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  1. larsiano

    What is wrong with bohemia developers

    interesting, dough the human eye can distinguize more light then any camera know to date
  2. larsiano

    What is wrong with bohemia developers

    http://www.armaholic.com/datas/users/bundeswehr-kleiderkammer-gear-of-the-german-armed-forces-v10-3_4.jpg (579 kB) the guy in the back has local clouds above his head? or he is the brother of the darkman perhaps....
  3. dear everyone who cares for more then the finansial upbringing of this company. listen very carefully i will say this only once. waiting for 4 year after you anouces arme 3 for the game to arrive is a natural ocurrence. but what is not so natural is that arma3 is when it came out the most flawed game in the history of FPS. not only is it flawed beyond recognition it als o lakt the ability to interest, bring to life or even simulate closely this world and all militairy technical correctness. this ultra teenage kid guy named J-crow i this (who also does the voices) has probably found all his militairy information on the cartoon network and has skipped real life completely for a fictional world of money , religion and power. wich has little relation to the outside world. let me stop here by pointing out personal shortcommings and let me go deeper into the horror of the BIS company pollicy and the result this has on a product bought by many just out of companionshit towards the community top 3 absolutely show stoppers for BIS development: -your (mini) addons are not even woth writing about they have no backbone at all no playable content and add nothing to an already wothless build -unnatural gunshake problems like korsakoff patients make me wonder what kind of wiskey is in your employees dek all day and all night long, perhaps it is passed on trough genes? -your lighting or shouold i sAY DARKNESS ENGINE makes me think that if one cannot recognize who is in front you people with just open fire at anything moving beyond your perimitar making you a buch of gun crazy assholes we invented the atomic bom for and other nice plaything gd, you have had year but all you do is talk talk talk and try to look at best as possible....the best of the best sir. if this continues all you can realize is you have allready died have gone to chec slovak whatever heaven. the only good thing i can say for your account is that 99% of all game comps do exactly the ...and that is indoctrinize unknowing people with shit software that does not deserve the light of day. ps: sorry for the spelling but heeeey im Dutch and not pretending to be anything else 1] i will update the issues for forseeing future untill it works like it is supposed too DARKNESS Engine: unit in full lighting setting is unrecognizable at 1.5 meters in front of you possible sollutions: set light at 150% (max), turn of blur bloom crap does not fix it
  4. larsiano

    Dutch Armed Forces

    0975 version is available on Armaholic, ModDB & Sixupdater networks for those interested! Changelogs release 0.975RC (20-03-2015): -added: spike & backpack icons -added: mission.pbo -updated: all missions -updated: vehicle backpack config entry & loadouts -updated: apache demopilot & icon -updated: mh47F D669 texture & specular maps -updated: missing daf_M119 & a few typos http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-03-13_01-02-56-22.png (2855 kB) WIP changelog: 0.980 (xx-04-2015) -updated: MARKB50K_Apocalypse.pbo re-added -updated: typo in daf_bmw config -updated: AH64 Demo pilot texture -removed: rz_objects.pbo
  5. larsiano

    Dutch Armed Forces

    my bad then it must be a missile on one of the ships. me was thinking it was one of the B0105 rockets.. here she is : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aster_(missile_family)
  6. larsiano

    Dutch Armed Forces

    Thanks for your help I’ll go through the technical details with you later and we and the Italian mod crew can work something out. If you would have the skills to assist in this excursion that would be greatly appreciated. I was about to release a small patch for the 097 DAF build but have now changed almost 50% of all configs with some new entries and plan to update most unit configurations very soon too leaving little more than small patches afterwards. I too experience disk space issues with the preferred SSD drive of my choice but heey it’s great to have gotten as far as i did with all the people from Bohemia's community....have a nice weekend! 0.973RC (20-03-2015) -added: mission.pbo -updated: all missions -updated: apache demopilot & icon -updated: vehicle backpack config entry & loadouts -updated: missing daf_M119 & a few typos http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-03-13_16-21-55-93.png (554 kB)
  7. larsiano

    Dutch Armed Forces

    thanks for the report. -typo fixed -i could ask the pedagne team for the model but i could not fix it myself -the aster is an Eggbeast creation, i just copied and pasted it into the Dutch mod > ill sent you a PM A few small changes for the mod are on the way soon and some mission enhancements. 0.972RC (xx-0x-2015) -updated: apache demopilot & icon -updated: AH-64 missions fixed -updated: ACE MSO Fayshkabur mission -updated: a few typos
  8. larsiano

    Dutch Armed Forces

    Thanks again for the support guys! ill have a look at the P-3 but dont have the model (or knowledge) to fix this i think. 0.97RC (24-02-2015) -added: AH-64 Apache Longbow by NodUnit & Franze + pilot -added: RNLAF combat & demoteam textures by NodUnit -added: RNLAF Pilatus Turbo Display Team 313Sqn texture -added: Tanya Female Soldier (desert & woodland camo) -added: je maintien drai & Pirate flag -updated: removed ACR dependency -updated: M119 arti computer & SRAT error -updated: T810 trucks texture -updated: BO105 weapons & sound upgrade http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-02-06_02-59-38-23.png (3795 kB) http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-02-12_20-14-26-87.png (3547 kB) http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-02-16_02-08-45-14.png (1094 kB) http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-02-17_20-14-40-41.png (2330 kB) http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-02-18_02-59-06-03.png (1786 kB)
  9. -you posted in the wrong section > servers is what this is about? -does your server work without the SQL database? -If it does you surely have a problem with running the database and should look there for answers wich i have no expirience -also note what version SQL, downloaded from where? p.s.: you could also maybe ask this in the org. topic: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?142683-Multi-Session-Operations-v4-5-released
  10. larsiano

    FRL_Air mod WIP

    Awesome! Seems like you are making progress very rapidly. Ill download it and drop in for a test tonight for sure! Congradulations on a fine piece of work!
  11. larsiano

    Dutch Armed Forces

    Thanks a lot Foxhound!
  12. larsiano

    Dutch Armed Forces

    This week: (close to new release now) http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-01-17_15-36-06-86.png (613 kB) Update: I added an army version of the Landrover medic http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-01-20_23-49-21-98.png (1901 kB) SOLTG (NLD)Scorpion 1 Unit pack = Last (planned) units for the mod! http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-01-20_21-19-59-61.png (2468 kB) http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-01-20_22-55-09-61.png (2753 kB) http://media.moddb.com/images/mods/1/22/21672/ArmA2OA_2015-01-21_15-57-23-93.png (3900 kB) MIM-104 Patriot System in woodland and desert camo by hcpooky:
  13. larsiano

    Improved Pandur Units

    hcpooky is quicker then water so it should take ages! I did some camo textures for the Pandur hope he can use them after reconfiguring it all?
  14. larsiano

    Dutch Armed Forces

    Changed the medic signs on many vehicles: And a round up of most of the Army medics: Update2: 1th BO105 Army texture is finished: 0.960 (xx-01-2015) -added: Patriot missile defence systems -added: DAF Trucks (6x) as test object! -added: BO105 (Army, KLM & ANWB / ADAC) -added: City Bus (Connexxion lijn 300) -added: M-113 Ambulance & (Tiger Camo) + BattleBox FOB (Tiger Camo) -added: naval mines, barricades, kayak & M109 ammo Palets -added: 30 ghillie colors & changer script -added: RNLAF F-35 Pilot & ANWB Crew -added: camp castor sign & Notice Board (360deg Taliban) -updated: replaced medic sign on various vehicles -updated: fox medic texture fix & missing Fremm texture -updated: rg31 MK19 ammo types & zeroing, daf_missilebox scripts updated -updated: removed some duplicate files, small name changes