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  1. Stranded An event occurred. It's origin unknown. Some say it's just nature restoring the balance. Some say it's a virus from outer space. Some say it's Judgement. Nobody truly knows. What we do know is that one day the dead started to rise. Everyone who dies rises again to attack the living and create more walking corpses. Countries that had the infrastructure managed to withstand the event whereas countries torn by civil war, famine and scarcity were not so lucky. Altis was not so lucky. You are a drifter. A faceless roaming survivor of the aftermath earning a meagre living scavenging and selling loot. You are nothing. A nobody and when you die you become another nobody. Over and over. Explore and pillage the island nation of Altis where the further you go the harder it gets. Battle across high risk/high reward loot zones where the better the gear the more dangerous the foe but don't stay out too long. You don't want to be outside a safe zone when night falls. Take on odd jobs. Kill zombies and bandits for money. Build up your cash to buy better gear to take on harder loot zones but beware, If you die you lose it all. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3210541042 Gameplay Videos Mission Summary Features - Random Events - Safe Zones - Vendors - Loot Zones - Tiered Loot system - Tiered enemies - Somewhat balanced progression - Repeatable missions - Mag repacking - Ambient, non intrusive, music - Custom dynamic spawn system that changes depending on day/night cycle. The main feature of this scenario is what I hope to be re-playable fun that you can either enjoy in short spurts or play over a couple hours. Future Whilst this project is functionally completed there is more I would have liked to do with it however due to time constraints / inexperience I've had to cut features out. Over time I would like to add things like a sort of bounty system / reputation system plus expand and add more variety to what's in this scenario. I can't make any promises, beyond bug fixing support, that I'll continue to add to this project though. Requirements - Apex - Contact - All free DLC - Ravage Reccomended Mods All these mods are located on the steam workshop. JSRS Sound Mod JSRS Reload Sounds Better Inventory Death Hit and Reaction Sounds Enhanced Movement Enhanced Movement Rework CE: Movement CQB Weapon Stance Dynamic Camo System Impact Moving Stacks Rework No more Soul-Less Eyes Project SFX: Remastered Webknights Two Primary Weapons - This mod introduces an unintended consequence in the respawn system whereby the second primary weapon isn't removed. Rested Weapon Movement Modernized controls collection Enhanced Soundscape I use the above list of mods with this scenario however there are a couple very minor interactions with my scripts. Bug Reporting / Feedback / Suggestions Leave a comment here or on the steam workshop page I greatly appreciate any feedback and/or support. Change Log Update: 3 Apr @ 11:15pm _______ Fixes _______ - Removed some old files that bloated the scenario size. Sorry! _______ Additions _______ - Added a means to reset your score level (other than by dying and losing your stuff) if you kill Bluflor. Update: 5 Apr @ 6:44pm Removed Western Sahara requirement. Completely unintentional! I've been experimenting with making different versions of this scenario with different dlc's and mods in mind like Western Sahara and RHS mods. Update: 7 Apr @ 9:42pm _______ FIxes _______ - Fixed Vehicle Tow script (missing semi colon) - Fixed lights not turning on in old evac camp _______ Additions _______ - Added skip 3 hours feature to safehouse sleeping bags & to a chair next to stash table in old evac camp. - Added tutorial conversations to the Bar Mechanic and Bar Trader to explain some of mechanics of the scenario better. - Added some items to Loot Zone loot table. Update: 7 Apr @ 10:23pm _______ FIxes _______ - Removed accidental addition of western sahara dlc items in the shop menu which caused blank empty lines with prices. Update: 11 Apr @ 11:26pm _______ FIxes / Optimisations _______ - Optimised Cleanup script. Reduced stutter (I think) when script runs and script will only delete bodies after certain distance from player. Cleanup time extended to 20 mins per script loop. - Removed a seperate cleanup loop for mines. Now it's all in one script. - Made some edits to the respawn script. May help with the damage issues. Please report any more damage issues. - Fixed Mag Repack script breaking after loading save game - Fixed SP Respawn Script breaking after loading save game Update: 13 Apr @ 5:53pm _______ FIxes / Optimisations / Rebalance _______ - Rebuilt the respawn script to function without a damage event handler. Eliminating the unitended mitigation of damage received. - Fixed safe zone guard spawns obstructing the entrances to safezones. - Added some missing mags to the trader list - Increased vehicle rearm price - Decreased bounty reward for zed and bandit kills - Lowered prices for attachments - Increased money loss when dying Update: 15 Apr @ 11:20pm _______ FIxes _______ - Rewrote the add trader script and enabled the trader script to restart upon mission load after saving and exiting. This should fix the shop after resuming a saved game. Please let me know how this goes. This has changed how traders work slightly. You'll now need to look at the laptop in front of the trader to open the shop menu. Update: 20 Apr @ 1:00am _______ FIxes / Optimisations _______ - Small reduction of loot crates that spawn in loot zones. - Fixed jobs completing after death. Now they fail if you die. - Upped undead rise timer to 4 minutes from 1min 30secs. - Fixed the cause of the object error message that occurs at the beginning of the mission. _______ New Features _______ - Added hireable AI in safe zones. Update: 20 Apr @ 3:10pm _______ Optimisations _______ - Small change to how the ambient bar radio is restarted on resuming save. Update: 22 Apr @ 9:39pm _______ FIxes _______ - Properly integrated the gutting knife into the mission. It can now be bought from Barmen and found randomly on dead bodies and in loot zones. _______ Additions _______ - Added an animal spawn script. - Made it easier to see where you need to go to refuel / re arm and repair your car. You can only do this with cars you've bought from the mechanic. To refuel or repair cars found in the world you'll need to buy the fuel and repair box from the mechanic (or loot them). Credits Haleks for providing Ravage. Bohemia Interactive forums, for all the coding snippets, advice and support shared between members. George Floros [GR] for his excellent scripts, including single player respawn and clean-up Bangabob and Strider42 for the EOS scripts outlawed for the mag repack script. HallyG for the money shop scripts. R3evo for his simple conversation script. IndeedPete for his conversation system. IndeedPete for his drunk script. Music Credits None of the music present within this scenario is of my own work. All rights belong to the respective authors of the music played within this creation. Ambient Noodling - Rabea Massaad - https://www.youtube.com/@RabeaMassaad Serenity - Das Ungesagte - https://www.youtube.com/@DasUngesagte MooZe - Stalker OST Soundtrack - GSC Gameworld Ambient Song - andy othling - https://www.youtube.com/@AndyOthling
  2. Dynamically Generated Horror Missions Join the Paranormal Operations Group (POG) and deal with spooks, anomalies, and paranormal disturbances across the world... NOTE - THIS IS A BETA RELEASE. BUGS MAY PERSIST. PLEASE REPORT IN REPLIES SO I CAN FIX THEM Storyline: The Paranormal Operations Group, a secret multi-national organization, has served under various names since World War 2 to keep the world safe from (and unaware of) the cosmic horrors that threaten our existence. From zombie contagion outbreaks to anomalous beings from beyond the veil, POG stands ready to deploy, contain, and destroy the weird, the paranormal, and the horrifying, no matter where they crop up. - A Horror Mission Generator by UselessFodder Features: - Completely dynamic horror missions generated across the entire map - Every mission is completely unique - Generates based on the server's loaded horror/monster mods (see below) - Variety of mission objectives (purge zone, recover artifact, destroy object, etc) - 1-4 objectives per operation - Single Player or Multiplayer coop up to 16 - Ground or helicopter insertions into the AO - Mission Difficulty and "Vibe" parameters available - Custom 'horror events' and sounds to keep the spooks up while in the AO - Zeus capability for hosts & logged in admins - Mission "Themes" (Undead, Fantasy, Sci Fi, etc) to increase immersion - Fine-tuned control of the enemy factions - Extremely Easy to Port to new Maps - [Coming Soon] Custom POG Patches created by UselessFodder Steam Collection of all Maps Available here: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=3064136265 Supported Maps: - Malden: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064130063 - Altis: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064103977 - Stratis: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064149451 - Chernarus - Autumn: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064063985 - Takistan: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064683012 - Bystrica: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3065545236 - (Soon) Livonia - (Soon) Namalsk - (Soon) Others as Suggested Supported Mods: NOTE: You MUST have at least one of the supported mods loaded or the mission will not spawn enemies! - Devourerking's Necroplague Mutants - Drongos Spooks and Anomalies - WebKnight's Zombies and Creatures - Empires of Old - Ryan's Zombies & Demons - Foes & Allies Aliens - The Corporation DVK - Ravage - Max's Alien - Max's Werewolf - Cytech Assets (WIP) - Horror Mod (WIP) - (Soon)Diwako's STALKER-like anomalies - (Soon)EpochZ Spearhead Zombies - (Soon)Atmospheric Horror & Emotional Music Pack - (Soon)BG21 Slaughter Assets - (Soon)Alias Night FX Modules - (Soon)SCP Foundation - (Soon)WH Fantasy Skeleton Faction NOTE: This persistent mission was inspired by the Dynamic Recon Ops, but diverges from that scenario in significant ways and does not utilize a single line of their code. The focus here is on the tension of clearing a dark, lamp-lit village on foot by flashlight, waiting to hear the footsteps of the infected just around the next turn... No one is coming to save your team: You are the saviors. I hope you enjoy the experience... If you encounter any bugs, please post them here, on the Steam Workshop page or in our Discord at https://discord.gg/UselessFodder . Thanks for playing! All Released DHO Collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3064136265 GitHub with most up to date version: https://github.com/UselessFodder/FS-DynamicHorrorOp Credits: - Horror Mod collection: Liru the Lcpl., Icebreakr, Nillers, GameCam, John, Scarecrow1625, Hippcelt, EpochZ, JamesH97, Maddog088, Spectakil, Jones.S, lemonstone92, SMuRG_Teh_WuRGG, Sir_Potoo, robofireman - Testers: GameCam, Flame, Poly, John, Sytx, Waksu, Axagoras, Element, uty206, slugfox - Bugfixes: Drongo, Devourerking - See more in-game Highlighted by BIS in Community Spotlight #144: No kidding screenshots captured during DHO missions:
  3. 2024/1/12 update I've made an addon which enables information sharing among AI groups. Check out "Efficient Info Share" on steam workshop ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My background: I used to be an OFP/Arma1 mission editor who spent 3 years on learning to design immersive singleplayer scenarios back then. After I went to college in 2017, I upgraded my laptop and stopped to play other games because my laptop still cannot run Arma 3 without heat problems. Topic: During the corona-virus pandemic, I downloaded and played all ArmA installments and found 2 common issues both in Singleplayer and Multiplayer that still haven't been solved 20 years after the release of OFP. And many mission makers also ignored them (maybe for better performance). First issue: No body detection. Can you believe that a group of soldiers can walk past a dead friendly killed by player like nothing has happened? Whatever you think of it, I think it's stupid and ridiculous, especially in an infiltration mission. They don't even change their CombatMode! Luckily I found some tutorials on youtube on how to address this issue by coding, as well as a few discussions about ways to solve it. But in many missions on Steam Workshop and Armaholic, mission makers didn't include this feature. Second issue: No info share between different squad. An enemy squad is engaging player, while another squad positioned next to the first one remains idle. This is the often case in OFP. In ArmA, things improved with the second squad entering alert mode. But they still don't share hostile info (real time position of every enemy spotted) with other squads. A common scene in coop multiplayer is, player squad is engaging a hostile position. And other enemies hundreds meters away doesn't react to this event. They don' t reinforce their friendlies, they don't shoot at players, they don't even change CombatMode! Solutions: I remember I got a glimpse of some scripts in an OFP addon a few years ago about above problems. So I searched for this addon on Google and found this: OFP Wizzywig tomahawk pack (I will permanently keep this addon because this site could go down anytime just like ofp.gamepark.cz . ) You don't have to install OFP and load the addons. Just open the second mission folder in the archive and then you will see different scripts in different folders concerning different topics in either SQS or SQF. The script author provided simple ways to include these features in your mission. Typically you just need a few triggers to set them up. Check out author instructions in comment section of a script file. I can use these scripts in OFP. Hope you guys port them to ArmA 3. (Since sqs script still work in ArmA, I don't think there will be too much work.) Some notes: These scripts were not written by the addon maker. They date back to 2003 but similar features still don't exist in ArmA 3 without modification. These scripts do have an impact on the performance. But in missions where there are not too many units, it doesn't make any difference. You need to check if it slows down your game bu yourself. Hope I can see more serious missions!
  4. Combat Helicopter Transport Missions - Collection on steam https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2905502852
  5. After i found GluxDesigns awesome stranger things art in arma i got inspired to make a mission with the same theme. The result is a Horror scenario with the up side down as your main area. Cinematic Cutscenes. Singleplayer and COOP up to 4 friends. More information on steam workshop. Steam https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1901890107 GluxDesigns Art
  6. Hello fellow Arma players! Is there anyone still remembering the original "Survivor" simple mission in Girna that blew up when Arma was still in Alpha? Well, it has been more than 10 years and I thought that it's time to create a PROPER sequel :) Survivor is back! Prevail as a Survivor against numerous bullies! Use the environment, skills, equipment and fallen enemies' gear to annihilate those pesky bullies that just want you dead! 10 Year Anniversary 10 years ago, I've created and published a mission called "Survivor". It was a simple small mission set up entirely in the old 2D editor using triggers, waypoints and units. That mission became my first workshop success in Arma 3 community and is still played and praised today! To remind you of this mission and to pay proper respect to the community - I've created this sequel, packed with action, story line, comic pages and inovative gameplay features, that will keep you busy for the entirety of this rollercoaster! Features - 10 story missions , each being more difficult and complex as you progress - 4 secret missions , that you can unlock by inspecting certain items in the world (can be found during story missions) - 78+ comic (manga) pages explaining the story line and secrets - 24 music songs , picked from Epidemic Music! - 36+ secret images explaining my personal history - Epic gameplay features during certain missions! - Ultimate challenge that gets harder the more you accomplish - Fast restart after death (no waiting for the mission reload) - Death cam (enjoy your suffering in slowmo) DOWNLOAD Steam Workshop
  7. Gemini


    "OPEX is a masterpiece." (Sowens) "This mod is awesome and should be approved by Bohemia." (Unknown) "You have made what I've been looking for since a very long time." (Guim's) "My friends and I are now only playing this mission." (Neall) "It's a titan work. Respect." (BingaNarko) "Thank you and go on, you're the best dude I have a poor PC and OPEX is running fantastic." (NeXoWw) "God bless you !! To be honest I've never seen someone who is so reactive and attentive to the community's feedback." (Bobzap / Sayker) "This mission is becoming so epic. I love it."(xaxa) ..... DESCRIPTION OPEX is an immersive, realist and fully dynamic task generator for ArmA III military simulator. The first version was initially introducing the French Army fighting against terrorist organizations all over the world (hence the French name Opérations Extérieures - means External Operations). This new version now allows players to chose among several armies, depending on enabled extra mods ! AUTHOR'S NOTE Bonjour ! I have to be honest, OPEX has totally be inspired by MSO from ArmA II. After I have tried it, I thought the idea of a dynamic task generator was brilliant, but some features were not perfectly fitting to what I was expecting for and some others were missing. So firstly, I tried to customize the original MSO but finally I chose to rebuild everything from scratch. After more than 8 years of development (yeah, really !), and even if there are still many things to do, it's now time for sharing all I have did so far ! MAIN FEATURES Made by Gemini Mission that required more than 2000 hours of learning, experimentations and development (project started in 2012) SP and MP compatible (from 1 to 50 players) Unique immersive and realist atmosphere Select the theater of operations (Europe, Middle-East, Africa...), your army (France, USA, Russia, UK, Spain, Czechia...) and the opponents (Taliban, Islamic State, Boko Haram, generic ultranationalists...) - extra mods may be required to get all options (see below) Entirely built with random parameters for generating unpredictible situations and unlimited replayability Custom menu at startup to enable/disable/set main mission features Plenty of things to do: select a specific task (among more than 20 available), patrol to find and fight the enemy, locate and destroy weapon caches, neutralize IEDs, search buildings and interrogate local people to gather intel, capture opponents... Dynamic civilian life with custom interactions (talk, search, arrest...) Dynamic AI activities: patrols, ambushes, reinforcements, suicid bombers, roadblocks... Dynamic reputation: take care of the local population or it may rise against you Gather and exchange intel to recruit AI teammates and to get extra supplies, vehicles, supports... AI improvements: ability to assign/unassign NVG/flashlights/silencer depending on daytime and behaviour, ability to board into nearest static weapon... Primary needs system: eat, drink and sleep to avoid bad effects Customizable MP synchronized music receiver in order to listen music into vehicles Performance friendly: useless AI entities are automatically disabled/deleted to save computer/server ressources Persistent save for both server (mission progression, global stats...) and clients (loadout, personnal stats...) Playable without any mod (vanilla game) but compatible with many ones (CUP, RHS, R3F, 3CB, FFAA, BW, CFP, Project OPFOR, TFAR, ACE3, Winter 2035...) Readable content fully translated in French and English And much more to discover ! Made by the Community Advanced medical system (tweaked version of Psychobastard's AIS script) or expert medical system (if ACE mod is detected) Optimized AI behaviour (thanks to R3F AiComTarget script) Move and transport almost every item (thanks to R3F Logistic script) Random and dynamic weather (thanks to code34 for his script - I modified it a bit so weather's evolution is depending on world regions) Futurist but realist electronic tactical glasses (thanks to TPW for his script - I modified it to create motion detector and hearbeat functions) Live video feeds (thanks to BangaBob for his script) Little immersion tweaks: light sensitive map and NVG's optimized utilisation (thanks to Viperidae for his scripts) Map gestures with nearby players (thanks to dslyecxi for his script) HOW TO INSTALL OPEX ? It's very easy, just watch this video (think to enable subtitles to get full detailed information). VIDEOS OFFICIAL (trailers, tutorials...) [FR/EN] Gemini OTHER GAMEPLAY SERIES [FR] MrRatSuper [FR] TypeX [FR] Faiavan INTERVIEWS [FR] RackBoy PICTURES REQUIRED ADDONS / DEPENDENCIES OPEX can be played without any mod (vanilla game) but in order to enjoy all the features and possibilites, it is highly recommended to subscribe (for free !) to the official mod collection. If you don't have a large storage capacity and a very high speed internet connection, you can also select only some ot these mods. COMMUNITY FEEDBACKS Don't hesitate to share your feedbacks, your suggestions and to report any bug or issue you may encounter here on the official BIS forum, or on Steam. KNOWN BUGS/ISSUES Picture "pictures\overview.paa" not found at startup when joining server despite the picture is present in the mission folder, I don't know how to fix this. Some vehicles are sometimes exploding when spawning because collision detection is not reliable at 100% despite I'm trying to improve BI's commands as much as possible. Ambient AI animations may sometimes be weired when playing on MP. TO DO LIST (Extreme priority): fix bugs and issues reported by the community (High priority): add compatibility with best incoming mods (OFrP...) (High prioriy): create version for several other maps (Medium priority): add new tasks (Low priority): optimize and tweak all scripts and functions (or better: rewrite everything because so many time has passed since the first code I wrote !) (Low priority): correct current localizations and add new ones (will require some translators !) SPECIAL THANKS Bohemia Interactive, for the best military games ever (OFP/ArmA serie) code34 and MSO/PO3/ALiVE developpers, for the dynamic/random mission concept Kamih, for the first MP tests during the early development HeroesandvillainsOS, Vengeance1, Scimitar and Sumsun93 for their precious feedbacks All beta-testers, testers and reviewers for their precious feedbacks and suggestions BangaBob, for the live feed and drag body scripts Binesi, for the defend/patrol tasks scripts code34, for the dyamic and MP compatible weather script dslyecxi, for the ShackTack Map Gestures script KC Grimes, for the building occupation script Killzone Kid, for its optimized random position script R3F team, for their Logistic and AiComTarget scripts Seth Duda, for its towing scripts TPW, for the hud, houselights, streetlights and animals scripts Viperidae, for the Little Immersion Tweaks scripts Meh44, for the Russian translation Tonic, for the Virtual Vehicle Spawner script All addon and mod makers whose creations are used in this mission: ACE team, ACRE team, CBA team, CUP team, Icebreakr, James2464, Keeway, Minimalco & Robster, Nkey, R3F team, RHS team, X-Cam team And fore sure, thanks to all the OFP/ArmA community for thinking, creating and sharing so many brilliant additionnal content If I forgot to mention someone, please excuse me and contact me ! SPECIAL DEDICATIONS To the old OFP french community, that participates to give me the passion for this game. And above all, many many many thanks to my wife, who is so patient and comprehensive every time I'm only thinking about the developing this project ! 😘 IN MEMORIAM This mission is dedicated to the memory of Faiavan (1979-2018). I only had the chance to share one or two missions with Faia but his accent, his good mood and his sense of humor made me feel good. May he rest in peace. DON'T FORGET TO RATE IT ! If you enjoy this mission and want to motivate the author, please click on the 5 stars on the top of this web page and on the thumbs up button on the top of the Steam web page. It's free and it's always a pleasure ! DONATIONS If you would like to support the author's projects, you can also make a donation via PayPal by clicking here. CHANGELOG Please keep in mind that OPEX is a non-professional and non-official mission. It may be more or less often updated in order to enhance it. So if you play it, do it at your own risk. DOWNLOAD From Steam Workshop (highly recommended because it requires only 1 click - then everything is automatic) From Armaholic (not recommended because it requires manual installation and updates) From my website (not recommended because it requires manual installation and updates) Enjoy !
  8. alky_lee

    Pilgrimage - Ported

    NOTE: As of 19 August 2019, I will no longer be updating this forum. This is due to the forum becoming locked every time I update it. It is just untenable. Feel free to continue posting in the comments. The excellent single player mission by Rydygier was originally set on Altis. Official ports were provided for Chernarus, Lingor and Bornholm and links to those missions can be found on the Pilgrimage topic. Rydygier is currently busy with real life but has given permission for players to port the mission to other maps. The purpose of this page is to provide links to the unofficial ports of the mission that have been kept up to date. Some early ports have not been updated and may no longer work, so will not be featured here. When porting some players will add their own preferences into the mission, so they may vary slightly from the official missions and have extra features. Some maps, especially landlocked terrains, will require different mechanics to end the mission. The following missions have been updated to the latest version of Pilgrimage (1.95) Common Links - CUP Terrains - Core, CBA_A3 **** IMPORTANT NOTE - On landlocked terrains, where you start with a vehicle, you NEED that VEHICLE to finish the mission **** Al Rayak (Requirements CUP Core, G.O.S Al Rayak) - Al Rayak by Alky Lee Altis (Requirements - Cessna 185 Skywagon, Real World Weather, Advanced Rappelling ) - Altis by Pvt Partz (Notes) Anizay (Requirements - Anizay, CUP Core) - Anizay by Major Stiffy Australia (Requirements - Australia) Australia by Alky Lee Beketov (requires CUP Core, Beketov) Beketov by Major Stiffy Cambodia Real (Requirements - Apex, Prei Khmaoch Luong , Unsung Vietnam War Mod 3.2 , CUP Units 1.9.1, CUP Weapons 1.9.1, CUP Vehicles 1.9.1 , CBA , Asian Factions for CUP , Advanced Repelling ) - Cambodia REAL by Pvt Partz (Notes) Chernarus Redux (requires CUP Core, Chernarus Redux) Chernarus Redux by Major Stiffy *** New *** CLA Clafghan (Requires CUP Core, CLA Clafghan) CLA Clafghan by Major Stiffy Dingor (Requires CUP Core, Lingor + Dingor Island) Dingor by Alky Lee Isla Duala (Requires CUP Core, Isla Duala) Isla Duala by Alky Lee Kujari (Requires CUP Core, Kujari) Kujari by Vafana Kujari by Major Stiffy Lingor (Requires CUP Core, Lingor + Dingor Island) Lingor by Major Stiffy Lythium (requires Lythium, JBad Buildings) - Lythium by Major Stiffy Livonia (Requires Contact DLC) - Livonia by Vafana Malden - Malden by Alky Lee Namalsk ( Requirements - Namalsk , Namalsk CUP Replace (Rail Patch), Namalsk Light Patch V2 ) - Namalsk by Pvt Partz (Notes) Napf - (Requires CUP Core , Napf) - Napf by Alky Lee Panthera - (Requires CUP Core, Island Panthera) - Panthera by Alky Lee Rosche - (Requires Rosche, MBG Buildings, CUP Core) - Rosche by Major Stiffy Staszów - (Requires CUP Core, CBA_A3, IFA3_AIO_Lite) - Staszów by Pvt Partz (Notes) Summa - (Requires CUP Core, Summa) - Summa by Major Stiffy Tanoa - Tanoa by Vafana Taunus - (Requirements - Taunus, Arma's Nature, CUP Terrains Complete, Eden Editor Objects) - Taunus by Pvt Partz (Notes) Vidda - (Requirement - Vidda ) - Vidda by Pvt Partz (Notes) The following missions still use an earlier version of Pilgrimage (1.95 beta 1) Altis - Altis by Major Stiffy Cambodia (Requires Prei Khmaoch Luong | ព្រៃខ្មោចលង ) - Cambodia by Major Stiffy Chernarus (Requires CUP Core) - Chernarus by Major Stiffy (Requires Open Chernarus) Chernarus Winter (Requires CUP Core, Chernarus Winter) - Chernarus Winter by Major Stiffy (Requires Open Chernarus), Chernarus Winter by Alky Lee Kerama Islands (Requires Kerama Islands & CUP Core) - Kerama Islands by Major Stiffy Kobbvatn (Requires Kobbvatn, CUP Core, CUP Terrains - CWA, CUP Terrains - Maps, Xin_Ponds, ) - Kobbvatn by Major Stiffy Malden - Malden by A2012V, Malden by Major Stiffy Sahrani (Requires CUP Terrains - Core, CUP Terrains - Maps) -- Sahrani by Major Stiffy,, Sahrani port by Vafana Stratis - Stratis by Major Stiffy Tanoa - Tanoa by rsoftokz, Tanoa by Major Stiffy Tembelan (Requires Tembelan) - Tembelan by Major Stiffy Vidda (Requires Vidda) - Vidda by Major Stiffy CO-OP Altis by Major Stiffy (wip 10) Cambodia by Major Stiffy Chernarus by Major Stiffy Chernarus Redux by Major Stiffy Lingor by Major Stiffy Lythium by Major Stiffy & Pvt Partz Malden by Major Stiffy Stratis by Major Stiffy Tanoa by Major Stiffy Other BI Forum Topics Pilgrimage, Silent---Unseen by Pvt Partz Pilgrimage Ported Variations by rsoftokz SP-COOP Pilgrimage TANOA Edition by rsoftokz Update Log
  9. OPERATION CONDOR SEARCH This is the "official" release for my scenario that I have made as my entrance into the scenario and modmaking community that is left for ARMA 2. I made this as a quick base and practice. Soon I plan on releasing scenarios involving conflicts in East Asia and the PLA, and hopefully soon release my biggest project that involves overhauling everything in ARMA 2 to be more modernized, similar to that of PROJECT REALITY for BF2. *Features One scenario with a barely functional narrative *No addons/mods/DLCs required I give the community permission to edit and configure the OPERATION CONDOR SEARCH as they please. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.moddb.com/games/arma-2-operation-arrowhead/addons/operation-condor-search [A year has passed since the collapse of the US. War has broken out between the Coalition States of America and the Federal Government as they battle over the Southwestern United States. A couple of miles from El Paso in West Texas, the Federal army has commenced OPERATION CONDOR SEARCH to destroy a CSAF Armored Force and retrieve an HVT with essential intel.]
  10. _Stecklenburg

    [SP] 12 Minutes Till Dawn

    Twelve Minutes Till Dawn is a short, fast-paced singleplayer scenario in which speed, surprise and aggression are decisive for a succesful ending. Take command of CTRG team during an assault on abandoned farm complex in Livonia in search of the CSAT Eastwind Device. Within 12 minutes, your objective must be completed. Situation Two weeks after the events of the 'East Wind' campaign, CSAT was able to transport the Eastwind Device towards Livonia, an Eastern European country between Poland and Russia. Altough Livonia in not a state-member of CSAT, it's political leaders are strongly linked to CSAT-member Russia. The proximity of the Eastwind Device to NATO's eastern border is cause for the planning and execution of an operation to destroy the Eastwind Device now situated in Livonia. Intelligence links to two possible locations in the northern region of Livonia near Lukow Airfield. The operation is not without risk: conducting a full-scale military operation in Livonia violates the neutrality of the country and a strong military reaction is to be expected. After the seizure of Lukow Airfield by Task Force SWORD. CTRG team 14 is to assault OBJ Alpha, an abandoned farm complex near the town of Lukow. This is one of the two suspected locations of the Eastwind Device. CTRG team 15 will assault OBJ Bravo and team Charlie/Delta will set up defensive positions south of Lukow Airfield. The clock ticks as the LDF quick reaction forces are underway towards the airfield. Scenario * Singleplayer * Difficulty: easy/medium * Playtime: 10-12min * Gameplay: stealth/CQB * Detailed briefing * Immersive (music, radio chatter, etc) * No addons required https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=3031718813
  11. 1988 - Return of the Red Star REDUX THIS CAMPAIGN WENT THROUGH A COMPLETE REWORK! MORE INFO BELOW. Redux version 1.1 Google Drive download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pY7ZrN82OFpHmtkRxrKfT_BVp5geAlRp/view?usp=sharing Original release Mediafire download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/w6f0hox56vsnzm6/1988P2.zip Campaign: 1988 - Return Of The Red Star Version: 1.1 Author: Kalle AKA Teurastaja Required addons: None Islands: Everon, Malden, Kolgujev, Nogova Playable options: Singleplayer Playable characters: 4 Missions: 12 (intro and credits including) Language: English Features: cutscenes, intros, outros, infantry combat, tank combat mission. Enjoy!
  12. Originally, when I was trying out ECP Redux, I was amazed at how most of the buildings were replaced by newer, enter-able ones. (Little did I know they were originally from FFUR 2008). I bring to you a standalone pack that brings only the buildings and vegetation without FFUR's other cool (yet performance heavy) addons. The buildings and vegetation are really resistance objects but converted for game wide use. You will find that most of the buildings from vanilla OFP/CWA's Nogova, Everon, and Maldova islands are now replaced by enter-able ones (though some may be out of place) along with neat looking grass and resistance trees that are so damn beautiful! Since this makes all objects from vanilla into resistance objects, there will be very few out of place objects (play "Steal the Car" for example and look at one of the apartment buildings) but nothing game breaking. This addon could be applied to any other mods such as ECP and Kenox's latest mod, Extended Effects. It also works without errors with missions like Abandoned Armies (which inspired me to make this updated pack because of some error popping up when replacing islands)! Installation: 1. Download these two files: Data (http://www.mediafire.com/file/w52425y6j1a4241/Data.pbo) and Data3D (https://www.mediafire.com/view/td735j39jjrr893/Data3D.pbo) 2. In your OFP/CWA directory, find a mod folder to use (or create a new folder called @buildings) and then find a folder called "dta" (create a new folder called "dta" if there isn't one) and create a folder called "HWTL" inside the dta folder.. 3. Place the Data and Data3D files you just downloaded into the HWTL folder. 4. In the launch options of your OFP/CWA shortcut add "-mod=@buildings" or whatever mod you are using. 5. Enjoy! You can see if the building addon is working by loading up a mission such as "Steal The Car" and see if some of the buildings has changed 1. To install, just go into the "FFUR Buildings & Grass" folder and extract "DTA" to the OFP/CWA directory and Addons in any custom addons folder or the same directory. (*If you're are modding dev and would like to edit the objects and textures at your own hand then go right ahead to "Backups & Tools". Have fun!) (Updated) *7zip or winrar extractor is required to extract. Download the zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xfhv1eb3q6i8lib/Resistance+Enter-able+Buildings+and+Vegetation+Replacement+Addon+(FFUR+2008).zip (2/20/17) (Latest) (FFUR Buildings and Grass) * http://www.mediafire.com/file/82co5ei2bgp86pg/Less+Lag+Option.zip (2/22/17) (Alternate verison if you don't want SLX grass and want more performance instead) Download the zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g86mazy16z6l77d/Black+Hawk+and+Buildings+Addon.zip (2/14/17) Download the zip file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/49gg9aua76r87sa/DTA.zip (2/18/17) (Old) (You can ignore this one) Re-modified to fix Black Hawk error. (adds custom Sikorsky UH-60L Black Hawk BAS texture from BAS studios). Follow the provided read me for further instructions (and be careful to follow the format to avoid problems). Please report any more errors that appear below. I almost forgot about adding in JAM!!! Credits: FFUR 2008 - The creators of the addons you're using right here! (https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/64427-ffur85-2008-edition/) Me (Marc) - The one who modified it as a standalone pack for people like myself. ;) THIS ADDON IS NOT CREATED BY BOHEMIA INTERACTIVE STUDIO S.R.O. OR CODEMASTERS SOFTWARE COMPANY LTD. AND THEY DON’T HAVE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE ADDON. BE AWARE THAT THIS ADDON MAY BE PERFORMANCE HEAVY EVEN WITHOUT SLX GRASS!!!
  13. A recreation of SOCOM II U.S. Navy SEALs Mission 1 - Seeding Chaos. Specter (Ghost), Jester and the team infiltrate the Albanian countryside to locate and destroy black market contraband belonging to the Sesseri Syndicate. I plan on creating more missions from the game as time goes on. Radio audio from the game included as well as I attempted to use the environment to best represent the missions they attempt to emulate. CUP is the only mod required. File: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1892046716 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1892046716
  14. NOTE: to reset the progress when hosting the mission locally, select "yes" as "wipe the game's save" parameter. then start then game. once you see the map/briefing interface, exit the mission and start it again. now the progress is reset. Version: BETA 0.135 Overview This sandbox mission is greatly inspired by Far Cry series. You take the role of a man who fled this homecountry, Tanoa, with his mother, at a very young age due to the boiling civil war between the royalists and the nationalists. His father died when general Solomon - as known as 'the Vulture', usurped the power from the royale, and with the help of eastern super powers, almost killed off all nationalists. Twenty years later, with the experience of several years serving in the U.S. Army and a dying wish from mother, the protagonist returns to his birthplace, to seek vengence against the man who mercilessly killed his father. Features -A fun sandbox & single-mission campaign and several side quests.(WIP, 3 infinite random side quests and 7 main quests, plus 1 intro quest avaliable thus far) -A shop system for players to buy and sell weapons, buy clothing and buy vehicles at will. -Gun shop supports vanilla, RHS and SMA weapons; NIArms weapons are added but pricing is still WIP. All weapons' prices are subject to changes. -20 safe houses across the map avaliable for purchase. You can save player's gear, location and money in the bed at safe houses; a stash crate is also avaliable at each safe house to store equipments for later use. As long as you have saved, you can just start a new game to resume your progress. DON'T HAVE TO USE ARMA 3's BUGGY SAVING MECHANISM AT ALL. -11 radio towers for players to hijack and reveal hidden POIs on the map. (Most POIs are still WIP) -Random friendly/enemy patrol teams/vehicles. The southern areas are controlled by the Royal Army(enemies) and the rebel(friendlies), and the north is controlled by CSAT. -Ambient traffic and civilians - Tanoa is teeming with life. -Recruitable civilians - hire them to fight by your side. Hired civilians randomly pick a gun from the weapon list -Lootable enemy corpses for cash. Different factions yield different amounts of cash. -Property system - still WIP. Requirements APEX DLC. CBA A3. Supported Mods (all optional, but highly recommended) RHS USAF (weapons purchasable) RHS AFRF (weapons purchasable) RHS GREF (affects what kind of enemies you fight in the early game; adding more immersion) RHS SAF (Not yet used, but may use it in the future) http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=843770737 Special Military Arms (weapons purchasable) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=699630614&searchtext=SMA NIArms series (added, not yet detailedly priced) http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=665702172 Changelog v0.135 Removed (unwanted) MCC dependency Known issues -Some delay when spawning enemies. TODOs: -Finish the story quests. -Finish the property system. -Add more side quests. Credit Enigma's simple tasks/civilians/traffic scripts. gpgpgpgp1234's coding helps. HoverGuy's simple shop system. IndeedPete's conversation system. Zenophon's framework. Download https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwxW21OcfZ_LWWYxdHVPUzhnS0E Workshop (reuploaded) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=906561138 Oh thank you Bohemia, for your stupid design to have me got my old mod page accidentally deleted by simply double-tapping enter. THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU MORONS.
  15. denzo


    Take on the role of an SAS Team Leader during the Cold War. Troopers from 'D' Squadron 22 SAS have been tasked with eliminating an Anti-Aircraft threat and destroying the enemy Command Vehicle in town of Seggerde, East Germany. The odds are against you. Good luck! Find the mission here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2114687794 CREDITS: A Big thanks to: - The Global Mobilization DLC Team - CBA Devs - Echelon for EasyFIA - TepacheLoco for Spearpoint: UK Armed Forces 1965-85 - Devs at CUP - Thank you Jeza for the play-through videos - Music clips sampled are by Kai Engel - Thank you to everyone who has helped me learn throughout the years - Big thanks to BI
  16. K12 Extraction point by Foxfort Situation: Local conflict has taken a dramatic turn, you have 10 minutes to reach the point K12 and escape with helicopter there, before both sides manage to close the airspace. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Features: - Hunk Theme song from Resident evil 2 remake OST. - 10 minutes timer to escape the island before "game over". - War between NATO and CSAT has started and both are in your way. - Very Intense and very challenging. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Credits: This mission was inspired by 4th Survivor mode from Resident Evil 2 game. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Download: STEAM ModDB Required mods: FoxFort Camo Pack Required DLCs: APEX Laws of War xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Note: On Steam there is only COOP - two man escape version. But inlcuded in ModDB mirror, you can find also for SinglePlayer, one man escape. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Installation: Copy both folders into root of your ArmA 3 folder: Example: C:\Program Files(86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Changelog: v1.0 - Initial release
  17. by Gunter Severloh Hello Arma 3 community! Here is a mission i built that i have been working on and off since November 2018: Story After a recent reconnaissance mission in Afghanistan, Intel reports ISIL forces have established a foothold in the Southwestern area of Kunduz using local Afghan compounds as their place of operations. Your mission is to locate and clear these compounds, eliminate the anti air threat, destroy their ammo, fuel, Radio, and eliminate the ISIL commander leading the occupation. Screenshots Video This video is a play through for the original mission with all mods. Video doesn't represent the latest build. The ISIL Foothold no mods & DLC version playthrough Download MISSION FEATURES General 6 Player Coop with Revive. Player apon death will have option to be revived if playing coop with other players. Player apon death will respawn at at base 5 seconds. Player can self revive/self heal without needing to respawn if a fak/medkit is in their gear. Player's body will delete on respawn. Player's loadout will save on respawn. You can change the AI difficulty in the MP parameters. You can change the weather in MP parameters. You can set the hour to any time of the day or night in MP Parameters. You can turn stamina/fatigue on or off in MP Parameters. You can change the grass density in MP Parameters. You can change the view distance in MP Parameters. You can change the weapon sway & recoil in MP Parameters. Friendly Assets 2 dune buggies seats 4 - (no respawn). 2 Humvee's with .50cal - (no respawn). 1 Ammo, fuel, & repair truck - (no respawn). 4 Artillery (Mortar M252) Fire missions. 6 calls for a helicopter to: CAS, Transport, pickup,fastrope, and Supply Drop - (Slingload or Paradrop). Access to Virtual Arsenal at Base to change uniform, weapons, loadout & gear. Recruit AI Custom Map Mission set on Kunduz, Afghanistan Map - (Fixed Doors version so you can open the doors). Over 1,075 custom placed buildings, walls, objects, sandbags, and wrecks in and around the compound areas. Gameplay Soldiers randomly garrisoned in and around the compounds - (Each play through is different!) Roaming infantry patrols will seek you out if you make your presence known. Random starting positions of several of the objectives. If you play solo you will respawn when you die. Option to recruit AI infantry to command. Full Briefing with Tasks. 18 objectives with tasks. Use your map to locate objectives based on their description for the task. Your enemy is the ISIL forces, also known as ISIS. Player's faction is Blufor (RHS - USA SOCOM / MARSOC). Start at a large FOB and drive, or fly to the AO. Advice & Tips Know that the enemy has anti air, locate it and destroy it before flying in or calling in for CAS support. Take your time, patience and recon are crucial in surviving in this mission. Theres no wrong way to approach or do an objective, but rushing and carelessness will cost you. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. Check the rooftops, windows, doorways, and your corners before you make your move. Shooting your weapon will draw their attention, so shoot and scoot! Use your support Assets, they are limited but can maximize your efforts if used at the right time. Playing Coop means working together, covering the other guy, reviving/giving aid/ammo. Use the terrain to your advantage, as a long range fighter many threats can be eliminated from afar. Move to cover from cover, and look for the next position of cover for your next move. Do your recon, assess the terrain, plan your move, look at where there is cover. When in doubt throw a grenade. When the enemy has an idea or is zeroed in on your position, MOVE! Move diagonally, laterally, not straight when being shot at. Arc your doors and openings, doing so will allow you to peer the inside flanks. Close your flanks - after moving into a house with doors, close the door behind you. Dont try to out shoot an enemy that already has a bead on you, move! Use natural, and other light sources to illuminate the enemy surroundings. Dont crest hills and become a silhouette, always crawl and use rocks or bushes to conceal your shape. When searching for enemy, look for silhouettes, or shapes that dont belong, dark on sand stands out. When trying to move closer while an enemy is spotted ahead, put objects (buildings, stones, hard cover) in front of you while moving to hide your movement, and give you cover. Watch my video to see how i do it 😉 HOW TO PLAY 1. Go to Multiplayer 2. Server browser 3. Host Server 4. Type in server name, # of players, pw 5. Choose map on left mission on right. =================== Mission works on a dedicated & GSP Servers! =================================== CREDITS I want to thank the following members of the Arma community for their work/help with my mission: Rydygier - for his insights in using !ALive code, sorting out bugs with mission end. Larrow - for his code on Multiple support requesters. pierremgi - for his help with code for transferring the briefing on teamswitch. Kronzky - for his Urban Patrol Script. Sushi - for his [TOG] GARRISON SCRIPT. Simmax - for his Kunduz FOB Template which i upgraded. Rydygier & myself - for HAS - Hermes Airlift Services Mod. Red Hammer Studios - for their RHS Mod. AccuracyThruVolume - for his fantastic Iraqi-Syrian Conflict Mod. James2464 - for his original map Kunduz Afghanistan. Moser - Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux script. Ghost - Halo script. Hortzy - for his help with parameters. Other members of the community that contributed: * fawlty * Harzach * froggyluv * Play3r * ZaellixA * Kalle M. ================= Changelog:
  18. Hello all, since there is a lot of heat around the new RTS addon released and mentioned in official COMRAD.. I wanna join this new found wave of RTS fans and bump my old mission that never received much attention. Curway: Aegis - supposed to be a series of missions played RTS-style from top-down view. Technically it is heavily modified Zeus, custom tailored for SP missions playing as Zeus, controlling only one side. Entire UI is made with arma style in mind and I tried to integrate custom icons and UI into interface as fluid elements that are not visually much different from the vanilla Zeus. Operation Saboteur - is a first mission from the series "Aegis". Player has to complete a series of tasks visually presented in the world Features Men of War styled gameplay Control a set squad of units Receive reinforcements by advancing in the mission Rocket launching UI with rocket travel lines Grenade throwing UI with grenade trajectory lines AI adjustments and enhancements for better responsiveness and control Quick menu for changing stances, running speed and quick actions 3D visual task system, with partial completions and actions (like setting up a bomb) Cutscene system - moving your camera to points of interests smoothly, presenting new objectives with animations much more.. Download: Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1420857501
  19. [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-4 Recon Recon is a Singleplayer or Coop mission for 1 to 4 players, featuring a small PMC recon group. Mission file: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1405129258 Mission setting: Island: Stratis Daytime: 2018-01-13, 07:00 (can be changed) Weather: clear, foggy (can be changed) Mission goal: Simple yet hard: identify a target among the resistance, hidden in the woods. Once your target found and not killed, contact your HQ to know the next steps - kill or spare. Gear: Silenced weapons, NVGs, UAV with TI Functionalities: camera intro and mini-cutscenes detailed briefing fully voiced translated (EN/FR) randomised: the target identity and location changes on every game server-side mission settings stealth is rewarded interactive actions NO MODS REQUIRED - Apex weapons needed Feedback: You can contact me on Steam or BI forum for praises, improvement ideas or threats on my (virtual) life! No Paypal here, just tell me if you enjoyed it and I will be more than happy ;-)
  20. Good day, everyone! "Callsign Minotaur" was supposed to be my entry for the "Make Arma Not War"-contest, but due to me being stupid and breaking my right hand, therefore being unable to do any work for 3 months, as well as me being a lazy p.o.s. after that, I couldn't finish it in time. This has changed now and I have decided to finally release this project out into the world. With the recent release of the Laws of War DLC on the dev-branch, I've decided to do some last-minute changes, reflecting our new knowledge about the A3 lore. Luckily I only had to change a few details, which is great, as that means my story still fits into the bigger picture. Once the DLC has been released officially, I'm going to do a few more tweaks. Until then, to get to the point... 2034. One year before the events of ‘The East Wind’, CSAT forces provide perimeter protection and counter-insurgency training for the government in The Republic of Altis and Stratis. Overview Callsign Minotaur is a fully voiced, story-driven CSAT mini-campaign, taking place shortly after the official Prologue / Bootcamp campaign. You are Sgt. Omid Nazari, stationed on Altis, and part of a tank crew manning the modern BTR-K Kamysh infantry fighting vehicle. You will find yourself set up against the ‘Freedom and Independence Army’, which keeps growing in strength again since the botched peace talks in Kavala sparked new unrest on the tiny island republic. With the Altis Armed Forces being unable to handle the situation on their own, and the relationship with NATO slowly decaying, new cooperation opportunities open up for the Canton Treaty… Download > Steam Workshop Mods Callsign Minotaur doesn’t require any mods to run. Any gameplay changing mods should be disabled while playing the campaign, as these can cause negative side effects. Supported languages Help wanted I'm still looking for people who want to help with translating the campaign into other languages. If you're interested, please send me a message. Website > https://callsign-minotaur.rotators.net
  21. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2520244300 SOG Prarie Fire cDLC mission, SP focused and also playable in COOP up to 8 players. Properly set up so all tasks and scripted radio chatter works for all players in coop. Rescue downed pilots, search villages for evidence of hostile intent, fight off Viet Cong. Prairie fire's revive system enabled even for SP. Approximately 1 hour playtime. "You are a Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) unit squad leader stationed at FSB Quan Loi. Your unit's overall mission in the Area of Operations is to stand by for any downed aircraft, stranded vehicle or missing soldier who needs their fat pulled out of the fire. You go out on no other missions, however the missions you get are both sudden and urgent. Every call is an emergency for the poor souls you are coming to the rescue of. You are their Guardian Angels."
  22. Make a daring escape down a Norwegian mountain by car or bike before your flight leaves! Mods Required: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1282716647 Mods Recommended (But playable without): https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1640399582 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1715110132 Known issues: Music will pause randomly for a couple of seconds when pausing or saving. Audio pops occasionally between loops (arma doesn’t handle music the best) The player bobbing around randomly can make it harder to select a car. Thanks: Health Regen Script: Unknown BI Forums member (Let me know who is the og author!) Timer Script: cobra4v320 Autoflip Script: DaVidoSS Music: Sweaty Little Sow - Saki Kaskas Download - Steam Workshop
  23. Hi folks! This is my official release of "Operation Nightingale", a singleplayer campaign set in Chernarus 2008. * Features 13 missions including the prologue. * Combined Operations and ACR/BAF/PMC lite or full are required. Editing and/or releasing my work without my personal authorization is prohibited. Redux version 1.01 * Changed waypoint combat modes from RED to YELLOW to make AI units stay and advance in formation. No stragglers. Download via Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13eTJKwcn8DT9qn9FLIxXX0Z_m2ZwjBNm/view?usp=share_link This campaign does not represent my current mission editing skills as it was developed about 4 years ago and lots of shit has changed since then. However, I have reworked the campaign but I kept most of the concept as original. My editing methods have changed alot since I first started working on this. Enjoy! Kalle
  24. Africa, 1942. The Allies are moving into counteroffensive. Our goal is to capture Hans Schumann, who will visit the Italian-German airport. By the way, we will destroy all planes at the airport - after all, we, SAS, are the best at it. Task: Your task is to capture Hans Schumann - adjutant of Erwin Rommel. In the near future he will visit the Italian-German airport. It's a chance for us to take him prisoner. While at the airport, destroy all planes. This will facilitate the task for our boys. Try to surprise the enemy. You can blow up the tank with fuel to distract him. Search the entire airport, destroy all resistance and find Schumann. He can't die. Destroy all planes at the airport as well. After the action, evacuate using a jeep or other vehicle. Mission have: -Original soundtrack from H&D2 -Fully of details airport from H&D2, reproduced as much as possible in Arma 3 -Provides 1.5-2 hours of gameplay -No bugs (I tested this mission many times to eliminate potential errors) LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1958961914
  25. I am very new to Modding on Steam and have just released my first scenario with Arma 3 only 2 weeks ago. Now I have worked tirelessly on this great campaign but I am haveing beginners troubles with getting my config file and my description file to work. I have scrounged the internet looking for every scrap of informaiton online to get my mod to do two simple functions. 1. Show My Custom Campaign under Campaigns in the Arma 3 menu. 2. To show my Overview.paa, Description, and not show my levels all at once. Currently I have only gotten them to work as scenarios but I have followed to the best of my knowledge the config and description.ext setups. Please anyone can you spare a few minutes to help me out with this? I would like to release the mod as a proper campaign. All the levels are finished and I already have a .pbo file. Here is my code in the config. /* Addon configuration */ class CfgPatches { // Directory under which all content contained in the PBO can be referenced ingame class Campaigns { // You can set up restrictions using these requirements units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] ={}; }; }; class CfgMissions { class Campaigns { // The campaign package class Campaigns { // Location of the campaign files. Note that it uses the defined directory in CfgPatches directory = "Campaigns\TCOE_MAIN\Campaign"; }; }; }; When I launch the game it comes up with an error stating... File SteamLibrary\steamapps\Common\Arma 3\Campaigns\TCOE_MAIN\config.cpp,line 15: '/CfgMissions/Campaigns/TCOE_MAIN.": '"' encountered instead of '=' Im not sure what I did wrong can someone please point it out to me in laymans terms?