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  1. Please allow adding multiple mods and missions at the same time! Cool tool, but it's a pain to add them one by one.
  2. Never mind, my code was working after all. i made a mistake by writing {entities "logics"}, which should be "logic". patrol_logics = []; outpost_logics = []; tower_logics = []; _alllogs = entities "Logic"; { if ((str _x) find "patrollog_" == 0) then { patrol_logics pushBackUnique _x; } } forEach _alllogs; { if ((str _x) find "outpostlog_" == 0) then { outpost_logics pushBackUnique _x; } } forEach _alllogs; { if ((str _x) find "towerlog_" == 0) then { tower_logics pushBackUnique _x; } } forEach _alllogs; patrol_logics;// = [patrollog_1,patrollog_2,patrollog_3,patrollog_4,patrollog_5,patrollog_6]; outpost_logics;// = [outpostlog_1,outpostlog_2,outpostlog_3,outpostlog_4]; tower_logics;// = [towerlog_1];
  3. just an example, i have 5 game logics: obj_1, obj_2, obj_3, obj_4, obj_5 and i have an array named OBJ_ARY = []; now how do i quickly add all varnames starting with obj to this array? if it's not many, it can be done manually. but when there are dozens of objects to add, it's really tedious to type them all. Any method i can perform a "search & add" operation?
  4. So I managed to get it to work with pre-defined "missions" as destinations. _destinations = SAFEHOUSE_LOCATION_ARRAY; _parentDisplay = [] call bis_fnc_displayMission; _mapCenter = (getpos player); _ORBAT = []; _markers = []; _images = []; _overcast = overcast; _isNight = !((dayTime > 6) && (dayTime < 20)); _scale = 1; _simul = true; [ findDisplay 46, _mapCenter, _destinations, _ORBAT, _markers, _images, _overcast, _isNight, _scale, _simul ] call Bis_fnc_strategicMapOpen; and the SAFEHOUSE_LOCATION_ARRAY is such: SAFEHOUSE_LOCATION_ARRAY = [ [getpos sh_1,player setpos (_this select 0),"Safehouse 1","","","",1,[]], [getpos sh_2,player setpos (_this select 0),"Safehouse 2","","","",1,[]] ]; SAFEHOUSE_LOCATION_ARRAY; publicVariable "SAFEHOUSE_LOCATION_ARRAY"; The two spots work correctly as i could Addaction to any object and open up the strategic map for fast travel to these two locations. However, if i want to add another location by using Pushbackunique, after the game has started, something ugly happens: SAFEHOUSE_LOCATION_ARRAY pushBackUnique [ [getpos sh_3,player setpos (_this select 0),"Safehouse 3","","","",1,[]] ]; SAFEHOUSE_LOCATION_ARRAY; publicVariable "SAFEHOUSE_LOCATION_ARRAY"; As you can see, the 3rd location refuses to show up and a script error pops up. So I looked at the line 444 part of that script: _map drawIcon [ _texture, [1,1,1,_alpha], _pos, _size, _size, _dir, if (BIS_fnc_strategicMapOpen_showIconText) then {" " + _title} else {""}, 2, 0.08, "PuristaBold" ]; } foreach BIS_fnc_strategicMapOpen_missions; The _texture has something to do with ORBAT, maybe. the color, alpha and pos should already haven been defined in the first script. I have no idea why it doesn't work. Can anyone help me please?
  5. Freelancers - Tanoa at War It has been on steam workshop for like 10 days.
  6. hey, just wanna say thank you here. I've been using your framework in my Freelancers mission, and it works perfectly. Thanks to your framework, my scenario became so popular :P
  7. I wonder how I can clear/reset all players' garage on a server?
  8. Hey, i didn't look at my thread so i did not notice you. what's the deal with this mission?
  9. i found that you did something wrong. the type of boats is actually "ship", thats the reason i couldnt store a boat. I later added submarine type to it as well.
  10. updated with further RHS support.
  11. Glad to hear. I'm uploading a fixed version that had main quest 5's code mended a bit.
  12. @froggyluv can you turn on -showscripterror and take a few screenshots for me please?
  13. have you seen that cinematic cutscene? which is the camera moves and circles around the tower. on my end this problem you said can never be reproduced so i'm not sure what's wrong...
  14. couldn't climb down???? anyway if you restart the mission, the tower should be hijacked already. you just have to wait like 10 seconds before you restart to make sure the mission progress is autosaved