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  1. Would someone help me add Tayzoon faction to the FAP Units pack (Official islands units)? Half-naked painted natives, few masks & "wigs"...
  2. icebreakr

    [ALiVE, COOP 6] The Deadly Shadows

    Is it hard to replace the Massi's units with default ones for Duala from FAP Units mod?
  3. icebreakr

    Animate PAA

    Now make a nyan cat skin ;)
  4. icebreakr

    Pinaz's Retexture Project

    Great work!
  5. Time to call Santa, Ded Moroz & Grinch teams ;)
  6. icebreakr

    IceBreakr's MP Operations 2018

    This Sunday 9pm CET 8pm UK me & my SBP Team are hosting: [Multiplayer event] SBP Xmas Special: Santa vs Grinch New island, funny mission pack! Addons required are available here in Steam Workshop: www.vojak.si/rabim (islands not required to install!!!) Wanna sign up for this special mission? Send me PM with nicknames or post here.
  7. icebreakr

    IceBreakr's MP Operations 2018

    Squadnight SBP tonight at 2100CET 8pm UK: https://www.facebook.com/events/306824439957023/?ti=cl Addons required: www.vojak.si/rabim/ Ts: ts.vojak.si | pass: Pilatus
  8. icebreakr

    IceBreakr's MP Operations 2018

    AAR of Op. Radical Response is available here with pictures: http://www.facebook.com/pg/islandlingor/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1876838289031576
  9. PBO is "open for business" ;) There are several changes yes and a lot of new objects.
  10. Hey guys. I've had to update Isla Duala to 3.9..1: - replaced the Generic African Buildings pbo with new V3 sign key (A2 ones are not working since Arma3 1.86.xxx patch) Cheers.
  11. Thank you, fixed in 3.9.5! Doing final checks.
  12. What is needed for your team to re-index the latest Lingor 3.9.5?
  13. icebreakr

    IceBreakr's MP Operations 2018

    Squadnight with Slovenian Black Panthers team (SBP) and me this Sunday at 9pm CET/8pm UK - Op. Radical Response. Have addons here: http://www.vojak.si/rabim/ #coop #newstuff TS: ts.vojak.si - pass Pilatus
  14. I'm releasing 3.9.5 in few hours. So far: - fixed: grass and rest of clutter not showing up - fixed: 28 objects removed that were causing diagnostic errors and possible CTDs/slowdowns - removed large boulder from the street of Calixo - improved vegetation in several areas - removed vegetation overgrowing several roads (f.e. Benio-Regina Tributa) - substantial upgrade of New Benio, town allegedly got developed with drug money from Benio Cartel