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  1. [IceBreakr/IBIS] Lingor for A3

    GOM problem is that smaller runways don't have room for taxi ways :/
  2. With help of Jakes, I'll probably add one more version of the map (Present Day) with several settlements.
  3. Uploading to Steam as I type this. I spent another full day on bugfixing some really annoying stuff... so, here it is: Changelog 1.1 - improved satellite image (more realistic look) - fixed huts that even have openable doors now (tnx to buddy Sahbazz!) - almost 1.9 million objects placed - added 4th waterhole - removed some traffic-blocking vegetation - dirt paths / aka roads are visible now (for easier navigation) - removed rather large boulder from the runway - added more paths for AI to travel - removed annoying white pixels on road intersections - description text changed Enjoy ;)
  4. Finally, hut issue has been fixed (improper skeleton in model.cfg caused map placed objects to have no option to open/close doors, but editor placed ones worked) so v1.1 is coming in few hours!
  5. 1.1 is around the corner with the following changes: - improved satellite image (darker lighting, more realistic) - added 4th waterhole - dirt paths / aka roads are visible now (for easier navigation) - description text changed What still remains is a LOD dissapearing / flickering of huts... dunno what is the cause of that. Any ideas guys?
  6. There are watering holes... 3 of them to be exact. But you need a good tracker to find them haha ;) Also there are around 11 huts and even more small shacks. But yeah, in 1974 there weren't many there and nomadic life didn't call for the permanent housing.
  7. We're playing tonight at 2100 CET (8PM UK). Addons (Steam Workshop): http://vojak.si/rabim/ Meeting point Teamspeak3: ts.vojak.si - pass: Pilatus Welcome!
  8. RIP Toni Figueira, a.k.a. Obmar.
  9. IceBreakr presents: Southeast Angola 1974 Latest version: v1.1 (Aug 15, 2018) Terrain: 10240x10240 meters / HD Island has been created in honor of Recce 1 Commando Lt. Freddie Zeelie that died in combat operation in 1974. Island is set to year 1974 when South Africa's 1 Recce Commando Unit operated from FOBs in the North Namibia. The South African "Recces" were deployed to many local hot spots during the late 1970s and early 1980s, particularly Angola. Namibia-Angola border had no fence at that time, only visible cutout grass (line) about 1/4 down from the North tip of the map. There is only one FOB in central South region with an operational airstrip. Back in 1974 most of the land has been without any roads and permanent settlements, so we try to simulate that harsh environment in this map. But I've added some roads for AI to somehow cope with the harsh terrain. Map is dedicated to heroes of the war and used by South African SF soldiers that also enjoy Arma 3. And hopefully rest of you, too ;) Screenshots: Media: 1. Article in Spanish: https://arma3milsim.wordpress.com/2018/07/21/nuevo-mapa-southeast-angola-1974/ Download: STEAM https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1446500688
  10. Dust really makes the game special on sandy terrains.
  11. There must be a way BIS remedies this situation? It is impossible for me to keep the database of all islands released and add those to the configs :/
  12. I've got several tips and pieces of code, but its like totally undocumented on the BIS side on how to enable dust effects on ALL custom maps :(
  13. Terrain : G.O.S N'Djenahoud

    Excellent work Makhno!
  14. He's still much alive & kicking ;)
  15. Community Factions Project

    I have Rowalla ready ;) will publish an event soon to test it out with 30+ guys.