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  1. make sure to reach out also on arma discord <https://discord.gg/arma> in the server admins channel; also the "european arma events" discord has very experienced admins <https://discord.gg/4Cyvkmk> 1) most likely but others can speak from actual experience 2) both discords should help with that 3) depends very much on factors like all players in same area or not, number and type of vehicles used, use of scripts and mods, etc RedBear (RU community) does/did 150-200 player PvP no respawn events - high count is doable but requires careful setup and good preparation
  2. @mikey74 The rpt is primarily a log file - bidmp/mdmp are the crash logs. Thanks a lot for your kind words! @froggyluv The campaign was designed to be playable alone (or a friend/few friends - next to up to 24 players). Its MP mainly for performance reasons (better with dedicated server use), to have mission parameters for customization and respawn instead of save-load (respawn can be turned off though). We spent a lot of time to make it as playable as possible via custom difficulty adjustment - lower are to be more of a movie experience, while Veteran and Hardcore are the big challenge. The playable slots can be left to AI, which are capable of advancing, finishing mission objectives, revive each other or players, call in supports, etc. So in short we gave our best. Let us know how it goes! 🙏
  3. @mikey74 hm weird - never seen that and cant see how SPE could cause that. 1) please try without mods to rule that out 2) would need to see a video to get a better idea 3) please provide a rpt log of a session with the prob (best to exit right after it happened) ty
  4. Do you still have the issue @tpw? If so, please share a log file - also a screenshot of missing water texture tiles would be good. Can you provide a location with a screenshot /simple demo mission please @oldy41 The buildings were set up with AI path lods and specific door naming to work with AI. @pooroldspikeYou need to unload all mods to be able to play on the KOTH SPE server.
  5. What do you mean specifically here? Its only active if the module is part of the mission or ER is activated via functions. Please clarify. Unclear at this stage. WL was not designed to work with savegames. I've reached to the one modder that made a working version with save+load. 🤞
  6. .kju

    ARMA will not open

    @Dengaridid you manage to solve it?
  7. .kju

    What are "accepted keys"?

    @pooroldspike Unfortunately Arma's error messages are poorly worded. What it means: 1) You loading the game with IFA3 2) The server doesnt allow you to join with IFA3 3) You need to disable IFA3 and retry to join again
  8. @Raider77 sorry for the problem and inconvenience! Is it still a problem for you after the 1.0.1 hotfix?
  9. @viper4aawill be out later today finally 🙏 Thanks for reaching out!
  10. @DementuZ please upload the rpt log and dm via discord ref: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/arma.RPT#Linux
  11. best to reach out to Dedmen or ACE people on arma discord or BI discord afaik should be gaussian random distribution these (mostly older) threads may have some more specifics and might be relevant too
  12. .kju

    Mikeros Tool - PBOProject

    best to join their discord for support
  13. 1) AI awareness is only within viewdistance - if you increase that, you need to apply the reveal after 2) use https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/reveal 3) use doWatch
  14. @genpatton043 any other mods active?