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  1. BigMorgan

    RH M4/M16 pack

    I literally just did this and it took 4 shots. Then, just to make things silly, I can grab the dead enemy's plate carrier and have perfectly functioning armor myself now. That would be fine with me. Looks like DayZ: Standalone is going to have a pretty good wounding / medical system. Ironic that the hardcore milsim game lacks such an essential feature to simulating combat while the silly zombie survival game gets it. And just so we stay on topic, once again, asking Robert Hammer or any other weapons addon maker to fix this broken game mechanic is irrelevant: it's up to either BIS to fix it (please!) or a more general "realism" addon like ACE to work around it.
  2. BigMorgan

    RH M4/M16 pack

    This will happen shortly after the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. To keep this on-topic, BIS really needs to fix the 5.56mm default mags and not Robert Hammer or any other addon maker. They really do not do enough damage against AI opponents, I'm calling BS on people saying they are a 2-hit kill with a shot to the torso. I've tried it myself and it's 3 or more.
  3. BigMorgan

    RH M4/M16 pack

    Yeah, if his Arma 2 releases are any guide good things will come to those who wait.
  4. BigMorgan

    Reality Check

    This thread has purdy pictars.
  5. BigMorgan

    Reality Check

    Agree wholeheartedly with the OP. Extremely disappointed in everything delivered so far in Arma 3 other than Altis and the $33 price tag at initial Alpha release. If I was new to the series and paid $60 for this "game" I would probably think it was the worst game I ever purchased. And I bought Automobili Lamborghini for N64.
  6. BigMorgan

    [TvT] TvT Sandbox - F.U.B.A.R.

    We're planning on needing a larger population for the mission to be the least bit interesting to play on the larger map. I suspect we'll have demands to make it 50+ players eventually. There will be nothing stopping you from reducing player count to 20 for Stratis, once the mission is publicly available. :)
  7. F.U.B.A.R. A Team-vs-Team Military Sandbox By GossamerSolid - Lead Developer BigMorgan - Assistant Developer Xeno - Additional Scripting and Networking An all-new game mode Developed from scratch, F.U.B.A.R. attempts to represent a chaotic, free-form, low-intensity conflict between 2 (3 upon release of independent forces) sworn enemies with little cohesion with outside forces. Players may form teams, gather supplies, and attempt to complete assigned operations in pursuit of victory - or simply deathmatch to their heart's content. Stretching across Stratis (and eventually other islands), F.U.B.A.R. gives you pure freedom of tactics and movement in an environment with only vague intelligence of enemy positions and intents. What it isn't F.U.B.A.R. is not just another sandbox survival mission. Teamwork is strongly encouraged with a squad-spawning mechanic. Intelligence of friendly and (to a lesser extent) enemy movements is provided via the in-game map. Vehicles are not simply for transport: they may be disassembled and even modified via a custom crafting mechanism. Finally - and most importantly - F.U.B.A.R. has an overarching objective for gameplay: the first team to successfully complete a predefined number of operations will be declared the winner of the match. Our concept envisages games lasting from roughly 1 hour to a max of 3 or 4 hours. How you can play Currently, FUBAR is in an early Alpha state. We envisage a mission with at least a 32-player population. However, we are small group and can't muster more than about a dozen players for a test session. Therefore, we need your help. If you are a mature gamer (preferably with experience in game testing), know how to enable the development branch of Arma 3 Alpha, and can speak basic English you are welcome to join us. We are currently planning on our first public play test for: Sunday, June 9 at 11:00PDT / 14:00EDT / 20:00CET By participating, you agree to not distribute any copies of the mission or to modify the mission in any way without the express consent of GossamerSolid. We request and highly recommend you join GossamerSolid and I, along with the rest of our group on our TeamSpeak 3 server, which you may connect to at: IP: voip.thegamewardens.net PW: fwiends You may direct any questions to me via this thread, or by PM here, or to my email: bigmorgan@thegamewardens.net Please check our website at www.thegamewardens.net for further information regarding mission development and upcoming test sessions. More details and media will be provided soon! See you on the battlefield!
  8. BigMorgan

    So confusing for a new player..

    When I got Arma 2 I felt the exact same way, but I found a game mode I liked (Warfare) and then wasn't afraid to ask questions on side chat. Made friends with people within days that I still play Arma with now. Just ask questions and be willing to follow someone else's lead! :-D
  9. Same! But if I had to pick some old ones, definitely Celle 2 and Fallujah.
  10. BigMorgan

    Will SCUBA be realistic as well?

    This seems like fertile ground for a realism mod, but I can't imagine why BIS would implement changes like these given the balance Arma 3 is clearly striving to achieve in the realism vs. accessibility spectrum. Would be fun to have a diving mod that adds in more gear and more possibilities for missions though! :D
  11. BigMorgan

    Stratis is not Stratis!

    Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
  12. Our server was crashing within minutes of starting a mission. Furthermore, multiple missions weren't loading, presumably owing to the classname changes. Thus, we reverted to the non-development release.
  13. Some missions do not load on my server in the latest development build. Believe this is related to the change in classname of the Ifrit.
  14. BigMorgan


    Looking forward to this. If you can deliver something that runs well it'll have a home on our server. :D
  15. I see a lot of crying about the multiplayer experience, and I just don't understand it. I played on, and eventually helped admin, an Arma 2 warfare server that was full, or nearly full, every day for over a year. Currently my Arma 3 server fills up anytime we run a PvP mission on it. DayZ and Wasteland servers are always jammed. If you don't like the style of play found on public servers, you're not going to be able to force people to play your way. Make friends in this community with people who do appreciate that playstyle and you'll get the most out of the game for years to come.