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  1. seacaptainjim

    List of all hidden texture inits

    The book is from Enoch/contact expansion A3_Props_F_Enoch_Items_Documents Book_01_F and Book_02_F the skins are listed below. The back covers are visible when you rotate the objects
  2. seacaptainjim

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    It was the delinquent unpacked copies of the oldman mission... That'll teach me a lesson! Thanks @Dedmen for the nudge!
  3. seacaptainjim

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    ....but it doesn't exist! i think i know what the issue is! I was poking about in the oldman mission files to see how it works. I'll delete those copies and perhaps everything will be better!
  4. seacaptainjim

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    I'd love to know! Just had a buddy check for the file too - he doesn't have it either
  5. seacaptainjim

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Just tried to host a MP server and I get a crash to desktop: a3\Missions_F_oldman\systems\UI\Sleeping\RSCTestControlTypes.inc is missing. opened the expansions folder and navigated through to \sleeping and indeed RSCTestControlTypes.inc does not exist! I've tried varifying my game files. Do i need to redownload Apex? 🙁 Arma?☹️
  6. seacaptainjim

    Eden Objects

    Arma 3 version 2.00 update - fixed newspaper - that is all 😄
  7. seacaptainjim

    Eden Objects

    I've found a game breaking bug 😉 Either March 2 2033 is a Wednesday and not a Thursday which makes the paper wrong or There's a missing leap year in the Eden Editor
  8. seacaptainjim

    [WIP] Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

    Just stick a playable character in the copilot seat along with a playable pilot. Use the switch character (U key by default) and flick over to the targeting pod. If if you have both grouped together you’ll be able to command go to next wp to keep the pilot on the straight and narrow
  9. this; lodNoShadow = 1; would this work on units like it does on vehicles?
  10. seacaptainjim

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Maybe pacifist is the wrong word. Stealthy - or at least a bit sneaky is more what I was after. Anyway I glad there's some BIS dudes still making Arma content!
  11. @Mondkalb Could you bulldoze two flat strips 'off map' in the hinterlands of east and west for suitable long runways? they need not be decorated or textured just a suitable flat 2km for anything to use? Also thanks for continuing development - the air assets look great!
  12. seacaptainjim

    Arma 3 Apex: Old Man Feedback

    Rube - I like your thinking The Miller situation was annoying me too - but perhaps he's been using a special ability from the device to teleport around! The cashes are cool - but once I had an okay loadout, and I looked at a couple of them I didn't bother going after any more cashes. Perhaps if they had less gear or were more specialised? Random is a dangerous thing (just try it in the virtual aresnal). Random on the map is even more dangerous (inside a rock out at sea). Curated is always going to be better (anyone want a crate full of red berets and watches)? Maybe a list of curated boxes with a possible list of curated cache sites which are only 30% populated on any play though would achieve what you're after but even then - this is extra work for a feature that is not broken. Rules of disguise: This was my biggest peev. I would have liked (an almost) pacifist route/very discrete method of achieving the story line - ie dropping a bag under the house in Vagalala in the dark, timed to detonate 5 minutes later once i was on the hill near the safe house, or even building a car bomb with explosives that i talked my way into acquiring from a corrupt official at the mine... There's lots like this but then you're looking at making Fallout New Vegas which took 170 people four years to make (and crashes every 20 minutes)! I'm looking forward to Oldman II: Older man
  13. seacaptainjim

    Laptop screen texture

    Open your mission folder in C:\Users\greywolf\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\greywolf\mpmissions\ make a new folder for all your custom textures - name it something like "skins" Drop in all your computer screens "textureA_co_.paa", "textureB_co_.paa", "textureC_co_.paa" Then in 3den editor open the init panel for your laptop. Paste this into it. call{ this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "skins\textureA_co_.paa"]; this setObjectTextureGlobal [1, "skins\textureB_co_.paa"]; this setObjectTextureGlobal [2, "skins\textureC_co_.paa"]; } Chances are this will work, but 0 may be the texture of the laptop itself, if so try changing the 0,1,2 to 1,2,3
  14. seacaptainjim

    [TUTORIAL] Contact Scripts

    I'm going through the https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CBRN instructions to complete the CBRN uniforms. The fifth(? counting zero or is it the zeroth and the fourth?) hidden selection governs the insignia on the backpack respirator (backpackContainer this) setObjectTexture [4, "\A3\ui_f\data\logos\bi_white_ca.paa"]; //Replace the texture by any insignia texture path The wiki says to go to: ui_f\data I could not see anything there - but at ui_f_data there is everything you could want... Can anyone explain why does \ work but _ doesn't? Also I like the cheeky \a3\ui_f_data\Map\Markers\Flags\catalonia_ca.paa
  15. Remote controlled heavy plant Workshop VR Mission https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2071442426 Inits UGV call{this setObjectTextureGlobal [0,'']}; call{this setObjectTextureGlobal [1,'']}; call{this setObjectTextureGlobal [2,'']}; this; lodNoShadow = 1; Bulldozer this attachTo [UGV,[0.0,0.0,-0.5]]; this setVectorDirAndUp [[0,-4,0],[0,0,1]]; Digger this attachTo [UGV,[0.38,2.0,1.0]]; this setVectorDirAndUp [[0,0,0],[0,0,1]]; Mining Shovel this attachTo [UGV,[0.8,4.0,7.0]]; this setVectorDirAndUp [[0,0,0],[0,0,1]];