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  1. Sexy stuff! Opteryx is da man... can't wait.
  2. icebreakr

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Fapovo Island

    Fapovo 1.8 is out. Enjoy 😉 video showcases new features of this version. Flags of all factions are here: ibr\fapovo_c\flags\fapovo.paa (United Fapovo) ibr\fapovo_c\flags\north_fapovo.paa (RACS) ibr\fapovo_c\flags\south_fapovo.paa (Republic of Fapovo) ibr\fapovo_c\flags\slovenia.paa (Peacekeeping Force for SIAF addon: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1326542965)
  3. icebreakr

    Questions: SOG Prairie Fire

    I can confirm that. Regarding the path finding, well... I am not at liberty to discuss that (yet) you'll have to wait out a bit more 😉 p.s. we are all experienced community members and players, so we know what players look for and we spent numerous hours testing and improving some of the stuff.
  4. A: RHS, CUP, ACE, SIAF, my friends Temmpa's Anizay.
  5. A: Fapovo 1.75, CUP Terrains - Core.
  6. Love your work.

  7. Is this the most recent fork of this project? https://github.com/Zealot111/OCAP I find this tool really nifty but I'm not sure if its still 32-bit only? Besides, some of maps are missing (like Fapovo), they need to be put in manually to show up?
  8. icebreakr

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Pilania

    Sadly no. I've though about it to use Twitch, but that is just extra work for me so I avoid it. I use several apps in the process and switching andcan be a bit confusing 😉 also I work on several monitors, so I am not sure how that would even function. If there are any guys that have some cool objects *done* and would contribute to this desert project, hit me up in DM 😉
  9. icebreakr

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Pilania

    Oil fields done so BAF and US forces can protect them in upcoming missions 😉 onwards to terrain details and town placement with buddies 😉
  10. icebreakr

    AI vehicles not following waypoints

    Good. Isla Duala should get an visual update and some roads fixed could be done too.
  11. A: CUP Terrains Core, Fapovo 1.75, ACE, RHS, FAP Units.
  12. icebreakr

    [CO16/TVT16vs9] Op. Teiken: Mike Papa

    I have several more missions from the Teiken series on Fapovo, so if anyone is interested I can upload those, too.