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  1. Sorry, didn't see this topic in a long time 🙂 well, all of these maps are nearly done and on my drive, unreleased. Well, some of them are with my buddies as test versions. For example we did several events on "new jade groove" that looks completely different and is now called something else 😉 Balkania is done, but I didn't release it as I didn't get any support by the community and I'm otherwise busy with a project TBA. I will try to get around this Q3-Q4 to release some new stuff, ok?
  2. icebreakr

    How to code footpaths in RoadsLib?

    Does this work? It doesnt seem to!
  3. Cool mod. Umm one question: wouldn't be hard to read the map for us with all the markers flooding it during the mission?
  4. Truly sorry guys I am (hmm Sound like Yoda I do) , but I've been fully busy with other projects that take priority. I'll fix this tonight when I get back home: 3.9.6 - fixed: Lingor Apex Mirasol tower object removed (no permission to use that object retextured, wtf?) - code fix by Sparfell that removed a conflicting issue between Lingor and Livonia reported by thePier on CUP discord (tnx mates!) - obfuscation of files removed
  5. I made a mission several months ago for my team named CrookZ. A serial killer Patrick arrived to Fapovo Island and his goal is to murder 10 prostitutes working there (pink spots on map). Cops (rest of players) need to patrol streets, stakeout the locations and set up road blocks. More and more equipment is unlocked for them (inc. helicopters) as Patrick kills more of girls. Test tonight 9pm CET 8pm UK. Addons required: http://www.vojak.si/rabim/ (Subscribe to all) and then contact me for server and teamspeak info. One team would bw perfect. So far we have 5-8 testers.
  6. What does this faction represent? Is there a map for it?
  7. icebreakr

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    Dude, how much for our APC? 😉 http://www.slovenskavojska.si/oborozitev-in-oprema/oklepne-enote/skov-patria-amv-xc-400-svarun/
  8. icebreakr

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Feralia Ademox

    No plans for public release yet. Team build it for a close knit community.
  9. icebreakr

    Aliens Mod

    Add flashlights to helmets.
  10. Guys in my team are prepping this (in less than 3 days haha), but we are still not sure if we will release to wider audience than our tight knit community. 67km2, tribute to Mad Max movies and Interstate videogame.
  11. icebreakr

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Fapovo Island

    Happy with 1.6?
  12. icebreakr

    An-28 Light Transport

    Congrats on the release, what a lovely plane!