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  1. RCA3

    Making a Zeus Group/Team

    If you want to control AI just place them, Hold Left Ctrl, click [LMB] on an object and drag the line to your player. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Field_Manual_-_Zeus#Connecting
  2. @pawelisus, Where are you executing this command/script? Switching topic.
  3. I think this would work (untested). You are currently checking on each player if all other players are alive when you can just check locally for that said player. onPlayerRespawn.sqf params ["_newUnit", "_oldUnit", "_respawn", "_respawnDelay"]; while {alive _newUnit} do{ sleep 5; if !(_newUnit inArea PAC_playableAreaControl) then{ systemChat "You left the playable zone!"; sleep 0.1; _newUnit setDamage [1, false]; if !(isNull objectParent _newUnit) then{ // checking if the player is in vehicle (vehicle _newUnit) setDamage [1, false]; }; }; };
  4. Your error right there. / / is different from //
  5. Try and add this to the top of initPlayerLocal.sqf params ["_player", "_didJIP"]; and replace createTrigger line with this: intro_trigger = createTrigger ["EmptyDetector",position _player,false];
  6. Go to your folder C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\<username> and open your <username>.Arma3Profile Esc key shortcut for game menu should be this: KeyIngamePause[]={1};
  7. This is not a thing. Wrong syntax. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setVariable
  8. I'm gonna give it a try first. @awdsawds, Go to OPTIONS-GAME-GENERAL -> AIMING DEADZONE Set it all the way to the Left. See if that's what you're looking for.
  9. Better skip that command and set their behaviour to SAFE on the editor or apply to the group. this setBehaviourStrong "SAFE";
  10. Good point! So, if you don't mind not increasing rating to your players when killing bad guys (or not decreasing rating when killing good guys) , the solution would be to add this into your initPlayerLocal.sqf params ["_player", "_didJIP"]; _player addEventHandler ["HandleRating", { params ["_unit", "_rating"]; 0 }];
  11. Your code works, i'll repost here because you have lots of red dots on copy/paste (forums' bug). addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params ["_killedUnit","_killer","_triggerMan"]; if (side group _killedUnit isEqualTo civilian && _killedUnit isKindOf "CAManBase" && side _triggerMan isEqualTo west) then { if (isNil {missionNameSpace getVariable "MyCivKillCounter"}) then { missionNameSpace setVariable ["MyCivKillCounter",0,true]; }; missionNameSpace setVariable ["MyCivKillCounter", (missionNameSpace getVariable ["MyCivKillCounter",0]) + 1, true]; systemChat str (missionNameSpace getVariable ["MyCivKillCounter",0]); }; }]; I added this line which you can delete, it's just for you to debug: systemChat str (missionNameSpace getVariable ["MyCivKillCounter",0]); This is also what you want to use on your triggers: missionNameSpace getVariable ["MyCivKillCounter",0] > <your number here>
  12. RCA3

    Side chat question

    Upcoming EH's on 2.10 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Event_Handlers#Group_Event_Handlers Other than that, it's a lot of scripting if you want enemy type (infantry, vehicle, etc), size, distance, direction... (or maybe i'm just lazy). To avoid triggers maybe start with a loop through allGroups running from initServer.sqf.
  13. If you have CBA_A3 you can run this on initServer.sqf: ["CAManBase", "init", { (_this # 0) addMPEventHandler ["MPHit",{call Eventhandler_fnc_MPHit}]; }, true, [], true] call CBA_fnc_addClassEventHandler;
  14. No problem, i'm glad it worked. I wasted a lot of time back in the day to find that out too. It sucks the AI needs so many commands to abandon the vehicle, but that's that.