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Found 13 results

  1. Developed in partnership with the 2035: Russian Armed Forces mod. Check them out here! Arma 3 Aegis is an unofficial expansion centered around the vanilla game's 2035 setting. Along with new factions, weapons, vehicles, and gear, Aegis provides a platform update that overhauls several weapons and vehicles to make them more authentic to their real-life counterparts, while remaining loyal to their Armaverse depiction. Aegis is actively updated, with new content being added frequently. Arma 3 Aegis is currently in its beta stage, some content may be work in progress, removed, or yet to be implemented. Credits Content Download & Images
  2. Currect Version: 5.2.1 (09-01-2019) FAQ FOR FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (Expand) Download Links: Dropbox (631, 69MB) Steam Workshop 2035: Russian Armed Forces v5.2.0 ModDB Please if you like and want to support our mod, feel free to donate so that we can continue giving you quality work. :) (Most of the money will go towards the mod improvement, as in better models etc.) For more 2035 high quality content, we recommend to check out our sister project ArmA3 Aegis! Please do check out and follow their BIS topic and Steam Workshop! =============== 1. DESCRIPTION =============== 2035: Russian Armed Forces focuses on adding a fictional "future" version of the Russian Armed Forces to ArmA3. Great effort has been put into an attempt to seamlessly integrate them into the 2035 era of the Armaverse, so that the faction could stand right next to the others in the base game (NATO, AAF, CSAT). Featured are: - Our own uniforms, vests, helmets and gear made completely from scratch (models and textures). - New vehicles and armor, ranging from T-14 Armata, Pancir AA launcher to the Kamaz trucks, Tigr and more. Tanks DLC features fully compatible. - Usable for any kind of enviroment. Various types of camo for both ground units (Flora, Partizan, Surpat, Desert, Winter... ) and vehicles/aircraft (Russian green, Desert, Nakikda, Winter, Arctic... ) and so on. - Russian weapon pack featuring new guns such as the AK12 (and its variants), AEK, Pecheneg, PP2000 etc. Marksman DLC features fully compatible. We plan on expanding the roster, gear and armament with further versions. Same goes for some of the ArmA3 assets/placeholders that will be replaced in the future Mod is is currently compatible with Zeus, ASDG and ALiVE. ALiVE users: Faction name is "min_rf" (without quotation marks). =============== 2. REQUIREMENTS =============== - ArmA 3 ======================== 3. INSTALLATION/UNINSTALLATION ======================== Extract the folder @Min_RF into your ArmA3 game directory and enable the mod in the launcher. Also put the Mindas.bikey into the core Keys folder. - If using CBA/ASDG, you *MUST* use the "min_rf_wp_c.pbo" and the bisign from the ASDG folder, replacing the one in Addons - otherwise you will have no scopes. You also must do it after every update. For uninstallation, disable the mod in the launcher and delete the respective folder. ================================ 4. CREDITS ================================ Mindas - Everything. Models, textures, config.. yes, he's that busy! Deathstruck - Betatest, screenshots, permissions. AveryTheKitty & Aegis team - Asset sharing from Aegis and vice versa. Toadie2K - AK animations. TheEvanCat - Black Titan launcher. VanSchmoozin (VSM) - Balaclava model. Sabre One - Armata models. PetrTlach - Consultations. BadHabitz - Help with solving some of the retexturing problems concering the Titan launcher. Bohemia Interactive - The rest of the assets and ArmA3. ========================== 5. MODDER'S RESOURCE INFO ========================== - Retextures are okay. Any manner of them. Feel free releasing those without asking . (for those who are interested: HiddenSelections are enabled for both uniforms and weapons) - Same goes for using the mod as a requirement for another. - Please ask our permission before releasing mods that heavily alter or are based on the assets of this mod (models etc.) ========================= 6. CONTACT INFORMATION ========================= You can usually contact us on the respective forums. Mindas BIS Forums: https://forums.bohemia.net/profile/747965-mindas/ Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/users.php?m=details&id=62241&u=Mindas Deathstruck BIS Forums: https://forums.bistudio.com/user/751402-deathstruck/ Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/users.php?m=details&id=9573&u=Slashback ========================= 7. LEGAL STUFF/ DISCLAIMER ========================= By downloading and using this modification, you agree that the author of the modification cannot be held responsible for any damage to software or hardware directly or indirectly caused by the aforementioned modification. Use at your own risk, yaddy yadda. ================= 8. VERSION HISTORY ================= Click to expand the spoiler section to see the changelog. =============== 9. SCREENSHOTS =============== [Click to Enlarge] Current Version: Previous (Expand):
  3. Steam workshop link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1655023117 BACKGROUND: The AAF has invaded the island of Malden! It's citizens are asking for help from the U.S., so our forces are mobilizing. In order to gain a foothold on the island, we will have to attack via boat, as the AAF has an air defence system in place. OPERATION GREEN ARROW: U.S. forces are going to capture Goisse harbor, then move inland to destroy AAF air defences. While this main attack is going on, your team is to inflitrate Malden via the passage north of Vigny. Once you have made landfall, your objective is to sabotage the heli depot to prevent the AAF from attacking our other troops to the north. Once the heli depot is sabotaged, your team will move to La Passagne to capture it and defend it against any counter-attacks. FEATURES: Revive No Stamina/Fatigue Civilian Population No mod requirements WARNING - TO PLAY IN SINGLEPLAYER YOU MUST PRESS SPACEBAR AT THE RESPAWN SCREEN, THEN CHOOSE 'SKIP' FROM THE MENU!! CREDITS: Civilian scripts by Enigma A few scripts from Occupation by BangaBob Thanks to Yumsum, Porte and Phil for all their patience in testing.
  4. Howdy, I'm seeking some help building a USS Liberty Template, making the AI move around in it, and also I'm looking for a NWU Type I uniform. First off, I have no problem placing the various turrets/weapons on the ship, and disabling AI pathing to place crew members and make them animated to sit/lean/kneel/repair whatever. My problem is making the AI move around in/on the ship, as they constantly get stuck, clip through walls, fall through the entire thing and land in the water, or refuse to move. AI troops disembarking from a chopper walk straight off the edge into the water. I tried making a 4-man CSAT diver team board the ship and attack the crew, but the just sit in the water, they absolutely refuse to use the 2 ladders. Finally, I'm looking for a Navy Work Uniform Type I (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navy_Working_Uniform). I've got RHS, General Equipment addon, VSM, and a whole host of others. I haven't found anything with the blue/grey digital camo used by the US Navy. Thank you in advance for any help.
  5. Hi guys, I searched on every site and internet for download this yacht but I don't find the Big Luxury Yacht in this video : Please really help me for find this ship because I don't find it in the workshop or harmaholic, i don't how I can dl this beautiful boat. A screen of the ship : Thanks you very much for help me.
  6. I’m pleased to release an BETA version of my first addon - BOC Inflatable Raiding Craft (IRC). BOC IRC provides a backpack which can be assembled in to an inflatable raiding craft on land or in (or under) the sea. This addon was created as a means of learning a bit of config writing and was heavily inspired by O' Hally's boats and from whose mod some of the config entries were learnt. However, this addon has been written from scratch, with added textures, tweaked boat characteristics and different functions - boats cannot be repacked after assembly and when assembled underwater will surface slowly. Features Inflatable Raiding Craft Bag – a custom skinned black bag and other vanilla cam variants which, when worn, can be assembled into an inflatable raiding craft. Tardis-like qualities allowing an outboard motor to be carried with ease! Inflatable Raiding Craft - a tweaked version of the vanilla boat with slightly increased speed and manoeuvrability. Compatible with Backpack on Chest Addon and Feint paddle mod. Use The backpack is called the “Inflatable Raiding Craft Bag (Black)” (B_IRC_bergen_F B_IRCbergen_blk_F) and can be placed directly in the editor, via script, or through a character’s loadout selection. When the backpack is worn an option exists to assemble the Inflatable Raiding craft, which will pop in front of the player. If assembled underwater, it will rapidly rise to the surface above the player. Once assembled, the raiding craft can be used as per the vanilla boat. Additionally, the IRC (B_Boat_IRC_01_F) can be placed directly in the editor (but it cannot be disassembled). Changelog Hopefully this will be of use to someone! This work is licensed under the Arma Public License No Derivatives. This work may not be uploaded to Armaholic or used on Life servers. The addon can be downloaded from steam workshop here
  7. I have been making a mission involving the Nimitz and a squad that is tasked to take a boat to this island (Map is Kerama Islands for those curious) and blow up AA defenses so F18s can do the rest. I have 3 objectives for the 9 man squad (Each member's Variable Name is F1-F9). The objectives are A.) Get in the boat B.) Unload at the shore/Rearm if needed C.) Take down AA I have C.) finished but I am having an issue with A.) For the objective I have set down the "Create Task" module titled "Get in the ship" and its state is "Assigned" with an always visible marker on the boat. Synced to the "Create Task" module I have a Trigger that has a timer for the Objective to be assigned (Like 2 seconds just so the notification pops up). next I have the "Set Task State" module in the state of completed. There is a trigger synced to the "Set Task State" module. The Trigger has Activation set to "Any Player" and Activation Type "Present" the Condition Script box has the following code: allInTheVehicle = false; while {(not allInTheVehicle)} do {allInTheVehicle = true}; {if (!alive f1 && f2 && f3 && f4 && f5 && f6 && f7 && f8 && f9 || vehicle truck1 != myVehicle) then {allInTheVehicle = false;}} forEach playableUnits; globalAllInTheVehicle = true; My friend supplied me with this script but we couldn't figure out why the objective will not render as completed when all playable units take a position within the boat (Driver, Navigator, Gunners, Etc). Any help with this would be grateful since I am still new to scripting.
  8. mathias_eichinger

    Tanoa Coast Guard

    Hi gentlemen, Tanoa just got another addition: The Tanoa Coast Guard. Author: mathias1978 Author Website: http://mathias1978.deviantart.com/ Requirements: Official APEX expansion: https://arma3.com/apex Version: 1.1 Signed: No Short description: This mod adds Tanoa Coast Guard troops in some infantry roles in a custom camo pattern made by myself, plus a gunboat in a camo pattern done with happyponyland camo generator and a grey colored Lynx helicopter. Units can be found under BLUFOR-->Tanoa Coast Guard-->Men. The boat can bei found under BLUFOR-->Tanoa Coast Guard -->Boats, and the helicopter is located in BLUFOR --> Tanoa Coast Guard --> Helicopters Changelog: v1.1: New ship camo, because community reaction was that the old one would be plain ugly. Credits: BI Studios for a game series that lets me be creative since 2005, having fun since 2001. R0adki11 for continous support and advice. Happyponyland for camo generator: http://www.happyponyland.net/camogen.php IndeedPete for handy retexture templates. Download: http://www99.zippyshare.com/v/pEjDNUc9/file.html Armaholic mirror thanks to Foxhound http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31839 Steam Subscription: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=789632428
  9. mathias_eichinger

    Everon Coast Guard 2035

    Author: mathias1978 Author Website: http://mathias1978.deviantart.com/ Requirements: No addons required Version: 1.1 Signed: No Short description: This mod adds several Everon Coast Guard members (Autorifleman, Marksman, Medic, basic Sailor) in a unique self-made camo pattern, as well as a patrol boat in an also unique self made garish "camo". Note to mission makers: This unit represents the near-future timeline Everon Coast Guard, a paramilitary force tasked both with Search and Rescue and coastal souvereignity missions. Their dual role needs them to be highly visible for rescue missions and heavily armed at the same time to provide for Everon's territorial and coastal water integrity. As the Sailors do conduct infantry guard and patrolling duties in coastal areas, they wear camo fatigues to present a low visual profile on land. Units are can be found under BLUFOR-->Everon Coast Guard-->Men. The patrol boat can be found under BLUFOR-->Everon Coast Guard -->Boats. This has been possible with the help of Roadkill11 and packing open the original -E3- mod by Soronelite. Credits: BI Studios for a game series that lets me be creative since 2005, having fun since 2001. Soronelite by providing a simple retexture addon back in 2013 where I could see how adding boats basically works R0adki11 for continous support and advice. Changelog: v 1.1: -"Everon Coast Guard" Faction in Eden editor, no longer lumped together with others under "Everon"; -Marksman has got a proper sniper rifle. Download: http://www107.zippyshare.com/v/DfvL6wgF/file.html Steam Subscription: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=660554854 Armaholic mirror thanks to Foxhound http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30740 Have fun with this and please provide feedback.
  10. If you set a group of Assault boats to move to a waypoint, it works fine.... UNLESS their behaviour is set to 'careless'. If it's set to careless, they either move very very slowly, or not at all. This is on Windows 10, 64-bit, latest version of normal-branch Arma (Eden-update), as of 19/02/2016.
  11. Hi all, I am a Linux user who is new to the ARMA franchise. I have been having a crack at putting together a simple, vanilla mission whilst waiting for the game to be updated from version 1.42 to 1.54 and am wondering if someone could help me sort out a few issues I have encountered during testing. 1. I found that 2 missiles from a chopper will take down a Military Cargo Tower. I can't have that and am wondering if there is a script to make a building indestructible? 2. Is it possible to restrict the use of artillery, so the Scorcher, Sandstorm and mortars are not available? 3. AA units that I have placed on the side of a mountain do not change weapon and fire when an enemy chopper flies past. Is there a script that forces them to use the AA missile launcher as their primary weapon AND actually fire it when an enemy air unit flies into range? 4. I have a speedboat on patrol and would like it to refuel/re-arm when the patrol is complete. I am having difficulty in getting the boat to manouver alongside the pier where I have a Taru fuel pod and 2 boxes of vehicle ammo stationed using the "move" waypoint. ( I could probably get it so that it works with more tweaking and previewing but am hoping that there is an easier way or some kind of "refuel" option). 5. Finally, could someone please tell me if the mission I am creating using version 1.42 is going to transfer successfully to version 1.54 when my version of the game is updated? Thanks for any assistance that can be provided.
  12. This is one of my first scripts I ever made and I have spent no time to make it more condenced but it works and it's beautifal :D ! In this script it will spawn a US Destroyer (big boat), then attach an Apache to it along with a few other decorative props, and lastly a red, white, and blue smoke trail for your skywritting needs. This was originally in my admin menu I made so Its designed to be in a menu tree on my Action menu. I've removed what I could of that aspect so all you have to do is pick a way to execute this command however I will supply one way for you if you do not know how. This script has no real purpose other than something fun to show your friends. Originall inspiration was from the PapuWarfare test server, I saw Viba spawn in huge boat and fly it around, I was forever inspired to one day get that to work and I have surely built apawn it. <3 Viba and Papu, RIP Server. I also had an automatic cleanup feature in this scrip which you may not like since for testing reasons I had spam my hint box and you may just want to look at this work of art and it automatically removes it shortly afer you exit the vehicle. So here it is! STEPS: 1) Create a text document and save it as "flyingDestroyerT1.sqf" in the MP mission (or SP) folder that you will use in step 2 Example Directory: C:\Users\Joey\Documents\ArmA 2\MPMissions\ReWind%20ExampleMissionName.Chernarus 2) In your mission editor, add a playable unit. Under its initialization field paste this into it: family1 = _unit addAction ["<t color='#9A2EFE'>- </t><t color='#FF0000'>M</t><t color='#FFFFFF'>u</t><t color='#0000FF'>r</t><t color='#FF0000'>i</t><t color='#FFFFFF'>c</t><t color='#0000FF'>a</t> <t color='#FF0000'>A</t><t color='#FFFFFF'>i</t><t color='#0000FF'>r</t><t color='#FF0000'>l</t><t color='#FFFFFF'>i</t><t color='#0000FF'>n</t><t color='#FF0000'>e</t><t color='#FFFFFF'>s</t>", "flyingDestroyerT1.sqf"]; 3) In "flyingDestroyerT1.sqf" copy and paste The code below into the file and save it. ////////////////////////////////////// // // // The Real American Destroyer // // By: ReWind // // Steam: // http://steamcommunity.com/id/45645667867834534/ ////////////////////////////////////// //Identifing Player //Spawning the Apache on players position //Moving player in driver seat of Apache //Spawning Destroyer on players position //Attaching Destroyer to Apache //Getting player Direction before spawn //Telling player the direction they faced //Setting Apache and player direction where player looked _unit = _this select 0; _position = getPos _unit; // you can spawn this anywhere since your player is automatically moved to driver _vehicle = "BAF_Apache_AH1_D" createVehicle (_position); // You may change "BAF_Apache_AH1_D" to any vehicle classname you want and it will function the same _vehicle engineOn true; // False to spawn the vehicle off _unit moveInDriver _vehicle; // !!You NEED this otherwise there is no way to get into the driver seat!! _vehicle allowDamage true; // Set False to make the chopper indestructable (if you crash a heli while invincable it still often times explodes) _vehicle0 = "Land_Destroyer" createVehicle (_position); // There is also another boat I think it is called "Land_Fragetta" not sure but you can interchange them however the props will not allign properly _vehicle0 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 0, 0, 4.5]]; _vehicle0 setVectorDir[0,0,180]; _vehicle0 setDir 180; _direction = getDir _unit; hintSilent format["Based on the direction you were looking, the Object will spawn facing: %1 degrees",_direction]; _vehicle setDir (_direction); _unit setDir (_direction); //Adding other props to give detail _vehicleProp13 = "C130J_static_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp13 attachTo [_vehicle,[7,0,11.5]]; _vehicleProp14 = "C130J_static_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp14 attachTo [_vehicle,[-7,0,11.5]]; _vehicleProp13 setVectorDir[0,0,180]; _vehicleProp14 setVectorDir[0,0,180]; _vehicleProp13 setDir 180; _vehicleProp14 setDir 180; _vehicleProp1 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp1 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.65, -25.22, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp2 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp2 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.65, -25.22, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp3 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp3 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.6, -27.82, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp4 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp4 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.6, -27.82, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp5 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp5 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.5, -31.3, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp6 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp6 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.5, -31.3, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp7 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp7 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.5, -33.9, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp8 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp8 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.5, -33.9, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp9 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp9 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.39, -37.38, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp10 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp10 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.39, -37.38, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp11 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp11 attachTo [_vehicle,[ 7.34, -39.28, 16.5]]; _vehicleProp12 = "FlagCarrierUSA_EP1" createVehicle (_position); _vehicleProp12 attachTo [_vehicle,[ -7.34, -39.28, 16.5]]; //Maintaining smokes when player is alive //Spawning Blue Smokes //Attaching Blue smokes to Apache even with back of destroyer //Starting cleanup, when vehicle is not active, smokes stop, props are then removed. Also deletes props if the vehicle explodes while {alive _vehicle} do { if (vehicle player == _vehicle) then { hint "Vehicle Active: True"; _vehicle1b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle1b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,4.5]]; _vehicle2b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle2b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,4.7]]; _vehicle3b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle3b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,4.9]]; _vehicle4b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle4b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,5.1]]; _vehicle5b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle5b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,5.3]]; _vehicle6b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle6b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,5.5]]; _vehicle7b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle7b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,5.7]]; _vehicle8b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle8b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,5.9]]; _vehicle9b = "SmokeShellBlue" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle9b attachTo [_vehicle,[0,-70.6,6.1]]; //Spawning Red Smokes //Attaching Red smokes to Apache even with back of destroyer _vehicle1r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle1r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,6.3]]; _vehicle2r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle2r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,6.5]]; _vehicle3r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle3r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,6.7]]; _vehicle4r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle4r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,6.9]]; _vehicle5r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle5r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,7.1]]; _vehicle6r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle6r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,7.3]]; _vehicle7r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle7r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,7.5]]; _vehicle8r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle8r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,7.7]]; _vehicle9r = "SmokeShellRed" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle9r attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,7.9]]; //Spawning White Smokes //Attaching White smokes to Apache even with back of destroyer _vehicle1w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle1w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,4.3]]; _vehicle2w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle2w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,4.1]]; _vehicle3w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle3w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,3.9]]; _vehicle4w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle4w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,3.7]]; _vehicle5w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle5w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,3.5]]; _vehicle6w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle6w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,3.3]]; _vehicle7w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle7w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,3.1]]; _vehicle8w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle8w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,2.9]]; _vehicle9w = "SmokeShell" createVehicle (_position); _vehicle9w attachTo [_vehicle, [0,-70.6,2.7]]; sleep 15; } else { hint "Vehicle Active: False"; sleep 1; hint "Removing inactive spawns and ending script"; deleteVehicle _vehicle; deleteVehicle _vehicle0; deleteVehicle _vehicle1b; deleteVehicle _vehicle2b; deleteVehicle _vehicle3b; deleteVehicle _vehicle4b; deleteVehicle _vehicle5b; deleteVehicle _vehicle6b; deleteVehicle _vehicle7b; deleteVehicle _vehicle8b; deleteVehicle _vehicle9b; deleteVehicle _vehicle1r; deleteVehicle _vehicle2r; deleteVehicle _vehicle3r; deleteVehicle _vehicle4r; deleteVehicle _vehicle5r; deleteVehicle _vehicle6r; deleteVehicle _vehicle7r; deleteVehicle _vehicle8r; deleteVehicle _vehicle9r; deleteVehicle _vehicle1w; deleteVehicle _vehicle2w; deleteVehicle _vehicle3w; deleteVehicle _vehicle4w; deleteVehicle _vehicle5w; deleteVehicle _vehicle6w; deleteVehicle _vehicle7w; deleteVehicle _vehicle8w; deleteVehicle _vehicle9w; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp1; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp2; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp3; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp4; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp5; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp6; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp7; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp8; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp9; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp10; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp11; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp12; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp13; deleteVehicle _vehicleProp14; }; sleep 3; hint "script cycled"; sleep 1} THE REST IS OPTIONAL from this point on 4) IF you want to remove the auto-clean-up feature, simply replace lines 150 all the way to the end of the script seen below else { hint "Vehicle Active: False"; sleep 1; hint "Removing inactive spawns and ending script"; deleteVehicle _vehicle; deleteVehicle _vehicle0; All the way to the last line with this: else { hint "Vehicle Active: False"; sleep 1; hint "Autocleanup: Dissabled"; }; sleep 3; hint "script cycled"; sleep 1} Thats all, if you like this hit me up on steam, I have loads of nutty admin tools I have created, I'd be glad to share some.
  13. Small Luxury Yacht Here i want to release the luxury yacht, i've made for a life server. Description: Luxury Yacht in eight colors, with pushfunction and lights to the front und backside. Transportsoldiers: 6 Version 0.1 Pic's: http://imgur.com/tnLQE7T http://imgur.com/0n3wgf0 http://imgur.com/euUUbwe