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  1. DeathMetalNinja

    SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Thanks for the update Massi! New textures are sweet 😉
  2. DeathMetalNinja

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Thanks for the Cupdate lads and great pic btw 😉
  3. DeathMetalNinja

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Canceled

    Hey Lord Jar been following your work since Arma 2 the new update is bad ass mate. Fantastic stuff. If only JSRS supported every mod.... 😉
  4. DeathMetalNinja

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - Canceled

    Thanks Lord Jar ;)
  5. DeathMetalNinja

    [WIP] UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    @Siege-A It was just a poor attempt at a joke mate, sorry if i caused any offence. Take all the time you want ;)
  6. DeathMetalNinja

    [WIP] UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    I suggest don't make any comments of any kind on here and we might get some content... ;)
  7. Thanks Firewill, Merry Christmas man ;) \m/ \m/
  8. DeathMetalNinja

    PROJECT UNCUT - Australian Defense Force mod

    @Kassee Check out steam workshop mate they updated a new version earlier this month...
  9. DeathMetalNinja

    NIArms Release Thread

    Fantastic rifles! Thanks for all the hard graft and no sleep Toadie, they are truly works of art ;)
  10. DeathMetalNinja

    Eagle Wing Full campaign release (Arma 2 remake)

    +1 please that's the only reason I've not played this yet. (Nimitz won't play nice with some of my other mods) CUP has some static carriers in their mod, are they no good for EW?
  11. DeathMetalNinja

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    Some kind soul port Harvest Red from Arma 2 that campaign is badly missed...
  12. DeathMetalNinja

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    Someone make RHS build the Russian Mi-35M please. ;)
  13. DeathMetalNinja

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Beautiful rifle PuFu. Coming to a PC near you sometime in 2019? lol ;)
  14. DeathMetalNinja

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi Red Hammers love the new update its fantastic. I was wondering if there is a button to take off the IHADSS monocle in the Apache/Cobra when I'm in 3rd person cam?
  15. DeathMetalNinja

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey Red Hammers I fired up Arma2 recently and realised the Russian intro music is missing from your mod, any chance of adding it to A3 for nostalgia feels? lol