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  1.  EO


    Sweet music for my ears ^^ In fact those ambient sounds just "sound" way out of place playing through the "do not linger" showcase. Aradus sounds intriguing mate, good luck with that.
  2. Duly noted JB, I'll speak to Justin about it, I think that should be relatively easy to remedy. Thanks for the Summer wishes bud, have a good one yourself.
  3.  EO

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    So you guys think Scotland is some dead-end backwater? Even in the remotest areas of Scotland we have internet access and wifi....some of us even have thumbs.
  4.  EO


    We know were onto a good thing when the smokin' bunny comes out.
  5.  EO


    There are already Black, Olive and Sand variants of that combination.
  6.  EO


    Genius use of objects. ^^ Lots of functionality with those rugged lamps too. Maybe the only drawback from the Odracam in the showcase was the position, given the cargo being carried, it sometimes became a little obscured by the pandas head. 🐼
  7.  EO


    A stunning showcase mate, I couldn't believe my eyes the first Timefall, how you managed to work that magic on plant clutter is quite baffling but truly amazing! My first trip through Larche reminded me of that image from Hiroshima where the only building that survived the blast was the Genbaku Dome, the only structure left standing in Larche was the church tower, quite spooky. Haven't quite made it to the Radio Tower yet, but I'm getting there....
  8.  EO

    Arma 4 a look to the future

    For me the most significant part of the blog post is the 25 positions required for an "unannounced" project, ranging from Art and Animation, Scripting, Design, QA etc. While it may have nothing to do with Arma 4, it definitely looks like their laying the foundation for something substantial.
  9.  EO


    @Sierra-G339 'Digger' The Survival Module is generally linked to items spawned by the Loot Module. There's a couple of useful pages in the Ravage Wiki with some basic info on how Ravage deals with food/water. https://ravage.fandom.com/wiki/Food https://ravage.fandom.com/wiki/Water
  10.  EO


    That picture sequence is phenomenal mate, don't know how you managed it but that's some amazing work right there, my Odradek is spinning rapidly.
  11.  EO

    ARMAHOLIC website not working

    Statues will be built for you guys. ^^
  12. Mmm, how strange, I applied wound textures to some of my uniforms by using that method, for reference... Sorry I couldn't be more helpful bud, maybe it's an inheritance thing.
  13. Adding class Wounds to your configs should work...
  14. I missed this one first time around, very handy.