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  1. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I'm not saying that cannot happen but it is very unlikely all things considered (the mentality that modding is free and it doesn't cost a penny to produce / time excluded). but as we said, we are thankful to everyone able and willing to contribute no matter how little or generous that contribution is. if that ever happens we'll most likely use that overhead to acquire more scanned data (example - https://gumroad.com/digitalforms), or directly commission 3D scans for specific gear. I know, i was just pointing out some key differences between how we do things (and that is not going to change) and how other (groups of) people who have patreon pages do it. cheers. i think it makes more sense for everyone considering the further explanations about it. we have already got - i would donate for *insert content* - type of messages on various platforms, which sort of means that the purpose of patreon was, at least in part, misunderstood.
  2. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    As previously said, that is impossible to do. We have short term roadmaps due to the way modding works. There will be no changes there Nope. we are not selling a product or a service. We have just set a system in place for donations (which are 100% voluntary). Again, you are comparing apples with pies. RHS is not an early access thing, has been around for long enough to get an idea about what this mod is about. We have also been pretty transparent about our WIP stuff (these gets published on our social media) The entire purpose of the Patreon for RHS is NOT to fundraise the mod development or its direction or scope. We won't make a profit on this, we simply wanna cut down some of the fixed costs that have been paid from SA own pockets so far, in particular the servers supporting RHS internal pipeline, website, feedback tracker etc. This system also allows any of us in the development team to share the costs of our IT infrastructure (there are several developers including myself that have already pledged money via this system). The patreon revenue will NOT be split (as profit of sorts) between development members btw, since this has a very specific purpose. We can't blow it up simply because any amount of money pledged by the users of RHS from this very community will translate directly into relief in regards to the money that goes out from our own pockets to support our infrastructure, or acquire scanned data The description is pretty clear about it why there is such patreon for RHS to begin with. It is not about the content we provide, nor the roadmaps and plans we might have. Cheers, but RHS will continue to exists and grow no matter of the Patreon outcome. We will like to thank all our current patreon supporters
  3. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    not really. also, there is no armored variant in RHS. Avenger is also unlikely to happen anytime soon (very low priority).
  4. issue in general is in relation with topography of the terrain - having a pretty flat surface terrain where you push inwards the terrain mesh until you find the see level is possible (see PKL for instance). having a mountainous terrain where you have a stream of water going down from top to bottom is not possible. So you are sort of limited to what GM did, or what blud did. There is no way to fake it in the former situation otherwise. i 100% agree that one thing this engine does poorly is "wetness" in general. It all feels a bit dry.
  5. the issue lies with the fact that running waters is something that cannot actually be done in this engine, so it needs to be faked
  6. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    as said in our Dev builds announcement, that is 100% expected, as what you get on Tuesday is not really curated, you get whatever state the mod it is in, being auto-pushed from dev SVN to Steam
  7. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    he isn't, he went AWOL quite a few years ago. We have no current plans for T-64s
  8. PuFu

    Huey's of the Heer

    so are these hueys new models(doesn't look that way), or is it simply a retexture of existing content from mod X or Y? (looks like RHS ones, although i might be wrong)
  9. PuFu

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    might have been missed. could you maybe ask again that question?
  10. when it comes to modding - it's always "when it is done"
  11. And while, just like most mod developers have agreed already with the fact that it would be ideal to have tanks DLC, it comes with a few problems, especially if you compare it with A3 tanks that are all made up, and so it is their interiors a. references - there isn't a single thing that is harder to come by in terms of proper images than of tank interiors, especially the current generation models (even if you have 1st hand access to them, there are cases where you aren't allowed to get in them or take pictures). Even if you can get to take pictures yourself, it's gonna be a pain to do due to the really small interior space, and camera aperture, focus distances, framing etc. That is not the same for aircraft where you also have glass panels all around the cockpit b. modelling - it is very time consuming and convoluted, also in relation to point a. , especially considering the gameplay value of it which is minimal. For all intents and purposes, one can make a great tank interior with some pain, it's gonna take 4 times as much time as creating a new vehicle from scratch, all done with a suppressed gag reflex mind you. Is it worth it? Not sure, i for one would have to price it quite higher = the current content in the released CDLC with the 2 tank interiors would be 30EU instead of 20EU if i were to put a sell price on it. EDIT - there is also the point of quantity vs quality. Some are bothered that apparently there isn't enough content, some that there isn't enough quality. You can't actually have then both for the same amount of cash btw
  12. never? it's a 3rd party paid CDLC. i don't get why some of you think interiors in tanks are worth having to begin with
  13. PuFu

    Textures turn out pixelated

    you won't find help here for texturing ripped assets