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  1.  EO


    Another neat little tip for Ravagers using the Western Sahara CDLC, you can place the Desert Module off map, tweak the settings as you see fit then simply sync it too your playable unit, it will create a continuous dust effect around the player as he moves around the map.
  2.  EO


    For Western Sahara CDLC users, If you wish to have your zombies dressed in traditional Djellabas here is a list of classnames to add to the Zombie Uniforms Override array... U_lxWS_Djella_02_Brown,U_lxWS_Djella_02_Grey,U_lxWS_Djella_03_Green,U_lxWS_Djella_02_Sand,U_lxWS_C_Djella_06,U_lxWS_C_Djella_02a,U_lxWS_C_Djella_05,U_lxWS_C_Djella_01,U_lxWS_Tak_02_B,U_lxWS_Tak_02_C,U_lxWS_Tak_02_A,U_lxWS_Tak_01_B,U_lxWS_Tak_01_A
  3. Removing ambient life can be achieved by creating a mod, however it would have to be made on a per map basis as it would require patching a specific maps config. Or you could use the enableEnvironment command, there's a good trigger based example here.
  4. Mods: Hebontes Training Grounds, Ambient Birds.
  5. Mods: Sullen Skies. CDLC: Western Sahara.
  6. And now for something completely different.... Serene Skies essentially removes the Cloud System from Sefrou-Ramal. Features: No rain. No cloud cover. Dry thunderstorms. (Dry thunderstorms produce thunder and lightning but most or all of its precipitation evaporates before reaching the ground. (a common feature of a desert region.) Considerations for Mission Makers: Although clouds have been removed Overcast values still apply, meaning it will still darken as Overcast values are applied. While in the Editor, setting Overcast values beyond 70% will result in falling rain, this will cease upon mission start unless the rain override feature has been used. Although rain has been removed it can still be forced by using the override feature in the Environmental Settings, however there will still be no cloud cover, only overcast. Raison d'être: I wanted to experiment with a mod that created weather conditions similar to a desert region without using the environmental settings found in Eden, basically plug and play. It's already been pointed out to me that these conditions can be met with the environmental settings, however, in my own testing on very long missions that span consecutive day/night cycles, the arma engine will always generate light cloud cover especially around dawn. This mod will negate this from happening. Steam Workshop.
  7.  EO

    arma 3 addon requires addon

    Try verifying your game files first.
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  9.  EO


    Western Sahara CDLC drops tomorrow, how difficult would it be to port the Altis Dust mission to Sefrou-Ramal?
  10. Have you looked at the encoding guide? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Characters_And_Gear_Encoding_Guide#Vest_configuration