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  1. IceBreakr's MP Operations 2018

    AAR of Op. Radical Response is available here with pictures: http://www.facebook.com/pg/islandlingor/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1876838289031576
  2. PBO is "open for business" ;) There are several changes yes and a lot of new objects.
  3. Hey guys. I've had to update Isla Duala to 3.9..1: - replaced the Generic African Buildings pbo with new V3 sign key (A2 ones are not working since Arma3 1.86.xxx patch) Cheers.
  4. Thank you, fixed in 3.9.5! Doing final checks.
  5. What is needed for your team to re-index the latest Lingor 3.9.5?
  6. IceBreakr's MP Operations 2018

    Squadnight with Slovenian Black Panthers team (SBP) and me this Sunday at 9pm CET/8pm UK - Op. Radical Response. Have addons here: http://www.vojak.si/rabim/ #coop #newstuff TS: ts.vojak.si - pass Pilatus
  7. I'm releasing 3.9.5 in few hours. So far: - fixed: grass and rest of clutter not showing up - fixed: 28 objects removed that were causing diagnostic errors and possible CTDs/slowdowns - removed large boulder from the street of Calixo - improved vegetation in several areas - removed vegetation overgrowing several roads (f.e. Benio-Regina Tributa) - substantial upgrade of New Benio, town allegedly got developed with drug money from Benio Cartel
  8. Hey peeps! Lingor 3.9.3 is out. Wanna see SBP Team & me rocking the new Lingor 3.9.3? ;) stream available by @A3_Melle here: https://t.co/graZRjYCty #weArePlayingRightNow Wanna join? Hurry! Addons: http://www.vojak.si/rabim/ (Islands are not needed!) TS: ts.vojak.si - pass Pilatus
  9. It seems signature files are new in the BI Tools - Development Branch. They are V3, and it seems stable dedicated servers don't support that yet? I'll try to convert to old legacy V2 until the Wednesday release of new official patch.
  10. We've had huge problems on our dedicated with bisigns files. Even if they are verified they are not accepted on dedicated. Anyone else managed to run the isle on dedicated server?
  11. Well, its up on Steam Workshop already :D Changelog ========= 3.9.1 - improved satellite map details - improved vegetation (old dark trees/bushes replaced with Apex counterparts) - improved grass and jungle clutter - fixed: vegetation removed from the road section up on North - fixed: river area up on NW - fixed: easier entrance to the underground bunker - added: couple of new detailed areas - fixed: grass removed from water in some parts of the map - added: excavation site - added: helipads near research labs - added: some river settlements have new docks
  12. Will check for 3.9.1 - coming asap!
  13. Please share you mission as a link download so we can use it on our dedicated server. Tnx!
  14. Thank you! I got help with FAP Units from several talented modmakers, but I miss so much stuff from A2: Panhards, Squirrel, Gazelle, etc. I've done a small share of conversions (unreleased) but I need help with physics lods etc... well, basically A2>A3 stuff :/ I don't have time to figure it all out on my own, too many projects going on right now.
  15. So... after April 2017... we have.... a new... Lingor: Apex Predator Edition ;) 3.9 brings you the following: - finally: all new Apex vegetation! (DLC is not required) - massive improvement of lighting and satellite image of the map - new huge sectors to explore with lot of details - new town Mirasol on NW with a new unpaved runway - burned down villages: Jodido and unnamed one - added scrapyard - large sector is now GAL training facility with two mock villages - 3 new research bases for sci-fi scenarios (Deidre, Scarlett, *censored*) - one research base is abandoned and long forgotten - added bio storage facility Marika - added couple of invisible roads (for AI pathing) - added iron gates by poolpunk (thank you!) - added bunker objects by Sahbazz (thank you!) - fixed incorrect runway numbers at FOB Eddie (greetz to the legend: wld427!) - various smaller fixes, too many to mention here Where? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=718649903 Enjoy ;)