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  1. rubberkite

    AI Driving Control

    nice I'll put on server too and I let you know. About the 180 turn maybe the slowdown/mess happens if the truck are too close each others in the column, I need to try with 1 truck at time to see if they turn without problems. about the progressive key, I can say it's a common practice on all addon that can cause trouble with a mismatch, for example CUP, RHS, and islands I see they all use a progressive key version. Thanks again, your work gives really more brain to the drivers... did you just set the alchool in blood level on lower % hehehe
  2. rubberkite

    AI Driving Control

    I can't say it's a common practice but for example CBA does that, and I do that as well cos a version mismatch could not work/load or create issues in mycase sever/client need to be in sync, your addon as you stated will not go on steam so need to be manually updated :) I do browse Armaholic daily to see new addons and contents and I noticed you update your addon 3 times in last few days, so what I do is copy your updated folder by ftp on server and when I do this operation if I should copy the new key would be just 1 more file to copy in the key folder not a big deal :) I am thinking about using the addon also server side, I didn't use till now cos warfare got a lot of AI controlled by server and I am afraid that there could be a general FPS drop, but at least one time I want to try and see what happens. The only thing your addon made bit harder is the 180° turn by supply truck in town, I guess it's related to the proximity scan for obstacles, without the addon or using vcom ai driving the truck where able to perform a 180° turn on the road, with your addon they struggle a bit more it's like they are afraid to scratch the painting of vehicle so they perfor short and slow adjustments that lead in long time to perform the 180 :) I still prefer to struggle in that than have a road waky race like dik dastardly hehe
  3. rubberkite

    AI Driving Control

    Cheers RCA3 Thanks a lot for your effort, we are using your addon in our warfare server since few days and the number of "road accidents" are really reduced to just few random episodes, instead without it was a total disaster, killer supply truck that just run over other vehicles without mercy, so thanks you saved us a lot of rage against BIS hehehe I would like to ask if you can please sign the addon with a progressive key so we can be sure that everybody is using last version, since no steam auto update will be great to have a key that update each version you release, it's just a little bit hassle for you but a good thing for users. Great Job! Rubber
  4. rubberkite

    Enhanced Movement

    Thanks Dedmen I was not aware of that options and very glad you pointed me on right direction.
  5. rubberkite

    Enhanced Movement

    This Addon is really amazing, thanks a lot I just miss two things: 1 the ability to help climb up the mate that helped you to climb the wall, ( not sure if it's possible but would be great if you can help him climbing using arm pull animation ) 1 the possibility to climb down, cos some time going down from same height you climbed result in damage that's it with those two options it would be just perfect! cheers and hope to hear about new updates soon!
  6. rubberkite

    SoldierWB, SoldierEB, SoldierGB

    Side are correct, otherwise units would be useless, thanks for trying to help, much appreciated :)
  7. rubberkite

    SoldierWB, SoldierEB, SoldierGB

    The player side it's ok I was already using a different approach but unfortunately I have still those check in other scripts: if (side _origin == sideEnemy) then { if (_origin isKindOf westSoldierBaseClass) then {_side = west}; if (_origin isKindOf eastSoldierBaseClass) then {_side = east}; } else { _side = side _origin; }; if (_sideBuilding == _side) then { _dammages = false; } else { _dammages = [_building, _dammages] Call HandleBuildingDamage; }; _dammages //--- Renegade. if (_sideKiller == sideEnemy) then { if (_killer isKindOf westSoldierBaseClass) then {_sideKiller = west}; if (_killer isKindOf eastSoldierBaseClass) then {_sideKiller = east}; }; if (_sideVictim == sideEnemy) then { if (_killed isKindOf westSoldierBaseClass) then {_sideVictim = west}; if (_killed isKindOf eastSoldierBaseClass) then {_sideVictim = east}; }; that's why I am looking for a way to replace this code with a different one, still have more script that use the west/east soldierbase class
  8. rubberkite

    SoldierWB, SoldierEB, SoldierGB

    yes this could help I can test it, I would not have any problem if the config of the unit were done using the proper parent class, :)
  9. rubberkite

    SoldierWB, SoldierEB, SoldierGB

    player side player sidejoined work great on script client side, I need a server side check in order to fix some script that were using the method iskindof 'soldierEB' but really I can't believe that great mod like those have their base config for MEN using wrong parents.
  10. rubberkite

    SoldierWB, SoldierEB, SoldierGB

    Thanks but I don't see any parameter on that return the player connected side. id: Number - unique DirectPlay ID (very large number). It is also the same id used for user placed markers (same as _id param) uid: String - getPlayerUID of the joining client. The same as Steam ID (same as _uid param) name: String - profileName of the joining client (same as _name param) jip: Boolean - didJIP of the joining client (same as _jip param) owner: Number - owner id of the joining client (same as _owner param)
  11. Hello, I am working on a new release of my warfare and I have a problem, I wrote here hopefully somebody from forum got same problem and found already a solution I have a check that is based on baseclass, soldierwb/eb/gb, the problem is and I wonder why and how is possible that RHS and CUP did something so stupid: their parent class are based on wrong parent base class. example cup OPFOR Russian are based on soldierWB instead of EB instead of all OPFOR Russia from RHS are based on soldierGB instead of EB, this generate some bug with all the scripts in warfare that use that check, /* Root classes */ westSoldierBaseClass = 'SoldierWB'; eastSoldierBaseClass = 'SoldierEB'; resistanceSoldierBaseClass = 'SoldierGB'; server side script: if ((leader _team) isKindOf westSoldierBaseClass) then {_sideJoined = west}; if ((leader _team) isKindOf eastSoldierBaseClass) then {_sideJoined = east}; I need an alternative way to check if JIP player side (server side script) thanks in advance for any good hint hopefully addon maker will try do use proper base class for soldiers in further updates. Rubber
  12. rubberkite

    Advanced Urban Rappelling

    is there a way to avoid the random rope cut? This addon is great but with this random bug it's unusable unfortunately. cheers !
  13. rubberkite

    WARFARE BE2 *Rubber Ed*

    headless client is almost useless, and with my edition is really useless better to use throttle stop and affinity force the server to use 2 core, and raise the cpu multiple to max for example our xeon was running 3.4ghz with throttle stop and only 2 core under stress if u use 4 core but with normal speedstep / turbo boost technology u have less performance by the way I have abandoned arma world and mission development so sorry no more upgrades to RE
  14. rubberkite

    WARFARE BE2 *Rubber Ed*

    Probably my last release: http://www.4qw.it/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=144 cheers
  15. rubberkite

    WARFARE BE2 *Rubber Ed*