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  1. Hey RH,


    I've made a new reply in your "M4/M16 Pack" thread in the Addons/Mods: complete subforum - please respond :)



  2. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Post screenshots of those new weapons and tanks , thanks
  3. Project Infinite v1.0

    thats an illegal port , fyi KA guy is known ripper from other games so not a proper mod
  4. Project Infinite v1.0

    oh you mean by toadie? i forgot about that but that wasn't released yet
  5. Project Infinite v1.0

    Wanted suggestions - here you go :P XM29 OICW http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2016/09/26/firearm-showcase-heckler-koch-xm29-oicw-ultimate-individual-weapon-high-res-pics/ VHS-2 http://www.hs-produkt.hr/en/vhs-2/ TS-12 https://www.instash.com/tavor-ts12/
  6. Dino Crisis Prototype

    lol this is just superb , @mcruppert arma wizard
  7. Very nice ,but can you add prone AT firing animation? while its already in the game but it is not used https://feedback.bistudio.com/T83601
  8. Project Zenith

    Great stuff but i have noticed in the new ACU uniform that there is a model UV stretching going on in the bottom of the shirt https://imgur.com/a/A16v8 other than that it's very good
  9. Hidden Selections for accessories

    I been asking this for a long time but i got the same answer each time "not possible" which is a PITA when you doing reskin variations of the same thing https://feedback.bistudio.com/T82480
  10. Where did everyone go...

    Playing OFP2 DR - yes , i am serious
  11. There isn't a chance to a get non-steam patch from 1.3 to 1.4? or i will have to use Steam Workshop? because i don't wanna download whole package again
  12. and no mention of going prone with AT?
  13. General Discussion (dev branch)

    It is the same model , it has the same texture and it would be nice if they added Prone position to Launchers , a proper prone fire position that is
  14. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Same model , it just misses the bipod and sight attachments