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  1. if that is a problem, why don’t you be that someone with core focus and do that yourself then? because come on, doing modding for free in your spare time can’t take you months or years, can it.
  2. isn't the mod still under A2 only - https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/dayz-mod-license-share-alike ? seems the Dayz SA is under a new license type, but not the A2 mod - https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-and-dayz-public-license-share-alike-adpl-sa
  3. alright then, you have a PM
  4. very very nice work. how would you feel about having these in RHS AFRF? That obviously doesn't mean there wouldn't be an independent separate release of your own
  5. balance and mirrored across is not the same thing mind you. i wasn't even talking about the assets provided, but about the fact that if you were to translate a lot of data for projectile and surfaces into RHA values, you would end up with absurdly high values. seems that it was an oversights, then everything was adjusted upwards in relation to some already existing and flawed data.
  6. Ideally, the universal standard would be provided by the game that the mods are built upon. Unfortunately this is not the case, since all vanilla content is made up, a lot of values are balanced for the sake of being balanced and all the damage/armor/penetration values are bumped up for reasons yet unknown. That means real life existing (not made up) assets in and getting these configed based on real world data could get tricky, if not almost impossible. You end up with two options a. make all your custom content based on real life documented data (ballistics, penetration, damage, armor thickness etc) which the engine is perfectly capable simulating to some pretty decent degree or b. make up some arbitrary values in order to stay compatible to the vanilla that is all made with gamey, balance and arbitrary values in mind. Why do you feel the need to ask someone else is beyond me but whatever. There is no one against vanilla, it simply doesn't suit our purpose. Just like i said, in an ideal world, the game will be made based on real world data, that can be replicated/translated etc by even more data. not the case.
  7. PuFu

    max number of PVP players

    max number of concurrent players i have seen myself and played with on a stable server is around 115-118. so less than 60vs60. 2 factions, no AI, simple mission, straight PvP, no mods
  8. PuFu

    Mexican Armed Forces Mod

    having had a look over some of these meshes sketchup models that are available on their workshop, you are simply better of starting from scratch to be honest... also, you might wanna have a look over their license before you do anything with them. the fact that some friend of yours donated these when you could have simply downloaded these yourself is also a bit worrying...
  9. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    no http://feedback.rhsmods.org/view_all_bug_page.php
  10. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    the same way all other weapons in rhs are folded. check your rhs keybinds in rhs menu
  11. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    please use feedback.rhmods.org. Indeed there needs to be a balance between real life dimensions and game engine limitations.
  12. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    RHS doesn't create content for a specific type of gameplay. You can feel free to create a dependency addon that changes the configs for some vehicles as you see if for the pvp crowd. But that's precisely what we strive for - realism to the extend of this engine capabilities. It just seems our idea of realism doesn't click with your own... i didn't read that entire wall of text for obvious reasons but that is what was pointing towards RHS depicts whatever each individual that is part of RHS wanna work on, as long as it was/is used/fielded presently and/or in the past 30 years or so.