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  1. roberthammer

    Mag proxies on handguns

    its nice to see this fix but why that value isnt 1 by default? because that would been much easier without any mod changes
  2. roberthammer

    Project True Viking

    I would like to use other grips from RHS for example but this system is very limited so we have to use our own , which isnt a big deal tho , about other guns - shotgun doesnt have rails so likely no and m14 got bottom rail but only for bipod
  3. fair point mate , it was just a suggestion , if you want to make more realistic then yes you will need scripts :P
  4. You don't need a script , you can do it as a invisible GL and with power of hiding - there is other mod who does that and it quite works well and what i meant by compatibility , can it support all custom made 5.56 suppressors? 😄
  5. Ah , new M60 i see btw can you add rifle grenades to Famas like a hidden GL? that would be neat and suppressor compatibility as well of course more Famas variants , thank you
  6. roberthammer

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Yay , welcome back :)
  7. roberthammer

    Project True Viking

    Oh i see what you meant , yea that can be fixed quite easily
  8. roberthammer

    Project True Viking

    Color is directly based from Magpul site and in Arma it's very tricky to get the color right , also IRL photos it really depends on lighting which makes color darker or lighter to appear Btw all FDE/Tan parts from different companies don't really fit into each other in terms of color because everybody got its own tone or type to use. Yes it has front grip bumps but not on back , possibly to fix but that will require quite a redoing the texture and the baseplate is fine even on real pmag gen2 it is slightly forward.
  9. roberthammer

    Project True Viking

    No sadly , i wish there was a better way to do this - you can do this way or scripted way like RHS does but that isnt ideal tho
  10. roberthammer

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    you got me there but why on main FB site , they would use "outdated" data?
  11. roberthammer

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Well that might have been the case for the older MSBS but the Grot DMR looks like this - 406mm barrel it's probably too late for a change anyway
  12. roberthammer

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    For a non bullpup semi automatic rifles yes but for a bullpup rifle even that's too much , atm it's more like a LSW - real the Grot marskman only uses 16 inch barrel so does most of the bullpups , because it's a perfect balance for a bullpup also if you mount the BI's trademarked long suppressor , yea ...
  13. roberthammer

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    True , but it's bacause of A3 mass system //: oops , can you merge this
  14. roberthammer

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    MSBS is actually based on Magpul Masada aka later ACR fyi 😉 More ridiculous is that A3 Promet MR - got like 30 inch barrel
  15. roberthammer

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    That's because originally that model was 5.45 model but they changed it for 7.62x39 so they bended the mag to look like a banana shape , this was before mag proxy so thats the whole story but now they could easily get a correct magazine for it since now there is mag proxy , you can make the original AK-12 and AK-15 at the same time , but BI chose a easy way :P