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  1. Nothing Ever Goes to Plan Dear WW2 fans, please rest assured we are still working very hard day in day out to bring this project with the full version to completion. It has been a bumpy road, with many different challenges along the way - but despite setbacks we continue on and the end is in sight. With all this we hope to bring the WW2 setting to the forefront of the Arma community and beyond. If you want to support the cause, we are still looking for model and texture artists to help improve assets, as well as dedicated groups for regular PvP/COOP/SP play-tests. Please reach out to our community manager ArgoChris, if you want to get involved. Please be patient a little while longer and Hold The Line. 🙏
  2. extractPbo, eliteness, derap from mikero tools - makepbo/project to build to pbo again
  3. The Hawker Typhoon model was from I44 - it was considered too old to be worth the effort bringing to Arma 3 in the end.
  4. @BSN_19 please notify El Tyranos about the problem
  5. @pierre MGI > The fact is their pilots are much more "blind" than any AI pilot of BI planes we disabled the radar vision from AI tanks and planes as result they need to use normal vision to spot enemies or learn about it from their group or some AI info share system
  6. @Levy77 IF/AWAR campaign is not yet available
  7. 1. ip v6 is not supported by A3 and never will be 2. you should name your exact router model for better reference 3. sharing an image of your exact configuration should help 4. best to join arma discord and ask in #troubleshooting or #server_admins for assistance
  8. contact their support or Dwarden
  9. if you mean the scripted method to get into vehicles - thats intentional if its about extract and modifying that data, you should contact BI support with the link to take down the video
  10. .kju

    Animal Animation

    you can try to get live advice in the arma discord maybe the lego unit from Mondkalb is useful as reference? or the native animals from A2/A3/DayZ (viewable via Eliteness) not really into anims, so cant give specific advice
  11. Congratulations phronk 👍 also thanks for your huge dedication to hold onto it for so long and realize your initial vision in the end
  12. maybe rpt gives some clues whats happening
  13. What is considered "good sales" for a CDLC - to have a reasonable return for the time invested (ie not below minimum wage)? GM according to their own statement was done working almost two years full time - next to their normal full time job. Both are professionals for VBS for many years as far as I know. Yes it's good to get recognition/return also in terms of payment for your work, yet I seriously doubt the return can match their job salary in any meaningful way. I am sure they were aware of this likely outcome, as should be all our CDLC participants. However to state this is a financially successful outcome is very likely far from reality.
  14. stburr91 some flaws in your arguments: 1) Creating lower res textures can be done with a BI tool (pal2pace) via command line in a matter of minutes. One could even offer a smaller download as result / would make the integration into the base game less of a "burden" (download/HDD/SSD wise). 2) The CDLC compatibility pack is in the current form practically useless, besides trying stuff in Arsenal before you buy, or otherwise to make any use of it, you have to use additional mods as player(s) with the CDLC content for the enemies (or friendly AI). Also you need to use a 3rd party terrain or BI terrains. In simple words it create a huge entry barrier. Adoption rate matters as it means sales both for the CDLC developers and BI. One cannot compare BI DLCs to CDLCs one-to-one as: 1) Way earlier in the product life cycle 2) Even though BI acts as publisher and provides its promotion channels, the outreach is not the same. In addition CDCLs are seen way more critical as "paid mods". 3) DLCs have the Arma 3 base game as platform - CDLCs do not (really) unless they use the same 2035 future setting. 4) CDLCs are an optional download 5) Steam sales matter a huge deal, but also mean considerable less revenue per copy sold 6) CDLCs are not supported in the Arma 3 launcher and the ingame server browser for MP play (aka you should only see servers for a CDLC when you have it selected) The Arma 2 LITE approach was flawed as: 1) Not (properly) communicated - Arma 3 did way way better with the new strategy 2) It aligned with the dayz mod hype 3) The quality reduction was far too much (128x128) and also affected audio (bad choice) The bottom line is the current CDLC approach suffers considerable from three issues: 1) No trial/demo - people might buy it if they would be able to check it out ingame first hand themselves in a meaningful way 2) Discourages group/MP use big time 3) Due to low adoption and very critical community reception there is low incentive to be supported by the modding community as outlined by Sparker
  15. .kju

    Patching bad Stairs

    try the rvmat and texture used in arsenal for the transparent vehicles