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  1. Stringtable and localize always do the magic. No needs for a Language menu and stuff, scalable translations too. Of course, if you want the menu in the same language ;) BR
  2. Hi Wolffy.au. Nice work! I found this one in Armaholic. I was doing some research with Ambient modules for our Arma 2 community, and I tested your modification. Just a few comments about it: 1. In your changes, you made a mistake with some code, so now blacklist markers are not working (it´s giving a script compilation error when you run the game with a blacklist marker). This is just because you moved some code in the Animals_Main.fsm, and when it´s trying to see if the spawn position is in a blacklist zone it crashes. This line: { if (_x distance _Pos < (triggerarea _x select 0) ) then {_Pos = [0,0];}; } foreach _triglist; should be below this code: _PosList = []; _randrefpoint = [getpos _x, 10, _SpawnRadius, 1, 0, 50, 0] call BIS_fnc_findSafePos; _PosList = selectbestplaces [_randrefpoint,_FindPlaceRadius,_favouritezones,10,5]; _PosSelect = _PosList select (floor random (count _PosList)); _Pos = _PosSelect select 0; This mus be done for every spawn box you have. 2. The main problem here is that this module is not using object variables (using setvariable), so if you want to spawn more animales you must do some tricky things. It could be changed that way. You only need to do some recode. 3. To spawn other animals you must do some fsm code, but it should be more practical to recode that part entirely. Again, great job. I hope you find this info useful. And sorry to "wake up" this thread again. BR, Kepchu
  3. Explosive Barrels Rig (EBR) by Kepchu gYtjErQFp6c Description: This script creates an explosive barrels rig using a pre-placed pallet in editor. The explosion can be set using public variable, so you can set it any way you want (trigger, addaction menu, scripting, etc.). Features: - Random directions for barrels and charges. - You can pick barrel´s color when calling the script. - Different types of explosions. - Barrels will fly when explosion. - Second blast for barrels is allowed in a random fashion. - Easy change of explosion by script variables (no need to touch other code than init variables). - If you shoot a barrel, this will burn, then explode and set the entire rig explosion. - You can have several EBRs, they will all explode at the same time when you set the variable. Requeriments: - None, this script works with any installation of ArmA 2, OA and CO. Setup: 1. Copy EBR folder from demo mission. 2. Place a pallet in the editor, you can name it if you want. 3. You can call the script from pallet´s init line, or init.sqf or other init line by writing: 4. Set variable Changelog: v1.1.1 First public version. Added small change to set barrel types, now you can choose colors. Some recode. Tested esplosions for future versions. -------- v1.1.0b Object pallet used instead of marker. Now you get direction and possition from pallet, so you just must care about possitiong it in editor the way you want. Some optimisation of code. Changed second blasts, now barrels will not change dramatically directions. ]Added variables to control classes for explosives. -------- v1.0.0b Initial version. Using marker as refference for bomb position. Multiplayer compatibility: - Tested and working both on dedicated and non dedicated servers. Known bugs: - None related to code. Just Arma 2 bug with explosions, where even if you createvehicle an explosion using getpos above ground level, blasts will be seen in ground zero. Tested some explosions that don´t do it this way and worked ok. Future features: - Change explosions types so you can setpos the pallet above ground, and you´ll see the blasts there. - Take array of pallets in init code so you can set explosions with different timming. - If you think anything else just let me know. Credits: Agresor (thanks for the video!) CLA - Comunidad Latinoamericana de Arma 2 http://www.arma2la.com Demo mission: You can download the demo mission from here: Let me know if the link is broken. In demo mission you´ll see three arrays of EBRs near a hangar. You´ll spaen near them. You can teleport in map by clicking new position. Radio Alpha trigger available to set the bombs. You can shoot barrels too to set the bomb. For your missions, just copy EBR folder, place a pallet wherever you want the EBR to be, and call from init line. Make sure you set: to avoid debug messages. Have fun! Best regards... Kepchu.
  4. The problem is dB settings in description.ext, using a value higher than 10 overrides positional sound. And you must use say3d instead of say for positional audio.
  5. Got it working both on dedi and non-dedi server. A few changes only. Just for you to know, the main script is running on every connected player, but the scripts launched using addaction are running local, so you have to use a public variable. Also say and say3d work only local. A note about the volume, if you want to use positional audio, don´t use more than 10dB (not fully tested, but beyond that 3d audio doesn´t work). Things I´ve changed: In loudspeaker.sqf: Added two variables for vehicle identification (both taunt and evacuate, needed but not working right now). Only server is publishing variables (just to avoid JIP players). Added loop for sound (because the script is working in every machine, but you can use a trigger for this). In loudspeaker_evacuate.sqf and taunt.sqf: Replaced calling for sound with publishing variable and modified addaction just to fit the whole thing. In general, removed if (true) exitWith {}; just because is sqf (don´t need that). Sound part is only running in clients (that´s why you exit if it´s dedi server). Right now, i can only have one vehicle (or object) working with this script (if you put exec in more than one vehicle, just the last one in mission.sqf works), so gotta work with that. Cheers, and keep doing your magic with scripts! (This was a really nice idea for a script!!!!!!!!) Check the file in: http://www.fileserve.com/file/Xj4d66R With this modification you must call it this way: handle = [this,500,50,50,3,4] execVM "scripts\Loudspeaker\loudspeaker.sqf"; Where 3 and 4 are just to publish the right sound just using one public variable (gotta work on this, but in a future we can use them for multiple vehicles). Greetings from [CLA] Arma 2 Latinoamerican Community