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  1.  EO

    Ravage Mod

    You can create a zedBlacklist zone via a trigger...
  2. Nice work man, no mean feat turning your script pack into a mod. It's Evolution Baby!
  3. Malden, June 2035 Quarantine Zone #03 Mods: Ravage, Sullen Skies, ReColor. Mission: Ghost Hunters (Ravage showcase mission)
  4. Paste the code into the debug console, execute the code by pressing "LOCAL EXEC".
  5. Interesting little piece from the BBC... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-47227767
  6.  EO

    Ravage Mod

    Ever thought about using your music within future Ravage projects...
  7. Report received and dealt with. Thanks

  8.  EO

    Ravage Mod

    I see it slightly differently, the showcases are self explanatory, to showcase what Ravage can offer, and they have equal worth in the complete Ravage package. Who are we to question how/when/why this mod (or any mod for that matter) is updated or structured, Ravage has been created for free and then generously shared for our own pleasures. (btw haleks, how's the Patreon page coming along?) Regarding server management, it takes but a few minutes to update a server with an updated mod and server key (it's still a relatively lightweight mod) and in it's history, Ravage has rarely been micro-updated or hot-fixed. So for me, these showcases have their place within Ravage and I would imagine these showcases also pique haleks enthusiasm to come up with even more content and features for Ravage further down the line, so we all profit.
  9.  EO

    Ravage Mod

    So far so good... ...the only thing that doesn't spawn from the loadout are the rvg_eyeprotectors. Another cool thing I've learned today: If you hand place a zed unit in Eden they will happily do there own thing and deal, what I assume is, default damage, however if you add an Ambient Zombies module those same hand placed zeds will inherit any values you've edited within the module (i.e Damage Output, Dirty Uniforms etc.)
  10.  EO

    Ravage Mod

    Cool man thank you, I'll try that out later and post the results. 😉
  11.  EO

    Ravage Mod

    Awesome work.^^ Remember this guy... ...any tips on how to apply the "No Face" head to the editable zombie units in Eden. (I want to make a few "Boss" Zeds) Pasting a loadout from the VA into the zeds init along with, this setVariable ["BIS_enableRandomization", false] works fine for headgear, facewear and uniforms, but for some reason ignores this setFace "rvg_no_face"...zed will always spawn with regular Ravage zed head. Even choosing the "No Face" head through the Object Identity section of Attributes is unreliable too, again the zed will spawn with a regular Ravage zed head. Any Ideas?
  12.  EO

    Ravage Mod

    I rarely lead a squad that big, but It really is a lot of fun when you do...(don't open the spoiler if you haven't played the mission)