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  1. DeathMetalNinja

    MRB Brexit Insignia

    Jesus. I play Arma to get away from this crap! (Just kidding, quite funny) 🙂 #Vote shambles would be more appropriate...
  2. DeathMetalNinja

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Hey CUP team thanks for the dev update loving the new BDU's and the new M110 (my favourite rifle) \m/ \m/
  3. DeathMetalNinja

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yeah I had this weird sound effect too then my game crashed to desktop. I was using JSRS at the time though, thought it might be sound mod conflict...
  4. DeathMetalNinja

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Harvest Red confirmed! (I wish) lol 😉
  5. DeathMetalNinja

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.19.0829

    Complete Version sounds good to me man, anything with JSRS on the tin goes straight into my mod list... 😉
  6. Looks fantastic mate well done
  7. DeathMetalNinja

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.19.0829

    Yes! Great news! So happy you decided to return man, Arma isn't Arma without LordJar 😉
  8. DeathMetalNinja

    SOF UNITS ADDONS by massi

    Thanks for the update Massi! New textures are sweet 😉
  9. DeathMetalNinja

    Community Upgrade Project - CUP

    Thanks for the Cupdate lads and great pic btw 😉
  10. DeathMetalNinja

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.19.0829

    Hey Lord Jar been following your work since Arma 2 the new update is bad ass mate. Fantastic stuff. If only JSRS supported every mod.... 😉
  11. DeathMetalNinja

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.19.0829

    Thanks Lord Jar ;)
  12. DeathMetalNinja

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    @Siege-A It was just a poor attempt at a joke mate, sorry if i caused any offence. Take all the time you want ;)
  13. DeathMetalNinja

    UnderSiege Gear & Uniforms

    I suggest don't make any comments of any kind on here and we might get some content... ;)
  14. Thanks Firewill, Merry Christmas man ;) \m/ \m/
  15. DeathMetalNinja

    PROJECT UNCUT - Australian Defense Force mod

    @Kassee Check out steam workshop mate they updated a new version earlier this month...