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  1. Hello, Mr. Wiki! I'm not sure if there's any feasible way to check for compatibility between an animation and the playMove command without trawling through the config viewer. It's all to do with the way the animation is configured and that information is not really presented in the animation viewer. As a general rule of thumb, you'll probably find many (not all!) of the animations classified as cutscenes or unknown will not work in conjunction with the playMove command. PlayMove can be used with any animations that occur in-game with player movement or actions; e.g., running, crawling, reloading a weapon, etc. SwitchMove on the other hand, as you've probably discovered, works with everything and will instantly switch the unit's animation state. There is also playMoveNow, which prioritizes an animation over the basic playMove command. In answer to your question, you can't really 'know', I don't think (I could be mistaken?), but you can use the cutscene and unknown categories as a rough guide. Yes, I've also noticed this; must be something to do with the way the RTM (data file for animation) has been configured. SwitchMove should work with all animations - but I think I might be able to see where the problem lies. For AI, you'll need to disable a few components before executing the switchMove command (similarly, also if you want to stop the unit going prone after executing the animation with playMove): // Most important one, as it stops AI doing it's thing _unit disableAI "ANIM"; // This one prevents AI twitching with weapon _unit setCombatMode "Blue"; // Prevents any head movememnt not defined in the RTM file _unit enableMimics false; // Then your animation _unit switchMove "Static_Dead"; // You may then wish to restore the unit's AI after the animation's finished sleep 1; _unit enableAI "ANIM"; Hope that helps, matey!
  2. Eden Objects

    Hiya guys Some recent, IDAP-themed activity here - the following objects have just been added to the mod: Exhibition Stand (I look forward to some interesting exhibitions with the re-texturable panels!) Blue Shield Cultural Heritage Wall Plaque (no text, English, Greek, and French variants). IDAP Road Sign Newspaper (as requested!) IDAP Mug (again, as requested!) AAN Journalist's Vest (simple retexture) Here's a render; probably the most fun I've ever had creating a texture! (If you want to continue reading, you'll have to go in-game and flip it over, lol).
  3. Recruitment Drive Mods: Custom animations to spec.
  4. Laws of War DLC Leaflets

    Thanks for spotting that - it'll certainly be addressed!
  5. UnitCapture problem

    Hi there, mate There's a workaround here for this, I think. To get the squad to leave the helicopter (you may also want to animate the vehicle doors, for cinematic finesse!): { _x action ["eject", _helicopter]; unassignVehicle _x } forEach units _group; _group allowFleeing 0; _group leaveVehicle _helicopter; Now, to lower the landing gear, while a vehicle is executing captured data, you could try using the unitPlay function on a Game Logic - and attaching the helicopter to that Game Logic. You should then be able to use this: _helicopter action ["LandGear", _helicopter]; Using this command with the onEachFrame eventHandler might also be a viable approach, in case the AI is overriding the action somehow.
  6. Lt. James uses the ABR in the East Wind campaign For general interest, this is what NATO headstamps look like - the crosshair-like symbol indicates that the ammunition meets NATO specifications. Such casings should have the year and place of manufacture too.
  7. Eden Objects

    Indeed! There'll be two types of canvas and both will have hiddenSelections . Looking forward to making some sort of art exhibition! ^^ Can't wait to play that mission, by the way!
  8. Eden Objects

    Hi, guys! Apologies for the lack of recent updates on Eden Objects - I've been lucky enough to focus a bit more on official Arma work - however, there are some new additions planned for release (soon!). Many models are complete, though localization and some detailed config entries are still required for some. The next update is themed 'recreation' - so here's the latest renders (many without NOHQ or SMDI maps yet) . As always, keep your suggestions coming! Several requests are in the pipeline. Mondschein art supplies: Easel_F PaintBox_F Wooden_Stool_F Paintbrush_F Paint_Palette_F Canvas_Square_F / Canvas_F (no image)
  9. Indeed . The whereabouts of the 'Green Sea' are contested; some say it's in the Caspian, some in the Black Sea. An interesting counterpoint to the Caspian Sea (though geographically it makes good sense), is that it's a 'landlocked' sea. In fact, there are those who claim it's not really a sea at all and a lake. This makes the presence of the aircraft carrier in Arma 2 rather troublesome (though, I suppose, it could be argued that there's a (very!) large Eurasian canal in the Armaverse!). The red locator square therefore, will be moving to encompass a more 'ambiguous' area .
  10. What Makes a Good Arma Campaign?

    I suppose one feasible solution, albeit not a comprehensive one, is to use the 'difficulty' command to tailor in-game events to player settings - e.g.: if ((difficulty == 1) OR (difficulty == 2)) then { some code that will make the mission easier }; It's particularly handy for scripts handling reinforcements - of course, this command only helps you to catch the unknown variable of player skillsets with a larger net - it's not a be-all-and-all cure!
  11. Well spotted! It'll be replaced with a canonical map - thanks!
  12. ArmA 3: Callsign Minotaur

    Congratulations on the release, Lexx! It might be a bit of time before I can give it a proper playthrough, but already your forum presentation looks amazing! Nice AAN video there too! Super-psyched to give this a go! Love your fidelity to the existing storyline and Armaverse as a whole! Well done, matey! Top stuff!
  13. Laws of War DLC Leaflets

    726 x 1024 pixels Don't forget, textures must be 1024 x 1024 - borders on either side should be transparent and use the _CO suffix (sharper edges). Have fun!
  14. Yes, it's mentioned in the Field Manual entry, I believe
  15. If you're still having trouble, I'd recommend: Disable simulation on the table. Add a game logic. Call it 'TableAttachment01' (assign it a variable) and type: this setVectorUp [0,0,1]; in the init. box. Position the game logic under the table. Then attach objects (with their own assigned variables) to the game logic (not the table) by typing this, also in the game logic's init. box: Rifle attachTo [TableAttachment01, [0,0,0]]; 'Rifle' being the variable you've assigned to a weapon, for example. Obviously, you'll need to play with the array: [0,0,0] Those are your x,y,z coordinates Incidentally, if you want to prevent weapons on the table from being taken, use: Rifle setDamage 1; Hope that helps!