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  1. Ravage Mod

    No direct answer doesn't mean it hasn't been duly noted.
  2. Ravage Mod

    I think you've raised it enough times now that if it can be reproduced, and fixed, I'm sure haleks will do his best to remedy it.
  3. lol, he was just too eager to show off his little easter egg. while were here... ...another Safari Hat
  4. Seems addons are the only option atm...
  5. It's a conspiracy against the lone wolf....
  6. Red Dead Redemption

    Worth a look if your undecided...
  7. Mods: Ravage, Chernobyl Zone, Sullen Skies, Ravaged/Frithified Gear (WIP).
  8. Mods: Ravage, Chernobyl Zone, Sullen Skies, Ravaged/Frithified Gear.
  9. A head bandage just for the Zone...
  10. So much this. ^^ Nice post Rich.
  11. @phronk, Regarding the Animals Extended mod, all sounds are present and correct, but never quite managed to get sound for insects working yet, I managed to find the pbo's with the vanilla sounds but struggled to add the correct path to the config, eventually gave up. (I remember the PM you sent, but didn't want to continually bug ya about it) I'll go back and take a fresh look at implementing them as it's the most popular of all the mods in my workshop.
  12. Added: Ambient Birds for Chernobyl Zone. Updated: Sullen Skies for Chernobyl Zone.
  13. A one stop shop of horrors for all my little odds and sods, some old, some new...