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  1. igu@na

    Masked Civilians

    The "reality" exceeds the "virtual"
  2. Amazing release! thx TeTeT
  3. Great news @warlord554 can't wait for release!
  4. igu@na

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    I do not know, but I have a good feeling for this A3 exp / dlc. I can't wait to see him on Thursday 23🙂
  5. Thanks for you answer! ok I do 😉
  6. @DSabre It possible add a Ju-52 and your Hydro version.? thank you, your work it's awesome!
  7. igu@na

    EricJ Release thread

    Welcome back EricH, happy to see you again here!
  8. Congrats man, wow big challenge!
  9. Oh Yeah, ready to make The Doolittle Raid mission in Arma 3?
  10. igu@na

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    Very sexy vehicule, @martinezfg11 thanks for make this awesome next gen bird in arma 3!
  11. Happy Easter for you wardlord554 and all in this forum!
  12. igu@na

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    I'm excited from the heart
  13. Cup, your love for arma 3 is reflected in a constant work and updates. Many Thanks