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  1. Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    sorry if this has been mentioned or asked before, but is the height map updated with more detail in those super smooth, flat, open fields or is this mostly new object placement? either way. looks great!
  2. Raptors, Zombies and more!

    yes it is. the dogs are ready but i'm still working on the code. the frequency in which i work on arma stuff is just way lower these days due to work and distraction by other games and hobbies. speaking of bears by the way. if someone has a bear model with animations, i'd love to add some bears that you can make roam the forests. funny you post in here now though since i recently started working on this again. i needed to restructure it again though because after a longer break it was impossible to read lol. i should add more comments to my code...i know i know...but it was also due to how it was written. it's way more structured and cut up into little pieces now. so if i need to take a break again it won't take me ages to work with it again. i might finally get to finishing it over the holidays though. the main thing is making it MP ready because people will always end up wanting to use this in a dayZ like scenario. it's just what people want for some reason. so i can't just use the old simple methods (using just radius) i used before. they were flawed in many ways anyways and especially for large scale scenarios and varying player counts. the main thing i need now, before i proceed from this addon free mission code i have now to several creatures and a module and a release, is lots of MP tests. i have a very managable and stable state but i need to tweak frequency of things to send over the net. if you can help test frequently in the evenings feel free to add me on steam. but don't get your hopes up about getting your hands on raptor/dog files early. all i'm testing is scripted zombies before i add those, as i said. and i need people that can hop in and out of games a lot so i can tweak stuff in real time. there will be fun too once things work but i need real testing too. anyways. don't hold your breath. just wait for a pleasant surprise at some point...maybe. soon™
  3. [WIP] No Cure

    yea the picture might fool me a little. but it's just the way the girth widens to the bottom too much. but again. just nitpicking, and i sure am no botanist. just caught my eye. keep it up. looks great.
  4. agreed on overall lack of dust and stuff. but otherwise looks splendid and can be added easily later as you said. random idea: make versions of those faces with some face paint on them. you probably thought of that already but it just popped into my head when looking at these. keep it up! this looks promising!
  5. [WIP] No Cure

    man, nice to see people making their own trees. that's rare. they look good too. one nitpick/suggestion. i feel there's some kind of proportion issue. like the trunk seems too thick for how large the branches are. like the base of the trunk could be thinner imho. like more uniform less spreading out towards the bottom. looks perfect on that middle pic though. so i'm confused. either way. great work!
  6. Enhanced Movement

    @wynarator: being able to climb where you shouldn't has been discussed to death already from day one of this mod. if BIS forget to add collision geometry to certain parts of their models, there's nothing i can do. i'm not gonna go out of my way and break my detection code just because some models suck. ACE sitting has also been discussed over and over very few pages back even. it's interesting that you mention yourself that it's a known issue but insist to push for a fix. where's my pay check at, "boss"? last time i checked it's common sense that there's little to no sense in bringing up a KNOWN issue. just some food for thought. i'll repeat myself anyways. i'll look into it and will see, if i can add something that i'm happy with in the next update (no ETA). you have to remember that being able to walk on any object (added in the last version) requires checks every single frame. so far i'm not really intrigued by the idea of adding checks for certain animations in there just to allow some, in my very personal view, very unimportant role playing activity like sitting in a chair. i'll see if eventhandlers will work well without a thousand other checks for edge cases. all a matter of investment and pay off for me. in general, if your question doesn't get answered it probably means i forgot because i'm not a paid customer support worker and just casually look inside this thread from time to time when the notifications get spammed because there's activity. or it is a known issue and discussed already. so don't take it personally.
  7. Enhanced Movement

    @anfo it does what the old code did but on the unit instead of the machine. not sure what the first 2 do tbh. they are bools too though. need to look it up. most likely you can disable jumping, low vaulting and high vaulting seperately. been a while since i implemented that though. when in doubt just experiment with it. should be straight forward.
  8. Enhanced Movement

    @anfo: that is now handled in the unit namespace i think. i'll look it up tonight and edit this post. if i forget, poke me via PM. this should do it: waituntil {!IsNull player && {!isNil {player getVariable "babe_em_vars"}}}; _babe_em_vars = player getvariable "babe_em_vars"; _babe_em_vars set [2, false]; player setVariable ["babe_em_vars", _babe_em_vars];
  9. Enhanced Movement

    then i guess it's infistar or whatever is used alongside Exile, since the only reports i got about this are ALL Exile related. i don't follow every single dayZ clone that exists these days so it might be just the antihack, which i assume infistar is. i don't know man. don't expect me to know what some other people's code breaks with mine. that's a bit unrealistic, don't you think? especially if it's isolated cases and the mod works with everything else. if others don't have that problem maybe ask them what they do different? my guess is that something blocks the helper object being created. class name: "babe_helper" variable name: babe_em_help
  10. Enhanced Movement

    @pvt. partz: hm. i could swear i made that but it seems it's one of those that always slips through each update. i'll try to remember it next time. @BB_Frost: that was a feature but caused some issues and wasn't really liked by most people so i removed it. yerp. there's your problem. only happens with Exile.
  11. Enhanced Movement

    cool. i'll implement it in the next update with credits. thank you! EDIT: actually i think i'll try to come upwith a more flexible fix. based on animation or something. we'll see. thx though
  12. Raptors, Zombies and more!

    this will still be updated at some point. i'm just being distracted by real life stuff and some other smaller projects. i thought about adding EH hooks into the module UI but your solution seems easy enough. so thx for leaving it here for others.
  13. Compile array from cfgGroups

    read the description of the commands on the wiki carefully. getArray is there for you to get arrays from inside config classes not configclasses themselves. stuff that looks like this for example inside a config.cpp class someclass { words[] = {"bla", "blee", "bloo"}; //this is the stuff you pull with getArray }; ///then inside the script _words = getArray (configFile >> "someclass" >> "words"); ///will return this ["bla", "blee", "bloo"] to pull configclasses use what i gave you in the first example (command called configClasses). seems like you missed that or something. SIDE >> FACTION >> INFANTRY >> GROUP >> (NAME & CONFIG PATH) this makes no sense to me so far. the (NAME & CONFIG PATH) part. but going by what you have in your first post in terms of formatting you could do this. _grps = []; { _name = getText (_x >> "name"); _grps pushback [_name, _x]; } foreach ("true" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgGroups")); that'll get you an array (_grps) of arrays that will contain the name of the group and the config path (actual, not turned into string just for clarity). the other info you can pull the same way using getArray, getText and getNumber.
  14. Compile array from cfgGroups

    yea i realise that you don't want to use php. still hard to understand what you mean. like "ACCESS names and configs FROM array INTO code"...hmmm. i'm probably just being stupid so i'll just try anyways. not quite sure about cfgGroups set up but this is how you generally can get configclasses. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/configClasses _allgrps = "true" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgGroups"); then you can get more data with these https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getNumber https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getArray https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/getText i hope that helps a little.
  15. Compile array from cfgGroups

    i'd love to help but no idea about php. you got a more generic description of what you need?