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  1. NATO troops engaging SLA forces in Dolores, South Sahrani, June 2006. Mods used: Leight's OPFOR Pack, RHS, CUP, and U.S. Forces 2000s.
  2. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Likin' the new ABU. Is it compatible with custom .PAA nametapes like the ACU is?
  3. Nice mod; I've been wanting a USMC UH-1N in ArmA for years.
  4. Canadian soldiers on a NATO helo watch as a CSAT AAM missile heads for their chopper. Mods used: CBA, CUP (for the helicopter), Canadian Armed Forces 2 (for the rifles and PPE), RHS USAF (for the weapon attachments), and Extra RHS Uniform Re-textures (for the cammies).
  5. NATO combat medic on Altis, 2035. Mods used: RHS U.S. Armed Forces mod, @maxjoiner's Max_Women mod, @simcardo's U.S. Forces 2000s mod, Specialist Military Arms mod on Steam Workshop, CBA.
  6. Zee Identity Pack

    Freakin' beautiful!
  7. ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Nothing too ambitious here; I'd like to see a wearable pair of gloves or a wedding ring (either worn like glasses, vest, backpack, or a hat).
  8. Great idea. In the old Splinter Cell games you could adjust movement speed with the scroll wheel, made sneaking much easier.
  9. Zee Identity Pack

    Glad to hear it!
  10. Sailors on a NATO warship's bridge wing, off the coast of Altis, 2035. Mods used: @Delta Hawk's U.S. military mod. ========================================================================================================================== Sailor aboard a NATO warship anchored off the coast of Altis, 2035. Mods used: @Delta Hawk's U.S. military mod.
  11. NATO warship off the coast of Altis, 2035 Mods used: Devbranch, but other than that completely vanilla stock (except for the ribbons on the bridge wing which were done via external JPEG).
  12. NATO warship at anchor off the coast of Altis. Mods used: Devbranch, but other than that completely vanilla stock (except for the jackstaff flag which was done via SetFlagTexture).
  13. Arma 4 a look to the future

    I dunno, I kinda liked ArmA 2's campaign.
  14. US Forces 2000s

    Nice update. Lovin' the new FLC vests.
  15. U.S. Army National Guard soldiers on airport security duty in Baltimore, Maryland, November 2001. U.S. Army National Guard soldiers at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan, New York City, September 2001. U.S. Army National Guardsmen on airport security duty in Miami, Florida, November 2001. Mods and DLC used: @Delta Hawks U.S. Military Mod, GSTAVO's M16A2, ArmA 3 Apex. Special thanks to Olanov for the inspiration.