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  1.  EO

    EO Factions

    GM Moss Troopers: A post apocalyptic/survival themed faction using retextured GM assets. 8 Individual units, groups with vehicles. Street Patrol. Scavenger Squad. Zodiac Boat Patrol. Qilin Vehicle Patrol (Armed/Unarmed). Zeus compatible. Server key included. GM Moss Troopers play as OPFOR. Steam Workshop
  2. EO Factions will provide a selection of post apocalyptic/survival themed factions using gear from my own gear packs and various DLC's, first up.... RFG Survivors: 8 Individual units, groups with vehicles. Street Patrol. Scavenger Squad. Zodiac Boat Patrol. Prowler Patrol (Armed/Unarmed). Zeus compatible. Server key included. RFG Survivors play as BLUFOR. Steam Workshop. Coming soon...
  3. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/200-arma-3-find-or-offer-editing/
  4. Contact a moderator, or report the topic in question.
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    @Lopalmcivet _ @mossstone Just a friendly reminder of forum rule 13...
  6. I'd imagine all the fixes added to the Dev Branch will be part of the upcoming Art of War update, possibly next week.
  7.  EO

    Frozen VR

    No external tools like Terrain Builder were used, It's just an edited version of the VR map, I replaced the VR tile textures with snow textures (sand textures for the Deserted VR) added my Sullen Skies config for the cloud/weather system, etc. Frozen VR requires CUP Core as it uses the snow system from Chernarus Winter. Haleks was kind enough to allow me the use of his breath fog function from Ravage.
  8.  EO

    Frozen VR

    Going by the latest feedback from the Workshop, either the original report about signature mismatch was bogus or the latest update has indeed fixed the issue in question. Either way mod should be running just fine now.
  9.  EO


    @RZNUNKWN https://discord.com/invite/ff8F4Jz
  10. No worries, using the Arsenal is fine.
  11. Mods: Frozen VR, CUP Core. Mission: Desert OPS Run - Tactical Arena by Gunter Severloh.
  12. Hi Gunter, So just curious, when I select to play as BLUFOR, the option to play against Spetsnaz is available.....is the factions script picking up that I own Contact, or are Spetsnaz available to play against for non Contact owners too? If possible the ability to play as Spetsnaz would be a welcome addition. Thanks for the continued support, loving the updates.
  13. Place dogs, goats, hens and sheep anywhere in Eden. Rooftops, camps, compounds, outposts. etc. Although listed under Props, these are actually fully animated and follow their own behaviours. Find them under Props>Animals>Terrestrial. Server Key included. Steam Workshop. 🐕🐐🐑🐓