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  1. Regarding the Ambient Animal System, the config values for Altis, Stratis and Malden 2035 are... class AmbientA3 { maxCost=500; class Radius440_500 { areaSpawnRadius=70; areaMaxRadius=200; spawnCircleRadius=30; spawnInterval=4.6999998; but on Tanoa and Enoch they are... class AmbientA3 { maxCost=500; class Radius440_500 { areaSpawnRadius=440; areaMaxRadius=500; spawnCircleRadius=30; spawnInterval=4.6999998; The areaSpawnRadius and areaMaxRadius on Tanoa and Enoch are too large, this means animals in that class group (rabbits, crows, seagulls, kestrels) on Tanoa and Enoch won't spawn around the player as they do on Altis, Stratis and Malden 2035. They do spawn but are just too far away to be noticed. @DnA Does this need a ticket or is it a design choice for Tanoa and Enoch?
  2.  EO


    @haleks, not sure if you have a Twitter account, but Ravage definitely deserves it's place here.
  3. Only just realized that the CUPdate circa. 21st December 2018 (v.1.11.0) broke the CfgPatches for Ambient Birds, all fixed now. Steam Workshop. 🦅
  4.  EO


    @doc. caliban Hand placed zeds in my Sirens mission (SP) have this in their init. (courtesy of haleks) they all have various distance checks, some 15, some 5 etc. this spawn { _uStayThere = getpos _this; while {alive _this} do { sleep 1; if (_this distance _uStayThere > 15 && isNil {_this getVariable "_zTarget"}) then { _this doMove _uStayThere; _this forceSpeed 2; }; }; }; Maybe it can give you something to riff off. 🙂
  5. Video and tune go hand in hand together, love the little break where it takes you underwater. A sweet collaboration. I'm hoping that "special unannounced project" is Arma related. 🙂
  6. Hi Ho Hi Ho, it's off too work we go.... Mods: CUP, Sullen Skies.
  7.  EO


    You can't....it's still a WIP as stated in the OP. 😉
  8. Probably needs clarification from bludclot, but GM ownership shouldn't be necessary as there is GM DLC Compatibility Data for Non-Owners.
  9.  EO

    You've played to much Arma when:

    @Gunter Severloh, that makes me chuckle, I felt the same way yesterday, hanging around the Discord just ain't the same. ^^
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    semi-supported, you won't get spawned furniture compositions but you can still loot various outdoor objects.(wrecks, trash bins, rubbish piles etc.)
  11.  EO

    [Criticism] Arma 3 shouldnt exist?!

    If Arma 3 didn't exist.... The Czech Red Cross received $43,944 courtesy of the Karts DLC. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) received $176,667 courtesy of the Laws of War DLC. ....there's much more to life than just playable content.
  12.  EO

    Frozen VR

    Frozen VR has been updated: Adds ACE compatibility. Apparently the Ace Arsenal and the Frozen Arsenal were both competing for the same button when loaded together, this update adds an extra button so ACE users can load both mods at the same time and access both the Ace Arsenal and the Frozen Arsenal. ACE users will see this... Non ACE users will see this... Happy days! ☺️