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  1. Depends on the specific setup and what you want to achieve. Also you can employ reveal in various ways (non full reveal, based on distance or any other aspects)
  2. 1) for non planeX you need to apply setVelocity or setForce to avoid them take a dive at first 2) you need to reveal ground targets
  3. The custom interaction seems promising and nicely done 👍 If you dont mind a few questions: Did you hardcode the memory positions or how do you handle the display and interaction with objects? Is the inventory mainly an interface adjustment or did you also script the container handling (object<->player) to some extent?
  4. As always stated very openly from the start, we have an agreement with AWAR being able to use their work in A3 under the condition to realize a commercial version eventually. Hence the IF campaigns and HQ textures are not available yet. However once we have any news to share on this topic, we will be sure to announce it here. For now we are committed to improve and maintain IFA3 as best we can, as well as we have more content on the way in the future, so look forward to that! If you want to learn more and follow our progress, make sure to join our discord for WIP media, our public discussions and progress reports. 🙏 On that note: by Hicks (more at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8ln3Yq) by @petrtlach
  5. @Tom_48_97 can we get an update please
  6. .kju

    Language of the AI

    time to start recording 🙂
  7. .kju

    Language of the AI

    you need to assign French identify or speaker class https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setIdentity https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/setSpeaker TAG_Voices = ["Male01FRE","Male02FRE","Male03FRE","Male01ENGFRE","Male02ENGFRE"]; { _unit = _x; if ((group (side _unit)) == "WEST") then { _voice = selectRandom TAG_Voices ; _unit setSpeaker _voice ; }; } forEach allUnits;
  8. .kju

    South Asia v1.3 No errors!!

    Did you even bother to compare the files? Not the slightest the same as your release. PS: You accused me of stealing your config work in A2 days. Seems your memory is not so well, or you preferred to forget about your mishap.
  9. See: https://suggestionbox.ww2ina3.com/
  10. Basic porting TKOH terrains is super simple. You only need to adjust the terrain configs to work with A3. Thats it. Everything beyond that is extra nice to have.
  11. .kju

    South Asia v1.3 No errors!!

    You did against my work in the past, as well as to others. The fact of the matter is you have very little understanding of modding this engine, think only you can do things, and if a config looks similar to yours, it must be stolen. In addition in config there is often just one way to do things. So you cannot claim ownership of a config parameter change. Of course more complex things like FX are a different matter, but even then its nothing you can claim as your own if something else is just similar.
  12. .kju

    South Asia v1.3 No errors!!

    ANZACSAS Steven has sadly a history of falsely accusing other people for stealing "his" work. Keep that in mind
  13. @corporal_lib[br] Iron Front standalone has no more relation to this project on a legal level. DeepSilver and X1 own that game, and we have no relation nor access to their ownership system.