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Found 239 results

  1. Hey everyone! I am looking at different options to improve the performance during my arma sessions. Frequently, I make use of the hide objects module for various purposes. Now I am wondering if this module, or a code, can be used in a radius around players .. effectively hiding certain objects beyond the distance from players? That way you would only immediately render what you can see, and nothing else beyond what is around you.
  2. Hey there guys, I am looking around and wondering if anyone knows how to set up Dynamic Simulation, for ALL non-player units in the session, at all times. .. maybe a sleep or check timer where it applies it in periods for all non player units. Both from the start of the session and when you spawn them in mid session, through script or by Zeus Micro managing activating dynamic simulation on any and all units is a bit tedious for me as Zeus
  3. Hey guys, quick question. I have been looking around all over and not managed to find an answer. When I am hosting a session as zeus, when I as the zeus die, and my body gets deleted .. for example blown up or the auto clean-up removes my body, it also removes my zeus access with my former body and in mid sessions I lose all zeus permissions. Is there something I can do to completely prevent this, or give myself back zeus access in mid session? I am using the Game Master module with #adminLogged. Thanks
  4. qwerty21032

    Link Zeus Cost to Warlords Income

    Hello everyone! I am relatively new to the modding sphere of Arma and I really only barely understand basic commands and init edits. Basically the question I have is the title. Would it be possible to link warlords income rates to the Zeus resource income? I am working to try and make a scenario in which you primarily play as Zeus to control units but there are only limited areas in which Zeus can spawn particular units. (Factories and big towns spawn vehicles, helipads runways and harbors spawn their respective vehicles and everywhere Zeus can spawn infantry). This would allow the players to utilize the amazing Zeus interface and issue commands while also being able to remote control units at their will. Any assistance in this would be awesome!
  5. Hi, let me start off and say that this has been a journey. I've been able to finally figure out most of the cost table stuff besides a few things. been trying this off and on for a couple years now, and each time I've given up until now. Lets start off with the basics: 1: Generating a cost table on the Wiki you can read into this, but ["A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR", "A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01"], "ods"] spawn BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable; is the example they use that is supposed to create a paste-able table, but when you run this code, or atleast when I did, I recieved an error. Turns out the code on the wiki is wrong, and it requires an additional open bracket to complete the line of code. So it should look something like this I highly recommend using any script-supported text editors like notepad++ [["A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR", "A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01"], "ods"] spawn BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable; - You may interchange A3_Characters_F_BLUFOR and A3_Soft_F_MRAP_01 with any other addon Cfg Patch name. ex: "JLTS_characters_DroidUnits" (quotations needed for each Cfg.Patch) If you don't know how to find Cfg Patch names: In Eden Editor go to "Tools" in the top left, then "{} Config Viewer". Locate by scrolling "CfgPatches". Here you will find all CfgPatch names. Scroll through and search for any that have a unit you recognize from an addon https://imgur.com/a/fFjBBsQ insert each CfgPatch name with quotes into the above code. ex: [["JLTS_characters_DroidUnits", "JLTS_characters_DroidArmor"], "ods"] spawn BIS_fnc_exportCuratorCostTable; In notepad++ or whatever you use, save as init.sqf if you haven't created a mission yet or want to start fresh, start a new game and save it named as whatever you want. Locate that mission folder in C:\Users\"x"\OneDrive\Documents\Arma 3\missions and open it. Copy and paste the init.sqf you just created into the mission folder. (you can use the init.sqf for other scripts too so keep that in mind) open the mission through the editor and it can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes, depending on systems and what you are generating. (This morning it took me 30 seconds but last night it took anywhere from 5-15 minutes) Once the mission loads, alt tab, then as per the wiki: I recomend OpenOffice Calc, I got it for free, but if you use Excel change out "ods" for "xls" Just Ctrl + V the first box and boom. You have a generated Cost Table for all of your addon units that haven't been configured for zeus. Change whatever values you want in the system, then follow the prompts from the wiki. So an example of this would be: https://imgur.com/a/IHxgivx Now we need to open up init.sqf with our notepad++ or whatever you use, and remove the previous code that we used. in my example, I would Ctrl + C JLTS_characters_DroidUnits, and paste it into init.sqf. Go to the next line and repeat for JLTS_characters_DroidArmor. The init.sqf will look something like this https://imgur.com/a/haPjjwg (NOTE: the notepad is titled new 1, that's because my init.sqf is full of testing code right now. Make sure you have init.sqf as the name.) I recommend we combine the two into one variable, as this is meant to be for the same zeus and it makes typing the final code out easier. so taking my example code, in the next line input: _CIS = [_JLTS_characters_DroidUnits + _JLTS_characters_DroidArmor] (_CIS can be any variable you decide) this makes the value _CIS equal both variables. Finally, we move on to importing it back into the game. To my understanding, the final code on the next line should look like this: [master_zeus,_CIS] call BIS_fnc_curatorObjectRegisteredTable; (master_zeus can be any variable named zeus) https://imgur.com/a/To2no40 My issue is for anyone who might understand: I don't get any errors, but none of the units become available to use, when before the units showed up in zeus, just had incorrect costs. After running this command, any available units before are no longer available (I have Game master set to addons present in scenario). Why are they disappearing from my zeus's ability to purchase/place them? My final code looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/hIJu7Z1
  6. Hi I'm attempting to make it where the ai that spawn from the Spawn AI module editable by the Zeus, I've been looking around and haven't found anything yet.. I thought when I first started my mission testing I was able to edit them as they spawned but it appears now I am unable to. Will update if I find myself a solution
  7. hello all, new to the forums and A3 mission generating. currently working on a D-Day landing Zeus OP for my group and I'm having issues. When I launch the initial gameplay test from the editor directly everything works as I designed, the German AI forces starting engaging the US landing craft from a range of approximately +/-500m (from mg bunkers to about 150m from water edge). the problem arises when I push the mission pbo to my dedicated server on Host Havoc the AI don't engage unless fired upon or zeus'd right in front of each other. I've tried messing with the AI defenders settings as well as trying to adjust the server settings but nothing is working. what could I be doing wrong or what is causing the difference in gameplay between the 2 types of hosting? thanks! DoughB0i
  8. What's Zeus airdrop parachute classname? By the way, even checking the "config" prompt in-game, I couldn't find any clue about this huge static chute classname. Looking only at the official Arma 3 content, I got only the small one (Steerable_Parachute_F). I have checked the A3_jets functions to figure out some but nothing was found. If you can explain how works your investigation to find this kind of asset, it would be very much appreciated. EDIT: the answer is "B_Parachute_02_F" This effect happens when you, in-game, drap a vehicle and drop it in the air with Zeus allowed.
  9. Requires the latest version of CBA A3. Zeus Enhanced, also known as ZEN, is an Arma 3 mod aimed at improving and expanding the functionality of the Zeus real-time editor. Zeus Enhanced is built with communities who use Zeus as their primary mission making tool in mind by enabling curators with powerful tools to create dynamic scenarios in an efficient manner. For an in-depth breakdown of the features and frameworks please visit the website. This mod is built using the same foundation and design standards as the ACE3 Project. Special thanks to the ACE3 Team for their open source nature and permission to use their systems, without their work this would not be possible. You can download Zeus Enhanced from: GitHub Steam Workshop Features A lot of powerful new modules, as well as improved vanilla modules. Completely rewritten attributes system available for all objects. Context menu that provides quick access to common Zeus actions. Settings to customize the Zeus display (move display to edge, remove watermark, etc.). Ability to disable live search to reduce lag when searching through a lot of items. Overhauled markers tree with markers sorted into categories. Ability to create and edit area markers through Zeus. Rewritten, faster remote controlling of units. 3DEN editor object preview images in Zeus. Player visibility indicator to help ensure mission adjustments are not made in view of players. Placement preview that enables precise object placement on surfaces. Vehicle customization garage made specifically for Zeus. Various bug fixes and quality of life improvements to the Zeus interface. Settings to control Zeus camera properties such as speed and available vision modes. New waypoint types such as paradrop available through Zeus. Contributing You can help out with the ongoing development by looking for potential bugs in our code base, or by contributing new features. We are always welcoming new pull requests containing bug fixes, refactors and new features. We have a list of tasks and bugs on our issue tracker on GitHub. Please comment on issues you want to contribute with, to avoid duplicating effort. To contribute something to ZEN, simply fork this repository and submit your pull requests for review by other collaborators. Remember to add yourself to the author array of any PBO you will be editing and the AUTHORS.txt file; including a valid email address. Submitting Issues and Feature Requests Please use our Issue Tracker to report a bug, propose a feature, or suggest changes to the existing ones. License Zeus Enhanced is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPLv3).
  10. Andreilarazboi

    Scripting for Pub Zeus

    Ok so i am working on a Zeus module that is spawning a civilian unit which should behave like a zombie, tried a lot of times to incorporate this into ZEPT/ EZM with new stuff but got a lot of errors, after i fixed those errors when you place the Module it does not work. here is the script: If anyone got an ideea why this is not working i am happy to hear, this will change PUB zeus if we get it working. Edit: i also tried without the line : private _zombie = "C_man_1" createUnit [_zombiePos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; and made the script into: Main issue, the module made for zeus in EZM, when placed, i get the following error : this line "private _civilian = _civilianClass createUnit [_modulePos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"];" Error missing ;
  11. yes i used the Customs composition tab to save but i cant see it i have it saved in the other tab and all i see is the other stuff i made not the item im looking for
  12. Bucket adds terrain deformation tools to Zeus, a lot, like Deformer but multiplayer. - Multiplayer compatible - Rate limited (so you can't crash the server) - Raise, lower, flatten or restore terrain https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2967119946
  13. The Zeus Deck Boss mod allows the placement of objects on a carriers fligthdeck. For this you need to add an event handler to the game master object. Add the following line to the game master init box: this addEventHandler ["CuratorObjectPlaced", ttt_curatorcv_fnc_place]; When the Zeus with the eventhandler now places an object on the Freedom, Nimitz or CUP LHD, the object's height will be automatically adjusted. Written by TeTeT, based on an idea by Leshrack. Mirrors: Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33906 PWS: TBD SW: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1355749908
  14. Zeus Mission Generator A powerful AI-powered Discord Bot that produces totally unique mission ideas every time. Builds scenario ideas (no matter how ridiculous), can provide a list of objectives, and adapts to your story—or creates a new one for you! Back in 2019, I made a website called the https://zeusmissiongen.com/ were it would pick a random mission idea from a list of them I'd compiled and present it to you in a kind of "random generator" way. The site was never truly a random mission generator... until now that is. The Zeus Mission Generator 2.0 is a Discord Bot that works using natural language completion AI to come up with story ideas based on your parameters, and it works like a charm. Check out some examples of mission ideas it's come up with: Other examples Secret service protecting the president Soviets taking out an American submarine US air force escorting bomber Marines killing aliens on the moon! Defeat middle aged British male, Barry, 63 Try it out If you're interested in trying the bot out to make some gnarly mission ideas, you can either invite the bot to your server or join the sandbox server here: https://bot.zeusmissiongen.com/ How to use Check out the YouTube tutorial to get started in under 3 minutes Documentation If you have any comments or feedback, feel free to leave them in this thread, or on the official Discord server!
  15. Hello all, since there is a lot of heat around the new RTS addon released and mentioned in official COMRAD.. I wanna join this new found wave of RTS fans and bump my old mission that never received much attention. Curway: Aegis - supposed to be a series of missions played RTS-style from top-down view. Technically it is heavily modified Zeus, custom tailored for SP missions playing as Zeus, controlling only one side. Entire UI is made with arma style in mind and I tried to integrate custom icons and UI into interface as fluid elements that are not visually much different from the vanilla Zeus. Operation Saboteur - is a first mission from the series "Aegis". Player has to complete a series of tasks visually presented in the world Features Men of War styled gameplay Control a set squad of units Receive reinforcements by advancing in the mission Rocket launching UI with rocket travel lines Grenade throwing UI with grenade trajectory lines AI adjustments and enhancements for better responsiveness and control Quick menu for changing stances, running speed and quick actions 3D visual task system, with partial completions and actions (like setting up a bomb) Cutscene system - moving your camera to points of interests smoothly, presenting new objectives with animations much more.. Download: Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1420857501
  16. Hey everyone, I have been looking around for an answer to my question! I am wondering if you can put into say the init file of your mission that always it will give all players present like a huge rating increase, and then say repeat it over and over. I want the players at all time to never ever switch to the sideEnemy or turn into renegades, no matter what happens. Any player who leave and enter. cheers,
  17. Olá! For some reason, I can't see any landmine as editable on Zeus: _mine = createMine [_mineType, _mfPos, [], _mfRadius]; // https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/createMine if ( debug_monitor ) then { { _x addCuratorEditableObjects [[_mine], true] } forEach allCurators; // <---------------------- }; Even if I change [_mine] for allMines it doesn't work. But if I use (for a test) allUnits, all units run editable on Zeus as expected. What's the difference between other objects and landmines for Zeus?
  18. What is the best way to make a trigger which can be activated by a Zeus player? At the moment the solution I can think of is making a unit or prop which the Zeus can move into a marked area. The goal is to have scripts and spawns that a GM can trigger scripted events based on their own judgement, or tasks given after a "response from HQ".
  19. seelenlos Zeus This mod allows the whitelisted players to use Zeus in every mission. You just need to press the Zeus Button (Default: Z). We use the mod to play missions in different ways, "unstuck" broken mission flows or add mod weapons to vanilla missions. That means, you get the ability to play a mission again with different loadouts, vehicles and enemies without the effort to change it with scripts or the editor (unpacking, changing, testing, packing, uploading). The use of the ARES-mod is strongly recommended. Features: - server side only mod - only the whitelisted players can use it - does not interfere with any existing Zeus in the mission - add objects to Zeus (optional) - share created objects between mod Zeus (optional) Add Objects to Zeus In the slz_settings.sqf, you can define a array of objects which will be added to zeus. More infos in the slz_settings.sqf. Add all addons to zeus In the slz_settings.sqf, you can set slz_addAllAddons to true (default) to activate all available addons. Changelog v.1.7 CHANGES - slz_addAllAddons variable added - if it's set to true (default) all available addons will be added to the mod curators v.1.6 CHANGES - slz_sharedObjects variable added - if it's set to true all objects which are created by slz curators are editable for every slz curator FIXED - possible fix for exile server v.1.5 CHANGES - neutral Zeus removed - SLZ_editPlayerUnits variable removed FIXED - zeus remotecontrol caused diconnect from curator module - some other bugs v.1.4.1 FIXED -userconfig path capitalization changed to lowercase (issue with case sensitve file system) v.1.4 REWORKED CODE - complete rewrite CHANGES - no admin zeus anymore (i think there is no need anymore) - SLZ_whitelist variable added - in the userconfig there is a array where you can add uid's (it is the number in the steam-profile link) - if your uid is in this array you have zeus abilities - SLZ_neutralZeus variable removed - if you press zeus key you get the control of the virtualCurator which is always neutral - your playerunit become hidden and invulnerable - SLZ_editPlayerUnits variable added - all playerunits can be edited if these players are in curatormode - if it is set to false these units can also add to the curator editable object list by other scripts or mods like ares KNOWN ISSUES - Don't mix up to many zeus login methods (native use, too) - if you use #adminLogged Game Master Modules and virtualCurator entities or player controled curators don't login as admin if you are in a other curator slot - the native curator itself has a bug: if you are in the mission, go back to loginscreen and join again, you have to die before you can use the curator again (expect the #adminLogged method) v.1.3 FIXED - bug in the per frame eventHandler v.1.2 REWORKED CODE - remove while do loops ---> replaced with a per frame eventHandler FIXED - known issues from 1.1 v.1.1 ADDED - neutral zeus - this option change the playerside if you enter the zeus to logic because only a neutral zeus can set all attributes: for example the sector control module - copy the userconfig folder to your arma 3 folder and change the value in the SLZ_settings.sqf to true. (default = false) FIXED - if the admin logout the other players can't be the zeus. KNOWN ISSUES - if you are logged in as admin and you go into lobby and return to the game you have to logout and login to use the zeus again v.1.0 - first release Credits: Fry & Chucky from seelenlos-Team http://arma.seelenlos.eu License: GPLv3 Known Issues: - none Download Links: - Steam Workshop - Dropbox - Armaholic (outdated) Recommended Mods: Ares: - Steam Workshop - BI Forum - Armaholic
  20. HCC - High Command Converter Version : 1.5.5 _________________________________________________________ This addon enables a leader player to convert any unit(s) of his squad into a controllable HC group. Conversely, any HC group under player's command can join the leader's group. The game's default High Command system has been heavily modified to allow thoughtful plans and coordinated execution via the addition of numerous commands and menus to the original interface. You can turn every Coop into a SP playable HC mission by using the embedded 'Add Vacant Groups of Side' command (menu 6-7). 'Add Curator Groups of Side' allows a curator owner to add Zeus created groups in the HC bar. Large groups formations and waypoints synchronization can also be used to handle movement at squad, platoon or company level or to plan ahead troops embarkment / disembarkment. Hit LCtrl+Space to switch to High Command. Make sure that your 'Open Menu' commands are bound to some key and hit the number keys (1...0) to open the custom HCC menus. Leading a platoon (v.1.4.1). More videos : Advanced waypoints synchronization (v.1.3.0). Static weapons and artillery (v1.3.1). Convoys (1.5.4). MENUS : Group status menu : 9. Create HC Group - creates a new HC group made up of selected squad units. 0. Execute HC plans - gives an option to launch execution of all HC plans from the regular group mode (not HC). HC group root menu : * effective doWatch command (Left Alt by default). * active suppression system (doWatch + suppress). * Regroup / RTF => 1. Regroup Subgroups - 2. Form Back on Me - 3. Regroup Convoy/ 4. Return to Formation - 5. Form Back on Player - 6. Return to Convoy. HC menu move : 4. Join group and wait - Selected HC groups join the player's group and stay where they are. 5. Join group and regroup - Selected HC groups join the player's group and regroup. 6. Wait - Stops the selected HC group(s) while setting up plans. 7. Execute - Selected units proceed to their next waypoints. 8. Define Array As => Squad/Platoon/Company/Convoy => Positional /Directional : Selected groups will follow the most ranked element of the array (formation). => Not Defined : resets the selected groups and remove them from any previously defined array. 9. Stop Following - Frees selected groups from following their leader. 0. Follow Me - Gives the player direct leadership over any selected group, whatever its rank. HC menu engage : 3. Suppression = > parameters : duration + dispersion. 4. Combat mode => Red/Green/White/Yellow/Blue. 5~6 . Engage/Disengage target -Unavailable. 7~8. Enable/DisableAI AutoCombat : enables/disables autonomous switching to COMBAT when in danger. 9~10. Enable Attack true/false : Team leader send their units engage their targets or keep them in formation. HC menu speed : 1. Limited - 2. Tactical - 3. Normal - 4. Full - 5. Automatic. 6. Vehicle Speed : limits selected vehicle's speed so that unloaded cargo troops can follow. 7. Fly in height : forces an helicopter's next waypoint flying height. 8. Dive in Depth : works for either divers or submarines. 9. Allow GetIn true : allows unloaded cargo troops to get in their assigned vehicle when moving toward a distant waypoint. 0. Allow GetIn false : prevents unloaded cargo troops from mounting their assigned vehicle when moving toward a distant waypoint. HC menu transport : 1~3. Land/Sea/Air = > empty/crewed => returns a list of empty/crewed vehicles in a 200 m radius sphere. => assign/embark as crew/cargo. 4~5. Embark as crew / Embark as Cargo : enabled when HC cursor is on a vehicle. 6~7. GetIn assigned / GetOut assigned : assigned crew/cargo will get in/out. 8~9. Cargo load / Cargo Unload : cargo troops will get in/out but the driver/crew stay in vehicle. 0. Unassign current. HC menu action : 1. Vehicles => 1~2. Engine ON/OFF - 3~4 : Helicopter land (in/out/off) - 5 : Sling load cargo - 6 : Drop off cargo (Position/Coordinates) - 7 : Cancel action. 2. Weapons = > 1~2. Unpack/Pack static weapon - 2~4. Fire/Repeat Artillery. 3. Movement => 1. Convoys => 1. Display Convoy Leaders - 2. Regroup Convoy - 3. Return to Convoy. 4. Subgroups Mode = > 1~2. Positional/Directional. Changes the formation mode. = > 3~4. New Positional /New Directional : Changes the formation mode and redefines groups positions. 5. Subgroups Formation = > 1.Line 2.Column 3. Wedge 4. Circle. = > Interval : 20 - 200m. 6. Chain of Command = > 1~2. Enable/Disable CoC for subgroups. 7. Add Vacant Groups of Side : . In SP, adds every vacant playable unit's group to the player's HC bar. . In MP, adds every vacant playable unit's group to the HC bar of the most ranked player of a side. 8. Add Curator Groups of Side : adds all groups that belong to a Curator player to his HC bar. 9. Remove Group from HC bar. 0. Display : gives access to all available display Modes. HC menu combat : 6~10. Stand/Crouch/Prone/Auto/Copy : groups stance management. HC menu team : 1~5. Assign Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Main. 6~11. Display Red/Green/Blue/Yellow/Main. - The player's group is always team Main. Display All => All groups/All leaders. HC menu reply : 5~6. Sentences On/Off : allows sentences or mutes all groups. 7~8. 3D Icons On/Off : Shows or hides the 3D icons. 9. Rename Group : change a group ID via GUI. NOTES ON WAYPOINTS (standard features) : 0. Right click on a group icon to select/deselect the group. 1. LCtrl + Action MseBtn lets you place several successive waypoints for several groups at one time. 2. Right click on a waypoint to edit its parameters. 3. Place a "Cycle" waypoint close to another waypoint to create a loop (patrols). 4. Place a "GetIn" waypoint close to an empty vehicle to make a group board the vehicle. 5. An "Unload" WP will disembark cargo troops (e.g mechanized infantry). A "GetOut" WP will disembark the whole crew. 6. A "Load" WP will embark assigned cargo troops. A "GetIn" WP makes a crew re-embark their vehicle. ENHANCED WAYPOINTS (HCC features) : 1. Synchronization : 1. Deselect all groups. 2. Hit and release Action MseBtn (MMB by default) on a WP, drag the sync line to another WP, hit and release Action on the second WP. 3. To un-synchronize a WP, just synchronize it with itself. 2. Embark/Disembark : 1. Select an infantry group (G1). Stop it (1-6). Place 2 WPs. WP1-1 MUST be a "move" type WP (default type). Set WP1-2's type : "Get in" (right click to edit). Deselect the group. 2. Select a crewed vehicle (G2) with cargo capacity. Stop it. Set WP2-1's type : "Load". 3. Synchronize WP1-2 with WP2-1. 4. Select G1 + G2. LCtrl+ActionBtn : place 2 new WPs for the two groups at once. WP1-3 = "Get Out". W2-2 = "Unload". WP1-4 = "Move". WP2-3 = "Move". 5. Deselect all groups and synchronize WP1-3 with WP2-2. 6. Select G1 + G2 and execute (1-7). Note that you can synchronize your own waypoints to trigger other groups movement, provided you follow your own plan. Mission or mod makers : To turn groups into HC controllable units with this addon, just put the following line in the proper trigger, waypoint, script or group leader's init field. : player hcSetGroup [groupname, "", "teammain"]; Options are : "teamred", "teamgreen", "teamblue", "teamyellow", "teammain". The player's group is always the main team. More info in this post. In a MP mission just replace 'player' by the playable unit's variable name. Download : Steam Workshop Support : Donate with Paypal License :
  21. Hey, how's it going? Our group, the Cobalt Brotherhood, is a casual Arma 3 group that does cooperative / Zeus operations almost every day at 7pm EST. We host many different types of ops, including different time periods and IPs. Our group culture is very "Hanging with the boys" esque, we use our group both to play Arma and to socialize. We have a (mostly) free arsenal before our ops, so you can bring whatever you like to a mission within reason. We also use ACE3, TFAR, 3CB Factions, RHS, and other mods. As of right now, we usually get 4-7 people every op. Your presence would be a delight! We are currently looking for: Zeus's, Mission makers, squad leaders, and Active people more than anything. However, we accept almost anybody. Want to be a rifleman and nothing else? No problem. If you do not have any experience in Arma 3, we can teach you the game! We've done it before, and we have no problem doing it many times again. If you'd like to join and participate, first of all, welcome and thanks for wanting to join us! Contact InfinitY#3902 via Discord, or join our server directly via: https://discord.gg/qV9h5uKeBU Please mention where you were invited from, just for the record. Expect a 5-minute "getting to know you" interview.
  22. I have four compositions that I've been trying to place that all relate to one vehicle. The vehicle itself is a marshal without a turret that has several various objects attached to it via the BIS_fnc_attachToRelative script. Back view of marshal The first composition is the marshal itself with the various objects and can be placed without issue. The second is an invisible helipad that has the init field with a script containing a remote exec that adds actions that add functionality to parts of the marshal; this can be placed without a problem. The third, problem child composition, is another invisible helipad that has the following in the init field: [apcnoT,["To Gunner's Seat (Mortar)",{MoveOut (_this select 1);(_this select 1) action ["getingunner", apcnoTMor]}, [], 0, false, false, "", "_this in (crew _target) && (isNull gunner apcnoTMor)"]] remoteExec ["addaction",0,true]; deleteVehicle this This, as opposed to the others causes BattlEye to automatically kick me from the public zeus with the message "RemoteExec restriction #12" The other codes: Marshal (apcnoT) apcnoT removeWeaponTurret ["LMG_RCWS", [0]]; apcnoT lockturret [[0,0],true]; this lockturret [[0],true]; apcnoT animate ["HideTurret", 1] Mortar (apcnoTMor) [this, apcnoT] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative; this removemagazines "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells"; this removemagazines "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Flare_white"; this removeMagazines "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white"; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addmagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_LG", 8]; this addMagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white",8]; this addMagazine ["8Rnd_82mm_Mo_Smoke_white",8]; enableWeaponDisassembly false Tarp (apcnoTSurf) // Adds surface to the top of the marshal, otherwise players would be infinitely falling. Location is used to teleport player. [this, apcnoT] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative Equipment Box [NATO] (spbx1) // Action added to this to resupply mortar [this, apcnoT] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative Rugged Portable Cabinet Lid (Sand) (NOT_NAMED) // Used as a means to climb up on top of the marshal [this, apcnoT] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative;[this,["Climb<img size='1' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\ladderup_ca'/>", {_this select 1 setpos getPos apcnoTSurf;;}, nil, 1, true, true, "", "true", 1.5, false, "", "" ]] remoteExec ["addAction",0]; Rugged IP Telephone (Sand) (apcnoTphone) // Arsenal after activation by helipad [this, apcnoT] call BIS_fnc_attachToRelative Helipad (Invisible) (addPhoneFunc) // Adds Arsenal to phone and resupply action to spbx1 [spbx1,["Resuply Mortar <img size='1' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\reammo_ca'/>", {apcnoTMor setVehicleAmmo 1}, nil, 1, true, true, "", "true", 2, false, "", "" ]] remoteExec ["addAction",0,true]; [apcnoTphone,["Arsenal <img size='1' image='\a3\ui_f\data\IGUI\Cfg\Actions\ico_on_ca'/>", {["Open", true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal}, nil, 1, true, true, "", "true", 1.5, false, "", "" ]] remoteExec ["addAction",0,true]; deletevehicle this Helipad (Invisible) (addSeatFunc) // Adds ability to get into the mortar gunner seat while inside the marshal. This is the problem child of the bunch. [apcnoT,["To Gunner's Seat (Mortar)",{MoveOut (_this select 1);(_this select 1) action ["getingunner", apcnoTMor]}, [], 0, false, false, "", "_this in (crew _target) && (isNull gunner apcnoTMor)"]] remoteExec ["addaction",0,true]; deleteVehicle this Helipad (Invisible) (addSeatFunc2) // Adds ability to get out but on top of the marshal as well as ability to get into the marshal directly while on top of it. [apcnoTSurf,["Get In", {[_this select 1, apcnoT] remoteExec ["moveInCargo", 0];}, nil, 1, true, true, "", "true", 4, false, "", "" ]] remoteExec ["addAction",0,true]; [apcnoT,["Get Out (Topside)",{_this select 1 setpos getPos apcnoTSurf;}, [], 0, false, false, "", "_this in (crew _target)"]] remoteExec ["addaction",0,true]; deleteVehicle this I apologize for my archaic coding format as I'm used to the very old ways of scripting in the original Operation Flashpoint. I hope that extra eyes can slim down the coding or maybe combine it all into one composition that wont automatically kick me when placed. Thanks in advance.
  23. BUGGaming

    Need help in zeusing

    I have had this problem since I started zeusing around 1 month ago, so I'm still new to it, but is there a way to let the AI squad leader (or any squad member) actually give out commands when I take it over using the remote control module. To clarify I want to know how can I give out commands while remote controlling the squad leader of a squad
  24. Hi, I need help with curator add editing area module. What I want is to be able to change editing area during mission via radio trigger or attachTo to some object (or some other way I don't know about 🙂). I tried to attach it to the arsenal object but it doesn't change position with it, it just stay where it was placed in the editor. I also tried to delete the module and spawn it to the new position via radio trigger. "myCurator" is the variable name of Game Master module. myCurator removeCuratorEditingArea 1; myCurator addCuratorEditingArea [ 1, (position player), 40 ]; It doesn't work. Any help is appreciated.
  25. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time. I am an experienced Arma Zeus and like the title of this topic says, I am looking at options when it comes to the enemy AI in order to generate as seamless of a stealth gameplay as possible for players. Been looking around a whole lot and not managed to find any answers so far, any tip or input is very appreciated! On it's own, the game is hardly an ideal game for stealth gameplay? It can be very sensitive and fidgety in how AI works and scripts too. So the idea is that I regulate all of this manually as the Zeus for the players. Even making the AI a bit dumbed down, to give the players a sneaky chance to pick people off. How I currently do it is that I turn the enemy faction into an ally for the duration of stealthing, that way the AI will not do anything strange or go alert, until I choose to .. which I switch the AI back into hostile relation again. All of that works perfectly - but when players kill the 'friendly' ai, they lose standing and become eventually renegades and traitors. So players will have issues getting into vehicles ect with some traitors on the squad, and eventually the AI even if friendly in relation will still open up on the player that ends up becoming renegades. How I have tried to resolve this is; to increase all players standing and rating constantly throughout the operation, but eventually this will not work out or be viable. I have also set all players to max rank of Colonel. If there was such a function like making all AI on one side, currently spawned in, not engage or go alert until I press a button or so that would been good but I doubt this exists? Anyone have any ideas or pointers for how to run manually controlled stealth gameplay like this as Zeus? Or other work arounds or options? It is far too much work to manually press pockets of spawned units, and run an init line on all of them everywhere, and then run an init line to activate them again ect. Things are happening too fast for that.