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Found 6 results

  1. RKSL Studios is Proud to present the Second Release of the RKSLA3 Attachments Pack This is the first of a series of Small Arms themed addons that I'm working on. Hopefully plenty more will appear in the coming years of Arma 3's life and this initial release will give you some indication of what I'm striving for in the long run. This addon adds a small selection of scope attachments to Arma 3, utilising the game's weapon customisation feature. Currently the pack contains four optical sights: A Schmidt & Bender 3-12×50 PM II marksman scope (available in two variants both with black, desert and woodland colour schemes) A Schmidt & Bender 5-25×56 PM II sniper scope (with black, desert and woodland colour schemes) A Trijicon RMR mini red-dot sight, (variants for both rifles and handguns, both with black and Flat Dark Earth colour schemes) The UK Armed Forces Elcan Lightweight Day Sight (LDS) (in black and RAL 7006 coyote brown). An Eotech EO552 1x Holographic Sight (in black and RAL 7006 coyote brown). An additional (optional) file is included to allow attaching the RMR handgun variant to the game's 4-Five pistol - RKSL_RMR_4Five.pbo The main aim of the pack is to reflect personal equipment available to members of the UK's Armed Forces and their weapon systems. Full changelogs: RKSL_LDS.pbo RKSL_PM_II.pbo RKSL_PM_525.pbo RKSL_RMR.pbo RKSL_EOT552.pbo Be sure to read the online documentation (pending) and readmes for classnames and where to find the attachments in the editor. This addon addon requires the Community Base Addon! Joint Rails is required to maximise compatibility with Arma 3 weapons: Not only official weapons, but community-made weapons as well if they incorporate the common rail platform. Joint Rails is included in Community Base Addons (CBA) The RKSL Attachments Pack will hopefully be expanded to include more items in future - not limited to weapon scopes alone. The focus of the pack will likely continue to be to reflect equipment issued to UK Armed Forces, but additions will be made by the RKSL team on an ad-hoc basis, reflecting the current needs of our own projects and particular whims as addon makers. We hope you enjoy it. Documentation (needs updating, use the readme files for now) RKSLA3 Attachments Pack ReadMe **Downloads** v.3.01 Download Mirror 1 - @STEAM Workshop I accept donations if you want to provide one, no matter how small. This is completely voluntary and I'll continue to work on addons regardless of whether people donate to me or not.
  2. TL;DR, see my major conclusions Before we get started, for those who are not familiar with how to use the 2x fixed-zero Rifle Optics in the first place, see the "Sight Usage" section of Dslyecxi's TTP3, about 40% of the way down under "Basic Infantry; Combat Marksmanship; Basic Marksmanship" http://ttp3.dslyecxi.com/2_basic_infantry.php Now, since the earliest parts of the early access period, Arma 3 has had a series of 2x-and-a-bit magnification optics with fixed 300m zeroes and ballistic drop compensators. There were (and to a certain extent, still are) a lot of assumptions going around about these optics. That some are for certain calibers. That 7.62mm NATO has no corresponding optics. That any optic "in a certain caliber" would match up with any weapon in that caliber. Kind of makes sense, right? That because the RCO (MX) and ARCO (Katiba) were both found on 6.5mm weapons, they were interchangeable and that any 6.5mm weapon would work with them. Same for the MRCO (Mk20), ERCO (SPAR-16), and 5.56mm. And because none of them came with 7.62mm weapons as their "obvious" partner, big bore was -poop- out of luck for 2x optics. But I've been watching a lot of Rogue-9's videos regarding mechanics investigations in Rainbow Six Siege recently, and every single time he does in with assumptions, they get busted (side note, go sub to him if you have any interest in Siege, his work is very informative). This started getting me thinking about some of the assumptions I had about Arma 3, and the 2x Rifle Optics was one of the biggest ones. So I loaded up Hebontes, and after some trial and error getting the target ranges right, I loaded up my rifles and started plinking. The results were... well, native English speakers know what they say about assumptions: they make an Ass of U and Umption For those who just want the results, here's a link to the documents I wrote up about General Recommendations and Conclusions https://docs.google.com/document/d/1urGglgS6M_d26dFl3nynFDkGbUSdRvqgvw2tsCgONxw/edit?usp=sharing Recommendations per Weapon https://docs.google.com/document/d/1v4a5em93QRZodoPky1dW0Vl4_9pGlB_3MXoj9BUTN_s/edit?usp=sharing Testing Data per Optic https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bUjriRrR7xVe7XSViNZxnhE4siJ3tZabByN2Xn-v8_M/edit?usp=sharing Pictures are not included since most of you should already know darn well what each optic and reticle look like by now Testing Procedure First major conclusion: The only weapons that work flawlessly with any optic are the ones they are paired with. RCO-MX Carbine ARCO-Katiba Rifle MRCO-TRG-21 ERCO-SPAR-16S Beyond that, any example of consistently acceptable performance was down to ballistic characteristics being sufficiently similar Second major conclusion: Within 400m, it really does not matter. Within 500m, only for particularly fast or slow weapons will the markers be incorrect. By extension, any of the 200m reflex sights as well as the NVS will be just fine within their limitations Third Major Conclusion: The only optics that are truly hassle-free are those with adjustable zeroing. If you have the choice, I'd recommend the DMS over any of the 2x fixed optics, as it offers several advantages (4x, idiot-proof rangefinder, adjustable zero 100-1000m, etc) with the only disadvantage being unable to be used with NVGs. Of course, the Nightstalker is also available, but the Nightstalker is more likely than not to be unavailable, and it's kind of a bit too easy in my opinion (so much so the US Army is trying to copy the concept with FWS-I) Fourth Major Conclusion: While the long-barreled marksman rifles (MXM, Mk-I, CMR-76, SPAR-17) can make use of 2x optics, they are really much better suited for adjustable-zero. I'd recommend either the medium range (DMS, MOS) or medium-long range options (AMS, Kahlia). The other 7.62mm rifles, however, are well set for certain 2x optic combinations should you chose to go that way Final Major Conclusion: My recommended optic combinations. These combinations require no (optimal) or little (good) adjustment to achieve consistent hits within their effective range. Grenade launcher variants are included with their rifle and carbine counterparts RCO Optimal: MX Carbine, SPAR-17, CAR-95, CAR-95-1, Navid, Mk20 Rifle, Mk20C, Mk18 ABR, TRG-21 Good: MX SW, SPAR-16, SPAR-16S, TRG-20, LIM-85, Mk14 ARCO: Optimal: Katiba Rifle, Katiba Carbine, MX SW, Mk-I EMR, CAR-95, Navid, Mk20 Rifle, Mk18 ABR, TRG-21, LIM-85 Good: MX Carbine, MXM, SPAR-17, CAR-95-1, Type 115, Mk14 Acceptable: Mk200 MRCO Optimal: CAR-95, TRG-21, Mk14, Katiba Carbine, Mk18 ABR Good: MX Carbine, SPAR-17, CAR-95-1, MXC, Katiba Rifle ERCO Optimal: SPAR-16S, SPAR-16, TRG-20, Mk20C, MXC, Rahim Acceptable: AK-12 (50m slow @500m, 100m@600) Adjustable Zero (DMS, MOS, AMS, etc.) Recommended: MXM, SPMG, MK-I EMR, SPAR-17, Type 115, Zafir, Navid, Rahim, CMR-76, Mk200, AK-12, Mk14 Special Note: Zafir has varying degrees of front sight blockage with any optic other than RCO, which isn't a good match anyhow. Also, ERCO has some front sight blockage with some weapons, namely the Navid, Mk-I, and SPMG I hope you found my investigation useful. I certainly have. Thanks for reading, and I'll see you on the battlefield For those interested, a link to a similar investigation I did for the AT launchers https://docs.google.com/document/d/1oGznRhgYVCrSSCgKP8ZcB-Q9aQCMJVo94tmPjEvml_o/edit?usp=sharing
  3. This small add-on is limited by the type of a sight attached to the weapon and the distance from the eyes to the aiming machine for the aiming when using head mounted Display. STEAM Workshop http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=965614001 armaholic http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33073
  4. Hey guys, i'm new with configs so please go easy on me. Im trying to add a new LRPS to the game by taking the old one and adding a new display-name, the NVG vision mode and some mass via config addon. I do not get any Errors, Messages nor rtp-entries, not even script errors. Everything is fine until I'm looking for my scope in the Virtual Arsenal and can't find it. Here is the config.cpp The mods I use are CBA_A3, ACE3, ACEX, and ACRE2 It would be awesome if someone could help me and also explain it.
  5. Good day, I have got a little problem with a custom optic I am trying to get ingame for a mod I am working on. The optic has a round .p3d model with a texture applied correctly. However, ingame, it works as if it were magnified like x10..? Here some screens and how I defined the optics in the config: This is what it should look like: http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x230/ArTaNiSS_2007/besaOptic_zpsayfbzduc.jpg This is what you see: http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x230/ArTaNiSS_2007/20170113105129_1_zpsuqkrzvd6.jpg And this is the UV layout in O.B: http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x230/ArTaNiSS_2007/Sin ttulo-1_zpsmww2t4q3.jpg Here the config: class RCWSOptics; class crusader_commander_optics { class Wide: RCWSOptics { initFov="(36 / 120)"; minFov="(36 / 120)"; maxFov="(36 / 120)"; visionMode[]= { "Normal" }; //thermalMode[]={2,3}; gunnerOpticsModel="\7Y_weapons\optics\crusader_commander.p3d"; gunnerOpticsEffect[]={}; }; class Medium: Wide { initFov="(150 * 0.05625 / 120)"; minFov="(150 * 0.05625 / 120)"; maxFov="(150 * 0.05625 / 120)"; }; class Narrow: Medium { initFov="(60 * 0.05625 / 120)"; minFov="(60 * 0.05625 / 120)"; maxFov="(60 * 0.05625 / 120)"; }; }; Then in the cfgVehicle I have this: discreteDistance[]={10,50,100,150,200,300,500,750}; discreteDistanceInitIndex=2; gunnerOpticsModel="\7Y_weapons\optics\crusader_commander"; gunnerOutOpticsModel=""; gunnerOpticsEffect[]={}; showgunneroptics = 1; gunnerAction="passenger_generic01_foldhands"; //mbt2_slot2a_in gunnerInAction="passenger_generic01_foldhands"; //passenger_low01, passenger_generic01_leanleft, passenger_generic01_foldhands gunnerForceOptics = 1; gunnerCanSee = 31; class OpticsIn { class Main { useModelOptics = 1; gunnerOpticsModel = "\7Y_weapons\optics\crusader_commander"; gunnerOpticsEffect[] = {"TankGunnerOptics2","OpticsBlur1","OpticsCHAbera1"}; initAngleX = 0; minAngleX = -100; maxAngleX = 100; initAngleY = 0; minAngleY = -360; maxAngleY = 360; initFov = 0.4; minFov = 0.1; maxFov = 0.9; memoryPointGunnerOptics = "usti Hlavne3"; visionMode[] = {"Normal"}; opticsFlare = 1; opticsDisablePeripherialVision = 1; cameraDir = ""; }; }; class ViewOptics { initAngleX = 0; minAngleX = -70; //-5 maxAngleX = 60; //45 initAngleY = 0; //0 minAngleY = -20; //-20 maxAngleY = 40; //20 initFov = 0.4; minFov = 0.1; maxFov = 0.9; visionMode[]= {"Normal"}; }; class ViewGunner { initAngleX = 0; minAngleX = -100; maxAngleX = 50; initAngleY = 0; minAngleY = -20; maxAngleY = 20; initFov = 0.4; minFov = 0.1; maxFov = 0.9; visionMode[]= {"Normal"}; //thermalMode[]={4,5}; }; I have searched on the forums for anything related with optics, however the nearest I got to my problem was with a post about some Sanchez, but no joy in the end. I have tweaked the Fov values some times, but the only thing I achieve is getting in more/less zoom, without actually changeing the actual size of the optic. Thanks in advance for your time, Loki.
  6. I've been playing through Apex, and it's a blast. However, on the missions where you have NVG IIs, the thermal capability which should be a life-safer in the thick jungle, isn't nearly as useful as it should be. The reticles on the rifle optics all-but disappear in thermal. In 2035, I'd imagine someone would have figured out how to add a little heat or chill to the optic reticles just for contrast, maybe not the reflex dot, but the in-scope reticle. What I've ended up doing is using the thermal capability more for scanning, and once a heat signature is located, I'll switch to NVGs to actually engage the target. I end up switching NVG modes a lot. If you can put your scope right over the target, you can barely make out the reticle over the white background of the target. However, for the most part, if you leave your thermals on while engaging, you are just tube shooting and hoping for the best. Are there any reticles which are more thermal friendly in the arsenal?