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  1. Did a lot of testing in both OFP and A3 and reading first (forums, reddit, wikis, steam pages, etc). My current understanding: # Engage - allows AI to break off for the one assigned target (aka need to repeat the engage-target orders process for each target) 1. Reveal an enemy 2. Assign an enemy to one or more of your units (ie "2-target" menu in complex/classic command menu or via "target man/enemy" in simple/context sensitive command menu or reveal while simple/context sensitive command menu is open ) 3. Use command on one or more of your units (via "3-4-engage" in complex/classic command menu or "engage" in simple/context sensitive command menu) 4. Selected AI will break formation to eliminate that one target (and get back after - an engage other enemies during their return) # Engage at will - allows to break off every time you assign a target (aka you set once the mode and only need to assign targets) 1. Use command on one or more of your units (via "3-5-engage at will" in complex/classic command menu) 2. Reveal an enemy 3. Assign an enemy to one or more of your units (ie "2-target" menu in complex/classic command menu or via "target man/enemy" in simple/context sensitive command menu or reveal while simple/context sensitive command menu is open ) 4. Previously selected/commanded AI will lead them to break formation to eliminate that one target (and get back after - an engage other enemies during their return) So the core difference is Engage is to assign each enemy and then confirm, while Engage at will you change their modus operanti and only need to assign (without individual confirmation). # Disengage - cancels either Engage modes to have AI stay in formation 1. Use command on one or more of your units (via "3-6-disengage" in complex/classic command menu) 2. AI will no longer break formation from now on (toggle off "Engage at will" basically) If you want them to stop their current attack, you need to command that explicitly (via "regroup" in simple/context sensitive command menu or via "1-1-return to formation" in complex/classic command menu) PS: Most people don't seem to know the importance of the awareness level you have about targets. In OFP it was more obvious as the command cursor showed you as text the current identified type and side. To increase it, you need to look at a target. Zoom-in, optics, binocular help. Yet most important is the reveal action - pointing at a target with the cursor and spamming helps a big deal to recognize a target (better). --- Most correct overall guides I found on AI commanding: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/206260-comprehensive-guide-to-commanding-and-reporting-to-ai/ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=184803370 https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Operation_Flashpoint:_Commander_Guide https://guides.gamepressure.com/armaiii/guide.asp?ID=21605 (little more basic but not bad either) --- Some people state that assigning a target for "Engage at will" or "Engage" is not necessary. Couldnt get this to work/confirm though. Sample: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/91164-fireengage-hold-firedisengage/ And my experience: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/76850-engage-v-engage-at-will/?tab=comments#comment-1344279
  2. what the class name(s)?
  3. This is what I have for custom menu for now: Custom menu Target Menu (command menu) Return to formation (and Dissolve subgroup) (and reset watching?) (and reset stance): https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/doFollow Reorientate formation (when in formation) (and reset watching): https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/resetSubgroupDirectionhttps://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFormDir Find Cover (command menu item) (Toggle?) Scan Horizon (command menu item) Next waypoint (command menu item) // Stop? (and kneel?) // (Longer) Suppression fire? (+ lay down first?) --- Toggle EnableAttack? // relevant only for non player groups? Toggle AutoCombat Open Complex command menu And custom commands to simplify things somewhat - probably tied in above custom menu or in a separate one: Custom behavior modes Attack Combat Mode: RED (Fire At Will, Engage At Will) Behavior: COMBAT Formation: LINE/WEDGE // UnitPosition: MIDDLE DisableAI: AUTOCOMBAT-OFF //EnableAttack: ON? ForceSpeed: 100%? Defend Combat Mode: YELLOW (Fire At Will, Disengage) Behavior: COMBAT Formation: DIAMOND // UnitPosition: MIDDLE DisableAI: AUTOCOMBAT-ON //EnableAttack: OFF ForceSpeed: 0.66%? Aware Combat Mode: GREEN (Hold Fire, Disengage) Behavior: AWARE Formation: FILE // UnitPosition: AUTO DisableAI: AUTOCOMBAT-OFF COVER-OFF? //EnableAttack: OFF ForceSpeed: -1 Stealth Behavior: STEALTH Combat Mode: BLUE (Never Fire, Disengage) Formation: LINE/WEDGE UnitPosition: DOWN DisableAI: AUTOCOMBAT-ON LIGHTS-OFF //EnableAttack: OFF ForceSpeed: 0.22%? All Clear/Retreat Combat Mode: WHITE (Hold Fire, Engage At Will) (or BLUE?) Behavior: CARELESS (or SAFE?) // Formation: COLUMN - gets ignored, but set default? UnitPosition: MIDDLE? DisableAI: AUTOCOMBAT-OFF TARGET-OFF AUTOTARGET-OFF CHECKVISIBLE-OFF COVER-OFF //EnableAttack: OFF ForceSpeed: 100% References https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Combat_Modeshttps://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setCombatMode https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/AI_Behaviourhttps://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setBehaviourhttps://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setBehaviourStrong https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setFormation https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setUnitPos https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/stance https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/unitPos https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/disableAI https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/enableAttack - relevant for player group? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/forceSpeed
  4. @guttersnipe we had a few reports of this already but werent able to reproduce it on our end. note this is BI technology we use, so we can only forward this to BI to be solved now what we would need is exact setup and reproduction steps possibly its a locality problem - if you are not effectiveCommander, you cannot control it
  5. @domokun > Command stacking As said a basic level is feasible, yet not more for my scope. > Intelligence = greater detail on direction of fire Again do you mean group chat call outs? Or visualization? Automated or manual? > Suppression I can' tell how well/poor the native system works, and one can script this to some extent (effects of suppression). However I am not sure how much this can really be improved beyond whats available natively (and in relation to complexity and effort involved). Best to check dedicated suppression mods/scripts first to get a better sense whats out there already. I am doubtful it will be worth it. Also to have different levels or types of suppression fire is quite hard to script. Can't see this working well and worth the effort. > Get troops into cover & hold fire Unfortunately its impossible to combine the "take cover" movement command with anything else. So you need to stack those commands yourself. The best one can do is: STEALTH+HOLD FIRE/NEVER FIRE(+FACE DIRECTION). For direction you would either need a submenu again to choose, or some sort of cursor direction determination process. It may be possible to script this, yet would first need to figure out how this is to work exactly in a smooth way. Other games may provide good references tho. > Hull-down There is no practical way to determine a suitable location. > Pop smoke in direction of incoming fire To determine the direction in meaningful ways is not simple to impossible. Probably better would be an command to order an AI to throw a smoke (in your current view/cursor direction). For tanks/vehicles an auto eject on getting hit is probably meaningful. > Rearm One can script this to some extent but its not that simple. Have to check if there is any decent existing solutions.
  6. @scimitar > Stacking commands There is mods that do this fairly well. In my context its probably only relevant for 3d - not 2d map. That said its also the question what is meaningful beyond multiple MOVE commands. Otherwise you need temporary scripted waypoints (see post above for its complexity). Another problem is mixing of different commands (say MOVE + another), and changing/deleting setups. Then its gets easily very complicated again. And its done fairly well in other AI mods already. > Sync command execution There is mods that do this fairly well. Not my scope to have a "RTS" command layer. > Custom recon or probe commands Out of scope again sorry. Would need scripted waypoints again, plus hard to impossible to do this convincingly/well enough with SQF/Arma limits.
  7. @zukov not sure what your whole point is. please explain sure a gesture pointing anim may not be bad to reinforce a (certain?) command, but its just a visual gimmick in the end (for AI commanding). also how does tactical ping relate - to use its key action to trigger an AI command? to use the same visualization?
  8. Finally found some time to get back to this. Sorry for the wait! Will respond to your points tomorrow. I want to get feedback from you guys on a few topics: 1) Context sensitive command visualization and feedback Atm only the cursor changes depending on object your are point at (vehicle, hostile target, injured person, etc). However whats completely lacking is the 3d aspect - you have not real sense at distance what are point at. Especially with MOVE commands this is an issue. Also some few seconds persistent feedback is missing on commands. BiA is showcasing this fairly well how this visualization and feedback helps: 2) Commands to AI Atm you essentially only have MOVE, TARGET/ATTACK, WATCH and SUPPRESSION (plus HEAL, REVIVE, DISARM MINE, REPAIR and ARTILLERY). What is somewhat missing is the WP like behavior (HOLD, DESTROY, SAD, GUARD, SENTRY - ref: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Waypoint_types). The tricky thing here is you cannot give WP to units in player groups. You would need to split them off and have ways to rejoin your group - and you loose control in the meantime. However in general AI is largely only either tagging along with the player in some formation, or you order them to move somewhere basically. One has also formations, stances, behavior and combat mode, yet they are somewhat limited for AI under player command or tied to the player behavior itself. Also missing is the ability to stack multiple commands easily. There are 2d map based system like HC and community modded, but none of these are really good enough IMO and more AI management rather than AI assistance. Sadly one cannot order "take cover" via sqf. It would be fairly decent in combination with MOVE commands. What else is missing here or needs improvement? 3) AI unit selection Atm you can "select all" (not waiting/read - needs a second press to really selection all), or select individual units via F keys, or use the 3d cursor to select single units. However to select multiple units is fairly tricky, especially when they are beyond the first ten. Also you cannot stack select via 3d cursor (AFAIK). Plus to select only vehicles, vehicle cargo, specific vehicle positions, or specific unit types in your group is also quite a hassle. Plus BI made the unit bar visualization worse and worse since OFP.. One can use colored FT to some extent to assign specific groups and automate their assignment via SQF. Overall looking for good interaction concepts with this and whats most important. 4) Menus Currently there is context sensitive menu (simple command menu), classic menu (complex command menu) and high command. The classic is somewhat clumsy to access atm. Switching between HC and normal is not great. CS menu is missing various essential commands from classic menu. Originally the idea was to extent the CS menu with some more entries. The downside is the engine is visually limited to ten or so entries. If you add more, those command end up outside the menu border. Another issue is with too many entries it becomes both hard to scroll at some point, plus direct access via number keys is a problem eventually. Another idea was to make a new menu to be opened by key combos for CS menu and classic menu. Problem is backspace cant be combined (engine limitation). Plus key combo can also be used to have different unit selections in the first place. One option is to add one entry at the end of the CS menu. Another to (ab)use the HC menu (as long as you dont control any HC groups). To define a new key action could be done too, yet it gets messy/even more complex. 5) Revealing enemies Probably unbeknownst to most players OFP introduced also a very elaborate system here. Every units has different levels of knowledge about each others. It starts from being aware of something in the first place, to learn about the type in few different stages (unknown, infantry vs vehicles, what type of vehicle, exact type), as well as to learn if its a neutral, friendly or hostile unit/object. Most of this is happening automatically based on your own awareness (eyes, ears, optics, radar) or info share from your group (and to some extent your whole side). This is influenced largely by config values per source and target classes, as well as terrain and current environment. However probably many (no longer) know that there is an extra reveal key action. Its basically a "focus on current cursor area", bit similar to zooming in via RMB or optics. This way you can improve the awareness process/progress/level, and due info share also let your group know. Now as GL this is a very essential tool as you make your team aware of enemies in the first place, or speed up the process considerable. As result the AI can react appropriately. Also some GL AI commands require a certain awareness level of the target to be available or to work. So in summary this is very crucial to make AI act and engage properly. Better default assignment (TAB instead of RMB) helps, yet people need to know about it the first place. Visualization is also lacking. OFP still had this to some extent via the 3d cursor information. I think its completely gone in A3.. There are quite some SQF commands available tied to that system. It could be used to visualize new targets or have some enhanced auto awareness for cadet mode. 6) Abstraction To end with full control vs simplification: OFP introduced a very in-depth control over AI with many commands, thus menus and submenus via the classic/complex command menu. It allows very fine grained control and a great variety of interaction with AI. A2 saw the introduction of the context sensitive command menu. It greatly reduced the complexity. The context sensitivity allows a lot more flexible interaction. However by itself its also quite limited and relies still mainly on the player to both manage AI and engage in combat yourself.
  9. @mcnools did some test myself again. it appears flyInHeight is ignored when a plane attacks something/has a target assigned/is in combat mode..
  10. @mcnools what setup did you try exactly? @MichaelZFreeman submit crash logs to BI please artillery computer is somewhat a black box. we set it up to have the shown spread at different distance reflect the real world data (not factory data) for artillery and mortars
  11. @mcnools did you try https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/flyInHeight?
  12. Time will tell. Some things have changed in the meantime though.
  13. We are working on it daily for weeks, months and 4+ years now. 🙏 It will be some times this year for sure - or never.
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    best to join arma discord and askin model makers channel for support
  15. very cool and kind of you to share!