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  1. This isn't a new release but it is the other three terrains, with no significant modifications, with keys. Instead of splitting this up between three different posts I figured I would just make a new one and have the old 3 locked. Moschnyi (Mediafire) Zernovo (Mediafire) Miroslavl' Beta (Mediafire) Additionally, there is a new empty bonus terrain. By empty I mean there is a basic satellite mask and a 20km x 20km height map. There are no objects. I did enjoy doing some tank battles back when I first imported it into the game and thought others might be able to enjoy it as well. I had first starting working on this map while I was working on Miroslavl' and wanted to do some more heightmap and sat mask work to help me learn how to use L3DT. I don't intend on ever going back and finishing it due to other projects that are still incomplete with a higher level of importance to me. I just thought I would give you a bonus with the key release (and possibly torture you a little with the idea of a new 20km x 20km map). Lake Beloe (Sendspace) What the map was intended to be: I'm sorry to tease you with all of that but I am the type of person who likes knowing what's going on behind the scenes and figured some of you guys might be as well. If anyone is interested in using it for a project PM me and I can send you the height map and if you want the mask and sat map but they are incredibly basic (mask is solid green).
  2. jakerod

    =ARC= Grozny

    I've never played the PR map before but it's looking good! Keep it up!
  3. This guy https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/circp2/help_cannot_play_contact_campaign/ was having problems where whenever he tried to play Contact it started up the Laws of War campaign instead. His RPT is in a pastebin link in the comments. He has never played the LoW campaign (which I told him he really should). We did a screenshare and he did everything right as far as I can tell but then all of a sudden it started loading the LoW campaign. We removed the save files it was generating for it but no luck. We eventually resorted to just removing the Orange mission ebo and that "solved" it but that isn't a real solution. That might be something good to look into. Something that seemed odd was that when it got to the loading screen for the first mission of Contact it popped up an error about missing a file from Orange (probably from the mission pbo) but I found it odd it was doing that after the loading screen popped up and not before since I would expect it to look for Orange and then go to Contact if it was loading up Orange before.
  4. I imagine it's necessary so you can see certain things in the distance.
  5. Just finished the campaign! Great work! I really enjoyed it! Are you guys tracking anything similar to what you did in LoW? https://www.bohemia.net/assets/articles/img/thumbs/arma3_dlc_lawsofwar_campaign_infographic.jpg I'd love to see another one of those for this campaign. Not sure what would be on it though.
  6. I'm going to be greedy and request another one of these like I did for Laws of War: http://moricky.com/2012/07/private-military-creators/#more-483 Loving the campaign so far! A little confusing sometimes but I've been enjoying it. A few things I've noticed:
  7. jakerod

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    And that doesn't even count the stuff that isn't placeable in the editor like all the new clutter and vegetation models which is quite a few. Plus the alien stuff. Nice picture! That probably took quite a bit to setup.
  8. jakerod

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    That isn't true. AT Ambushes are effective. Finland pulled off amazing work during WW2 and Chechyna wrecked like an entire Tank battalion in Grozny. Mujhadeen messed them up in Afghanistan. You don't need tanks.
  9. jakerod

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    It doesn't indicate that at all. I guess maybe AI but even then I don't think it indicates it. Although I too am hoping for them to be playable.
  10. They didn't put you anywhere. Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia still exist in the Armaverse. No one moved you. You're still there. This is just a fictional country that decided to use the name of the region as their country name. And it makes sense for them to speak Polish. They're closer to Poland than they are to the Baltic states in this region. Are you also upset that you've been forced to live in Michigan and speak English? Hear that? Michigan! You're right next to Detroit. (I don't really harbor any ill will towards MI or Detroit) I do kind of get your point and I do feel bad that you and others are upset by it though.
  11. jakerod

    Arma 3 DLC - CONTACT

    Do they always wear it? I feel like I remember something about them not wearing it on long patrols or something like that but I don't remember where I heard that. I feel like I was reading about how Spetsnaz at the battle of grozny were just randomly patrolling around in woods a lot with no real objective.
  12. If it bugs you a lot just remember that if someone was crawling through the wheat and the enemy had even a little bit of elevation on you they could see the wheat falling and moving as you crawl through it.
  13. That doesn't mean they don't have MiG-29s that we don't get ingame.
  14. They are supposed to have an air force but just because they have an air force doesn't mean they use that airbase.
  15. No one ever said there were caves. They said there's an underground network which does not mean caves and is probably just a story point about alien internet or something.
  16. Yeah there were definitely modded ones with rivers. Some of my first OFP terrains I made (but never finished) had them and four of my Arma 2 ones as well (CWR2 Eilte, GSEP Zernovo, CWR2 Saint David, GSEP Miroslavl'). But I meant official BI ones. I'm happy to have one now although it would be nice if the AI understood bridges better.
  17. @reyhard I love you! The one downside I noticed is that it's possible to fall through the floor a few steps in front of the picture above. There's a small gap between the two sides (left and right in picture) and if you walk over it slowly and at the right angle you fall through. It's definitely too small to be able to allow that realistically. But again, thank you for adding it! I really appreciate it!
  18. Thank you! I make terrains and just wanted to make sure I was doing things right. I do hope you had a chance to talk to Bushlurker when he was around. He would have loved talking to you!
  19. When you say accurate forestry what do you mean exactly?
  20. It's really more of an inlet than a river though. Same with the water going through Dolores on Sahrani.
  21. That's not the least bit true. These problems have existed since Operation Flashpoint. AI couldn't walk on docks. They weren't great at making it across the bridge either. Same problems in Armed Assault and Arma 2. They're nothing new. Terrain designers need to make sacrifices to gameplay for logic sometimes and vice versa. Not to mention they're limited by budget as well. If the bridges were arch bridges the boat might work better but they probably don't have the 3d artist time to do that and it would look weird. Plus those bridges are only usable in that one instance then. I promise you they play on it. I have screenshots of them doing that from months ago. But they're responsible for 144 sqkm (144,000 sqm) of terrain and you can't make everyone's ideas work. It would've been cool if you could take a boat down but speaking from experience on the matter it's incredibly difficult to make a terrain look good and be able to have that option. And hell even if they did do it, you'd just be complaining that the aircraft carrier can't fit under the bridges. And the new generation is quite talented! They've been making kickass maps. I do this stuff professionally and would love working with these guys. Just be happy you got a river at all. I've been waiting 17 years for one!