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  1. please join our discord for support
  2. .kju

    Rush Reforged

    sweet 👍 got any pics or videos?
  3. .kju

    [SOLVED] Blocked loading of DLL

    well by disabling BE - check the rpt if you made a mistake/double check startup parameters
  4. note above quote from Terra has an encoding issue with invisible characters bugging out the engine - use this instead #include "\a3\ui_f\hpp\defineResincl.inc" _displayMap = findDisplay 12; _fncHideControls = { _this apply { _control = _displayMap displayCtrl _x; _control ctrlSetPositionW 0; _control ctrlCommit 0; }; }; //--- Hide left hand diary list _idcsHide = [IDC_DIARY_TOPIC_LIST, IDC_DIARY_TOPIC_BACKGROUND]; _idcsHide call _fncHideControls; //--- Top bar #define IDC_DIARY_MAINBACKGROUND 1020 #define IDC_DIARY_MAINBACKGROUNDGRADIENT 1200 #define IDC_DIARY_TOPRIGHT 2302 _idcsHide = [IDC_DIARY_MAINBACKGROUND, IDC_DIARY_MAINBACKGROUNDGRADIENT, IDC_CANCEL, IDC_DIARY_TOPRIGHT, IDC_DIARY_MISSION_NAME]; _idcsHide call _fncHideControls; _ctrlMap = _displayMap displayCtrl 51; _ctrlMap ctrlSetPosition [safeZoneX, safeZoneY, safeZoneW, safeZoneH]; // resize map control to full screen _ctrlMap ctrlCommit 0; PS: plus a missing closing bracket for the _fncHideControls function
  5. @Tom_48_97 any chance to open source Poseidon tools, so the community can maintain it further?
  6. .kju

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    The solution is actually quite "simple" - BI needs to allow Workbench (or Reforger engine) modding to the extent the community can build an user friendly mission editor akin to 2d editor/Eden.
  7. best to ask on their discord or forum
  8. .kju

    Total Warfare (SP/Co-op)

    I'd advise you to add one/few short videos to allow people to get a sense of the gameplay and scale easily. Also 2d map view with some form of unit icons would help a good deal. Beyond that a RHS/CUP/WW2/Vietnam version should help bring more exposure - depending on your technical implementation this may or may not be feasible.
  9. Is it live? Yes it is! Welcome to the White Hell 🌬️ Please enjoy this Winter themed visual upgrade of IFA3 🙏 and do share your adventures, combat operations and scenery compositions with the community in here ❄️❄️❄️ On a related note we are looking again for reliable and experienced modders to help out with upcoming content 🤐 Mission designers with solid Eden editor background - preferably MP mission design experience Model/texture artists for objects with Blender/Substance Painter experience - preferably into the technical LODs from Arma, UV Mapping and multimat Terrain designers for object placement/SAT&MASK work - preferably with ObjectPlacementTBH tool experience, but Plopper or X-Cam are fine too Contact me if you are interested and do tell your friends 🙇‍♂️ Enjoy ❤️
  10. @pierremgi See the announcement from stabcon above. We will change the modfolder name with the next update to avoid the duplication issues in the Arma 3 launcher.
  11. @HBAOplus unfortunately this is not possible as we no longer can set dependencies for the original upload we are reaching out to popular mods and missions to update their dependencies to our new upload though
  12. @Tonmeister Missions will remain 100% compatible.
  13. @TheAbsoluteUnit IFA3 Liberation is not related to our project. So no on that. Animation and sound improvements are coming later this year. @nikiforos Rylan from our teaem has developed a set of custom terrain lightings for different themes. However its a very tricky topic - you have personal preference, its hard to tweak, you have to make compromises, plus certain changes require also adjustment in SAT texture as well as buildings. Atm in our internal build we are back to standard Enoch lighting as our terrain designers prefer that (due to multiple reasons - among them being used to Enoch and having built the terrains with that setting in mind).
  14. To our community It has been some time since we last spoke. So long in fact we are starting to see rumours of our project being dead, cancelled, deleted. We are happy to officially announce that this is not the case. IFA3 is very much alive and well. Since our last big update a lot has changed, both in the development team and in real life. Team members have had to prioritise careers and their personal lives, development goals were ever changing, as well as a number of issues that are too long to explain here, which resulted in us having to remove a number of assets. All of this coupled with a global pandemic led to public activity all but halting. However, that does not mean that nothing has been happening behind the scenes, quite the opposite in fact.Our team has been growing and working harder than ever, and this announcement today is just the start of things to come. So, what is coming? You may have noticed that the ‘IFA3 AIO LITE’ steam workshop page is gone. This is sadly down to issues outside of our control. The mod is still available for subscribers to use, however in a few weeks it will be removed permanently. In its place will be the launch of the ‘IFA3 - Second Wave’ workshop page where you will be able to find the latest version. The keen eyed amongst you will notice that this rename no longer has the ‘LITE’’ name attached. That is because with this relaunch, we would like to offer you all a thank you for being such long time supporters. When the new mod page launches, it will be coming with a new update we have subtitled the ‘Ostfront update’. This will feature high quality textures for the majority of the German and SOV factions, including uniforms, weapons and vehicles, with staggered releases of the other factions and assets planned to drop throughout 2022. We are extremely excited for you all to finally be able to get your hands on the higher quality assets and can not wait to see how you utilise them in your game sessions. However, the good news doesn't stop there, we have further updates in active development with more content for you to play with, including terrains and missions. We hope to be able to show you more of these in the near future. Further into the future, there are even more plans in the works to give you the best WW2 experience we can possibly give, however we are not quite ready to talk about these in detail just yet. Over the next few weeks we will send out reminders to ensure that you all subscribe to the new version of IFA3, but we do need your help to spread the word amongst your own communities and into the Arma community in general. We can not wait to share all of the great things that we have in store for you and we hope you are as excited as we are for the Second Wave of IFA3, but until then, you can see a sample of the things coming your way in the images below. If you are interested in joining us on our march forward and have experience in scripting, mission making, modelling or terrain building - send out a signal flare to us on any of the channels below. Discord: https://discord.gg/0vQjglomrhMXqTF1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ww2_in_a3 BI forum: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/190809-iron-front-in-arm3-lite-preview-versions/ Thank you all for your patience and support! The IFA3 Team New IFA3 AIO LITE workshop mod: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2648308937