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  1. with verifySignatures one is to have the same pbos as the server now (except for -serverMod loaded mods) from what i understand not sure about purely client side/optional mods - maybe the server has to have them loaded now too
  2. you can deduce from that information of AI movement paths, and maybe even built a something like costmap (terrain elevation per cell)
  3. nameSound = "XXX"; with XXX defined as word in the various radioProtocols
  4. good point indeed haleks 👍 the goal is to automate the scanning new terrains for "misplaced objects" - in this case two objects into each other (say a bush inside a wall or house to any extent)
  5. Using BB, or intersects, point cloud with array subtraction and such. Mainly looking for ideas how to optimize this as much as possible if you want to run this across all terrain objects
  6. then you have to remove this condition: (surfaceIsWater _roadPos)
  7. best join arma discord for live support
  8. @Blackheart_Six the problem was you forgot one zone in the water in the top however i fixed also the two code errors and added visual debugging for the position finding (disabled by default) https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/270195624152924160/589451972189356045/T8_Testing_Center_Altis.Altis.7z
  9. .kju

    PboProject duplicate Lod

    they are only warnings this is your error: bridge_stone_asf2_25.p3d invalid file (aka buggy or missing model)
  10. .kju

    [SP] Wolves And Sheep Campaign

    looks impressive and much respect for your dedication 👍 a short video with some scenes from the intro and later missions (without spoilers) would go a long way for your workshop presentation
  11. .kju

    Completely no sound

    post your rpt log file please
  12. can you please upload your mission to check best without mods/little as possible, and automatically to show up
  13. @Blackheart_Six my bad. please try again with the above updated code
  14. does it really effect the hit animations though?
  15. best join the arma discord and go from there