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  1. I have joined forces with RHS and we will work together to make future versions of the terrains even better! November/December update of PKL will be the first under this new project!
  2. PKL progress: Update should go live before December. Probably.
  3. Thanks man.. will see what happens... right now pkl gets all my love..
  4. THIS! I don't create free artwork for those guys to line their pockets.
  5. VIDDA is now permanently on hold or cancelled. I'm tired and sick of LIFERPG cretins who don't respect licenses, ask for permision, don't get them and still steal my shit. This entirely drains my inspiration for doing this at all. Will be back with more as the situation develops. PKL is still in the works and there will be a BIG update soon!
  6. Short preview of what is coming on the lower PKL river. (this is highly work in progress and very much lacking in roads, paths and object placement related to people living there. Put on your favourite Nam war music because i goofed and the audio was lost..
  7. .xyz vs .tiff for heightmaps

    Importing and generating terrain from TIF is fine. Exporting to TIF is going to be very lossy. Resizing ASC is problematic. Say if you import asc that is lower resolution than your map frame, you will get weird geometry. Resizing from TIF is fine as it will interpolate. Using TIF is perfectly good BEFORE you have had it inside TB. All my terrains have been TIF before I put the height into TB. As per usual, HG speaks truth.
  8. Massive changes to PKL coming in the next patch.. here's some sneaky peaky! https://imgur.com/a/0WVtvVh <- gallery
  9. I have put Vidda on the shelf for a little while to give PKL some long needed love. There will be massive changes and I think you will like them: If you have been following the progress with my Cambodia experiments for some time, you probably know of my other jungle terrain experiments. I have decided to take the best and most playable ideas from them and put them in PKL. This will result in a slightly more open layout but with denser patches of jungle than the massive forest it used to be. This should give a lot more options for gameplay and let you use higher view ranges. Evergrowing gallery of wip pics: https://imgur.com/a/jHUiI79 https://twitter.com/bludclouds Be sure to follow me on twitter if you want to keep up with changes. Some times I do polls to see what you guys think about ideas there too.
  10. Are you using Shacktac UI? If so then update it to the latest version. Other mods that work similarly to it may also cause this issue.
  11. About the snow: It might return later.. This is ALPHA afterall.. The problem is deep in the engine. If I can come up with a hacky way where the snow clutters don't stand out like it does at any other time than noonish, then it might return. That entirely depends on fakery and is nothing I can spend further time on doing. I might include an optional pbo to return it if there is demand. But it will be in the broken state it was before. The clutter model is still included.
  12. Hello, i have send you are private message.

  13. Question about real satellite image

    Altis is NOT created with a satellite image directly imported. The BI maps are made with textures and patterns, painted in photoshop using various masks and other techniques based and depending on object placement. Straight imported sat imagery need a LOT of processing to look decent.
  14. It was removed. edit: Because I can't get it to match up with the terrain shading in more than half the day cycle and that is using the grass shader. The other shaders are even worse for the purpose as they don't even use the terrain shading.
  15. Hi guys. These are my tips and tricks for terrain making for the intermediate to advanced terrain creator. Any replies to this post will be deleted by a moderator and I will not respond to any questions. All your questions will be answered in the official A3 discord server, terrain_makers channel by me or somebody competent. I write this thread to NOT have to answer the same questions over and over again... Ain't nobody got time fo dat. If somebody doesnt answer you right away, they are afk and will respond when they see your post. Spamming is rude so please don't :) DO follow the excellent PMC tutorial by SnakeMan to the letter. DON'T trust any others. Anything I write here will assume you know ALL the basic information provided in that tutorial. It is the only one without errors and we all contribute to keep it current. There are other tutorials out there but they are riddled with misinformation and errors. If you have done the above, already gotten your first terrain into the game to learn the basics and you now want to start your big dream project, this post is for you! The tips posted here will by no means be the only or the "right" way to do things, but rather how I do it. I will also assume you have a basic knowledge of image editors What I intend to cover: Normal maps, Object placement, Buldozer, Photoshop, misc Terrain Builder. Texturing, clutter, performance and many other things. This guide is a work in progress and as I work on my own terrains, I will add more information as it occurs to me. TILES and MAPFRAME NORMAL MAPS! GROUND TEXTURES MID TEXTURE DECALS ROADS AI CONSIDERATIONS THINGS YOU SHOULD CONSIDER HARD EARNED EXPERIENCE I will add more content very soon. This post might get extensive and each bit of info will be in their own spoiler. What I will NOT cover: Modeling. Configs. Packing your terrain. Real world data.