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  1. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    On behalf of the PTV Development Team, I would like to wish the Arma Community and our supporters a very special Happy Holidays and a great New Year!
  2. PTV-Jobo

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Sorry to hear you guys are going through this crap again. But glad to see it hasn't pushed you guys away from the rest of the community. I know things like this can often leave a very sour taste in the mouth, especially when it seems like it never ends with these clowns. Keep up the great work. Everything you post shows a lot of top notch quality with top notch love for the project. Makes me kinda jealous, lol. *wink* 😄
  3. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    Thanks for the feedback! We'll certainly will have to take a look into getting the CBA compat going for the aforementioned rifles for sure. 🙂
  4. PTV-Jobo

    Project True Viking

    PTV Workshop Update LIVE! Added: - New 890 M2 variants with new handguard model - New LLM01 Flashlight weapon accessory - Uniforms with placeholder glove models - Custom Squad Group added to Editor. (will expand as our content grows, obviously) - CBA PIP optics variants added Tweaks/Fixes: - MG3 belt visual bug fixed - New (experimental) 1st person firing sounds for 890's, Negev/Minimi, MG3's. (original sounds located and signed in the Optionals Folder) - Rate of Fire fixes/tweaks implemented across weaponry - Mag Proxy changes Closing Note: I would like to take the time to thank our supporters for hanging in there. We've had some unfortunate happenings over the recent months that caused complications. We would have liked to have sent this out a lot sooner, but you know how things always end up turning out--you plan ahead and life ends up messing up your plans. But either way, here it finally is! Additionally (as usual), I would like to still let the community know we are still in deep need for additional help--whether part time or full time--any help is welcomed help. Namely: We would like to get the infantry kit further along and more complete. We are also needing help implementing the grippod system (RHS) for our weapons. We have the models and accessories ready, just need help with the script/config it to get it to work. And we are also looking for a new vehicles-oriented modeler(s) that can help us get some proper transportation going over the coming years of development. I understand with the whole CDLC thing going on, this is probably something that will not be happening for a long time as people are tied up right now with their projects. Even so, I just wanted to let the community know our needs. Again, should talent out there get our little development "S.O.S.", I do want to state again that it can be either full time help or even part time. We would appreciate any help, period, so we can continue to provide content to our community and see PTV and the Askelandic Forces grow into a much more playable state in the coming years ahead.
  5. I've said it time and time again--sound, just like with most things in life--are totally subjective. Whether sounds, color styles, clothing styles, etc. There's also the issue of what kind of setup the people are using. Are they using headsets? If so-what brand, with or without a 3rd party sound card? Using a DAC? Is it a gimmicky "gamers headset" or a proper pair of cans with a 3rd party mic? Are they using speakers instead? If so, even speakers have questions behind them. I've even noticed sounds--whether JSRS or Vanilla sound one way on my system with my Creative sound card and Beyerdynamic headset and then when I am watching Arma videos on my TV with its speakers the sounds are completely and utterly different. There's times where I've heard sounds I didn't like personally due to tastes on my PC sound completely better and awesome on my TV, lol. But then again, this guy has "war" in his name--he's probably jumped out of a helicopter with a knife between his teeth and slaughtered a whole company with his bear hands (literal bears for hands, that's how tacticool he is). So what do I know.
  6. PTV-Jobo

    Slatts RBS-70 Pack

    Awesomesauce, mate! 😄
  7. That hit me right in the heart. I understand 100% what you are going through. I've only been doing PTV (previously called ASTFOR) for probably a little less longer, but definitely understand all the frustrations you are going through. Looking back at all the past crappy decisions and stuff that kick you right in the balls every time you look back at them and think "what the hell was I thinking?!", all the times you think you've planned everything perfectly only for either the plan to go horribly wrong or people you depended on leaving, etc. The feeling sucks. Even more when things start looking so bad you find yourself wondering if it is best to just give up on your dreams and move on. God only knows how many times I've been there. Hell, I still am. But that fighting spirit you have is something to be cherished and commended. Keep holding tight to that never surrender fighting spirit. I'm positive you'll see the end of that tunnel! You have the skills obviously people like me would kill to have, lol, and that fighting spirit. You already have a good recipe for success and I have every bit of faith you and your team will reach your goals. Hang in there and keep up the excellent work! 🙂
  8. PTV-Jobo

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Hi nkenny, I just wanted to comment and say how impressed and excited I am for the work you have accomplished already for the community to enjoy. I also had a quick question to ask: Do you personally have any suggestions for the ai/difficulty values that you would personally suggest that you find compliments your mods to get the optimal result? I was considering getting another Arma server in the near future and want to have this running, so I was thinking about the values and decided to ask if you had any suggested values that you found personally worked the best with your LAMBS mods? -J
  9. PTV-Jobo

    Brush Clearing

    Brilliant! This is definitely going into my favorites as a "must-have"!
  10. PTV-Jobo

    The ACU Project

    Really nice! Congrats on the release! 🙂
  11. PTV-Jobo

    Arma3 Ragdolls...your thoughts?

    Yeah, the other day I "accidentally" hit someone full speed and suddenly me and my jeep went into full orbit like that iconic scene from E.T., lol. Apparently everything in the Armaverse is covered in a thick layer of flubber, lol
  12. PTV-Jobo

    RPGTard - Liberal use of RPGs

    I guess the Taliban and ISIS never got that memo. 😉