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  1. Ravaged and Frithified Gear has been updated. Added an optional folder that contains three retextured CBRN Suits (requires Contact DLC)... Special thanks to @POLPOX for allowing me to use his source files. Steam Workshop.
  2. Maybe semi-retired... Still tweaking but should be added as an "optional extra" soon.
  3. Thanks to Article 2 Studios, especially Nightovisard for permission. Steam Workshop.
  4. Yes, recorded at normal speed, kinda gives the feeling the weather is building into a cyclone. No performance impact that I can see.....so far.
  5. Working on a "extreme" version of Sullen Skies with neat results.
  6.  EO


    Negative. ^^ Retextured duct tape would be the closest thing we have.
  7. Possibly the last toilet roll in Chernarus.... Mods: Chernarus Redux.
  8.  EO


    Ah yes, the five steps to infection....
  9. Mods: Spearpoint, Goose Green, Sullen Skies.
  10. Rather than cfg mods, try adding a mod.cpp file to your main root folder. 😉
  11.  EO


    I'll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.... Not much if anything has changed regarding loot tables, if it's been a few months since you used your mission it's probably worth taking a fresh look at how your Gear Pool module is set-up, but generally speaking CUP/RHS equipment should definitely spawn if enabled in the Gear Pool module. To my knowledge Ravage Zeds have never spawned loot, you can however utilize the Killed EH in the Ambient Zombies module, fellow Ravager chernaruski combined George Floros' drop loot script with the Ambient Zombie module Killed EH to great effect. Ravage doesn't include but does support those mods, and obviously they have to loaded and configured correctly to work with Ravage.