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  1. The Real Bunc

    Automatic ammo bearer resupply ?

    That's really helpful if there isnt a more general script. I presume it's OK to use your FSM and adapt it for other ammo/First aid resupply to other squad members?
  2. Does anyone know of a script that would handle the ammo bearer in a group automatically moving to and resupplying units ( and player) when they are out of ammo? I know there are auto medic scripts which handle this type of thing for healing - is there anything for handling an ammo-bearer automatically this way?
  3. Just a note on Grumpy Old Mans code suggestion above - [stomper] join player; This works with the base stomper - you can direct the stomper to move and it will do so. However with the Stomper RCWS that code does not work and the stomper will not respond to move commands. Which seems a bit inconsistent ( to put it mildly) in the way BI has coded these two variants of the Stomper.
  4. The Real Bunc

    [functions] Playing with fire

    This is a good effect. I had a script once ( I think I downloaded it from somewhere) that gave a chance of starting a bushfire if you were shooting tracer rounds or through explosions and there was low humidity and the bush fire could spread to trees. I'm sure I have it somewhere but haven't been able to find it again. Yours is a nice effect for towns.
  5. Enjoyed playing your Force Through Game mode scenario and it saves a restarts fine as an ongoing fight. Going to try the other examples. Thanks for this.
  6. The Real Bunc

    [SHOWCASE] Model Village Script

    That's very impressive. Great immersion for mission planning at the start of a mission. Brilliant.
  7. Thanks for the responses to my query. I hadn't realised that a phase number greater than the max continued the animation in such situations. It could maybe be a bit clearer in the wiki but all is good that ends good. btw I did know what 1e10 was.
  8. @reyhard as a matter of interest where did you get the 1e10 for the second element of the animate source to give continual rotation? I had done a small script for rotation of this radar a while back but ended up doing a loop between phases of the rotation. That 1e10 is very useful in this instance. Does it have any relevance to any other animations eg rotational animations?
  9. Thanks @Harzach - it appears I need to slow down and read beyond the headlines!
  10. Helpful as always @pierremgi. getArtilleryAmmo seems much more reliable. The other two commands give very odd results but that is much more reliable for what I'm needing.
  11. I've been doing some work with mortars and I have come across a very strange ( and I would suggest broken) behaviour with the MK6 mortar and the use of the command magazinesTurret and I wonder if anyone can throw some light on this as it appears that the command isn't working ( at least with the MK6) Place a MK6 mortar ( w or w/o gunner) - name it mortar1 In attributes make sure its fully armed mortar1 magazinesTurret [0] - Result > array including the 8Rnd Mo shell magazines, and flares and smoke as expected. All good. {_x=="8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells"} count (mortar1 magazinesTurret [0]) - counts the number of 8Rnd magazines and produces the answer 4 if Mk6 is fully loaded. Now set Ammunition to 0 in attributes ( you can check that there is indeed zero ammunition if you are in the MK6.) Now run the same two code snips again. mortar1 magazinesTurret [0] - Result is array ["8Rnd_82mm_M0_shells"] !!!!!! and {_x=="8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells"} count (mortar1 magazinesTurret [0]) - gives the result 1 !!!!!! In other words when the MK6 is completely empty of ammo the magazinesTurret command is still reporting a magazine of shells! (Note I've checked the turret path and it's correct) Anyone any ideas? Is this command broken for the MK6? It seems to be. Does it produce erroneous results for other vehicle turrets like this? Anyone trying to run rearm scripts on the MK6 or checks of ammo is going to run into significant problems with these sorts of erroneous results. Interestingly mortar1 ammo "8Rnd_82mm_Mo_shells" always seems to produce a zero 0 result even when the MK6 is fully ammoed up. I assume the ammo command just doesn't work with the MK6 or turrets? I'm looking to auto rearm mortars and this very odd behaviour is making it really hard to test ammo levels for the mortar. Ideas?
  12. BTW I watched your video and I like your addaction way of calling the different modes. Good job mate.
  13. Zagor - just a quick reminder - you don't need the two following lines at the bottom of your version of the script _drone setBehaviour "SAFE"; _drone setCombatMode "BLUE"; Im pretty sure they are redundant, though if you want to be absolutely sure the drone never fires in that mode leave them in - but drones never seem to respond for me themselves without direct orders that I've found.
  14. Zagor, feel free to post any enhancements here my friend. My main interest was the core script itself. The cycling radio alpha script was just the one way I envisaged it being used. For my own use Im probably mostly going to use it without giving the player control and simply set variable using a trigger to put it into say AUTO and without messages so it does area denial type stuff but it would be very useful to have other methods of switching like your addaction approach.
  15. Hi Zagor - Just to confirm - 1) The auto laser firing by the drone in the DESIGNATE part of the script is redundant. Don't know why I didn't realise this when I wrote it. So I am removing those two lines. Im not going to make this a new version so anyone using the script should note that the version in the first post has now been slightly amended and improved in that way. 2) regarding switching from AUTO to STANDBY - I know why it might appear to you that the script was still operating in AUTO - it's because there are sleeps built into each section of the script. If you change the mode while the script is fully in the AUTO section it will complete that section before switching. In some cases it might appear that the script is still auto targeting. It isn't. Its just completing the previous auto targeting actions before switching so it doesn't need the extra lines to set combat mode etc that you suggested. I tested this by using different radio triggers to specifically set AUTO and STANDBY and switch between them. The original script is working as intended. When using the script remember there are slight sleep delays that impact how quickly the drone changes mode. Be patient with my precious and it will reward you with hours of tank killing fun.