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  1. this exec "myfile.sqf" in any objects/units init line but you have to change all the "this" into the name of the unit Edit: Oh . yes its a .sqf not .sqs
  2. so as i Know sometimes the word "damage" should be written with double "m". > "dammage" im not sure but i think i saw it at mr murrays editing guide. Edit: found it: was another context in the editing guide. getDammage or setDammage codes for example. "simple repair script" should help ! or another script which setDamage 0 the camo net all few seconds http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=78117&highlight=simple+repair Edit2: "this allowDammage false" could work! i cannot test atm. Edit3: you could protect your camo net with some sandbags anyway
  3. @ zapat i tried your code and i saw all explosion same time without delay. btw , i like your code. i ever try to write my codes like this. but it is still difficult for me.
  4. are you sure the delay is working this way?
  5. ah ok i think i understand. so you can use the skript you wrote in first post. (just Bo_FAB_250 instead "Aqu_FuelExplosion" for example) Do you want to set off more than one time? If not, you could delete the marker after create the bomb at the marker position.
  6. You could describe the situation if you want, may be there is a better way to realize what you want to do in your mission.
  7. Ah ok. I dont know that mod class names. I would use invisible H as position for spawn the bomb , not a marker.
  8. Hi Soap UAL, you want kind of Bomb impacts when trigger is started right? You should create a bombs at your marker positions. "Aqu_FuelExplosion" is not right in that case i think edit: where did you found "Aqu_FuelExplosion"?
  9. :bounce3: this is a MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING forum i think. Im not sure if this is right place to find the inspiration for your mission-scenario. May be should start with one map first. not three at same time. Or you could make one map with all three objectives as sidemissions. And u have to know what type of mission u want! Singleplayer/ Multiplayer? PvP? CooP? ...
  10. dont care about the name mate :rolleyes: the mission is important not the name. anyway u will find the best name for the mission when its finished. whats your plan? 1 mission (map) with that 3 operations? or do you mean 3 different maps?
  11. Did i understand right? You have two marker? whats name of second marker? EDIT: ah ok i know what you mean. sry :j: hm.. im not sure how to handle the mission objective marker do the marker have a name?
  12. i think shk´s way should be the better solution! ( if its working , i did not try) just an idea: You could set a "waypoint" on him also?!
  13. yes , you have to write a file which set the marker on him every second for example. in init line of man1 for example marker.sqs
  14. hm... i think this should solve the problem. I used similar at a script for minethrower vehicle. so first your code and afterwards this one.
  15. davincy81

    Weird thing

    is one of the sides ( u or enemy ) resistance side? ma be you fogot to set resistance side enemy to other side. Or did u use vehicles of enemy side?