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  1. This is probably the same issue that was fixed very late into OA by Ondra but maybe not merged into A3. Another problem here he fixed/changed from what i recall may be that at mission start all units get (a little) awareness (of all vehicles?) - engine running may push knowsAbout then high enough for real unit knowledge.
  2. that's still the current plan - with obvious delays of course
  3. @Europeec what roadmap you are referring to? the one on phabricator?
  4. Please, fix this!!!

    there is a fairly old mod to make bullets a lot more deadly
  5. @madrussian Twice as fast turret rotation speed o their request. As a tip: You can check things like this easily via the config brower or config dumps. @devilspawn @pognivet Sorry for the late reply! This should be due to the artillery computer and its limits. Will set up separate versions without to see if that helps. This could be related to ponds. As we don't experience the issue ourselves and never got more dedicated reports to reproduce it, we could not address it unfortunately.
  6. did some config analysis about the changes - you can find the details in the audio channel of our discord: https://discord.gg/qNHJ7tj
  7. What is this Game mode Called...?

    maybe https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/139071-blitzkrieg-for-a3-pvp-game-mode-based-on-aas/
  8. Contact me in discord if you need support
  9. reyhard is the config wizard doing everything out there. he did tanks for RHS and BI for example. yeah referring to configs channel on arma discord
  10. @madrussian as always great detailed feedback and input much appreciated > [External camera] placed directly behind the vehicles Cars and trucks have a slight offset (as did BI - i think since OFP even) - tried it also for tanks, planes and boats, yet for them it seemed weird. Might be related to size, and/or the type of vehicle and the connected impression what one is used too. Overall the design goal with the adjustment was to see the full vehicle from behind, with some space behind it, but not too much, and camera angle to see somewhat infront of the vehicle. There is still some room for improvement I feel, yet its a lot better now indeed. PS: Didnt event consider gunner use, yet very good point indeed. > "Move to Driver" Actually not sure what caused this change of behavior. Is this issue still present elsewhere? > plus _vehic setUnloadInCombat [false, false] keeps everyone in their proper seats Set 'unloadInCombat = 1;' for Halftracks intentionally as the idea was you want to cargo to get out and engage. So from what i understand you are saying also the driver gets out? (does this also happen with cars/trucks?) We could try to force the AI to stay via scripting, yet this may break/limit some other scripting as a result. And are you also suggesting its in general bad idea to have cargo get out? Regardless under firing by plane, tank, light weapons from vehicles/statics, or infantry? One could script a more flexible behavior again here i think. > allowCrewInImmobile Yes its active (in fact it was since IF SA, but got broken at some point until it was fixed recently). In fact we are to upgrade soon (finally) to @x3kj advanced damage system for tanks. Basically its to achieve rather get disabled, or parts destroyed, crew killed and so on, and only to explode when ammo storage or fuel tanks get hit. That said in regards to AI, scripting and player expectations some changes will be necessary too. Anyhow to get AI to eject when appropriate will then be scripted to be more meaningful. > AI driver will keep trying to get the busted tank moving indefinitely, which causes the tank to spin Good input once again! Haven't seen this myself for some reason. This will be dealt with in combination with above change. > until the tank encountered enemy units. At this point tank would basically stop for an extremely lengthy period of time Great research and find! A few questions in relation to this: 1) Does it happen only with fully crewed? Did you get to narrow it down exactly when this is this case? (ie main gunner, multiple gunners, commander, cargo) 2) Does this apply only to tanks? What about armored cars? Boats? Planes (with multi crew)? 3) Would you recommend to set '_group enableAttack false;' then? And to what in particular? > _group allowFleeing 0; Why do you set this for vehicles, or is it just for infantry (aka when they get out, mixed group, etc)? > _vehic setUnloadInCombat [false, false]; Do you apply this also to cars/trucks? Or only halftracks? (tanks should no longer need it) Thanks again!
  11. not sure about this but check and try different key actions in controls settings - a different set than the default assigned might help with this also there was a scripted system by HeinBloed to do something similar from what i recall (basically swapped you with AI gunner/agent) overall best to join discord and reach out to reyhard and X3KJ (can do also in the forum here but discord probably works better)
  12. be aware hasdriver=-1 doesnt work for AI. so you may want to have a separate version for AI
  13. if we get good issue reports on our system, yes do we fix and improve such things. see: http://ww2ina3.com/wiki/index.php?title=Issue_Reporting
  14. Preview v32 - Hotfix 2 is out Fixed: mission loading error (No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgPatches.ww2_assets_c_vehicles_wheeled_c_m8_greyhound').