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  1. icebreakr

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Fapovo Island

    Both. Badanov: will look into it. Update coming later this week (if I have time).
  2. Slovenian Black Panthers Team investigating dam explosion that flooded the village (Operation Shadowhunter II). A: SIAF Mod, Cup Terrains Core, Max_Women, Direone's Poses, Fapovo Island
  3. Current version: 1.0beta So, remember small isle of Fapovo from end of Arma 2 era? Never mind if you don't, it was a simple couple day project but some of guys loved it and did a roleplay of the original Red Dawn movie on it. I've invested couple of hours into it and present to you an Arm3 expanded version 😉 enjoy! New Arma 3 Community Manager Nillers (https://twitter.com/Nillers_) joined us yesterday in SBP Team MP COOP operation where we tested the island for the first time. It is also available as 1.0beta public release on Steam. Give it a go and let me know how you like it. Thanks! It is a 100 square kilometres map loosely based on Red Dawn classic 80s movie, but we have used various real and also totally made up locations 😉 be sure to inspect impressive Dongo the Dog statue situated on the South part of the island. Map features satellite of 20480x20480 px. Open Issues: - couple of objects still missing, mostly rock formations - runway markers are wrong - two airport ILS still need to be set - border crossing uses wrong texture for the shed Created by: [SBP]IceBreakr Bugtesting and Feedback: [SBP]Sahbazz Testers & bugreports: SBP Team (Slovenian Black Panthers), [SBP]Sahbazz Special thanks: Mikero for his amazing tools, Bohemia Interactive for making great mil-sim games since 2001! Download: Steam Workshop - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1910457930
  4. The Pursuit A: Fapovo 1.0a, Ivory Cars / water photoshopped since game has lousy splashes.
  5. I've had islands on backup drive, will put them back to P: to issue this fix along with some others. Asap.
  6. Bug has been located and will be fixed asap. Big thanks to Sparfell.
  7. A: Lingor Island 3.9.5, RHS, ACE, CUP, CBA.
  8. That is more of the question for ALIVE mod makers. We have disabled Alive on our dedicated as the AntiStasi mission is not working with it.
  9. Mods: None, just Dev-Branch of a A3 Dev Supporter Edition 😉
  10. icebreakr

    MBG Aliens Ground Forces

    We have them for years?! 🙂 Zetaborns in my FAP Units mod.
  11. icebreakr

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Chongo, Angola

    Thanks for the bug reports, didn't have time to test it out extensively, so that comes very much welcome. Busy with other projects... will fix asap.
  12. Southeast Angola 1974 finally updated to 1.30 in the "Angola Maps 1.3" pack. Download available via Steam Workshop (Subscribe): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1446500688