y TeamSpeak IP:
  8. Foreword Hey all. I got into scripting after we, our small group, hat countless accidents within Antistasi, gamebreaking Shenanigans and very unfitting situations. Basically that made me look into scripting as i 'wanted to make it better'. Antistasi was hell lot of a fun experience and we had great moments. Still, we kind of wanted something on our own. Something fitting to our Mercenaries Style. Mods We made this with the mods we use. So, sorry, no CUP, no German Army or anything else. Here's the Mods we use (we go for 'Less is More'). I dont list mod-musts and prerequisites. Like cba and acex. - Complete RHS Set - ACE - ADV ACE CPR - inidbi2 (Database) Used Map: -Altis We like Altis and how it offers so many diverse Regions. -Tanoa When Beta the Beta of the Default-Mission ends. Feature List: - Arsenal Dump Script Basically, takes all the vehicles, unloads them, sorts everything out and puts everything, that you (may) have unlocked into the ace arsenal. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFaBeSf4F8g - Satellite Scan Scans your surrounding for Units and Vehicles. Markes them for short duration as 'Unknown' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FAerUgexcTw - Realistic Parking For Air & Land Vehicles we have designated spots. Your vehicles is parked (and saved for persistence) as it is. Which means: The better you park, the more vehicles you can use. No virtual parking garage. (Video below Faction ID) - Faction ID As we use Vehicles from all Factions, that is also represented for the Players itself. You can take over the Vehicle's Faction to be 'one of them' unless you start hurting those people you 'represent' for the time of the disguise. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTeFBTiyGT4 - Money Its a very simplistic system currently, but we can already earn money and it will be saved through the persistent campaign. WIP Features - Shop System with Ace Arsenal Users want the maximum experience and the ace arsenal is near perfect. Choose, pay, get back on the battlefield. - Civillian Mission Set A broad variety of missions based around Civillians. All from medical services up to bodyguard service. Our/My Vision on PMC Setting We all like a realistic scenario und good (scripted) missions. Sadly, i never found any unit doing all kind of Future Setting Missions and participating in a Future Setting Like War. The PMC Setting was the same Missions, just named differently by so many other Clans/Units. Instead of wearing Camo Outfits, they wear Cargo Shorts and white Shirts. Task Force Crow (Einsatzgruppe Krähe) was always meant to be a Mercenary Force. We are hired guns. Not Military. We are a Private Military Security Company. Thus we started to create exactly that scenario. We have two clashing forces: East & West. They fight a war. We are taking Contracts. Missions. Humanitary ones, Military ones, Civillian ones, Illegal Ones. The possibliities doing such a scenario are huge. What if i tell you, that you can capture a vehicle, and instead of using it, you can try to sell it on the black market. But not a virtual marked, where you just click and hope for a good price? What if i tell you, you have to bring the vehicle to someone, to hope that this someone is now screwing you over. To get a offer of money for the vehicle. And what if i tell you, that the possibliity is there, that, whoever vehicle this was before, may show up with special forces to bring it back? We dont talk about a freaking Toyota that cost maybe a couple thousand dollars. We're talking big Numbers. And, since we like it as realistically as possible, the numbers respect that as well. You dont pay 25k to unlock a tank and when it's gone you say "Eff it, we gonna get another one". You will be hurt when your tank is blown up. You will feel it, the time you did to get that huge machine. We try to create a Mission-File that takes the Sandbox to the PMC-Side. To offer you: Do what you want. You will do it for money. And you will decide where your goal will be. Total Domination on your own? Support an Armies Cause? Or will you fuel the war so you will be 'freaking rich'? Yes, we aim for a very script heavy mission but the time spent is worth it. We already use the Zeus to make the Missions and use the scripted features we already have. It grows and, with the start of the alpha-phase, you could also play this mission. At least, if you're interested in the PMC-Setting. Since the majority of ARMA-Players understand and/or speak English, we make everything within the Scenario in English language. Later, at the alpha-phase, we will also offer a german version with futures updates. Alpha/Closed Alpha Start - Closed Alpha: August 2019 - Main Alpha Start: December 2019/January 2020 If you have questions, or you think i am missing information(s), just ask here and i will (try to) give you an answer. Until then: Have a good time and see you soon.
  9. Looking for a realistic milsim? Tired of semi serious or OVERLY serious unit? Too much casual bs? The 9th Combined Ranger Battalion is a fictional unit under the command of the renowned 75th Ranger Regiment. Founded by U.S. Army veterans with over 10 years of milsim experience, we strive to create an immersive and realistic Arma 3 experience while maintaining the highest possible level of entertainment for all members. Our hope is that you will enjoy the experience provided, and become an active member of our growing community. SCHEDULE Monday: Fire team Training (optional) Tuesday: Fire team Training (optional) Wednesday: BCT/ Side Operation ( required for Recruits) Thursday: Fire team Training (optional) Friday:Side Operation (optional) Saturday: Main Campaign Operation (required) Sunday: N/A 1. BLUF. 9th CRB Emphasizes: Realism and Authenticity Effective communication and Teamwork Maturity and Professionalism Strategy and Tactics Fun and Satisfaction 2. BACKGROUND. The 75th Ranger Regiment is the U.S. Army's premier light infantry unit, with specialized skills that enable the Regiment to perform a variety of missions. These include direct action raids, airfield seizure, special reconnaissance, personnel recovery, clandestine insertion, and site exploitation. The 9th Combined Ranger Battalion places a strong emphasis on versatility and combat readiness under any circumstance. Like standard Ranger Battalions, 9th CRB establishes light infantry at its core. As a combined unit, however, several supporting elements are attached. These include Artillery, Aviation, Scouts, and Special Forces. 3. MISSION STATEMENT. The 9th Combined Ranger Battalion will strive to provide its members with an entertaining, challenging, and memorable experience within a welcoming and professional environment. Members will be held to the highest of standards, though never to include unnecessary components. Operational realism is a key ingredient in milsim, but it shall never occur at the expense of having fun. 4.OPERATION CAMPAIGN / SIDE OPERATIONS. Main operations are hosted on Saturdays at 1700 PST. All operations begin with a detailed power point intel brief. This is followed by a multi-phase battle with unique objectives which, over several weeks, follows a dynamic and detailed story line. Attendance is mandatory, however, we understand and will make exceptions if you have an emergency, are going out of town, or simply need a break. Side Operations are hosted on Wednesdays and Friday at 1700 PST. Attendance on these nights is optional, and operations/trainings are run by community members. Fire team Training: Time is based off the schedules of your assigned fire team. All of our events are scheduled on Pacific Standard Time (PST) 5. AVAILABLE MOS. 11B - Infantry 68W - Combat Medic (limited availability) 153A - Rotary Wing Pilot 6. REQUIREMENTS. AGE. 18+ mature adults ONLY COMMUNICATION. Teamspeak and a microphone are required. We encourage members to be active on Discord and Teamspeak throughout the week. ATTENDANCE. You must be able to consistently attend Saturday night operations. MODS. You will be required to download our modpack. DLC. Arma 3 DLC is not required. Discord Server [discord.gg] Teamspeak Server: ts77.gameservers.com:9140 Unit Modpack Unit Resources [drive.google.com] For an in-depth look at our unit, check out our Official SOP [drive.google.com] Videos of our unit in action can be found here NOTE: Discord is our primary means of communications outside of the game. If you are interested in joining our unit, please click the Discord link and make a post in the “welcome-center” channel.
  10. I would like to invite you to our new Warfare server. Classic CTI from Arma 2 with RHS+ mods. Stable FPS and good staff. Discord: https://discord.gg/vxHjWAC Server name: Old'n good Warfare hosted by Net_2 Server IP: Server Port: 2302
  11. This is a new unit**That means easy promotions and leadership rules** Players who are new to Arma are encouraged to join this unit! We would like to help you learn the game and how milsim works. The problem with most MilSim units is that they require a huge commitment. That doesn't work for players who have jobs, families, and social lives to attend to. 801BTFO's mission is to give an option to soldiers looking for realism but also freedom. We would love for you to be a part of the unit but we won't hold you to strict commitments. We do ask that you fill out an application but no interview process is required. A relaxed training session will be used to prepare you for your time in the 801st unit. We hope that you feel welcome and accepted into our community. We are a MilSim unit. We will strive for realism but we will not do so at the cost of your life outside of the milsim unit. Your training will go more in-depth but realistic communication and strategy are required during missions. Outside of missions, just have fun together. The server has been designed so that gamers using Nvidia's Geforce NOW to run the game can play. Note that there will be special instructions if that is the case but we would love to have you in the unit. USA, CST If you are interested, you can find more info including application and mods here: https://units.arma3.com/unit/801btfo
  12. Author: JTS Introduction: Highly scripted sniper mission. Feel like a real sniper Description: A few days ago, the terrorists managed to capture an convoy, which transported chemical weapons. It is necessary to stop them until they leave Tanoa. This morning, our intelligence sent us an information about the location of terrorists who have stolen these weapons. Two Special Forces troops were sent to the enemy territory to destroy these weapons Features: - Hardcore - Cutscene - 2 localizations: English & russian - Realistic color correction - Dead body detection system - Carefully selected beautiful places on Tanoa - Stealth Notes: - It is recommended to enable music in your game settings - Read briefing carefully - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ACE and other mods, which change the behaviour of AI - No JIP (Join in progress) - Be sure you disable all not needed mods before you start the mission Credits & thanks: Urban (Mission testing) Screenshots: Requirements: - CBA A3 - Arma 3 Apex - Arma 3 Marksmen - Arma 3 Malden Download (Steam workshop) Download (Armaholic) Updated: 02.08.2018 *Fixed bug in Cutscene.sqf Updated: 20.05.2018 *Added difficulty option: Easy, Normal, Original (Affects the number of enemies and the distance of detection)
  13. The FIA is a close-knit group running the Antistasi scenerio on a dedicated server. We are currently just beginning a campaign (04MAY2018) and are looking for mature players to come join us. If you're looking for somewhat realistic gameplay without being in a milsim unit, come check us out. We don't have any time commitments and scheduled events are fluid and not mandatory. I have a life and I'm sure you do too. We are friendly but mature (relatively speaking). You will not be treated like an FNG with us. We use a light modpack that provides for realistic gameplay yet easy accessibility and server performance. This is not a milsim group nor will it ever be, yet we do play somewhat tactically. We play as the vanilla FIA against AAF and CSAT. This is not role play and there are no ranks. (Besides me being the Admin/in game commander) If you're looking to get your feet wet in Arma3 multiplayer or have thousands of hours, I guarantee you will have a blast. Please join our discord https://discord.gg/9KtPExu and feel free to ask any questions you might have.
  14. Hi Arma lovers We have been playing since the release date of the Arma 3. Our Association exemplifies the Turkish Armed Forces. Our association is preparing a simulation every Saturday with serious entertainment. Official duty Special Mission Legends We are looking for groups where we can organize joint operations. Thanks For Support! Major Spartacus Commander of the Turkish Virtual Armed Forces
  15. Hello devs! Unfortunately, after the release of DLC Tanks, the change of positions (driver/gunner/commander) in Arma was not affected at all. It was always a needle in my ass, but after the release of the interiors, this problem even aggravated. Why? After the release of Tanks DLC, I see how in half of second a player can find himself in any chair (driver/gunner/commander), without considering the inner walls of the vehicle and other units! Unfortunately, this looks not good. Please note, in most tanks or APC driver position has a separate location. This is a completely separate cabin, which is closed on all sides by bulkheads. Those. being inside such a vehicle, a person physically can not change his position - "from gunner to driver" or "from commander to driver" or "from driver to commander" or "from driver to gunner". This is physically impossible! Why do we see this in Arma? When a player changes all positions passing through the walls, then it looks absurd. I propose to take this moment into account and make a change of positions from the position of the driver (or to driver position) accessible only from the outside of the vehicle. In this case, the place where the player wants to sit should be free. So it should be in real life. For example. If you are in the gunner position, then in order to sit in the driver's chair you need to first get out, go to the driver's hatch and only after that sit on the driver's seat. Or vice versa. In this case devs, you can use the action menu (choice of place) or personal icons (when a player approaches a certain place of the vehicle) It seems to me that every interior, before changing positions should take into account the current position of the player. Most vehicles physically even do not allow (!not leaving vehicle) changing the position "from gunner to commander"and vice versa. For example, see Varsuk T-100 or Rhino. It is impossible physically to change position from the gunner to commander's position and vice versa. The main weapon prevents this! In this case, also it would also be good to change positions from only the outside vehicle. Such a feature could add a bit of realism (time spending for changing positions). In general, I want to say - in most cases, for change positions (driver/gunner/commander) the player must leave the vehicle and the position where he wants to sit should be free. Devs please try give the player a bit of realism on the backgrounds of vehicles interiors.
  16. The Gloucestershire Regiment is based on the rifles Regiments in the British Army. We would class our selves as a realistic milsim unit. We have only just recently started up and we are looking for potential officers and NCOs. To join just join our discord: https://discord.gg/XhMWgaz and if you have any questions feel free to ask us.
  17. The Gloucestershire Regiment is based on the rifles Regiments in the British Army. We would class our selves as a realistic milsim unit. We have only just recently started up and we are looking for potential officers and NCOs. To join just join our discord: https://discord.gg/XhMWgaz and if you have any questions feel free to ask us.
  18. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1229944898 I decided to create a series with each mission focusing on one specific type of soldier/task, this one entry is EOD. I used the AAF to give it a more modern day feel while keeping it vanilla. Used Tanoa to give it a vietnam flavor. Steam description: Step into the shoes of a soldier in an EOD unit during operations on Tanoa. The AAF have been engaged with Syndikat and remnants of the former dictatorship's loyalist army for the last 8 months. The guerrillas have access to large pre-overthrow stockpiles of anti-tank and anti-personell mines as well as improved explosive devices. Because of this our EOD unit has been kept busy during the occupation. During today's operation we will be escorting a tank platoon along a main supply route and clearing any minefields using our mine clearing rockets from the bobcat. We have multiple infantry units currently executing various missions and raids accross the island so be prepared to get tasked away to help them clear any explosives they encounter. Vanilla mission, only requires Apex. (Although from the latest update all Arma 3 users now have Apex assets so you may be able to play it, just with the expansion purchase advert in the corner.) (Mine Clearing Rocket script by John Harvey https://github.com/john681611/detcord.VR/releases ) Let me know of any bugs or issues and feel free to give me feedback for suggestions for this mission or how I can better accomplish things for future missions.
  19. Do you think it is possible to implement the effects from Project Reality and/or Squad? I'm not sure about if you can or not. I've been thinking about trying to make a new type of particle fx mod sort of thing like Blastcore but it's just thoughts. I just want to see if anybody has a opinion on this Idea. Or if you could help me with this project.. You can contact me through Email or Steam.. Or just reply!
  20. Pet Peeve. I can't turn off the collision lights on my drones. Even the new Sentinel. Seems very unrealistic to have our stealthy drones up there lighted like a Christmas Tree...... Is there a way to turn them off I am not aware of. There is noting in the options, or settings........ Thank you in advance.
  21. Something More - an Arma 3 Campaign. [Project DEAD - sorry, explanation below.] Something More* is an in-development Arma 3 campaign based upon the official story-line and set after the events of the Apex Protocol. It is a Single-Player campaign that takes advantage of the latest expansion, Apex, in an effort to combine the realistic, sandbox experience of the ARMA series and an engaging story. Features Prologue of Story based missions Playable cut-scenes Multiple playable characters Piloting aircraft and drones Civilian interaction Decisions matter Playable testing phase Diving/underwater gameplay Downloads Download in a Campaign format here (preferred)... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=750543820 (steam Workshop) Download individual missions via the Steam Workshop here. Created by Tom Mack. - I plan on posting about the development process on my "Tom Has Thoughts" site, if you wish to see how all this was made, then give it a visit. Thanks to Kydoimos, Lexx, IndeedPete and Wiki and everyone who submitted their thoughts to the "What Makes a Good Arma Campaign" Thread. And thanks of course to Bohemia Interactive.
  22. =========================================Squad name: Task Force Ragnarok Timezone/location : Norway (1+ GMT) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop/PVP/RP Contact email: Website address: www.tf-ragnarok.shivtr.com Short description: Forsvaret Milsim er en norsk talende Military Simulation group.Vi holder tallene lav for å håndheve profesjonalitet og teamarbeid mellom folk du kjenner. Hvert medlem er en verdifull del av gruppen og hvert medlem forventes å opprettholde en rolle av ansvar, det være seg i felten eller administrativt.Vi aksepterer folk i aldersgruppen 17+, forutsatt at de er modne og likesinnede. Enheten basert rundt den Ragnarok Bataljonen (Egen laget unit som har tatt inspirasjonen fra Telemarks Bataljonen).Våre kampanjer/deployments er alltid støttet av en omfattende bakgrunn av realistiske bakgrunnshistorier basert på virkelig politikk. Dette bakteppet skaper innlevelse og en følelse av din innsats kommer sammen i et større bilde, og du gjør en faktisk forskjell.Vi streber etter realisme i alle aspekter. Norsk utstyr, biler, norske taktikker og mer er alle basert rundt omfattende forskning. Vi har være egne mods m/uniformer m/mer i tilegg til en rekke av simulation mods som Arma 3 har for å utnytte mulighetene i Arma til det fulleste. Language: Norweigan/Norsk=========================================