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Found 7 results

  1. Who are we? Remaining together for more than a decade, the 242nd has defined itself as a mature, dynamic, and decisively stable community. We value skill and success over flash and paperwork, always seeking to improve ourselves against both AI and human opponents. Join us to participate in our vision of an aggressive, agile and hard-hitting team of teachers. Over the 10 years for which our community has stood the test of time, we've avoided the drama that has claimed the legacies of so many other clans. We've chosen to eschew the flashy "sir-yes-sir" and useless "Training courses", unnecessary paperwork, over complicated or poorly done missions of the typical arma experience, and have instead chosen to challenge ourselves to succeed in the game, raising the bar in how we can apply both individual and team skillsets. Gameplay Loop Ranks are dropped at the slot in screen. If the unit leader ends up as a fireteam member of the team you lead, then he follows your orders. Training allows people to specialize and focus their gameplay, but you'll be expected to master all of the basic weapons and roles of an infantryman first and foremost. In any given session, expect to play the role you're given, but also expect to be given many roles over a session. You might start your first mission as a grenadier, but end the night having flown a helicopter, lead a fireteam, or driven an IFV. Agility and skill are the cornerstones of what the 242nd is about. ArmA is a game of vast possibilities, and while we follow stringent procedures for organization, we embrace these possibilities. Expect a great deal of time without a magnified scope. Our missions are rarely if ever Zeus curated. Our mission makers painstakingly craft different experiences using the Eden editor. This allows us to maintain peak server performance while well as truly rich and interesting scenarios. These missions have a real failure point, and tons of replay value. Expect to see yourself and your unit lose on occasion. Expect to come together with your team and discuss what went wrong and how we can improve. Expect your contributions to matter. Don't expect it to be easy. Joining Process You can either opt for an interview by joining us on teamspeak and contacting the leader, CPT. Helios, or any NCO, or you can drop an application on our website and we'll get back to you very shortly. Once accetped, you'll go through a no-strings attached application process. You'll download the mods, and play with us in our operations as a fireteam member. If you don't want training, you don't have to take it yet. If, at the end of two weeks we find that we're not suited for each other, then the process stops there. For most people who walk through the doors, that's where the fun begins. Unit Servers Teamspeak 3: 242nightstalkers.teamspeak3.com Website: 242nightstalkers.US Discord: https://discord.gg/bpM6yU Clan Link: Application Link Public Server: Operations Server: Owner Steam: When the Day Breaks (CPT. Helios)
  2. Introduction Greetings, Im PFC. D. Ryan with the 1st Army Rangers we are a new WW2 semi-realistic milsim with 10+ members and we are looking to expand. Add me on steam for more questions. Background It was originally formed shortly after the United States' entry into World War II and was modeled after the British Commandos during the war. Members from the unit were the first American soldiers to see combat in the European theater when they participated in the failed raid on Dieppe in France in 1942, during which three Rangers were killed and several more were captured. Later, the 1st Ranger Battalion was sent to North Africa where they participated in the landings in Algeria and the fighting in Tunisia in 1943. Also in 1943 the unit provided cadre for two more Ranger battalions created between the campaigns in Sicily and Italy. Origins The 1st US Army Ranger Battalion was founded in late April, 2018. It is a subgroup of a larger gaming community, known as "Splinter Cell Gaming". Purpose The 1st US Army Ranger Battalion is focused on providing an effective atmosphere for those who wish to immerse themselves into the Second World War era, from the perspective of a member of the 1st Rangers. Operations Operations with the 1st US Army Ranger Battalion will occur in two major "types". Miniature operations, occurring spontaneously throughout the week, will be minor missions. Examples of such are stealing intelligence or destroying an enemy outpost. These minor missions will have small effects on the Major Operation (such as knowing the enemy's location, or having an enemy vehicle at the disposal). Major Operations, occurring at scheduled dates and times, will be the Primary Campaign of the 1st US Army Ranger Battalion. Each Campaign will consist of multiple Main Operations. Requirements 16+ Years of age Mature Show up at unit events Know how to play Arma 3 Download selected mods Speak English Teamspeak IP: Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/1stArmyRangerBattalion
  3. Who The 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment (1-5CAV) started from a small group of friends who couldn't seem to find a unit that fit all of their interests. Other units were either too strict on the MilSim environment or they only covered a small selection of eras. Due to the failed searching, this small group of friends decided to just start their own unit. One based around what they were searching for in a unit. What 1-5CAV is a very small unit currently. Started back in January, 2016 and kept on the backburner until mid-July, 2017, we're now looking to expand our numbers and make the unit more official. Our unit's main focus is on semi-realism. We're not going to penalize someone for straying slightly from the historical parameters, nor will anyone be punished for not knowing all the military radio call signs. We do however hope that players learn some basic radio call signs and familiarize themselves with some regulations. Where You can visit our Arma 3 Units site here. You can join our Discord here. When you join, just ask in general chat for your ArmA role and someone will get with you as soon as possible. Upon joining you will be given the TeamSpeak IP and password. The TeamSpeak server is not always up. It is turned on for OPs. When Our operations are every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9PM EST to 1AM EST. The unit leader will send a Discord message in the Arma channel with required mods and information for the weekend's operations. If the times change, or an operation needs to be rescheduled, the unit leader will notify all members. How Requirements for joining * You must be 16+ to join the unit. * You must be willing to show up to at least one of the three weekend operations each week. * You must have the capacity to act serious when need be, such as during combat. * We do not tolerate people being overly rude and crass. There is a limit.
  4. About Us The 1/75th Ranger Regiment aims to recreate present day army ranger operations. In the real world 1st Battalion is one of four battalions the fourth being a Regimental Special Troops Battalion. Our goal is to create an environment people enjoy being in by promoting professionalism and creating custom scenarios for all of our operations. Not only do we have 1st/75th RR we have a 160th SOAR Battalion attached to us. They provide 1st Battalion with Transport and Close Air Support throughout all of our operations. Training The 1/75th Ranger Regiment has a two phase training for anyone that wishes to become a Ranger. The first phase is Recruit training and second being Ranger Assessment & Selection Program. Both of the trainings teach you the basis for you to be effective in the unit and how we operate during our missions. Our Mission: Our Mission In Creating The 75th RR Is Foremost To Make A Community Where People Are Happy. We Believe that Fun and Professionalism Go Hand in Hand. We Want The Happy Balance That Brings Responsible, Professional People Into The Unit And Evolves It Into Something Better. Suggestions Are Something We Encourage, As We Know That There Are Always Ways To Improve. What We Have To Offer: A 24/7 Teamspeak Server That We Will Use For Operations And You Are More Than Welcome To Bring Your Friends To Play Games Here Dedicated Arma 3 Servers Custom Made Operations Tailored To Our Needs A Custom Modpack Created To Increase The Realism In Game. Dedicated Command Staff, Willing To Listen And Make Adjustments To Benefit The Unit. How To Join: Create An Application On Our Website, If You Need Help Feel Free To Jump On Teamspeak And Talk To A Recruiter! Requirements To Join: Minimum Age Of 17 (Can Be Waived But Will Be Difficult) Must Have A Valid Copy Of ArmA 3 And A Valid Player ID. Must Have ArmA 3 Apex DLC Must Have Teamspeak 3 And A Working Microphone Must Not Be Apart Of Another Modern Era ArmA 3 Milsim Unit Ability To Attend Unit Wide Events Willingness To Attend Trainings Of Platoon and Squad Contact Us! Our Website - Http://1st-75thrr.Ipbhost.Com/ Teamspeak - 75thrangerregiment.Teamspeak3.Com Steam Group - Http://Steamcommunity.Com/Groups/1st-75thRR Also Feel Free To Add Us On Steam!http://steamcommunity.com/id/Deckedmongo http://steamcommunity.com/id/CMuniz/ FAQ’s What Is The Age Requirement? - The Age Requirement Is 17 But It Can Be Waived. Do I Have To Have Apex Right Now? - You Do Not Need Apex The Day That You Join But It Will Be Necessary For You To Finish Your Initial Training. What Are Your Operation Times? - Our Main Operations Will Be On Sundays @ 1700 PST/ 1900 PST/ 2000 EST And Team/Squad Trainings Will Be Dependent On Where You Are Assigned. Keep In Mind These Times Are Flexible And Subject To Change!
  5. Teamspeak - chi-voice2.fragnet.net:10082 Website - Coming soon. 880th Marine Battalion(880thMB) is a relaxed mil-sim unit based in North America. We offer a new perspective into the other side of the world for English-speaking players. What we offer: An exclusive Russian campaign that will have us explore the Chechnyan conflict, Ukraine, and other parts of the world in which Russia has deployed their Navy. The missions are based on real life operations. An experienced unit with room to grow. We place qualified people in positions of importance, so don't hesitate when applying. An Eastern based training regime that holds to the standards of the Russian military. We aim to make all our training courses informative and entertaining. A 24/7 Teamspeak and an ARMA dedicated server. What we want from you: We want you to be available for at least one event a week. If you can't commit to our event schedule then it's difficult for you to be a part of our community. We offer a lot of opportunities for anyone to contribute to the betterment of the unit. We need you to be a mature, and reasonable member of the community. We have many different faiths, races, and genders. Show respect to everyone. Requirements: Mature Age 17+ (Waivers may be given) Teamspeak 3, Microphone. Dedicated schedule Be on Teamspeak whenever possible Slots are currently open: Multiple high and low positions available.
  6. We are the 15th Rangers Regiment We are a Tactical Realism Unit located in the US EST focusing on cooperative missions emphasizing strategy and communications. Our main goal is for everyone to have fun. We are a very new and relatively casual milsim unit and are in DESPERATE need of new recruits to jump start this unit. We have openings in all areas of our unit; Mechanized; Airwing; Infantry. Join our TS for more information IP: Or Apply online for the 15th at: http://15thranger.enjin.com/ Requirements: -13 years or older -Copy of Arma 3 -Willing and able to download mods -Working Microphone -Able to work well with a team
  7. 8th Virtual Tactical Fighter Wing --------- Event Information --------- Time Zone: EST Event Dates: Most weekends at 10 PM EST Active Members: 8 ---------- Requirements to Participate ---------- - Some sort of controller that allows for precise control of ailerons, elevators, rudder, and throttle along with buttons for toggle functions. - A Facebook Account - Microphone - Willing to download a large volume of mods - Team Player - Fluent English Speaker -------- Typical Mod List --------- - ACE - All CUP mods - Firewill F-16 - Firewill Air Weapons System - Firewill Pilots and Crew Pack - Fox MIG-23 - Fox MIG-25 - Fox MIG-29 - POOK SAM Pack - TOH South Asia - Sonic Boom - Extra Editor - F16 Real Sound - JSRS 4 Apex - Blastcore Tracers - Blastcore Phoenix - USAF --------- About 8th VTFW ---------- The 8th Virtual Tactical Fighter bridges the gap between arcade flying and simulators. We almost exclusively operate Firewills F-16 series due to its versatility and assortment of mods. We are quite relaxed but do role play to maintain immersion when preforming missions. Originally we started as a group of local airsoft players in Florida who attended a common field called DV8 Airsoft. We decided to make up a fictitious airfield called "Lithia Air Force Base" that uses the tail designation "DV" and the 8th VTFW as seen on the tail. This is a play on DV8 Airsoft of course. These are our custom color schemes generated based on Firewills template. We have three squadrons active for you to join at your preference. Each squadron bears custom tail colors and serves a specific role. 1st Fighter Bomber Squadron [RED TAIL] This squadron focuses on CAS, Interdiction, and Strike type missions. This is the most active squadron since they are used in my combined arms missions with infantry and armor. A 1st FBS F-16C preforming a practice run over Everon. 2nd Fighter Squadron [BLUE TAIL] Air to air engagements such as CAP, Escort, and Sweep missions is focus of this squadron. A 2nd FS F-16C Preforming Escort over Takistan. 3rd Wild Weasel Squadron [YELLOW TAIL] 3rd WWS F-16C flying the long 70km trek on a SEAD mission over TOH South Asia The primary mission of the 3rd WWS is Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses or Destruction of Enemy Air Defenses missions are the role of this squadron. They disable, distract, or destroy SAM sites like the SA-2 while other units preform their mission.