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  1. Documentaries Chernobyl 1986

    Channel that has several recordings inside sarcophagus https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0bOfQEN80hIbdEECDwLyJw/videos
  2. Photogrammetry

    better is the wrong word. It's the only option available - with the limitations i mentioned.
  3. Photogrammetry

    I have the impression that this is unfit for any detail, using a pure photogrammetry setup. Yes you can get the scale and basic shape and all well, but the actual detail (those that matter) will not transfer across properly using low grade setups. So you will end up having to build an entirely new model on top of it, LP and HP by hand and remodel all the detail, because thats actually easier and has better results than trying to repair/transform the scan data into something you can use. It's mostly used for props in the industry - which makes sense. Nobody will want to waste their time modelling a dozends of objects to assemble a virtaul heap of garbage for example - so they scan it in, bake it down into LP/texture - great. "Hero assets" (weapons, vehicles, characters) generally not scanned - at least not with low-end capturing equipment and software. Definitely has it's uses, and worth trying for yourself, but dont expect too much from it. The actual high grade stuff uses laser scanners to get the surface detail properly, and combines that with photos to overlay them for the texture. There are compact hand aparatii that can do this (seen at a tech convention 2 years ago) but i dont remember what their price was back then.
  4. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    I agree with pierremgi, blaming assets is not fair (because with current DLC model, which imo is the most consumer friendly in the industry, assets are the only reason to buy a DLC - which also support development) Thats one of the most core issues with this hole thing imo. Nobody other than devs can do something about the problem, because it's all inaccessible and there is no way to override driving behaviours efficiently with custom logic. The script commands (like doMove etc) are insufficient for dealing with this. I'm expecting/hoping for improvements in future games in regards for AI driving. But i'm also hoping of improvements in accessability of that logic from the outside. Eventhandlers for stuff related to driving routines for example - detected obstacle, or detected crash, change of move order, etc . And also for 2 distinct ways of exerting controll over AI externally in scripts - "by command" (like it is now with commands "fire at thing X", "move to pos Y") and "direct" (which forcibly interrupts the logic chain in order to be able to do a specific thing exactly and precisely by simulating player inputs. Like pressing the key to move forward for an exact amount of time. ). Right now we have no direct control over AI driving actions (increase throttle, stop, steer left/right etc). It can be done somewhat on command level - which breaks in certain circumstances. E.g. you can order tanks via https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/sendSimpleCommand but such commands are only accepted in special conditions - namely when AI subordinate follows the owning player. Not when it is told to stop or is told to move somewhere by the player. I have been running into this problem when trying to get AI to turn into a specific direction in my attempt at a custom artillery script (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKGzWkKDwdY).
  5. HUZZAH! I had already written it off as forever broken ... today is a great day
  6. use EPEVehicle modus in arma3_diag.exe https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Diagnostics_Exe to see at what gear it is stuck and what the rpm is.
  7. To adress the limitations of the vanilla artillery system we have to come up with our own solution (that also works for AI) This is a sneak peak/ demonstration of the functionality at current state:
  8. Thanks, i didnt know this was possible. Pretty usefull, but unfortunately it is not accurate enough for what i'm trying to do. When i stop it rotating, it keeps going for another 70° or so (depends on physx setup). After testing i made a hybrid workaround using setDriveOnPath to a position behind the vehicle, so it starts rotating and then using doStop at the desired direction (and before it starts moving forward). This gives me reliable results of around + - 4° for the vehicles. But i'm having trouble to get it to work for AI units under player command: If i spawn the unit in eden by themself they will react to doStop commands no problem. If i spawn the unit in eden under player AI control, it reacts to doStop no problem, but only until i give the first Move Order. Then it just ignores doStop, or works very unreliably (after regroup command was ordered the first doStop works occasionally, but the second that stops it from actually going to the position in setDrivePath) handle = [] spawn { private ["_p_tar","_vehicle","_com","_speedm","_dir_rel","_drvr","_p_veh","_debug_chat","_debug"]; _p_tar = getPosASL player; //position target - where to orientate to hint format ["Pos player %1", _p_tar]; _debug_chat = true; _debug = true; _vehicle = tank; //mission object //stop vehicle from moving with group _com = effectiveCommander _vehicle; //global doStop _com; //global. Does not prevent unit from starting to move again when enemy is sighted _drvr = driver _vehicle; if (isPlayer _drvr) then { hint format ["Driver, orient %1", _dir_rel]; } else { sleep 3; //wait for it to stop _dir_tar = (_vehicle getDir _p_tar);//direction to target _dir_rel = (_dir_tar - getDir _vehicle); // _dir_rel = ((_vehicle getDir _p_tar) - getDir _vehicle); if ( abs(_dir_rel) > 4) then { if (_debug) then { diag_log [">>> ARTY FCS start traverse: rel dir to target is ",_dir_rel]; }; private _tol = 4; //stop when direction in this tolerance if ( abs(_dir_rel) > 15) then { _tol = 15 }; // increased turning distance means increased turning speed -> increase tolerance to stop earlier // calculate position behind vehicle private _clockwise=false; if (_dir_rel > 0) then { if (_dir_rel < 180) then {_clockwise=true;}; } else { if (_dir_rel <-180) then {_clockwise=true;}; }; if (abs(_dir_rel) > 120) then { if (_clockwise) then { _vehicle sendSimpleCommand "RIGHT"; } else { _vehicle sendSimpleCommand "LEFT"; }; waitUntil { _dir_rel = (_dir_tar - getDir _vehicle); if (_dir_rel > 180) then { _dir_rel = abs(360 - _dir_rel); }; if (_dir_rel < -180) then { _dir_rel = abs(_dir_rel+360); }; if (abs(_dir_rel) <= 100) exitWith {true;}; false; }; _vehicle sendSimpleCommand "STOPTURNING"; sleep 1; }; _clockwise=false; if (_dir_rel > 0) then { if (_dir_rel < 180) then {_clockwise=true;}; } else { if (_dir_rel <-180) then {_clockwise=true;}; }; private _d = 0; if (_clockwise) then { _d = (getDir _vehicle) + 150 ; hint format ["BehindVehicle Dir _d + 150 %1", _d]; } else { _d = (getDir _vehicle) - 150 ; hint format ["BehindVehicle Dir _d - 150 %1", _d]; }; _p_behind = _vehicle getPos [20,_d]; _p_veh = getPosASL _vehicle; _vehicle setDriveOnPath [_p_veh,_p_behind]; waitUntil { _dir_rel = ((_vehicle getDir _p_tar) - getDir _vehicle); if (_dir_rel > 180) then { _dir_rel = abs(360 - _dir_rel); }; if (_dir_rel < -180) then { _dir_rel = abs(_dir_rel+360); }; if (abs(_dir_rel) <= _tol) exitWith {true;}; //changing _tol tolerance makes vehicle stop earlier false; }; doStop _com; //global. Does not prevent unit from starting to move again when enemy is sighted sleep 1.5; _dir_rel = ((_vehicle getDir _p_tar) - getDir _vehicle); hint format ["relative direction final %1", _dir_rel]; }; }; };
  9. Hey guys, does anybody know of a way to rotate a tank on the spot by AI commands? (not by using any setdir or similar command) I'm trying to get self propelled with limited traverse angle to work, so i need the driver to adjust orientation when gun traverse limit is reached
  10. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    How is this an AI driving problem? BIS is not responsible for mission design from community authors. There are certainly issues with driving AI, but not everything is fault of AI driving, or even BIS's fault. Entire Altis is covered with these super annoying small stone walls and those steel road boundary things that can wreck almost all vehicles or at least get them stuck, or flip them. Not just AI, also players are regularly victims of them.This is a map/model design issue. They are indestructible and present almost everywhere. Also, there is barely any slowdown when driving off road. Remember A2, where you where your max speed was cut in half or more in many cases when you left the road. In A3 everything is practically autobahn - except it's littered with obstacles that can wreck anyone foolish enough to drive at max speed (such as those tiny stone walls). Supply truck driving in CTI didnt reliably work in A2 either, which is why people started allowing it to be disabled (benny warfare) back then already.
  11. So is this just a general 2nd screen, that you put a self-built cover over for looks ? Or is that purpose built hardware you buy somewhere? Looks interesting. If you are looking for customizable options, maybe a toggle for metric/imperial units (e.g. soviet is all metric) would be worthwhile. Also soviet artificial horizon style unit - it's pretty good and (imo) more handy than typical western "brown-blue-ball". Climb indicator on arma planes will usually just bounce all over the place. Making it non-linear (in discrete steps) helps. Oil, Vacuum and Ammeter Indicator are only window dressing. Yes, flavor. There are more relevant indicators that could be integrated though. G force indicator; Flaps, Gear, Light status; Damage status; Lock on warning. Just saying.
  12. What was the reason for PCML submun not triggering correctly?
  13. Long time no update, but things are still going - just not a lot of significant stuff to show. The Heavy Stubber from above was finished and optimized, as well as the Stubgun. MartinezFG11 also worked on another Heavy Stubber which should be ready soon-ish. Some vehicles also got their LOD pass that was still missing (Basilisk and Hydra). Texturing the passenger interior of the Chimera was started but is not quite there yet. Concepting for structures (buildings and fortifications) continued. I think i am finally happy with the Medium pillbox concept, now it goes into details and modelling all the different modules from which a wide variety of different layouts can be constructed in a time efficient manner. Seen in the pictures are the first base modules (blank wall, 2 different firing portholes - both for single and dual storey building). The textures will need some tinkering still. What's next are entry points, firing positions for a variety of medium and heavy weapons, corners at different angles and so on, as well as the interior. A lot of my time was also spent on figuring out and starting a base system for new texturing materials that can be shared across multiple people of the team, so things will look similar even if different people made them. Still quite a long way to go with that however ... i hope i'm not getting sick of this kind of french spaghetti any time soon The team of volunteers has grown as well, 2 map makers (Nightovizard and Mog'Dug) and 2 additional modellers (Ghengis Steve and Testarossa) have voiced their interest in helping so far. May the future be bright grim dark and productive We are still looking for any people interested in helping. Especially those who could support us with config work and/or scripting, animators (esp. hand and reload animations for hand weapons) and sound effect creators would be most helpful right now.
  14. Adding custom Dust effect?

    yes it is. Just search for the default effect in the full config and follow down the rabbit hole (look what it uses, look what it inherits from)
  15. There will be no new stuff from BIS, so this topic is kinda pointless...Might as well be moved to addon request thread.