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  1. I find this discussion or any test about damage useless at this point, as it is very likely that we will see changes to how it works soon. Also, https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Damage_Description https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Diagnostics_Exe
  2. Question: Has there been an intended change to make enableDebugConsole not work in singleplayer? I have used a simple mission for quick testing for ages, it always had enableDebugConsole=2 and it always had debug console available in singeplayer. Now the debug console simply doesnt show anymore. Why is that? It is really hampering me, as i can't just load up a mission via startup parameters , i always have to go in the main menu, select eden, select mission, etc.
  3. It's not explicitly communicated, so people coming from other games could simply assume that it's similar to other games - where such a thing simply wouldn't work. It would help if it is communicated in the controls setting menu if an input supports analog input, or if it's binary (0 or 1). There are other examples, like lean left/right for infantry.
  4. There is no complex mechanic in clicking a button to choose an attack mode, automatically lock, click fire. So i don't see the "SO much more satisfying" potential there. There is no different operating skill involved. There is only knowledge of which AT uses which guidance mode and which sensors. The only exception from this is SACLOS and MCLOS (which is not implemented). On the other hand i consider it easy to aquire and apply that knowledge (also, descriptive names for ammo - Scalpel IR, Scalpel Laser, or whatever - will make it obvious which does which.) - provided there is a good ressource, such as a little tutorial or showcase - which i am pretty sure is required with some new Tank DLC features anyway.
  5. True, 90° submun angle is dependant mostly on trigger time tolerance - other angles are less dependant on time tolerance, but more dependant on heigth tolerance between missile and aimpoint (due to missile performance and accuracy in hitting the imaginary aimpoint, and also due to the aimpoint shifting as result of target movement over non-flat terrain), and dependant on object overall heigth and shape. How is the heigth of the aimpoint in relation to target model position determined? Through bounding box heigth, aimpoint memorypoint, or bounding memorypoint ? If the object has a lot of heigth variation (Take a battleship for example - some very high tower, rest relatively flat), and the aiming point sits too high, the chances are good that the submun would reliably overshoot from certain angles.
  6. Documentaries Chernobyl 1986

    Hey guys, i'm very curious/interested in the reactor accident of chernobyl in 1986 since quite a while (not only, but also thanks to S.t.a.l.k.e.r). I recently stumbled upon some very nice video snippets from the time, with commentary by one of the leading scientists during liquidation work on the roof (if i got that right) - Walerij Starodumow . Thought i'd share. But also, i'd be interested to know if anyone of you may have found other good documentaries/ video treasures somewhere This is the more "commercial" one. That channel several more snippets, some with direct commentary by him - very much worth watching imo (all have subtitles in english at least). (please no american TV style spectacle-drama or reenactment BS...)
  7. I would be ok with just shooting from crouch (its not realistic, but ok) - the main problem i have currently is with forced shouldering when going prone with launcher is that you are so arkwardly slow to equip/unequip the launcher. When you crawl behind a small wall and want to go up in crouch and shoot... you first have to go up in crouch, sloooooowly shoulder your rifle and get the launcher, start aiming, shoot, slooooowly shoulder launcher and unshoulder rifle, go prone. Its super arkward New targeting mode looks neat, but it seems more like a gimmick - very shallow and accuracy seems not that great. I would have preferred improvements to manual guidance (the most engaging weapon mechanic in the game imo) to be actually beam riding. Manual guidance has servere accuracy problems against moving targets because the missile tries to steer towards the final aiming point, instead of trying to align itself with the "beam" of the guidance system. This makes it very hard to controll as the final aiming point can switch rapidly in distance (target moves, sometimes you "miss" aiming at the target while the missile is flying, so the aiming point will be several 100-1000 m's in the distance). And because the missile is never in line with your optic axis the corrections it will take might lead it such that it can't hit the target at all. In addition, the missile has no guidance fail - if the missile has passed the current aiming target it tries to fliy a looping to come back around. Having the ability for firing modes on launchers is awesome for modding though... UT Triple Rocketlauncher here i come :D
  8. Not seeing anything like that unfortunately. When i use: diag_list "toggle"; it shows "Shots". But doesn't matter if i toggle it or diag_enable true it - no effect, other than the time going from editor preview back to editor beeing longer than usual and showing a blurred screen briefly (only with Shots enabled). So it appears to have some effect, but not what you show. Revision 144205
  9. Tried the "Shots" diag mode... it doesn't do anything, at least nothing that i can see. The only effect it has that when in Eden, going to preview and then going back to editor takes longer and showes some weird "intermediary" screen in VR Yeah, but with this "announcement" i'm happy nontheless
  10. Very nice work. ... and get terrible sun burn, followed by cancer and death. The wonderfull life cycle of workarounds. Are you sure multibarrels are not working for aircraft turrets? Maybe it's just a config issue? For tank turrets they definitely work (e.g.).
  11. Tanks DLC Feedback

    I mean... it's not totally out of character for US to choose shiny over camoflage *cough* UCP *cough*
  12. Big thanks to iSchluff who offered us a bit of servers space and help in setting up a SVN repository. Mean while work continues - very slowly - machineguns for the infantry (HP model, wip) by me
  13. @oukej I mentioned it in the past a couple times , but could we please get a script command that can read the objects(units) currently visible on the sensor-scope of a specific unit at the moment of calling? Everytime someone wants to do something that involves electronic detection or post processing of sensor info in any way, they have to write their own radar/sensor system from scratch, because the information from old and new sensors are totally inaccessible for scripts. There is so much potential for cool stuff (missions, extra features, nicer/ more immersive displaying, ...) if we could just read the units.
  14. Super Miller Land

    this is... magical
  15. Yes indeed, in theory some improvement is possible by changing configuration. The current configuration does not produce any noticeable effects. The dampersBumpCoef, as the page says, only affects visual animation, not simulation - > the simulation part however is what matters for gameplay. If a car doesn't oscillate/shake and it's just the wheels going up and down, then it wont matter for a player if he drives across a "simulated boulder field" with 30kph or 100kph. At 100kph it would look like it would have destructive effect on the suspension, but it doesn't. They are available since A2 or even earlier if i'm not wrong. But as your reaction proves - the way they are set up in A3 does not lead to any noticeable effect. Also, up until recently maxspeed was totally useless parameter for tracked vehicles for example - they could easily go above it when driving downhill, or if their physx parameters where capable of much more.