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  1. jakerod

    =ARC= Grozny

    I've never played the PR map before but it's looking good! Keep it up!
  2. This guy https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/circp2/help_cannot_play_contact_campaign/ was having problems where whenever he tried to play Contact it started up the Laws of War campaign instead. His RPT is in a pastebin link in the comments. He has never played the LoW campaign (which I told him he really should). We did a screenshare and he did everything right as far as I can tell but then all of a sudden it started loading the LoW campaign. We removed the save files it was generating for it but no luck. We eventually resorted to just removing the Orange mission ebo and that "solved" it but that isn't a real solution. That might be something good to look into. Something that seemed odd was that when it got to the loading screen for the first mission of Contact it popped up an error about missing a file from Orange (probably from the mission pbo) but I found it odd it was doing that after the loading screen popped up and not before since I would expect it to look for Orange and then go to Contact if it was loading up Orange before.
  3. I imagine it's necessary so you can see certain things in the distance.
  4. Just finished the campaign! Great work! I really enjoyed it! Are you guys tracking anything similar to what you did in LoW? https://www.bohemia.net/assets/articles/img/thumbs/arma3_dlc_lawsofwar_campaign_infographic.jpg I'd love to see another one of those for this campaign. Not sure what would be on it though.
  5. I'm going to be greedy and request another one of these like I did for Laws of War: http://moricky.com/2012/07/private-military-creators/#more-483 Loving the campaign so far! A little confusing sometimes but I've been enjoying it. A few things I've noticed:
  6. jakerod

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    And that doesn't even count the stuff that isn't placeable in the editor like all the new clutter and vegetation models which is quite a few. Plus the alien stuff. Nice picture! That probably took quite a bit to setup.
  7. jakerod

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    That isn't true. AT Ambushes are effective. Finland pulled off amazing work during WW2 and Chechyna wrecked like an entire Tank battalion in Grozny. Mujhadeen messed them up in Afghanistan. You don't need tanks.
  8. jakerod

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    It doesn't indicate that at all. I guess maybe AI but even then I don't think it indicates it. Although I too am hoping for them to be playable.
  9. They didn't put you anywhere. Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia still exist in the Armaverse. No one moved you. You're still there. This is just a fictional country that decided to use the name of the region as their country name. And it makes sense for them to speak Polish. They're closer to Poland than they are to the Baltic states in this region. Are you also upset that you've been forced to live in Michigan and speak English? Hear that? Michigan! You're right next to Detroit. (I don't really harbor any ill will towards MI or Detroit) I do kind of get your point and I do feel bad that you and others are upset by it though.
  10. jakerod

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Do they always wear it? I feel like I remember something about them not wearing it on long patrols or something like that but I don't remember where I heard that. I feel like I was reading about how Spetsnaz at the battle of grozny were just randomly patrolling around in woods a lot with no real objective.
  11. If it bugs you a lot just remember that if someone was crawling through the wheat and the enemy had even a little bit of elevation on you they could see the wheat falling and moving as you crawl through it.