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  1. So while trying to test the new soundsets for vehicles introduced in latest devbranch update, I found out that your mechanics have incorrectly assembled some vehicle transmissions ;) Namely the Strider and Ifrit automatic transmission gear selectors. They are not behaving in a very healthy way :) Bugtracker here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T127578 Video here:
  2. Vidda

    Hey man. This is starting to look great. By the way, luskedalen is a really funny name ;) (Sneakyvalley for you English-speaking guys) I also believe I saw "Skranglefjell" somewhere, bad resolution though, may be wrong. That's also a funny name. While all is shaping up really great, I have two suggestions for you if you want my take on it: Water on roads: While the effect is really nice, it is not very realistic to have circular ponds. It is way more believable if the ponds are rectangular and follow the tire-tracks. Over years and years of driving and liberal governments not giving a flying **** about roads, they wear out. I have attached a picture of what I mean: I don't know if this will cause issues with tiling, but just thought I'd mention it if you want a more "realistic look" for asphalt roads. Vegetation variation I don't know what you think about dependencies, but I think your Norwegian fauna is short of one pesky plant. Namely, the Birch tree. I hate that tree. It waters my eyes every spring, but I can fully appreciate the glory of the Birch in ArmA3 without the pollen. Are there any birch trees you can use in vanilla assets? I havn't seen any. Chernarus had some, but then you would need to use other mods so... there's that problem. Anyways, keep at it man :) I'm sure you probably thought of these things, but there are always compromises :) Loving the new locations.
  3. Vidda

    Lol, other than that, you're welcome ;) You could always do the classic "AE, OE or AA" substitute though :) Bork
  4. Vidda

    Hei @bludski I'm not super-creative I'll admit, but norgies gotta norgie right? So here goes a few peak names off the top'o my head, some may even be real without me knowing it: Nortind Himmelfjell Vargtassen Revheim(en) Gråhetta Falkberg Nordalspiggen Myrdalstoppen Furudalseggen Birkefjell Ravnfjell Nordlystoppen Trolldalsknuten Skjoldheia Baldersberg Urfjell Hellerdalstoppen Hauglandsberg Bjørnberget Jervhei Wow, that wasn't so hard. So, I already have some valley names to go with some of the mountains: Nordal Myrdal Furudal Trolldal Hellerdal Mørkdal Vesterdal Skrådal Reindal Bredal Any of these could be ending with "en" to vary the names a little. E.g : Mørkdalen, Myrdalen etc... I hope you found the examples Norwegian enough :p
  5. Simple but effective Magazine repack

    Have you been taught this in the military? By design, the safety-handle (which releases the firing pin to trigger the fuse) is designed to arm the grenade AFTER it leaves your hand. To cook the grenade in real life, you would have to use both hands to arm it, or be really cool-headed to release the handle with the same hand you are holding the grenade in. The potential to screw up is huge. And, if the fuse is bad, it could explode much faster, or later than you hoped for. I am just trying to get an answer if this is actual recommended practice in any armed forces. To get back on topic though, I think the simplest possible form of magazine repack would be do let magazines of the exact same type merge by user action. Super-useful for those of us who likes to reload between encounters to always have 30 rnds (or whatever) available if needed. I think being able to combine different ammo types (5.56 FMJ, vs 5.56 tracer, or 5.56 subsonic) into the same mag is impossible. Therefore, a poor workaround may also be counter-intuitive. Let's say you have 15 tracer rounds, 10 regular and 5 subsonic. It would be rather lame if you combined the three mags into one mag of pure 5.56 tracer? Realistically speaking the magazine should contain 15 + 10 + 5 bullets of different types. Therefore the simplest way I see, while keeping some form of realism, is to combine mags of the same type.
  6. Zombies & Demons 5.0

    @MrSanchez Hi again. You've probably thought of it already, but in case you figure out some way to make the zombies target civilians again, the 'newly introduced' "Civilian presence" module would probably work very well with the zombies. They populate areas of player choice and react by running away from threats, hide and look more chaotic. :)
  7. Which is pretty much the standard procedure during night time engagements. The officers need something to do, right? Flares also disturb anyone who are equipped with NVG as the goggles may become over-exposed to light. NVG are therefore excellent tools to stay hidden as long as possible, while keeping some degree of situational awareness in the dark.
  8. I assume you mean you want to vanilla arma 3 nightvision back? Nightvision is often hyped to be some amazing device that turns pitch black into green, crisp daybright conditions. This is false. A much better and accurate description is "Light amplification goggles", because that is in fact what they do. They use available light and amplify it. If you are in pitch black conditions (no nearby cities, no moonlight, etc), it will not have any light to amplify. Also, having used military NVG equipment myself, I can confirm that the image is often very grainy and depending on gogglet type, you lose depth perception completely. A way to mitigate this issue is to use IR strobes, or flashlights. If the enemy are "low tech", they cannot see the IR light, but your NVG goggles can see it. Therefore you can illuminate an area with IR light, and see that through NVG (don't think this is simulated beyond IR strobes and Lasers in ArmA3 though). So, NVG goggles are actually not always ideal in dark conditions, sometimes you are better off using flares and flashlights.
  9. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hey guys! Congratulations on your release! That's a pretty meaty changelog there! Can't wait to try out those PhysX improvements, sounds and jet/heli map functionality! Thanks for putting in so much hard work to make this high-quality total conversion mod for us :) I guess all the hard work of people asking "when is next update?" finally paid off. ( ).
  10. Agreed. Don't know how much this would tax the system (keeping track of flat grass when many players are prone and crawling about), but it would sure be nice with 5 minutes. Also, on the topic of grass I have noticed a few things regarding helicopters: Up until recently, I thought helicopter downwash only affected smoke and trees/large vegetation (see them bend/flutter) when the helicopter is above. But by coincidence I noticed that the grass does flatten when a helicopter is subjecting it to downwash. However, the effect is much like when infantry is laying prone, it just "warps" downwards to become more flat. Is it possible to tweak the effect to be more "wavy"? I mean, like ripples from a pond, but with high frequency. Kind of the same effect you can see on large wheat fields when wind is swooping over them. That would be extra cool immersive :) You can see the effect I am talking about really well at the mark in this video: It makes the grass "ripple" like waves, wafting back and forth. By the way, this seems to be your typical russian party. Random chicks, disorganized, Adidas, some random military guy and probably a lot of vodka. Helicopter for extra USSR feel. Shame it wasn't a Mi-24. PS. Dslyecxi, is that you? ;)
  11. Hey oukej. Thanks for answering! Great to hear what your thoughts and ideas are behind your design choices. The bullets are nice to divide things into chunks instead of random wall of text that = setdammage 1 to developers ;) It's easy to get carried away when you feel strong about a game or some of it's aspects. :) -How do the missiles act in relation to drag when turning? Do the missiles bleed off speed quickly when maneuvering? IRL this is a common tactic for MRM and LRM threats. The missile aim point you talk of is "lead pursuit", where the missile tries to meet the aircraft at a future point. -Do ARMA missiles use proportional navigation algorithms? Proximity fuses generally work by either laser or radar emitters in the missile body circumference that detect nearby surfaces, triggering the fuse. The warhead is normally surrounded by hundreds of pre-formed fragmentation fragments that shred nearby aircraft almost like a gigantic shotgun effect. This means that the missile will effectively always detonate as it passes the aircraft perpendicularly, which means the closest it will ever be to the target during its flight. Generally this cloud of shrapnel generally leads to any of the following: pilot injury/death engine seizure/fire fuel tank leaks/fire hydraulic systems failure (control loss) sometimes, structural failure (control loss) The aircrash investigation on MH17 is quite interesting to watch, especially because they rebuilt the cockpit in the netherlands. Shows you how lethal BUK missiles (SA-11) are.
  12. Simple but effective Magazine repack

    This is very good firearm simulation. I agree, but probably needs a game engine, or inventory system that supports this on a completely different level than ArmA 3. While grenade cooking came to be in early games like call of duty etc, I really have to ask. Is this an urban legend or actual tactic? Can anyone with real grenade practice comment on this? I always felt it was very hollywood-ish to cook grenades, seeing that fuse-reliability/production differences are always a risk. It is a risk that jeopardizes you and your teammates, at the only advantage of giving the enemy less time to react. You are still clearing the room or area and forcing the enemy to retreat or suffer the consequences.
  13. Well there are a few issues with the way missiles work in ArmA 3, at least according to missile effectiveness and lethality. And there are still some glaring issues with the way aircraft and other vehicles take damage. While offering a much deeper and varied damage model than most games on the market, there are still some issues that may be there for gameplay reasons, but throw away realism. This may throw off players because it doesn't always apply to our expectations. In real life, shoulder fired missiles are often successful because they are hard to detect, and therefore hard to counteract. Most pilots resort to timed flare schedules that constantly release flares at intervals, in case a missile has been fired. Hollywood wants us to believe that you get a "missile warning" for all missile types and that they are best "shaken off" by slick maneuvers. Reality is quite the contrary. We enter a hostile area, we anticipate surface to air threat, and drop flares preemptively. In arma, however, pilots have the major advantage of being warned (partially realistic as such systems exist today, but also most likely for balancing reasons). This allows the pilot to conserve flares until the warning sounds, then spam flares to shake the missile. Seeing that the success probability of shaking Titan AA is rather high, jets and helicopters become very untouchable). The other way of avoiding missiles is by outmaneuvering it. Since engagement ranges in arma are often unrealistically short, missile speed, range and maneuverability are adjusted to fit the scope of the game. This means that missiles can be hard to shake without flares. This also leads to a very black-and-white scenario each time: Either flares are dropped and your missile is defeated, or the target doesn't drop flares and the target is defeated. But that is not all. Missiles are very often proximity detonated, which means that if the missile does not score a direct hit, it can detonate by proximity sensors up to as much as 10-20 meters away from the target. This ensures that even if flares are used or the target outmaneuvers the missile, it can still detonate and cause fragmentation damage. This is much more common in real life, because hitting a moving target at such high speeds with very sensitive controls/sensors can be extremely difficult. Therefore many times the missile will proximity detonate and shrapnel will eat up the aircraft. Then comes the damage model part. Arma is lacking a major damage feature that severely effects aircraft: engine and fuel system fire. Any damage caused by incendiary, explosive or fragmentation warheads is very likely to perforate the engine or fuel tanks and cause fires. Engines are extremely delicate and prone to causing fires. Fires are accelerated by all the oxygen available when flying through the air, and are the most common cause of aircraft loss in combat. So why are aircraft tanky? well.. they are warned of incoming missiles and can deploy flares at the right moment every time the missiles are so far off course when tricked by flares, that proximity fuse doesn't always work proximity fuse causes indirect damage type (ArmA HE damage) and works kindof strange. they cannot catch fire, and damage to engines usually only decreases thrust a little bit. I think that for both realism and balance reasons the following tweaks are a possible solution: Titan AA spoofed by IR easily, but only select aircraft have missile warning system (unarmed aircraft for instance). Titan AA missile less maneuverable, to balance against no pilot warning and make the lock-and fire more skill-based (you have to wait for the right moment to fire). When missiles are spoofed, they don't deviate course very much (to increase hit probability on stationary aircraft, or head on attacks) Proximity detonation range = splash damage outer radius (if you see the missile explode, then the aircraft has sustained some level of damage) Proximity detonation mechanic (missile explodes when distance to target stops decreasing, and starts increasing) to insure detonation as close as possible to aircraft. Aircraft in general, should be damaged beyond saving at 1 direct hit (impact detonation). They should be able to sustain one close proximity detonation but still fly home badly damaged. Introduce new missile for Anti-Air vehicles. Like a SRAAM or something radar guided. A missile with much higher hit-probability, but warns the pilots at time of lock/launch. Fires. I think that would force aviators to plan their attacks, and loiter less. When lining up for a strafing run or bomb run, they should start using flares in "continuous mode" where they drop flares once every 1-2 seconds. Then deactivate upon leaving the threat area (just like real life). They no longer get "free warnings" to alert them when to use flares. Damage has greater consequence and as such you have to be more careful. Anti-Air vehicles would generally "scare away" aerial vehicles like they are intended to, rather than just spam missiles at them and hope for a shot where the pilot forgets to use flares. Shoulder-fired anti air threats should be a haunting feeling for pilots, that you never know when you will be fired upon, just that it's very likely to happen if you expose yourself too long. Therefore you launch flares at intervals to survive.
  14. Sigh... Mickeymen, if you will not listen to experienced arma modders, or community members with actual tank crew experience, then I fear our efforts to convince you are pointless. And take note that what we are simply trying to say is that the devs can't adapt your idea just because you think it makes sense. For instance. If you want to be able to heal inside vehicles, for consistency purposes and according to yourself, this should be possible in all crew positions for all vehicles (jets, helis, cars, tanks, trucks, boats etc). Each of these crew positions have custom sitting animations (sure there are probably some re-used ones here and there, but the majority are unique). Each of these crew positions have a custom "idle animation", and for each healing animation, there would have to be a smooth transition from the idle animation to the healing animation. Then you have to ensure, for quality purposes, that the soldier model does not clip through the vehicle while healing, leading to even more diversity in animations. Now think about how many vehicles there are in ArmA, then how many crew positions. Quick maths is to just count the amount of crew positions in total for the entire game, then you have the amount of new animations you have to make. What @x3kj is saying, is that it is ludicrous to say that "it is a simple task" to do this. Making just one animation and quality-assuring it ingame could probably take hours of time - I would not know as I only do some 3D modeling, but I assume it is a lot of work to get to "arma 3 standard" quality, without Inverse Kinematics or Motion Capture hardware. And finally, take it from me, who has over 10 years of military experience. The moment someone gets injured, the priority is to take care of them and secure them. You cannot "heal" a person in line of fire. You can apply tourniquet, bandage and evacuate. Or else you are going to increase the casualties rapidly. We emphasize stopping massive bleeding and removing the casualty from the combat for further treatment. In many ways, the medic system in "Squad" (game) is a much more accurate representation of how a medic functions. Each soldier can stop his own bleeding, or the bleeding of a teammate, but they cannot regain health. The medic has to administer "field surgery" in order to increase HP again. If it worked like this in ArmA, I would not have issues with applying bandages in a vehicle, because it is not a "godmode" healing method, it only stops you from passively dying of bloodloss. I have written some suggestions about how to improve the medic system in ArmA 3, but I think it's too late for that now. To summarize: Asking for healing "the arma way" with FAK's in vehicles is begging for exploits (100 FAKs in a tank = crew godmode) Asking for accompanying animations for each crew member is ludicrous We have explained why it is a bad idea for gameplay reasons. We have explained why it is an unrealistic idea based on experience. We have explained why it is a resource-demanding task based on modding experience. While we can't speak for the devs, I am fairly sure they agree with our views on the matter.