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  1. calculatePlayerVisibilityByFriendly true //friendly units will/will not calculate visility of player
  2. you can follow AI perspective and AI group leader commands via: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/switchCamera
  3. diag_captureFrame 1; diag_logSlowFrame ['total',0.3]; for very low level analysis you can try these. more here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Performance_Profiling smoke/particles certainly do matter too. overall its the number of entities you can try to disable simulation (AI or collision/physx) and unit caching as mentioned on as many objects and entities as feasible for very advanced script profiling (unscheduled only so far) (which basically has no relation to fps - unless its about entity creation) check: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/211626-arma-script-profiler/ Dedmen and Kamen work in IDE integration and broader scope/overall improvement. This is the discord server: https://discord.gg/55AhNfc
  4. Forums Upgrade

    @BohemiaBeck any ETA to get imgur embedding working again?
  5. best join the arma discord - people in scripting and animation channels should be able to give good advice
  6. Still looking for testers of the SP version - PM me if interested.
  7. AI Driving - Feedback topic

    First off you don't break existing default behavior and thus wreck all existing missions. If your change is so drastic, you make it opt-in, or the new default still works as good at least as before at least. Now if after the change different low level setup/a different approach to solve the topic at hand is required, it has to be introduced (blog post, video, etc) and documented (wiki page, demo mission(s), diag commands, etc) accordingly. Not even when resources are limited, but especially when resources are limited (as it means it wont get maintained as too many topics were not in A3) - you have to account for this if you tackle such a central design aspect of the game. Like what is the situation now? Most existing missions are broken, only experts who invest a large amount of time get to acceptable results (if at all) and there is no consensus or even community documentation how to solve it.
  8. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Startup_Parameters#Spaces
  9. It is a difficult problem to handle no doubt.Valve and limitations of workshop management side (exposed to BI) add to that. Still I wonder if you can serve a legal notice also to BI for their part in effectively still tolerating this abuse.
  10. very impressive artwork by Flawless War Gamer
  11. @k4ble do you use the artillery version of the unit?
  12. AI must have better autonomy.

    @oukej I apologize for the harsh statement about strategic modding support and importance. it was not directed at you or the A3 team, yet as a personal opinion on my personal, now outside, perception and long time history with the series. maybe you find the context given in discord useful or helpful. to repeat also here my positive take-away to A3 history - there are also many things that were done better and at times a lot better compared to previous series, and once again some individual BI members show strong personal dedication and effort - as always they have my, and of many others, very gratitude! still on a strategic and high level decision making my impression is different. yet again for the most part we are all outsiders here and you should take this for what its worth.
  13. AI must have better autonomy.

    Overall not much is exposed (there is a config FSM and actual FSM). Scripting commands are also very limited. Its mostly about status evaluation and disabling components. Most in effect can achieved by parameter tweaking in configs. Very tedious and difficult overall due to the lack of deeper documentation (or at all) and no analysis tools for us (BI has them internally ofc). One can script some aspects with a lot of effort, yet its mostly about movement and targeting. That said one is again limited by the low number of AI/unit status queries and the even less environment queries. Since late A3 there are actually some AI brain parameter prioritization exposed: class CfgBrains { class DefaultSoldierBrain { class Components { class AIBrainAimingErrorComponent { }; class AIBrainCountermeasuresComponent { minReactionTime = 0.1; maxReactionTime = 3; randomReactionTimePercent = 0.3; CMOnTargettedProbability = 0.5; }; class AIBrainSuppressionComponent { }; class AIBrainTargetSelectorComponent { }; }; }; class DefaultCivilianBrain { class Components { }; }; class DefaultAnimalBrain { class Components { }; }; }; However most had to be extracted by Dedmen again to be known in the first place .. class AIBrainCountermeasuresComponent { useSmokeGrenadeDelay = 20; CMCheckDelay = 0.8; suppressionThreshold = 0.8; nonLeaderSmokeProbability = 0.1; CMOnTargettedProbability =0.1; suppressionTimerMax = 2; minimalThrowDistance = 900; minReactionTime = 0.1; maxReactionTime = 3; randomReactionTimePercent = 0.2; }; class AIBrainSuppressionComponent { maxSuppression = 1; worstDecreaseTime = 20; bestDecreaseTime = 0.1; SuppressionRange = 1; CauseHitWeight = 0.5; CauseExplosionWeight = 0.15; CauseBulletCloseWeight = 0.15; SuppressionThreshold = 0.7; }; class AIBrainAimingErrorComponent { maxAngularError = 0.1309; maxAngularErrorTurret = 0.15; worstDecreaseTime = 2; bestDecreaseTime = 0.2; lostTargetTimeMin = 0.5; lostTargetTimeMax = 3; shootingInfluence = 0.4; movingInfluence = 1; turningInfluence = 1; damageCoef = 10; fatigueCoef = 10; suppressionCoef = 0.5; }; AIBrainTargetSelectorComponent is not implemented in 1.82 Still just like with "PID" the lack of docu altogether or just some very bare developer comments without any context or source code parts (plus lack of diagnostics again) wont get the community anywhere. To me these aspects just show how little actual BI cares about modders, and lack of strategic approach or being part of the planning.
  14. @madrussian thanks a lot for the update, additional info and insight! Some more context for enableAttack: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/122529-a-solution-to-improving-ai-group-fighting-ability/ In the Blitzkrieg game mode I use single unit groups to have full control over movement, behavior, etc and to avoid any engine coded group dynamics. With the new sqf cmds available in A3 it might be possible to get decent result with AI groups, yet for my purpose probably not worth the effort to dig into all the details again. However will see about disabling autocombat and when this may entail in my context.