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  1. read this. there are ready to use examples https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/addAction
  2. you must be new to arma modding but yea. also spaceobjects have forced randomised rotation. it's really sad. imagine what cool things you could do, if you could actually have the space objects upright or even better control the up vector. but yea. arma being arma with its quirks. someone made it random when making this on accident and never changed it. or it's some weird design decision that makes no sense. i don't know...
  3. at the end of your setParticlePrams array you don't have all optional parameters. some of those are surface related. i'm not sure this is a 100% solution but certainly worth a try. go here to find out about them https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ParticleArray onsurface is the one. afaik it snaps particles to water surface. so depending how far above sea level you are they snap them to the ground instead. the other one is do make them bounce off surfaces to get for example a piece of stone that acts like a physcal object a little bit.
  4. if there exists a version of the same house without the furniture, you could replace the whole building. but i'm guessing it's a proxy on an arma 2 map, right?
  5. XListBox items not centered?

    @Leopard20 what is a ListXBox? does it have columns?
  6. CtrlSetPosition (x,y)

    @RyanBolder that's what the comment ontop of th script is about. basically when you do UI stuff using ctrlCreate you need to make sure you clean up after yourself properly because when you use the restart mission functionality arma does not clean up by itself. so without that isNil check and saving the control (line in this case) in the uiNamespace before hand you will get a new line everytime you restart (restart using the restart button in the ESC/Pause menu). they will start stacking up and only the latest one would react to your code. if it's not clear still, jsut remove the parts and see what happens.
  7. Make Dog Follow Player HELP

    @gingerlikeme yea. posting the solution is not only editing forums etiquette for its own sake but also solves a purpose which is to create some type of encyclopedia of problems and their solutions here. this is the main advantage over something like discord where things are very momentary and come up over and over while here you can search through a rich history of discussions and often find the solution to your problem in no time without the need of discussion. sometimes a thread from arma 2 days might even solve your problem. it's a beautiful thing that we should keep going.
  8. Ambient Light Source

    i will post a version that is more modular and allows handling of more effects later. kind of distracted by my own stuff right now. you'll have to figure out which values to lerp yourself though.
  9. Ambient Light Source

    so what it does is simply take the default color settings and the target ones and then it smoothly transitions each value of those settings based on the condition. for the filgrain it only manipulates a single value the same way since you can show and hide the whole effect with that single value. so depending on how it works for each of the effects you posted one would have to adapt the whole thing. i can modify it a little later to make it more proper for more than those two effects i used in the example. so maybe see if you can make it work with you own color correction effect for now. i named the variables pretty descriptive i think. don't worry too much about the top part of the function though. that handles the switch of being in hte zone and out of it itself. no need to explain that in detail unless you want me to. the variable _per is the percentage you want to apply to all effects. ranging from 0 to 1. that is the main value that controls all teh lerping and stuff.
  10. Ambient Light Source

    i know it's a bit messy to look at maybe but have you tried understanding it? and if so, what did you not understand? it would be great, if you'd ask specific questions and try to understand all this or the most important part of it in the process so you and other people who might read this later can learn something from it. it creates the ideal situation of you expanding your skills and maybe being able to help others later so we get a nice chain reaction going here. i'd prefer that instead of making custom code for you for free. not trying to be rude. i will literally walk you through this step by step, if there is some willingness to be noticed. maybe we can make it leaner and more effective in the process too.
  11. Tactical Satellite Feed

    this looks very cool. i was wondering what you were working on. this makes me very happy to see my work used like this. the pathing stuff over different types of objects is very impressive. keep it up! i'll try this out tomorrow and give some feedback.
  12. considering that even the ambient rabbits and snakes are local, there might be a chance the effects of the command are local tbh. i'd like to know this for sure too though. since i already use this exactly like the OP tries to inside a large building with a trigger but i never cosnidered it could be global effect.
  13. Spawning magazine on dead unit

    i've never seen this before. does this have any benfits over "select 0" other than way less typing and looking waaaaay cooler? i'm just genuinely curious.
  14. wait...so what's the idea here? ghost planes? or do you just want that specific plane without extra addons. just curious
  15. the aircraft is created in line 78 stored in the _aircraft variable. so you should be able to do whatever with it starting at line 79.