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  1. Vidda

  2. Vidda

    Sorry @AZCoder .. been dealing with steam users who can't read all day..
  3. Vidda

    At least put it in a spoiler box you "#¤Ss! Some like to explore.
  4. Vidda

    If you want the night to be dark, change date to march or something. Which wouldn't be too splendid and authentic because the terrain vegetation, colours, wetness and snow coverage are those of late spring/early summer. There would be up to many meters of snow from october to march and it would mostly be brown and black from late august through out september. The snow patches on the terrain would get slightly smaller during summer and then more would start forming during fall. The real thing is more like gravel and chunks of shaved ice than fluffy new snow and it is there because it melts during day if the sun shines on it and then it freezes again at night if temp dips to 0c or below. (usually happens if there isn't cloud cover as clouds trap heat.) This stuff will actually tear your skin if you fall on it aswell as break your limbs.. You don't sink into it when you step on it and if you crash into it, your car breaks before the snow does.... There is day cycle.. you tell the time easily via compass directions. Some months it just barely goes over the horizon and in vinter it is very very dark mostly all day. The sun just never goes very high and it is never ever straight top down. (suck it flat earth morons) Also the Battle of Hoth was fought some tens of Kms east of where the actual terrain comes from. True factoid.
  5. Vidda

    There will be a release thread in a few months when alpha is no more. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1282716647 <-- copypaste situation --> THIS IS AN EARLY ALPHA. ONLY FOR THE MOST HARDCORE among ARMA HEADS. DO NOT DOWNLOAD IF YOU EXPECT A FINISHED, FULLY WORKING TERRAIN! SOME AREAS ARE WITHOUT OBJECTS LOTS OF STUFF DOESN'T WORK MANY OBJECTS ARE UNFINISHED CURRENT VEGETATION OBJECTS ARE PLACEHOLDERS UPDATES HAPPEN OFTEN AND RANDOMLY. THERE WILL BE NO PATCH NOTES AND CHANGE LISTS ETC. (no time fo dat) If you want to keep up, follow the forum thread and my twitter! The terrain is currently suitable for most kinds of COOP gameplay. FEATURES/stuff that currently works: 12x12km Scandinavian terrain at 70 degrees north. 100% custom, 100% hand made terrain textures, roads, rocks, runway etc. Snowy mountain tops. 70+ custom objects and terrain artwork. Custom structures. More with every update. 3 villages. bunkers 260.000/750.000 objects placed(estimated) VIDDA is primarily designed for tanks and infantry. DO NOT CONTACT ME VIA STEAM OR SEND FRIEND REQUESTS! THEY WILL BE IGNORED. I ONLY RESPOND AT BI FORUMS!: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/212750-vidda/ ONLY POST FEEDBACK HERE https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/212750-vidda/ Additional Info: This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except for the original IP-Owner ("bludclot"). This means: You are NOT allowed to upload it to the Steam-Workshop! Do yourself a favor and create a Steam Workshop Collection, it makes yours (and all other lives) much easier. DO NOT MODIFY AND REDISTRIBUTE THIS WORK IN ANY WAY! THIS WORK IS SUBJECT TO A LICENSE AGREEMENT. DOCUMENTS INCLUDED WITH THE DOWNLAOD.
  6. Do you have a way to donate to your work on a monthly basis without me having to use PayPal every time?

    1. bludski


      No. I can't currently do that...

  7. Vidda

    replies don't count xD .. medium scale maybe? it is just 12x12km afterall but indeed special care is being taken for an enjoyable tank experience! Well, all vehicles really. Will see what sort of issues alpha testers run into this summer :) There will be ambushes!
  8. Vidda

    No as i said there will be a public steam page. This is for people who actually want to help out and as I said have something valuable to contribute. Be that donations or actually helping me with stuff. Feedback, stresstesting, etc, etc, etc. The only thing people who donate get is my eternal appreciation, good karma if they believe in such things and access to me, my discord, steam friends + their name in the credits. Four people have donated towards this project. People who donate get access to ALL my unfinished projects and development builds for the ones that are.. incl ones not announced here and those who already did, already do. I don't care about sight seers. The terrain wont' be finished in at least another five months. Anyone not interested in contributing in any of the ways I mentioned, please stay away.
  9. Vidda

    I am starting public alpha next week. This will be for people who are interested in supporting the development only. After an estimated two or so months, beta phase will start and the majority of that will entail finalizing locations, adding microdetail and sorting out anything learned from the alpha phase. There is a considerable amount of work left before the entire terrain is uniformly populated by objects and the 74 current custom objects will multiply significantly by the time it is done. It has taken five full months to get this far and probably in five more it should be entirely completed. Creating this is a VAST amount of work and has already taken several hundreds of hours. If you apreciate my effort, please consider making a donation in support. No amount is too modest to an unemployed gfx guy. My next post in this thread will probably be the link to the public workshop page. -blud
  10. Vidda

    VIDDA + NYX = true <3 https://imgur.com/a/PpCDeKy
  11. Vidda

    The different surfaces have different settings.... cars don't go very fast offroad. tanks work great. that's secret
  12. Vidda

    secret https://imgur.com/a/F16rgQ0
  13. Vidda

    working on a secret site:
  14. Vidda

    Started working on some details :3
  15. Vidda

    Getting close to satisfied with the basics on mostly the whole terrain now. Still hundreds of thousands of rocks to place but what ever state the terrain is at the end of the month, I'm probably putting it up on steam for the public.