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  1. Hey, how's it going? Our group, the Cobalt Brotherhood, is a casual Arma 3 group that does cooperative / Zeus operations almost every day at 7pm EST. We host many different types of ops, including different time periods and IPs. Our group culture is very "Hanging with the boys" esque, we use our group both to play Arma and to socialize. We have a (mostly) free arsenal before our ops, so you can bring whatever you like to a mission within reason. We also use ACE3, TFAR, 3CB Factions, RHS, and other mods. As of right now, we usually get 4-7 people every op. Your presence would be a delight! We are currently looking for: Zeus's, Mission makers, squad leaders, and Active people more than anything. However, we accept almost anybody. Want to be a rifleman and nothing else? No problem. If you do not have any experience in Arma 3, we can teach you the game! We've done it before, and we have no problem doing it many times again. If you'd like to join and participate, first of all, welcome and thanks for wanting to join us! Contact InfinitY#3902 via Discord, or join our server directly via: https://discord.gg/qV9h5uKeBU Please mention where you were invited from, just for the record. Expect a 5-minute "getting to know you" interview.