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  1. Great work on the ground textures. I'm finding another DMCA for this particular terrain quite ridiculous, I hope it's removed as swiftly as the last one.....I also hope this second one won't dishearten your enthusiasm for this project going forward. Good luck.
  2. So I_Officer_F uses 2 separate textures to create the uniform, for the jacket it's the officer_spc_co.paa, for the pants it's the ia_soldier_01_clothing_co.paa both those textures are located in the characters_f_beta.pbo
  3. It would help to know what uniform you want to retexture, a screenshot or a classname maybe?
  4.  EO


    Crowbar or wrench are the only vanilla tools that spring to mind.
  5. It's possible he has just overwritten an original .paa file from the main game. I used to do this quite a lot when I first started to learn retexturing. @Hasselberg, Depending on what uniform your working on, Arma will sometimes use two separate textures to make one uniform, that could account for the pants loading as standard indep camo. For help writing a config check out this guide...https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Characters_And_Gear_Encoding_Guide#Uniform_configuration
  6. I replied to your comment regarding Dark Zone Terrain. 

  7. EO GM Uniforms has been updated....again. Added a bergen and safari hat in Hunter Camo to compliment the Hunter Uniforms. Steam Workshop.
  8.  EO


    Regarding those issues with the loot search action I refer back to a post I made a few months ago... All of the above still happens in a vanilla Ravage environment, meaning running only Ravage/CBA while play testing on a vanilla map. I still don't think the Ravage loot search system should necessarily take the rap when it could be down to a clash/conflict with other external scripted features in a user made mission. The only thing that should be addressed, and was previously acknowledged by Haleks, is the deletion of empty weapon holders to be followed by the "empty" "nothing here" messages as has been suggested by @LSValmont
  9. EO GM Uniforms has been updated... Added a Gear Box that contains all retextured uniforms plus a selection of vanilla GM vests and backpacks. Steam Workshop.
  10. I don't wish to sound combative and I ultimately respect your decision but locking a thread for those reasons seems like skewed logic which can be seen to favour members who violate forum rules and etiquette, and much to the detriment of thread authors and members who try to follow proper forum etiquette.
  11. Was it necessary to lock the Dark Zone Terrain discussion thread because a couple of new members violated forum rules by asking for release dates? Seems a little over the top and denies members who practise good forum etiquette the opportunity to discuss the topic.
  12.  EO


    I believe rvg_fnc_detachBackpack {}; is the function in question, but I'm unsure how to blacklist it, our friend Haleks might have the answer.....😅
  13.  EO


    @Neto Penha, I'm pretty certain there is a displayed message whenever a backpack has been taken by a zed, at least there used to be...."You've just lost your backpack" if I remember correctly. Remember if this happens, the backpack will be lying on the ground where it was taken, so once it's safe to do so you can return to that spot and retrieve it
  14.  EO


    @Neto Penha, Indeed, zeds can swipe your backpack, it's a feature. Regarding the sleep feature, I believe it won't work in a MP environment, only SP.
  15.  EO


    From their github... https://gitlab.com/16AA/LSR/lsr-public/blob/309a325ace4ec082c3614fbd065a2e5a5e5646e1/addons/patch_contact_in_cup_c/CfgVehicles.hpp (patched) https://gitlab.com/16AA/LSR/lsr-public/blob/309a325ace4ec082c3614fbd065a2e5a5e5646e1/addons/patch_contact_in_cup_prep_c/CfgVehicles.hpp (deleted)