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  1. Hello, You'll find here a template for a company setup. Just extract the file in your SP mission folder. The company is made of 3 platoons of 3 squads, each squad being made of 3 fireteams + the lead group (3x3x4=36 groups). The files have not been binarized so you can read and edit them with notepad++. The respective positions of your groups when starting the mission define their default formation. You may prefer to use the provided generic formations though, as shown in the video below. Low quality, but I cant seem to get a decent video processing from YouTube anymore. Manoeuvring a Company. Cheers !
  2. Version 1.5.5 - Sling loading. Added : 6-1-5 : Sling load cargo : the command returns a list of the 10 nearest sling loadable objects in a 500 m sphere and picks up the selected one. 6-1-6 : Drop off cargo -> 1. At position : heli drops off at its current position. ~2. Coordinates : click on the map and drop off at coordinates. 6-1-7 : Cancel action : cancels current action (landing, sling loading, dropping).
  3. Version : Fixed compatibility issues with Achilles, MCC and most likely other Zeus addons.
  4. Version : : . Changed : Regrouping subgroups no longer cancels a 'Wait' order issued to the lead group. . Changed : Issuing a 'Follow Me' command now does cancel a 'Wait' order given to the subgroups. . Added a 'Tactical pace' entry in the group's speed menu. The selected speed mode can now be passed to the subgroups through the Chain of Command. . Added a 'Automatic' entry in the group's speed menu. Subgroups in formation will automatically tend to adapt their speed to the leader's speed (unless too far from their expected position). . Added a 'Dive in Depth' entry in the group's speed menu. Works either for divers or submarines.
  5. Hotfix Chain of Command was broken as well as some core functionalities in the Regroup/Formation system. A big thank you to Mihais for PMing me about the issue ! Keep it coming :) @temon : if you spawn a group by script, just write player hcSetGroup [yourGroup] somewhere in your script. Use the unit's variable name instead of 'player' if you're in MP. @headstone : Yep, I'm aware of the issue. I've PMed oOKexOo about it but no answer so far. No promise.
  6. Version : 1.5.4. First pass on convoys (WIP). Usage : 1. Select your groups carefully. The order of the selection defines the position of the vehicles in the convoy. 2. Define array as - > Convoy (1-8-4). 3. Display Convoy Leaders (optional : 6-3-1-1). 4. Select the convoy leader and regroup the convoy (6-3-1-2 or, in the Regroup/RTF menu : Regroup Convoy). 5. Give waypoints to the convoy leader. Give any vehicle a waypoint or use 'Stop Following' to make it leave the convoy. Use 'Return to Convoy' or 'Regroup Convoy' to make it join the convoy again (in the last position). A disabled vehicle will leave automatically. A disabled leader will leave automatically and the second group will then take the lead and the waypoints. Hints : 1. Select the 'CARELESS' combat behaviour to avoid drivers to move away in panic when crossing a warzone. 2. Select the 'CARELESS' combat behaviour to avoid embarked cargo troops to disembark and engage the enemy when crossing a warzone. 3. Synchronize the convoy leader's waypoints with some other combat groups progression to provide protection to the convoy. 4. Avoid bridges like the plague.
  7. Hello, I dont know a thing about scripting for MP and I'm not even sure to know what a dedicated server actually is, to be honest. I always disable that stuff with "if (isDedicated) exitWith {};", as a precaution. I'm also rewriting some of the game configs so I dont think what you're asking for is even possible (is it?). I could enable Dedicated servers in the next update but I have absolutely no idea of what the end result would be. Care to explain ? The mod is designed to work as a client side addon and I'm curious to know how it could work on a server.
  8. Version : 1.5.3 Changelog : 1. Fixed : Pre-definition of arrays is now effective at mission initialization instead of first switching to HC. 2. Fixed : groups in arrays should no longer move away after unassigning their vehicle. 3. Reworked the artillery functions to better handle a selection of several groups of several artillery units. 4. Reworked the pack/unpack functions to better handle a selection of several groups of several dismantled weapons. 5. Fixed some issue with RHS dismantled weapons + added CUP and APEX dismantled weapons. 6. Improved : the Regroup/RTF menu now adapts in real time to the player's groups selection. 7. Added a paypal link in case someone feels like clicking on a paypal link.
  9. Not sure I understand what you want to do (my poor english, sorry). Lets say you have two groups A and B. Give each group 4 WPs. If you want A and B to wait for each other at their respective first WP, before moving together to their second WP, just synchronize A1 with B1. Repeat for the following WPs (A2-B2, A3-C3,..) and your 2 groups should move in together. Your groups may take longer than you'd like to reach the WPs but that's Arma isn't it ? You can be sure both WPs have been reached when the sync line disappears. Now you can also synchronize A1 with B1, A2 with B1, A2 with B2, A3 with B2, A3 with B3 and A4 with B3. You'd get some sort of zigzag with the sync lines. That's a typical setup for a bounding overwatch progression. If you want three groups to move in parallel, synchronize A1 with B1, B1 with C1 and A1 with C1 (otherwise you may have one of the groups that moves away before the other two). As a general rule, all the groups you want to move in together must be synchronized each with all the others. Hence the interest of working with the leaders. Note that you just have to synchronize the leaders to make their whole arrays move in together. Vehicles WPs are also more capricious. They'll auto-cancel their first WP if you dont set it up far enough. I hope this helps..
  10. The pre-definition works just the same as the manual system as of today, meaning that the relative positions the groups may have at mission start are considered the groups relative positions in their respective formation, the ones they'll return to when you call them back to formation (unless you're using one of the generic formations). They'll follow their leader if you give the said leader a waypoint. [Late edit : oops sorry, this is misleading. Arrays are actually defined the very first time the player switches to HC. Late edit 2 : that's gotta change !]. Later down the road you will be able to choose whether or not you want the groups to start the mission in formation. I plan to develop a custom HC formation system similar to CFS for this mod. Convoy should be easy. It was planned with the formation system but I might take a look sooner :)
  11. Hotfix Some issues with the new Regroup/RTF system and dynamic menus. Edit : I've checked the pack/unpack functions btw. I cant seem to replicate your issue. You need at least 2 units in your group for those actions but I guess you know that right ? Care to write a step by step description of the issue ? The mods you're using etc.
  12. Version : 1.5.2 Edit : Hotfix This update aims at making the mod more streamlined and user friendly. It also focuses on large scale gameplay by making arrays more persistent and meaningful. Changelog : 1. Pre-definition of arrays : mission makers can now define arrays in their mission's init file. Below is a typical setup for a company made up of 3 platoons, each platoon made of 3 squads of 3 groups. IGIT_HCC_Arrays_Presets = [ [['A',1,1], 'directional', 'Squad', 1, [G1,G2,G3]], [['A',1,2], 'directional', 'Squad', 1, [G4,G5,G6]], [['A',1,3], 'directional', 'Squad', 1, [G7,G8,G9]], [['A',1,0], 'positional', 'Platoon', 1, [G1,G4,G7]], [['A',2,1], 'directional', 'Squad', 1, [G10,G11,G12]], [['A',2,2], 'directional', 'Squad', 1, [G13,G14,G15]], [['A',2,3], 'directional', 'Squad', 1, [G16,G17,G18]], [['A',2,0], 'positional', 'Platoon', 1, [G10,G13,G16]], [['A',3,1], 'directional', 'Squad', 1, [G19,G20,G21]], [['A',3,2], 'directional', 'Squad', 1, [G22,G23,G24]], [['A',3,3], 'directional', 'Squad', 1, [G25,G26,G27]], [['A',3,0], 'positional', 'Platoon', 1, [G19,G22,G25]], [['A',0,0], 'positional', 'Company', 1, [G1,G10,G19]] ]; . Please note that the last line has no coma at the end. . In this setup, G1 leader's rank is Major. G10 and G19 leaders are Captains. G22, G25, G13, G16, G4 and G7 leaders are leutenants, the other groups leaders are sergeants. . Elements : 1. ['A',1,1] : Company A, Platoon 1, Squad 1. The callsigns are not functional yet but I may use them later on. 2. 'directional' : Mode of the array. Can be either 'directional' or 'positional'. Directional by default is not recommended for very large arrays. 3. 'Squad' : Type of the array. Can be either 'Squad', 'Platoon' or 'Company'. 4. 1 : This variable is not functional yet. It will decide whether or not you define the current position of your groups as their default formation. Custom HC formations will be possible at a later stage. 5. [G1,G2,G3] : groups of your array. Arrays of order X can be made of either all the X-1 groups, or just the X-1 leaders. For instance, Platoon 1 could be [G1,G2,G3,G4,G5,G6,G7,G8,G9] but the mod only takes the subleaders (if any) into account. 2. Gameplay : 'Stop Following' is no longer mandatory to take back direct control over a subgroup. Issuing a waypoint to the group will now automatically break the current formation. 3. Gameplay : the Regroup/RTF system has been reworked to differentiate arrays that were properly defined from the more opportunistic 'Follow Me' command. You can now order any group to follow you without breaking the array he belongs to. Use 'Regroup Subgroups' or 'Return To Formation' when you're dealing with your squads, platoons or companies, and use 'Form Back on Me' or 'Form Back on Player' when you want to call back the groups you've taken control over with 'Follow Me'. Note that a group that has been sent back to its regular formation is no longer available for the 'Back on Me' or 'Back on Player' commands (unless you use 'Follow Me' again). Those changes in the system should prevent from breaking the arrays you've defined unless you deliberately choose to re-define them. 4. As a bonus I have changed the 'Vehicle Speed' menu to provide a wider range of controllable speeds.
  13. Yes, the team switch feature is functionable but limited to the vanilla game's scope as of today. I'll try to make it so that switching to a sub-leader would always come with HC control over his defined subgroups, but I'll never take the "everyone is commanding everything" path, as it utterly contradicts the very concept of High Command imo. I dont get that part. You can always take back direct control over any HC group of any of your defined arrays by switching to the "All groups" page, selecting the group and hitting 'Stop following'. Just use 'Regroup Subgroups' or 'Return to formation' when he's done. No need for team switching here. I think I'll change the process so that the 'Stop following' command is no longer mandatory, as it may feel counter-intuitive for people. Issuing a WP to any subgroup would automatically break their current formation and let them move wherever you want. I plan to rework the default WPs later on. Note taken for the autocombat stuff. Building clearing should make an appearance somewhere down the line, along with automatic healing, rearming, etc.. Time will tell :)
  14. I have built my own Team Switch functions for this mod, as the original feature was designed for switching units in a same group and hence was practically unusable in combination with HC. It may need another check though, I haven't used it for long. As it stood, you just had to assign some hc groups to the playable units you plan to switch to instead of assigning them to the player. For instance, if you have PL1 = Platoon Leader 1 : PL1 hcSetGroup [G1]; instead of player hcSetGroup [G1]. The feature should also work for assigning different HC arrays to different players in MP. Test it out if you're interested and let me know whether it's still working. I have no more time to do it myself today.
  15. Seems doable. No ETA but notes have been taken :) Looking forward to playing your mission btw. Feel free to share when you're done !