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  1. More science - Force Recon Altis. Set params to respawn at base on all players dead - Helicopter teleport does not work as it does at the start of the mission. Change to Pilot seat - fly myself in to an AO. All DDR installations ignore me. Able to land right next to them. Only open fire on heli once I exit vehicle ________________ edit: Found an action menu "rejoin the fight" action on respawn.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place - maybe official missions... Really enjoying the Force Recon mission, however I've found that the camera is struggling to identify and award recon points for photos of AAF vehicles. Also are you planning on adding an official server running Force Recon? - I think you should!! Thanks
  3. seacaptainjim

    All default missions and campaigns are gone

    have you changed your profile name - on the main menu top right
  4. seacaptainjim

    Disabling the move map to player location

    works beautifully! Thanks Larrow 🗺️
  5. seacaptainjim

    Disabling the move map to player location

    Like this? addMissionEventHandler ["Map", {_mapIsOpened; _display = uiNamespace getVariable "RSCDiary"; _ctrl = _display displayCtrl 1202; _ctrl ctrlEnable false; _ctrl ctrlsettextcolor [0,0,0,0]; _ctrl ctrlSetTooltip ""; _ctrl ctrlCommit 0; }; ];
  6. seacaptainjim

    ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    The hit box to be able to pick it up is tiny - spent a few minutes trying to pick up the camera and and note pad too!
  7. seacaptainjim

    ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    Sorry if this counts as a necromancing of an old thread! Playing through again again I found an intel folder which produces a large exclamation mark map marker in the diary briefing menu. Was wondering if I'd found an 1/6 of an easter-egg or a remnant of an axed feature! Keep up the good work J
  8. seacaptainjim


    Great place names! A nice balance of clutter, vegetation and open spaces. A keeper and modern classic
  9. seacaptainjim

    List of all hidden texture inits

    I'm replaying the Contact expansion ready for epo to pbo day Making a shopping list of things as I come across them in game. Some of the below may already be pbo available Signs Embarkation Point A Yankee go home Oboz Kresenski Stypes burnpit Spalarina Uwaga PPE White Boards Exercise Electron No Press Doomsday Our discovery Team Funky Fresh Livonia Map taped to whiteboard A3\Enoch\addons\props_f_enoch.pbo\Civilian\Info Boards\data\MapBoard_Enoch_CO.paa Laptop Screens NATO - Manuals NATO - Electron 39 NATO - Stan_F.exe LDF Vrana sim LDF Delta Relay 6.2 ASTRA scan.tff Gravon.exe Luna Light panel Camp Conrad HDMI1 Camp Conrad HDMI2 Maps Livonia tourist map Livonia Electron39 A3\Enoch\addons\props_f_enoch.pbo\items\documents\dataMap_enoch_CO.paa Livonia sat terrain Magnetic anomaly News papers AAN Webpages Hand drawn sketches Strange Orb Flyers/Intel MacroTech EDIE ASTRA "Dr Lem I know you're busy"
  10. seacaptainjim

    east wind campaign armoury still bugged

    Why not just use simple single player cheat menu to load your guys up? Single player missions are fraught with things breaking, AI (friendly and enemy) doing weird things. You don't have to cheat yourself a Leopard II MBT but if there's a piece of Marksman DLC that you want to use that isn't available in the vanilla campaign set yourself a target - ie/ or And on successful neutralisation edit a team members loadout accordingly. It would be great if all the later produced assets were inserted into the story arc - Weasel/dalek tanks, the new jets, maybe some exotic weapons from Apex, but that feels like a whole new 'game' and if features like all equipment collected on side missions be saved into the arsenal works consistently. I think (sadly) the prospect of getting the story missions looked at again in close to nil.
  11. seacaptainjim

    Question about the Eden editor

    Try any of these tutes https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=arma+3+support+module
  12. seacaptainjim

    PSD Template for creating custom Whiteboards.

    Here's my version, check the layers for things like sellotape https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X-VnmN4qvo-PzsrdM5nrYwXuL23HycDs/view?usp=sharing
  13. seacaptainjim

    Cold War Rearmed III

    Two undressed characters found in cut scenes: Man sat at table in pub talking then James Gastovski in Pegasus Air Office/Hanger