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  1. Great job that you found the error, Phaeden! I'm looking forward to the fixed version.
  2. WillaCHilla

    SyNcRoNiCzZ AddOn Release Thread

    Thanks for releasing these really nice looking units! After a short test in the editor, at least with the Medical Operator Light (ecwcs_multicam_medl) you are able to pass through objects (houses, trees, walls e.g.). Don't know if there other units who have this ability, just wanted to inform you about it.
  3. If I understand your question correctly, this should help you: setFace and setIdentity
  4. WillaCHilla

    ToraBora "Sandbox Edition"

    Wow-thanks for the latest version . This is really one of my favourites islands/landscapes since its first release.
  5. WillaCHilla

    Arma 2: Qom Province (Lite)

    Spent some time on this island the last days and I'm also impressed by the quality and the performance. Great work, Tupolov!
  6. I tried it with an older version some weeks ago without any problems. Atm, I'm at work, but I will test it for you with the latest version when I'm back at home. Edit: Also the latest version [1.24] gives no crashes after opening it with the editor.
  7. Thanks for the update, Xeno!
  8. I will give you some examples after work when I'm at home again.
  9. WillaCHilla

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    This will be very interesting for possible combining it with arma content and vice versa (at least models, etc.) if its using the same (RV)engine.
  10. One thing/request (which also can be found in a lot of other missions): different post processing-effects (chooseable ingame [clientside]) -for getting the right values, there are already some good tools available: Postprocess editor (by Jezuro) ppEffects viewer (by Przemek_kondor) another possibility: set a parameter in the 'description.ext' for enabling/disabling the Environment - Colors module (available in the editor).
  11. WillaCHilla

    DCS: A-10C Warthog

    Thanks for the info, Raynor!
  12. WillaCHilla

    Annoying freezing problem

    Did you do a additional OC of your GPU besides the factory OC?
  13. WillaCHilla

    DCS: A-10C Warthog

    From what I've read so far in this thread, there are some of you who are already familiar with this sort of simulator by DCS (BS/Warthog). After watching some videos of 'DCS: A-10C Warthog', I became really interested in it. Though, there are some questions I have about the whole thing of this simulator (cause I'm completely new to this sort of simulator): Does this simulator also has a strong community who creates mods, missions, etc. for it? (Wasn't able to find any big community-fansites, besides the 'User-files'-section on the official page) Does the simulator support any kind of multiplayer (dedicated or private server hosting)? Thanks in advance for answering these simple, but for me elementary questions :).
  14. WillaCHilla

    Co20 Air-War Over Takistan

    Three little things which need some improvement (in my eyes) after a short test of your mission: Custom loadout is not available after respawn. How about using something like this? Pilot-AI is not available via 'Bon_Inf recruitable AI'. Would be nice and realistic for ordering some AI-controlled aircrafts/choppers. During the mission, some of the enemy aircrafts/choppers crashed into the hills (perhaps something like 'flyInHeight' would help here?)
  15. Just want to report some error-messages which appear after launching CO with '[OA + A2] ANZINS Weapons [1.52]' in combination with your 'TGW Zeroing [1.25]' (also using 'tgw_zeroing_anzins_x.pbo'): Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/G36A_Camo/MuzzleFar/OpticsModes/Kolimator.opticsPPEffects'. [b](appears every time in the main-menu after launching the game)[/b] Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/M4A3_RCO_GL_EP1/OpticsModes/Kolimator.distanceZoomMin'. Warning Message: '/' is not a value [b](written in the .rpt)[/b] Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/M4A3_RCO_GL_EP1/OpticsModes/Kolimator.distanceZoomMax'. Warning Message: '/' is not a value [b](written in the .rpt)[/b] Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/M4A3_RCO_GL_EP1/OpticsModes/Kolimator.opticsPPEffects'.[b](written in the .rpt)[/b] Found also this one in the '[OA + A2] ANZINS Weapons'-thread: Hopefully you will find the time to fix these errors. If you need further info, just contact me.