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  1. x3kj

    Need Help, Model isnt working

    you need to weight your uniform model to character bones
  2. Very cool looking, looking forward to checking it out. I see a lot of stalker props... Things i would advise: Test the underground bits out in MP as early as possible - the problem i feel will be the most annoying is the lack of light occlusion from flashlights - the current achilles heel of everything 'underground'. Designing places with that in mind you can reduce it a bit (but not fully). As singleplayer it looks usually very good, but with more people running around with flashlights it can be pretty bad looking otherwise. I dont know what you are going for in terms of "world building" but i would (personal opinion) reduce the amount of grafiti - to me grafiti is always a sign of human activity. Lots of grafiti -> lots of human activity. For a place to feel lost and forgotten i think its best to show minimal signs of recent human interaction. Less human interaction -> more mystery
  3. havent tried it but worth checking if diag_mergeConfigFile does work (do that then restart mission) for effects https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Diagnostics_Exe
  4. Vanilla 1.93 with Global Mobilization https://www.dropbox.com/s/68rlcee4p7n0bj5/AiO.1.93.145618.7z?dl=0
  5. Not much to show atm, except this WIP for the centaur i'm working on. It's a custom pattern "of the region" this plays in. As always... we need more people actively working on this. So if you have any modding related skill and will to help - contact me.
  6. @oukej with the increasing irregularity of dev branch release, i feel like it's okay to just only post in the changelog if stuff actually happens... whats the point if every second entry is "no release this time because X" ?
  7. x3kj

    Fixed wing flightmodels

    no it was already said by devs with jets dlc that this was the last adjustement of the flightmodel because of no time available. You should also know by now that hot development phase of A3 is over. You can make a force based custom flight model (addForce, addTorque script commands) - in theory. Only question is how stable that would be at varying fps counts and also how performant/well it would sync in multiplayer.
  8. steam is using markup (or markdown?) one of them many mark<insertdirection> BI is using... BI stuff - scroll down to bottom to see formatting rule. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Advanced_Hints_(Field_Manual) Its... not really eye friendly to type in. idk maybe if you really go balls deep you could do something with macros to get around this but eh...
  9. It doesnt need to because the shield against temptation is fanatical faith in the Emperor... thats what the followers of the corpse emperor would have you believe anyway...
  10. 1) Corner piece (Bastion) for the wall sections, with open area for placement of vehicles, bunkers or other stuff 2) Small Pillbox, designed for 2-3 people fighting, or one heavy weapons team (different modifications will allow placing of tripod/bipod mounted heavy weapons), Class XV protection - safe against most ordinary Cannons @500m (not against siege weapons)
  11. comments annotated in brown Core reason why tank battles are a clusterfuck is that AI attack routine is the same like for a rifleman. Which is ridiculously inappropriate. Riflemen close in on their target, until they killed it. Sometimes they run back, move to the side (to flank) and run towards the target again. Vanilla tanks do exactly the same. So if they saw a target that hides (i.e. a player) and therefore cant kill it immediately, they drive at it (while shooting) until they are in face hugging distance. Then they cant shoot anymore, because they cant elevate properly. This needs to stop. Tanks must always keep their distance to enemies unless terrain commands it (urban areas). How to break this madness? Idk - maybe something can be learned from vcom and other AI scripts. Also tanks never drive backwards.. with simple commands you can force them to drive in reverse, but you have to do path planning and path-checking via script yourself. Some other commands break simplecommands - esp. for AI tanks under player command (without player in it)
  12. Where the controller-sources that where added over time for config sound effects (rpm, thrust, etc) also implemented for config particle effects? If not, could they be added? I tried intensity for exhausts but its just very glitchy and its behaviour is weird for tanks - it cuts out (stops emitting) when you steer with mouse, and when you release mouse it emits a huge wave of particles (causing even more lag than usual), sometimes they appear in strange locations. RPM and Thrust would be so much better controlls...
  13. x3kj

    Funny & interesting videos

    Sherp offroad adventure - cool scenes
  14. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/LOD 4-6 resolution lods (for larger objects) 2 shadow lod several collision lods