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  1. I always search from Google: site:https://forums.bohemia.net/ remove forum search delay
  2. You can use addons like this one: There's others, or write your own by editing class CfgActions and/or class CfgInGameUI.
  3. Check your description.ext for briefing = 1. And Biki says - "If no briefing.html is present, it is skipped anyway." - I'm not sure this is still valid but try and create an empty briefing.html on your mission root.
  4. Got it working with this on initPlayerServer.sqf (just me testing on dedicated though, so try with more people please): // Make worthy players become zeus by their UID private _worthyPlayersUIDs = [ "12312312312312312", // John "45645645645645645" // Mike ]; params ["_playerUnit", "_didJIP"]; private _playerUID = getPlayerUID _playerUnit; if (_playerUID in _worthyPlayersUIDs) then { waitUntil {time > 1}; [format ["%1",_playerUnit]] remoteExec ["hint", 0]; [_playerUnit] remoteExecCall ["zen_common_fnc_createZeus", 0]; };
  5. Wouldn't using initPlayerServer.sqf instead help?
  6. RCA3

    I can walk through vehicles

    Can you give a specific vehicle name you can walk through? Edit: In the meantime you have various mods that "mess" with animations, some might be conflicting. Most likely one or more are incompatible with PiR.
  7. Try checking if (damage bridge > 0.X) then { Where X is damage you should check from bridge after using explosives (with damage bridge).
  8. Good old _unit switchMove "" works if you're OK with unsmooth transition. Wait.. I didn't test AI, only player. 😶
  9. Ei Puff Adder, if the diary record is showing up when you go onto the map-diary, it should also appear on 2xJ. 2xJ is just for tasks it turns out... https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_taskCreate
  10. Yes, intention was to replace the running lowered tactical animation with running lowered. Actually an ACE team idea.
  11. Hi Madrussian, Those are all defined on each animation in cfgMovesMaleSdr: getNumber (configFile >> "CfgMovesMaleSdr" >> "States" >> (animationState player) >> "weaponLowered") getNumber (configFile >> "CfgMovesMaleSdr" >> "States" >> (animationState player) >> "showWeaponAim") There are some discrepancies though, e.g. sprint returns weaponLowered = 0 when visually the weapon is lowered, and showWeaponAim returns = 1 when running with rifle raised but there's no cursor. disableWeapons seems to be the most reliable for your case: getNumber (configFile >> "CfgMovesMaleSdr" >> "States" >> (animationState player) >> "disableWeapons")
  12. Updated the script for no loops (replaced forgetTarget with disableAI "AUTOTARGET") and the group still retains the target's memory so AI engages faster. Now they can! Cheers!
  13. That's not allowed by Steam Terms of Service and BI Forum Rules, sorry.
  14. RCA3

    VR Reality and helicopter

    What I remember from auto-rotation is that you're supposed to go counter-intuitive and lower the collective instead of raising it. Could be wrong. Try it out.
  15. RCA3


    Remove your overclock.