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  1. PTV-Jobo

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    A little bit late, but I wanted to come back here and extend my personal hope of health and continual success for not just your mod but in your personal lives as well and your families. Your willingness to help support other teams means an awful lot and just shows how nice the Arma community is in pulling together to help each other out. I look forward to seeing what is ahead for AMF. Here's to a better year ahead for all of us and our families and friends. 🙂
  2. PTV-Jobo

    [WIP] French Army Mod : ArmaModFrance

    Awesome, awesome stuff! Top notch quality!
  3. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    Final update has been released officially to our workshop HERE. Consists of: - New/Updated mags - M14 Mag compatibility - Tweaked 890 firing sounds again (don't expect much, I'm no sound designer, heh) - C79 Optic added due to lore Once again, I just wanted to thank the Arma community for supporting this dumb guy with a small idea. Without the support of this community and the friends I've made along the way, I never would have been able to get this far and I am very grateful for that. Sad to see the journey finally end, but a journey I'm glad I had an opportunity to have taken nonetheless. - "Jobo" PTV Project Lead
  4. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    Sadly I have requested the thread to be unlocked so I can let people know that Project True Viking (formerly Project ASTFOR) will no longer be able to continue forward in development for the foreseeable future. The main and biggest reason is simply PTV does not have much of a team anymore to be able to progress the mod forward. I have just recently come back from a 4 month separation from PTV to survey the current situation and came back to a ghost town for the most part, which verified my conclusion. It's time to put PTV on the shelf and just be thankful for what was able to be accomplished. Some bailed on us, some just moved onto more important life things, some just kind of vanished since this Covid thing happened (still hoping they are safe and ok!), and anyone left just prefer to be silent for months. We've also had the occasional individuals approach us offering some cooperation or help then just kind of vanish completely. And seeing how many people are tied up in other projects and CDLC development for a long time into the future, recruiting help is a wasted effort and makes no sense to keep trying. So pretty much to sum up our situation: the horse is not merely dead, it has been mowed down by an mg3 at this point. A more personal reason for me that I've been dealing with for quite some time now is that I also have been dealing with feeling like an outsider in my own project. See, when I started with this spark of an idea back when it was ASTFOR, I didn't want it to be a mod with this super serious environment and development crap. I guess what I was hoping for was something that would grow into a group of good friends that have fun bringing it to life for us to enjoy and for the Arma Community to experience and enjoy as well. I guess (as pathetic as it sounds) through making this dumb little mod about a non-existent Nordic country in the Armaverse....I wanted to make a place where I felt I belonged finally too. I suppose that comes from growing up with my disability and forced to go through life feeling alone. People either didn't care if I existed or constantly get bullied since I was an easy target that can't fight back. So continuing investing my heart and soul into a project where I feel like an outsider around those around me as an adult just doesn't make any damn sense. My health has also been on a decline for awhile now. Something I've been trying my hardest to hide from family and friends. 38 years of a neuromuscular disease that even after years of blood work and muscle biopsies (while constantly battling a pretty sh*t healthcare system that would rather you just die off) just to always get told, "you're an enigma and we can't help much" sucks. If you are wondering what life has been like for me living with my muscular dystrophy--picture the worst flu you ever had. Kind of like that--all of your muscles hurt and feel like they are made of jelly. That's pretty much my daily life 24-7. So you can imagine how I felt when Covid happened, since I am also considered one of the high risk people and been working hard to ninja myself around trying to avoid it at all costs, lol. I suppose life and everything combined just finally broke me down too much and I don't have it in me to watch PTV slowly and helplessly sink into the abyss like that horse scene from The NeverEnding Story every day little by little. I'd rather end it on my terms than see it end up like it's creator--slowly wasting away and unable to do anything to stop it. I've sat here for 3 hours staring at this message fighting myself over whether to submit it or delete it. So this was not an easy call to make, but it is the only call I feel makes the most sense to make. I will make one promise though: IF something changes in the future--especially if Bohemia ends up fiiiiiiiinally surprising us all someday with an Arma 4 official announcement 🙏--then I'll try my best to try reviving things again. Here's hoping for an Arma 4 someday! 🤞🤞 *fingers crossed* 🤞🤞 In the meantime we do have one more little tweak/fix update in the works, which will be the last for now.
  5. Still didn't answer the question. You can jump around it and do circles and still not give an answer. I honestly could care less what you do in real life outside of Arma. I was asking if you know so much, what is keeping you from developing your own mod? And again I ask you--what is stopping you from doing your own soundmod? I don't see any Mickeymen soundmod. Anyone else here see one? Hmm? Anyone? No? Yeah.....kind of figured. So again--it's easy to be passive aggressive or just an absolute jerk towards mod creators while hiding behind a fools smile. He has never said his work is 1:1 real life exactly as the human ear hears and experiences in real life. It has always been his artistic representation in a way he likes and wanted to share with the community to experience. If you just want to constantly take a piss all over that--then simply do your own thing and let us judge it equally and give our feedback. Don't be a lazy chicken. Put your money where your mouth is, so to speak. Again, nothing wrong with giving the community more choices to experience, right? So do a Mickeymen soundmod. Stop making excuses or avoiding it, just shut up and do it and let's see how good and realistic it sounds. But of course you won't, because you're too lazy to do it. You're the type of community member that feels self entitled to have things their way regardless of what the mod's creator(s) want for themselves. "Hey I think your work is bad, do it my way and better.....I say as a fan of course." "Why not do it yourself if you know so much?" "HEY! This isn't about me! He just needs to fix it the way I tell him. I shouldn't have to put the time and work in!" See what I mean? That mentality is called being a self-entitled jerk towards people who give up their free time and passion for the community they like.....for free.
  6. Sorry, but that whole jerking over NIArms and offering "friendly advice" reads more like "how can I get away with being a passively aggressive @**hole?" It is ever so easy to squat over and take a sh*t on others work feeling self-entitled while doing absolutely nothing for the community of value themselves. If you think your viewpoint and perspective carries such value, why not stop being a lazy bum and present the community with an alternative sound modification? You seem to know a lot how things should correctly and accurately sound, so what is stopping you from actually putting into the work and doing it for the rest of us to enjoy, Mickeymen? Or are you yet another one of these want to talk the talk but never walk the walk types? There's plenty of documentation, and with the A3 Discord and this forum together--there is no lack of help or guidance in how to do it. If JSRS got that bad and cartoony and if you know so much on how things should sound in one particular way, they why would you selfishly deny your community from enjoying your vision of how Arma 3 should sound? There's plenty of room for healthy competition. So get off your selfish, lazy butt and deliver something of value beyond incessant whining and passive aggressiveness.
  7. NICE! Excellent job on that vessel, Chair! Really nice. 🙂
  8. PTV-Jobo

    Maritime Patrol (WIP)

    That vessel is undoubtedly a beaut' for sure. Very nice, DSabre! 🙂
  9. I can't believe I didn't notice this until now. I've been following this project with bated breath and excitement. I was really hoping this project didn't get scrapped, so you can imagine both my surprise and delight when I saw you mention a dev build. Just got done testing it with my group and while we've experienced 1 crash due to what we think was the memory leak reported, it was unanimously declared we would fly in nothing else but this beauty. I am aware some people in the community tend to wave their ego around trying to make this or yourself feel or a bunch of morons "hur dur" their way through feedback and bug reporting, which can really wear down any desire to continue modding. Especially with how old Arma 3 is getting too. But, I just wanted to chime in and show my appreciation for such a great effort put forth into this project and my hopes that it will continue over time as it 100% deserves to be. I mean even the Dev Build version feels smooth like butter and flies beautifully.....a freakin dev build. I can imagine how much more amazing it'll be over time. Please don't lose heart for this project and keep going. This has become easily hands down one of those rare gems that deserves the spotlight. 🙂
  10. PTV-Jobo

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Well, that's why I said it was merely a guess and nothing beyond it. Sometimes people do change names up a bit to also avoid using actual names and dealing with possible headache. Again, thus why I said specifically "But that's just my guess that is.".
  11. PTV-Jobo

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    My guess is because of the lack of wanting to get sued over using the trademarked name without paying them an arm and a leg for the rights to do so. So often times in Arma, real life "brands" get funny names and such to avoid any unwanted issues or headaches. But that's just my guess that is.
  12. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    PTV UPDATE V1.4 - RELEASE! Changelog: Added: • Helmet variants with Goggles • Helmet Variants with Goggles cover • More Aimpoint w/ 3x Magnifier versions • PPEffects implementation to optics (i.e. outside blurring, etc) • IR Laser/Flashlight combo model Fixes/Tweaks: • various small tweaks and fixes BONUS Addition: • first implementation of various retextured vanilla ground vehicles to give the community at least something to use to transport forces around in missions as temporary placeholders for the planned counterparts: Hunter - (placeholder for Mowag Eagle V's) AFV-4 Gorgon - (placeholder for Boxer AFV) FV-720 Mora - (placeholder for CV90) MBT-52 Kuma - (placeholder for Leopard) • Vehicle's included come in Woodland, Winter Woodland and Desert pallets that you can choose in the vehicle garage when placing in the 3Den editor or Zeus. NOTE CONCERNING VEHICLE RETEXTURES: SPECIAL THANK YOU: The PTV Team would like to take a moment to give a very big thank you to Avery of the Aegis Mod for sharing with us some templates to make retexturing placeholders a lot less of a horrible nightmare to do. Super big thanks, Avery!
  13. PTV-Jobo

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just wanted to say congrats on the update. It's probably one of my favorites thus far. Lots of nice updates and additions. And I have to admit, I'm in love with that mine plow, lol. It's something I always thought would be awesome to see in Arma 3 in general, but never thought I'd see. And now the wizards of RHS have used their dark arts to summon one from beyond and now I can enjoy it in game! The day of the update I spawned one on the server I play on and about 5 of us stood around it and the moment it moved and folded, we managed to all say "oooOOOOOoooooh" in unison like a pack of cavemen witnessing fire for the first time. 😄 A bigggg thanks to the RHS team and all of their hard work and effort you all continue to put in. 🙂