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  1. The Real Bunc

    USS Freedom Carrier landings

    Ah I see, I had assumed that the carrier when placed in the editor was automatically a dynamic airport but I see what the distinction is now - your actually creating a dynamic airport at the carrier position. Interestingly my code does exactly the same thing and the land at works without actually creating the dynamicairport_01_F I assume that although my method worked that it may not be as robust as the method whereby you create an actual dynamic airport. Many thanks for that. My take offs are working not bad but occasionally planes are crashing on takeoff so Ill have a look at your code and see what I'm missing , again I suspect it might be that although my much simpler code works its maybe not robust enough. As I suspected it looks like Im going to need to trigger/code the movement between landing and postioning for take off. Many thanks Zagor.
  2. Im trying to crack USS Freedom aircraft carrier AI landings. I've sort of cracked AI takeoffs ( occasional crashes) but Im having problems with AI landings, or more specifically what happens after the AI aircraft lands. I place the carrier and a black wasp and I give the plane a couple of move waypoints. In a waypoint near or on the carrier I put the following code in the waypoint activation plane1 landat ((allAirports select 1) select 0); this works fine and the plane goes round and lands. ( note naming the carrier and using plane1 Landat carriername doesn't work despite what the wiki says). My problem is this - if the waypoint with this code is to the rear of the carrier ( ie at the landing end) then after landing the plan turns round and drives back down the runway and off the ship! If I put the waypoint in the middle of the ship the plane doesn't do this. It still lands but then it turns round and faces the waypoint and just sits right across the runaway doing nothing else. Im presuming im going to have to script in detail the planes movement on the ship to get it either off the runway or lined up for a take off. This is a bit of a nuisance because I was looking to have cycled waypoints with the plane landing then lining up and taking off again. Anyone have experience with AI landing and take off from the USS Freedom who could offer advice on this?
  3. The Real Bunc

    Lights on off autonomous

    according to the wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Lights _vehicle disableAI "LIGHTS"; // override AI _vehicle setPilotLight false; // force switch headlights off ive just tried this with a UGV in the init and it works. Lights will be off at start, can be turned on and of when you take control and will stay in off state when you release control.
  4. Creating CAS by script isn't something ive done ( other than forcing an editor plane to bomb things) but on a more general point - I assume you've checked that at each step in your script that the things you are doing are working. ie line by line checking if things have been created or variables set as indicated? Has that not helped narrow it down to one line or another?
  5. The Real Bunc

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    My own testing suggested to me that gunfire triggers higher knows about values anyway which is why I didn't touch that aspect. I would need to confirm that though - its just a working assumption. The reason I say this is that the audiblecoeff ( im talking from memory here I would need to double check) is something that both a Unit and a vehicle has. I never checked weapons but I wouldn't be surprised if hey carried their own audiblecoeff starting value or that it could be set specifically for them. If that is the case then I don't think any specific handling of shooting a gun is needed because the audibility is a feature of the gun itself at that point and not the Unit. That make sense? I think it does given those assumptions but of course thse assumptions may be wrong and Im happy to be corrected as Im still figuring this camouflage and audible coef stuff out.
  6. The Real Bunc


    ,Hi Dedman, I stand corrected, thanks for that.. Not sure what that _pic variable assignment was for, its probably a code line left over from me doing something else with it. I've edited the code to take that out. I should have also noted for anyone trying this code snippet that it wont work without PIP enabled.
  7. The Real Bunc


    As I said this was code I slapped together weeks ago so it's likely full of redundancy and inefficiency. It does work though. I'm using the _pic variable in the setobjecttexture lines though am I not - maybe you didn't notice that? Re the number being aspect ratio - yes indeed. My bad. As I said it was weeks ago I slapped out this code just to test the approach. I'm certainly not going to die on a lonely hill defending the specific code as it stands! 😂
  8. The Real Bunc


    I should have noted - the last number in each line where I'm setobjectexture is as far as I recall ( I wrote this weeks ago) a texture multiplier. A higher number makes more duplicates of the texture to that slot. You might want to bugger about with those figures to find what pleases you. Oh and bugger about with the FOV as well.
  9. The Real Bunc


    Im posting this as a follow up to a discussion Gunter and I had on my DynamicCamo thread about a form of camo which would adapt to reflect its visual environment. I thought Id post this up to show the proof of concept. No doubt this has been done before but this is my take on it with code I really just slapped together. This particular version works on a Slammer Tank but can be easily adapted too other vehicles. My real aim was to produce a small sniper deployable screen which a sniper could hide behind. Ive got a working version of that but I wnt to see if I can get it better before posting it. Anyway meanwhile - (Note this is ( a bit) a semi realistic effect as some armed forces have done work on this type of camo.) 1. Place a Slammer Tank in editor. 2. Name the tank tank ( im so original) 3. In the tanks Ini put 0=[tank] spawn compile preprocessfile "camCamo.sqf"; 4. the camCamo.sqf script will give the visual camo. If you want to make sure the tank is indeed harder for AI to see you might want to also add this setunittrait ["camouflageCoef",0.2]; (Ai don't actually respond to the visual camouflage of the vehicle as far as I can tell but will use the camouflagecoeff.) 5. Save the following script as camCamo.sqf to your scenario folder and then run the scenario and wtch the tank. drive it about and watch the visual camo reflect its surroundings and the jobs done. I'll post a redeployable sniper screen version up at some point fairly soon.
  10. The Real Bunc

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    @santoj you might want to check out the last comment by accuracythruvolume further up this page. You'll see how he's handling calling the script on MP respawns
  11. The Real Bunc

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    I haven't tried my script in MP and I'm no expert on this but my understanding would be that this should be run locally rather than by the server, so as long as the server whitelisted the script then it could be run by players on their own unit and , if desired , it could be run by a Headless client on eg some of the ai units it was managing and /or the same by the server. In the current version each unit which you desire to have DynamicCamo should have the script run on it whenever you want the dynamic camo to kick in. Normally that would be in ini but it could be done at another time by trigger . I hope that's a bit of a help.
  12. The Real Bunc

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    Hi Gunter, no I haven't stopped but I have progressed to a crawl over the summer because of a) good weather b) family commitments and d) the big one - the fact I'm always thinking up new ideas before I completely finish the old ones! Lol. Re the camo one I've made more progress but I'm not ready for update yet. On the live feed idea I did a proof of concept about a week after we discussed it and it worked fine. I ended up making a vehicle ( tank) camouflage that essentially mirrors the ground you are driving on. It's eccellent camo but changes as you move so the effect is a bit weird at first. I also did a proof of concept for the same approach but with a soldier using a deplorable camo screen. I used the user defined rectangle - can't recall the right name. I'll put these up in next week or two if your still interested.
  13. The Real Bunc

    Server and Headless Client setup

    Agh, so I could theoretically setup a HC as essentially another machine running on one of my other cores? Any guides around on that? The material ive been looking at seems to assume HC is running on another machine.
  14. I've been dipping my toe into the subject of MP setup and coding as Ive largely restricted myself to SP stuff to date. I run my Arma on a decent Laptop and it works ok for my purposes for SP but MP as sole server , hmmm. So I was interested in the notion of headless clients and I've been reading Monsoons very helpful guide. Im thinking of something like the following setup > my laptop as server and me as player, a HC on my own home LAN ( or direct connected to my laptop) and then being able to host games for a small number of players. My questions than arise on a mix of tech and related code issues. Any observations would be helpful. 1) The armaserver exe has to run on both the server ( my laptop) and the HC - Yes? 2) in terms of locality I assume that clients ( players) own any members of their own squad who may exist? - ie these particular Ai wouldn't be handled by the server or HC scripts. 3) I see that HC are helpful in taking the AI load and that there can be more than one HC. If there is more than one - then can the AI be loaded part to one and part to another sort of thing? ie you could have one HC managing Blufor Ai and another managing OPFOR Ai? I noticed in the HC guide that the HC armaserver exe can be run on Linux. Which made me think - is there anything in principle which would stop me using two or more cheap as chips Raspberry PI's as headless clients, or two cheap laptops? Sorry for these probably really N00b questions re MP, server, Hc etc
  15. GOM, I spotted the shadow function on that one when it was mentioned before but somehow completely missed the irradiation function. Plus one for that then if its giving an actual irradiation value at unit position.