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    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    for those of you who are unable to start the app: as we (dev Friend & me) dont experience these problems, its very hard to recreate and pinpoint the problem. But what we can do, is scan a logfile. When you have a problem, check the windows logfiles if you see any message which might be related 2 your problem (version of ddl wrong etc). If so, post a export of that message or complete log on this forum. If that doesnt work out, try: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896645.aspx This app will record ALL the actions of your machine during a certain period. The information captured can be saved in a file. Maybe we can pinpoint the problem from these logs, but there are no guarantees. Be aware: - to compress your logfiles before posting! (zip, 7z) - that private info can/will be shared this way! (no passwords, but systemstructure, installed software etc) - not to ask any questions on how to get the windows logfiles or about the systeminternals software. These are offtopic for this thread, there is more than enough documentation on the internet You can send stuff in a private message, we will handle them with care, unless you have info on the next 9/11.... ;)
  2. ronski

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    @Dead3yez: What CPU do you have? We're trying to isolate the problem, so we need more info on each individual hw setup tnx
  3. ronski

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    @Dead3yez: Can you give us your HW setup? I only have an i5 with a GT240 card, so it's pretty hard to get beyond 50fps ;) V4Friend setup is even worse sorry pal... :)
  4. ronski

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    - for those of you with a low fps on the camera: NOIR should be able to do 20fps (nxt version will be higher), but there might be a reason why some of you get stuck at something like 10. You could have an old cam of course, but in my case, the software provided by logitech interfered somehow. I'm not talking of the driver, but the software "suite". After I killed that, the fps became 20 in NOIR. - minimize NOIR, the rendering of the image takes up cpu time which might lag ARMA - set the x, y and z-axis to zero (not the rotation!), now you can't zoom, and "side look" (lean), but you can look around and the jitter will be a little less. Next version is commin, hang on! :)
  5. ronski

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    @Fergola; can you give us a lead/link to that test build of freetrack? It seemed to me that freetrack was frozen, no new developments were made for quite some time. But I might be wrong of course. The development of this tool started because there was a personal demand, and no available solution seemed to exist... ---------- Post added at 08:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:07 PM ---------- for those of you who have problems running the software due to an error (ippcore.dll missing): This is a part of software provided by Intel, Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives. This an be downloaded from their site, see below: http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/ipp-downloads-registration-and-licensing/#Downloading I think it was part of PPjoy (??)
  6. ronski

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    Hi all, I'm "the other guy" of this project, and have been using the software during online play. Each user should set their own settings, there is no one-size-fitts-all solution alas! We (me & V4Friend) both have used the software, and both came up with different settings which we both found acceptable. To my experience the center angle setting of 10-20 degrees seems ok. I will post my settings this evening, you should be able to read them in in the File/Open menu. And after tweaking you can save them again. Remember to turn of the facetracking provided by some of the webcams !!! Also remember; the software is not considered perfect yet! I use a C500 logitech cam. And I can confirm this software is legit. I'm a big fan of ARMA, some of you might have seen me around (callsign Ronksi ). And it's true that these are our first posts. But before we had nothing sensible to say ;) Try it and post your findings!
  7. ronski

    Update FaceTrackNoIR

    A new piece of software is being developed to control ARMA 2 by head-gesture without the need of IRTrack. A standard webcam is enough! Please follow the link below: https://sourceforge.net/projects/facetracknoir/ It's operational, and can be manually tweaked for individual settings. Let us know what you think! :)