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  1. Hello, i have send you are private message.

  2. Question about real satellite image

    Altis is NOT created with a satellite image directly imported. The BI maps are made with textures and patterns, painted in photoshop using various masks and other techniques based and depending on object placement. Straight imported sat imagery need a LOT of processing to look decent.
  3. Hi guys. These are my tips and tricks for terrain making for the intermediate to advanced terrain creator. Any replies to this post will be deleted by a moderator and I will not respond to any questions. All your questions will be answered in the official A3 discord server, terrain_makers channel by me or somebody competent. I write this thread to NOT have to answer the same questions over and over again... Ain't nobody got time fo dat. If somebody doesnt answer you right away, they are afk and will respond when they see your post. Spamming is rude so please don't :) DO follow the excellent PMC tutorial by SnakeMan to the letter. DON'T trust any others. Anything I write here will assume you know ALL the basic information provided in that tutorial. It is the only one without errors and we all contribute to keep it current. There are other tutorials out there but they are riddled with misinformation and errors. If you have done the above, already gotten your first terrain into the game to learn the basics and you now want to start your big dream project, this post is for you! The tips posted here will by no means be the only or the "right" way to do things, but rather how I do it. I will also assume you have a basic knowledge of image editors What I intend to cover: Normal maps, Object placement, Buldozer, Photoshop, misc Terrain Builder. Texturing, clutter, performance and many other things. This guide is a work in progress and as I work on my own terrains, I will add more information as it occurs to me. TILES and MAPFRAME NORMAL MAPS! GROUND TEXTURES MID TEXTURE DECALS ROADS AI CONSIDERATIONS THINGS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER HARD EARNED EXPERIENCE I will add more content very soon. This post might get extensive and each bit of info will be in their own spoiler. What I will NOT cover: Modeling. Configs. Packing your terrain. Real world data.
  4. Barely working water tiles isn't very interesting.. there probably won't be any lakes but some sort of sites instead...
  5. If you look for roads that don't appear to lead anywhere on the map view and in "basements" you should probably find them ;)The bunker objects themselves are set to not show on the map view for a reason ;)
  6. Thanks my dudes! The houses will have some working doors and breakable glass in an update or two.. Soon as I get my desktop up and running properly again!
  7. My OS ssd died yesterday. I didn't lose any data and nothing related to my projects as they are on a dedicated drive. I'm currently running windows off of an ancient, slow 100gb laptop hd, just to have the computer up and running. I'm basically just short a vital drive to run software off of. I will update vidda on steam with the latest changes this week (probably done by the time you read this) but I have no idea when I can resume work as I need a proper drive to work with and I can't afford that in at least another two weeks. edit: @TeTeT , @laxemann , @k4ble , @cring0 , @alky_lee , @Private Evans and two others (who didn't leave their nickname and I don't want to put in real names) donated towards a replacement! Thanks a whole lot for that my friends! If anyone else wants to help out, you can donate to my paypal. Any small amount is really helpful! edit2: Now updated on workshop.
  8. Some times you have to make those super small details... https://imgur.com/a/deYFWQv
  9. House with tacticool roof access and dual purpose balcony/elevated firing position. https://imgur.com/a/KBfhK9q <- album
  10. Stuff is on schedule.. Update probably late tomorrow. That is if everything goes to plan with complete rebuild of tiles. Some pics up in here: https://imgur.com/a/OiQrJ7P
  11. Big Vidda update coming very soon!
  12. Another quick house on the way: https://imgur.com/a/ukYaZXD
  13. New house placed in total 78 locations on vidda. https://imgur.com/a/hx3Nvvt Will create variations in different colours later. The current state red version shows up in the next workshop update. At some point, Tetet will create configs, working front doors and breakable windows for it.
  14. Experimenting with some more local looking housing.. https://imgur.com/a/daawocX