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  1. I am working on an anti-poaching mission and it will be played on a new area roughly designed on real data of Pilanesberg, South Africa. Of course I am not doing vast touristic complexes and towns nearby, nor the mining operations. But it will be a nice area for vehicle/chopper operations. It features two airports (SE & NW) and I will try to make it more lush than desert like (since Tonal Reborn & one more desert maps are in work). Status: heavy WIP
  2. I've been working on a SBP (Slovenian Black Panthers) special purpose training map loosely based on different regions in the world incorporating some of training sites. Size: 64km2 More info following closer to release.
  3. I've been working on a special terrain based on Dolomiti region of Italy. We are currently alpha testing with internal team how the map performs with its 30K map and millions of vegetation objects. Size: 151km2
  4. icebreakr

    Civilian Death Notification

    Is there a way to set a variable with counter of how many civs have been eliminated? For example when 5 civs are down, 5 new rebels spawn at houses and go seek out the players? When counter reaches f.e. 10 an armored vehicle enters the sector with new rebel squad.
  5. icebreakr

    [FOX] Advanced Urban Zipline

    Has this been taken down from the workshop?
  6. Does CIV side use its own frequency or shares it with Indepedent (guer)?
  7. icebreakr

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Pilania

    LODs are required, the last one needs to be around 300-400 max 😉
  8. One of my fav WIP projects... can't wait.
  9. icebreakr

    [IceBreakr/IBIS] Pilania

    I am looking for help with this project and Feralia map. Requested: - I would need new rocks and rock formations, I can texture them. Basically models with LODs, GEO, FireGeo lod, shadow lod, path / roadway. Willing to buy if you point me to the source that I can import without major hassle. Thanks!
  10. icebreakr

    [Alpha] Tiger

    Bloody amazing good job! Waiting on AI-attack update 🙂
  11. Excellent stuff. Those murderholes are just ... PVP hell 😄
  12. Opteryx is da man. I am so tired of seeing same buildings over and over again, it is really getting to me... this is like a fresh wind in the community. Keep it up Opt, you rock! Love what you do.
  13. Sexy stuff! Opteryx is da man... can't wait.