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  1. Seems cool and LAMBS does have something apparently useful: taskCQB Close Combat Module lets AI Group identifies buildings, Clears them methodically, marks building safe, moves to next building and, repeat until no buildings left
  2. Yup, me < maths. Can't help you there. Only thing that comes to mind is BIS_fnc_getArea to give you the size of each location, but FYI location's areas are not very accurate. That's pretty common 😄.
  3. 😄 Yes, I said I was testing it, and it worked everytime. (But only ONCE, then loops on same position each time, therefore the mentioned while loop).
  4. There isn't, but you did say this: Which is not accurate because the sounds are indeed chosen randomly from the given array (plus given position). I think the loop is quite elegant and if i'm not mistaken, even if you deleteVehicle the sound playing, it will still end playing so it won't cut abruptly. You could also simply count the time the sound takes and sleep the loop for that amount of time. As you wish. You're welcome.
  5. alarmSFX = createSoundSource ["Sound_Alarm", getMarkerPos "marker_0", ["marker_1","marker_2"], 0]; Randomization works as described, but it's selected only once when called. Then loops always on same position. Example 2 from BIKI plus while loop: [] spawn { while {true} do{ _alarm = createSoundSource ["Sound_Alarm", position player, [], 0]; //starts alarm sleep 10; deleteVehicle _alarm; //stops alarm }; };
  6. Yup, because if you wanted to randomize it on createSoundSource itself, you would need a loop as well, wouldn't you? Yup, random one each time. I was hoping you already had your sounds defined and were testing this. EDIT: Well, just read this: Note that the sound created by createSoundSource will always be looping. So... I don't know how you wanna go with this. EDIT2: I guess that was your problem after all 😄 (my bad, sorry). The command runs once and you were expecting it to play randomly each time... I'm testing it right now...
  7. We got the point you were going for, and to expand on that, there's no way the selected marker will always be the same. You'll just have to randomize it outside the createSoundSource command (assuming the syntax above doesn't work).
  8. Didn't... I don't think you can _mPos2 = getMarkerPos ["markerTwo", true] with multiple markers. He'll have to: _mkr = selectRandom ["hissmarker","hissmarker_1","hissmarker_2","hissmarker_3","hissmarker_4","hissmarker_5","hissmarker_6","hissmarker_7","hissmarker_8"]; _mkrpos = getMarkerPos [_mkr, true]; or _mkrpos = getMarkerPos [(selectRandom ["hissmarker","hissmarker_1","hissmarker_2","hissmarker_3","hissmarker_4","hissmarker_5","hissmarker_6","hissmarker_7","hissmarker_8"]), true]; ...which was what he did 😄 I think the parenthesis will help though. Idk...
  9. Yes 😄 Never used GAIA and/or MCC. Or both LAMBS/VCOM together, but I like LAMBS very much, super light and smart.
  10. Hi @JURAGAN, According to forum rules you can't revive threads older than 4 months (let alone 7 years 😋). That said, click on "Report post" on top right corner of your message and ask a moderator to change it to ARMA 3 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING. When that's done the answer to your question should be simple: Replace all your commands with Global ones and run the script from the server only. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/clearWeaponCargoGlobal https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/clearMagazineCargoGlobal https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/clearItemCargoGlobal https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addWeaponCargoGlobal https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addMagazineCargoGlobal https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addItemCargoGlobal https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addBackpackCargoGlobal
  11. It's the syntax i'm afraid (parenthesis instead of brackets): _envsound = createSoundSource ["hissing", getMarkerPos (selectRandom ["hissmarker","hissmarker_1","hissmarker_2","hissmarker_3","hissmarker_4","hissmarker_5","hissmarker_6","hissmarker_7","hissmarker_8"]), [], 0];
  12. On topic: LAMBS taskgarrison is also pretty good and can be dynamic: 6: Exit Conditions that breaks a Unit free (-2 Random, -1 All, 0 Hit, 1 Fired, 2 FiredNear), default -2 <NUMBER>
  13. What do you want to make more dynamic?
  14. Try in the condition field of your trigger, remove the condition this and add: yourTargetName animationPhase "terc" == 1
  15. Just realized you need this under radio channel and not 3D. Unfortunately couldn't reproduce it. I had problems with two commands: playSound and groupRadio. playSound references a isSpeech param (play as speech through radio channel) which does not seem to work. groupRadio doesn't sound or text anything. playSound "soundready"; ok playSound ["soundready",true]; same playSound ["soundready",false]; same someUnit groupRadio "radioready"; fail These were the commands I used and below is the description.ext I also used. I'd like someone to confirm if this commands are broken, please. Or maybe the filename path for CfgRadio must be different? Maybe custom sounds only? (Read edit below). Thanks. Description.ext: EDIT: groupRadio doesn't play from Debug Console. That was my problem, once on unit init it plays well. playSound isSpeech param still seems broken. Cheers.