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  1. bludski

    Collaborative work

    It is called subversion SVN. I think the pun is intended. Which particular solution you use to host it is up to you. There should be several free alternatives. We use https://tortoisesvn.net/ as clients for committing and downloading from our repository.
  2. bludski

    Collaborative work

    We use SVN. I have never used GIT. See 5. GIT doesn't like the sheer amount of image data much.
  3. bludski

    Collaborative work

    Ahoj! This is how we do it internally: 10 tips 1. Plan your terrain in detail before starting. 2. Only very few people actually work on the map files directly. Just a handful. 3. We have a page with the map split in sectors and whoever is working inside which, at what ever time, has ownership of it. Would recommend one person in charge of keeping track of this. Several people should NEVER work on the same specific area. The DEFAULT layer is ONLY for the basic map components. Never put anything else there. 4. Our layering is named from local areas and objects should never overlap. When objects cross over, we talk to the current owner of the involved layers and sort it immediately. 5. We use SVN for version control in particular because there is a LOT of data that are just images that get updated and changed every time. Other solutions for version control may not be able to handle this amount of data. It is essential for us. 6. The object layers are easy to keep track of if you follow the above. SVN will merge in most cases where an accident happens and something was altered in someone else's layer, if you use it. 7. Determine your surface requirements early. You don't want to add more surfaces later and you definitely don't want individuals changing things. 8. The normal maps will change constantly. Keep track of the different file types for the map blocks. In the status bar of the world editor, you can see the names of the tiles you hover over. 9. Have one person in charge of surfaces. If you generate anything procedurally, do this only at the very start and very end of your project. Big milestones if you have to. 10. Always close workbench, start it again, go over your changes and see if it is perfectly fine. If one person gets corruption for any reason, this has to be mended asap BEFORE committing to the repository. There really isn't much to do to simplify this, sorry. B *note to self, expand later.
  4. Short answer: No and there never will be. Legacy version will never be updated either and if something happens to A3 that makes the map unusable, it will not be fixed. No comment. I don't know anything abuot any such a thing. RHSPKL update is coming when I have time, I don't have much of that at the moment. Vidda was going to be moved to RHS but that will not happen now as I am way too sick of the project. 100s of DMCA sent to lifemod rippers who want to monetize it simply took away all the fun of making it as I spent more time having to deal with that than actually working on it. RHSPKL doesn't have even close to as much of that going on and 99.9% of rhspkl users are simply sweethearts 🙂 I really want to finish RHSPKL but after moving to CZ for work, I don't have much time unfortunately.
  5. You read it here first! It has been almost a year since the last update to #RHSPKL and with the announcement of a particular nam themed dlc, AND to celebrate the terrain hitting 100k current users on steam. There will be an update coming this month! Some screens from next update by il_padrino.
  6. Nope. Still too much work to administer and not a process I'm interested in. What happens with that is entirely up to my teammates.
  7. None except giving you just a small window of daylight.
  8. Well the likelyhood of me ever touching vidda again is slim to none. Largely because the fun of it was taken away by a lot of lifemod #%#$%@#@# who kept stealing, monetizing, reuploading and modifying it and claiming it and parts of it as their own creation. The only map I am interested in working on any time soon is #RHSPKL. Mostly only sweethearts use it.
  9. I think @Uro made something like that long ago...
  10. I don't care what people do on their own. Shacktac uses their own snow stuff for the map I've noticed and i have seen videos of the others doing the same. There are several mods that do that replacement.
  11. I did do some experiments making believable snow back in the day but it didn't work as well as I hoped because of differences in light on the clutter made it stand out too much. Imo it did add tons to immersion though.
  12. I would make something like that if it was possible. The whole landscape is quite different in the winter but alas, without proper snow tech in the engine, the spent effort is wasted time for me. From the same area. It is quite different when covered in tens of meters of snow. Note the distant cliffs in the pic above with the red jacket. same ones as below in the summer.
  13. Are you trying to teach me how the weather works where I grew up? It is not the ice age..... I just explained how it works above. 🤦‍♂️
  14. Time will tell. Since I started working at BI, and there is only so much creative energy to spend, it all goes into work. Work hasn't ended in the RHS terrain basement however and we have @cring0 on board to take over for me a little. More about that later.
  15. No. That is what a collection is for.