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  1. .kju

    Eden without outside scripts

    see the note at the top: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/2D_Editor
  2. .kju

    Eden without outside scripts

    note you can still use the old 2d editor. Eden is useful if you need precise 3d placement, want to use layers - otherwise it makes various functionality more accessible, yet for an experienced coder not relying on BI modules, you dont have to use it
  3. what are you trying to achieve here bardosy? going by scripted condition is probably more simple and reliable
  4. weapons/items sit in a weaponholder when not with an unit
  5. Try to disable Arma 3 units - its having issues recently and stops people from joining servers
  6. best to upload the rpt log for starters
  7. in Steam, open properties on Arma 3 (via right mouse button) and verify your game install
  8. do you have arma 3 units active?
  9. try -mod=vn;@CBA_A3 -serverMod=@AdvancedRepelling;@AdvancedSlingLoading;@AdvancedTowing;@AdvancedUrbanRepelling
  10. Yeah unfortunately they were not maintained by the author. We hope to get them working again in the future.
  11. hm sounds like a bug. however last i worked with them was A2/A2OA
  12. logic is a helper object. can store information with setVariable locations are also helper objects but for positions. there are some sqf commands to interact with locations and some module systems use locations
  13. It will be fixed in the next update. For now its using the right caliber weapon and ammo, plus hitting the right angle, not the armor plates.
  14. @gigglebok do you mind sharing your script for the street signs please once you are happy enough with it?