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  1. Leopard - Problem solved. I went into the CBA settings and noticed that you have a "create high command module" setting. I hadn't realised that this required to be set to on and had assumed it was working "out of the box". When I ran the above tests having set that on all the above worked fine with no error messages at all. The MK6 mortar team also fired and I saw splash ( although they didn't look as though they had actually fired they did in fact do so this time. So all good. Might be worth pointing out in the instructions that this setting needs to be set to on so you don't get bothered by numpties like me. Great Mod! Edit: A bit of further testing - the MK6 team is still a bit buggy. The first time I gave them a target it worked and splash reported and seen but no sign that the mortar itself actually fired. When I tried to get them to fire again they took the target, reported rounds delivered but again n signs of any rounds fired and no this time no splash seen. The mortar just then stayed in that state and didn't refresh to allow further support requests. Edit 2: The above refers to a MK6 mortar team btw. I just tried with a MK6 placed as a crewed turret and it worked fine. So its the mortar group that's proving bit quirky.
  2. https://dl.dropbox.com/s/5hweam2pa40cuha/AdvMenu01bug.png Sorry , Im not sure how to embed an image here. Here is the error report when simply registering a helicopter as CAS through HC. Youll see it did register as a support but gave this error. 2. Again fresh start tried to register scorcher through HC and get this error message. The scorcher does register and work though. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rrcfcszv7e5p1fh/advbug02.png 3. When fresh start and trying first to register a mortar group it doesn't work until I register the heli or the scorcher but mortar wont ever fire. Hope this helps.
  3. Im using a very bare setup. Just me, and the groups I identified. Im getting error reports when registering the groups as high command support groups but the heli certainly worked. I just tried with a scorcher and it worked. I got error reports as it registered but when I gave the scorcher a target it accepted the target and did fire shells and I saw splash. Nothing with the MK6 though. So its working other than with the MK6 but I am getting error reports as they register. My setup for this is entirely vanilla, no mods at all and no active combat going on. No behaviour etc set by me, just units as they are plopped down. Im using the workshop version.
  4. I had left a comment re High Command on steam workshop but I see you prefer comments here. First, this is an excellent mod. Very very useful Re HC. I placed a mortar group and a helicopter an myself on map. No one grouped to me. I went into HC brought up your menu and selected the mortar group as Support HC. The mortar guy setup but no support option for the artillery appeared either when I was in the HC mode or normal mode. However when I did the same for the helicopter and selected the heli as a heli CAS the support options appeared bothe for the mortar artillery and for the heli CAS. So at that point I appeared to have both supports but the artillery didn't appear until I created the heli support. I then tried to order an artillery support attack on a hill I could see. The mortar reported accepting the target and that rounds were inbound. However the mortar did not fire at all and no splash was ever reported or seen. I then ordered CAS from the heli to the same spot. Heli took of and flew the area fine. Eventually the heli RTB. At that point the mortar reported rounds complete but no splash still ever reported or seen at the designated spot. Is there something buggy about the way the mortar is nbneing handled by the mod? I haven't tried the same with other artillery yet. Many thanks for any answer you can give and for what is an awesome mod. ( no other mods used all assets vanilla)
  5. The Real Bunc

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    I haven't forgotten it - Ive been thinking of bit of a rewrite, update and turning it into an editor placed module but this is going to take me a bit of time which I haven't had over the summer. Meantime any comments are always welcome. Personally I think the values are too aggressive and give too much camo benefit. But that's something I would like to hear views on from anyone that uses it. Thanks for using it meantime.
  6. The Real Bunc

    Smoke etc animations files location?

    Many thanks POLPOX I've now located it thanks to your advice. I was banging my head on the desk trying to find it!
  7. I've been trying to do some particle effects but Im finding the documentation not very clear re the location of the relevant files that I can use for particle animations. In the documentation for examples of using billboard particles the files tend to be referenced as for example \Ca\Data\ParticleEffects\FireAndSmokeAnim\SmokeAnim.p3d but this doesn't seem to work for arma 3. From another script I managed to use \A3\data_f\ParticleEffects\Universal\Universal_02 which I found in another script and that works. So I thought I'd look in the file structure of my Arma 3 installation and see what other Particle effects are there. But I simply cant the find \A3\Data_f\ part of my installation and so I cant locate the files. Is there a reference to the available particle billboards anywhere? Can anyone advise me how to find these files in my installation so I can see what is available? Ive tried all the pages I can think of on the WIki but many of them ( including the particle templates ) seem out of date and look as if they have the wrong particle file references. Any help at all would be very much appreciated!
  8. The Real Bunc

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    Thanks Anfo I will check that out. I've been currently trying out TCL alongside the lambs FSM mods and Logic ( im a sucker for punishment!) . Interestingly I didn't get as many conflicts as I thought there might be and I'm currently figuring out which bit of each mod tackles various things best. Eg they all handle artillery. Im hoping that by switching mod activation for different groups to use different bits of these mods that I can get an even more varied AI behaviour for different AI groups. This mod is really very good.
  9. The Real Bunc

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    I am just using it in SP just now. I have it working using the @TCL entry in the mod line on the parameters page. I've run the examples and they worked fine. I was puzzled initially why it wasn't showing up in the mod list though. Its not a great problem though as I've now got it running and I'm seeing impressive differences in the ways the AI react.
  10. The Real Bunc

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    I'm having trouble with installation. I downloaded the latest version and copied the @TCL folder ( which includes the addon folder and userconfig folder) into my Arma folder. Im pretty sure the location is correct because I have two other mods I installed that way which show up in my mod list - but TCL isn't showing up in my mod list when I boot arma up. Am I misunderstanding the installation instructions in some way? Update - I appear to be able to get it to load by using the mod line in the parameters list and entering @TCl but it doesn't show up in the normal mod list. Should it?
  11. The Real Bunc

    USS Freedom Carrier landings

    Ah I see, I had assumed that the carrier when placed in the editor was automatically a dynamic airport but I see what the distinction is now - your actually creating a dynamic airport at the carrier position. Interestingly my code does exactly the same thing and the land at works without actually creating the dynamicairport_01_F I assume that although my method worked that it may not be as robust as the method whereby you create an actual dynamic airport. Many thanks for that. My take offs are working not bad but occasionally planes are crashing on takeoff so Ill have a look at your code and see what I'm missing , again I suspect it might be that although my much simpler code works its maybe not robust enough. As I suspected it looks like Im going to need to trigger/code the movement between landing and postioning for take off. Many thanks Zagor.
  12. Im trying to crack USS Freedom aircraft carrier AI landings. I've sort of cracked AI takeoffs ( occasional crashes) but Im having problems with AI landings, or more specifically what happens after the AI aircraft lands. I place the carrier and a black wasp and I give the plane a couple of move waypoints. In a waypoint near or on the carrier I put the following code in the waypoint activation plane1 landat ((allAirports select 1) select 0); this works fine and the plane goes round and lands. ( note naming the carrier and using plane1 Landat carriername doesn't work despite what the wiki says). My problem is this - if the waypoint with this code is to the rear of the carrier ( ie at the landing end) then after landing the plan turns round and drives back down the runway and off the ship! If I put the waypoint in the middle of the ship the plane doesn't do this. It still lands but then it turns round and faces the waypoint and just sits right across the runaway doing nothing else. Im presuming im going to have to script in detail the planes movement on the ship to get it either off the runway or lined up for a take off. This is a bit of a nuisance because I was looking to have cycled waypoints with the plane landing then lining up and taking off again. Anyone have experience with AI landing and take off from the USS Freedom who could offer advice on this?
  13. The Real Bunc

    Lights on off autonomous

    according to the wiki https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Lights _vehicle disableAI "LIGHTS"; // override AI _vehicle setPilotLight false; // force switch headlights off ive just tried this with a UGV in the init and it works. Lights will be off at start, can be turned on and of when you take control and will stay in off state when you release control.
  14. Creating CAS by script isn't something ive done ( other than forcing an editor plane to bomb things) but on a more general point - I assume you've checked that at each step in your script that the things you are doing are working. ie line by line checking if things have been created or variables set as indicated? Has that not helped narrow it down to one line or another?
  15. The Real Bunc

    [RELEASE] DynamicCamo Script

    My own testing suggested to me that gunfire triggers higher knows about values anyway which is why I didn't touch that aspect. I would need to confirm that though - its just a working assumption. The reason I say this is that the audiblecoeff ( im talking from memory here I would need to double check) is something that both a Unit and a vehicle has. I never checked weapons but I wouldn't be surprised if hey carried their own audiblecoeff starting value or that it could be set specifically for them. If that is the case then I don't think any specific handling of shooting a gun is needed because the audibility is a feature of the gun itself at that point and not the Unit. That make sense? I think it does given those assumptions but of course thse assumptions may be wrong and Im happy to be corrected as Im still figuring this camouflage and audible coef stuff out.