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  1. Scar.Arg


    Love the mod, we use it in every server we have in our communty I have only one thing to ask, can you remove the "whitelist" of factions to load in zeus? i think thats the bug producing a lot of faction to not load in dedicated servers when using zeus. Also it could be some collision in that matter with seelenlos Zeus.
  2. Scar.Arg

    Advanced Rappelling

    Spanish Descender por Rapel Ordenar a IA descender por Rapel Desenganchar dispositivo de Rapel Todas las anclas de Rapel en uso. Intenta nuevamente Te has movido muy rapido! Has perdido agarre de la cuerda
  3. Hi wyattwic, nice jumping script! I have one quiestion, how could i disable fall damage of ACE3 in this script if i want to use it for higher jumps or even little fly =) ?? Hope you can answer. Thanks!
  4. Scar.Arg

    Lightsaber System

    Nice! Thanks for the work mcruppert!
  5. Same issue here.. i tried changing the addons order but still same problem popsup.
  6. Scar.Arg

    ACRE2 Stable Release

    Hi guys, love the new version. I have a question, Is there any way to make a custom backpack a radio? i mean, transform "mybackpack" = (into) ANPRC117F radio .. its that possible? Thanks!
  7. Scar.Arg

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Stop complaining people, im sure he spend a lot of time creating this so.. he can updates his mod as he want. Your only job its to update your missions or use other mods. Thanks for your work Leight.
  8. Hope fix soon. Thanks
  9. Scar.Arg

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    @LordJarhead Is there a way to disable the "Gun reverb and echo based on terrain" , aka L_ES incorporated in DragonFyre? i would like to reduce the FPS hit that this added effect has. Or if at least can be Optional? And to be clear, i dont have L_ES installed, DragonFyre has his own version, so thats why im asking to be Optional to increase a little the performance on low-mid end PCs. :o Thanks and im loving this new JSRS.
  10. @ Nkey Thanks man, the last plugin you posted to test it, worked perfect.. even in Iron Front for A3.
  11. @ Tierprot I will try but im not good uploading videos.. other tanks are fine.
  12. Hi Kju, in dedicated we are having some weird issues with the Panzer4 H , the SD.KFZ 251/1 and the Stug3.. The stug3 it looks like its floating when it is handled, ex. someone driving it on a road. About the panzer4 when someone fire the main cannon, the tanks float a little and the goes to normal position. The SD.KFZ 251/1 when someone drives it, it goes like bouncing from left to right.. Sorry for my bad english :P Thats it for now, thanks!
  13. Hi Nkey, thanks for the rapid updates.. but we still have an issue.. Its the same issue as recorded here-> It happens when some is in a vehicle, and happens to all the players connected.. no one can speak or hear nothing during that "muted" sounds.Hope you can fix that, again thanks for all.
  14. @.kju EDITED: Thanks! problem solved!
  15. Hi kju.. im having a little weird UI error.. look at it What could it be? bad conversion or and error in @IFA3SA? And when we use IFA3SA we have again the problem in where the soldiers fall off to prone position after running or when hitting another object.. that was already fixed in the AllinArmASA. Thanks.