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  1. cring0

    [WIP terrain] Nevid

    Sorry, I haven't logged into BIF in a while XD This is because I wasn't the one who uploaded it to Armaholic. Someone took it upon themselves to do it without actually asking me(not that I really care all that much, only because Armaholic had been for us for years before Steam Workshop). However, I decided along the way to split my ground textures, road textures, etc. into a separate mod. That way a) If I update the terrain users don't have to download all those files, b) it kinda cleaned up my workflow for things and c) I can use the same files for other terrain(and others can as well) without making another terrain a requirement(like Icebreakr does with Panthera I believe). So yes, without this other mod you will not have any ground textures, roads will be missing, etc.etc. PS: I'm making a new version of Nevid that will be 6km. It will be a separate workshop mod in case some still want to use the smaller terrain, since I actually moved the original island away from the edges of the map and coords for things would be off.
  2. Thanks Clairborne! May your days be stressful and bugfree. Hopefully the next title and BI's future decisions keep modders around, it's a truly unique community. o7
  3. cring0

    I need fix lag

    I smell a new meme. I'd guess by the name that they're maybe Burmese, Google translate is probably a little dodgy going from that to English. XD
  4. Congrats, this looks great! Completely missed this one.
  5. Glad you and your family are ok! Excited to learn Blender and try your tools out. Just being able to paint the ground texture mask around objects would be so amazing! Its a very tedious and often inaccurate process to adjust ground textures via polygons in TB. After a couple years of using TB and Buldozer, anything that saves us from having to rely on them is a miracle!
  6. Hello? Is there anybody out there?
  7. cring0

    [WIP terrain] Nevid

    Oh hello, no not a real location, all fictional. I've been working on learning how to make decals for the past week or so. Once I get some of that finished I'll push another update. That, and I reorganized files and added PBO's so updates shouldn't be as big for this and my future projects.
  8. cring0

    [WIP terrain] Nevid

    http://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial I used L3DT initially, I use Xcam here and there, mostly Terrain Builder and Buldozer.
  9. This started out as a test, begun around late July 2017. I wanted to see if the game engine could handle a 1.5m cell size. I decided to see it through and continue developing it. There should be several small villages once I'm finished. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1060191411 Terrain size: 1.5km
  10. I don't know, I was getting all sorts of problems until I changed my TerrainBuilder.exe to run in compatibility mode for Windows XP SP2. The only problem I've had with this is that I have to use WorkDrive from a3 tools to mount my P drive. If I use SUBST in a bat, TB won't see my P drive. Other than that it's been running pretty good since making the change. I'm running Win10 though.
  11. I was getting the same thing and I think I had to point my mapframe properties to my layers.cfg again, even though it had the correct path in the field. Spent like 2 days trying to figure that out. I've about had it with these silly bugs.
  12. Well as long as the tracks are in place and the mod supports those model p3ds, it will work. I know they said they were planning on supporting CUP but not sure how far they've made it. But the terrain maker themselves dont really need to do much. I was worried with mine because I was using the Tanoa tracks and had to finangle them a bit in places, but that mod is very forgiving, it had no problems at all. Even had a 1m gap in one part that I didnt notice at first and no problem, smooth as butter. *edit* Oh CUP tracks are supported now? Nice.
  13. cring0

    [WIP] Iwagi, Japan

    Finished linking the tracks around the island and tried out that train mod.
  14. Just finished putting tracks all the way around Iwagi today and tried your train mod for first time, went smooth!
  15. cring0

    [WIP] Iwagi, Japan

    The grass texture is my own, the others are from Apex.