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  1. PKL pics: https://imgur.com/a/Tki8a0d Bunchload of them.
  2. I just spread the rumors... And make them. They might be false...
  3. Some people, including me, have been spreading some rumors that there will be some sort of release in the very near future. They may be true but are still just rumors you shouldn't take seriously. At any rate. If there was to be such a thing. The place to look for it would be in the RHS workshop some time between now and new years. The best place for 100% reliable information about such eventualities is to follow me on twooter.... https://twitter.com/bludclouds I'm not saying that there is, nor that you should, just that I would..
  4. Radio Arma recording tonight.. got questions? Send them to that twitter! time limit 7 hours from this post :3
  5. Almost done and ready to start import it into the game!
  6. Has been like that for years...
  7. Testing me some new clutter blends..
  8. Map area consist of roughly: Mountains 20% Waterways 20% Rural and farmlands 20% Wild taiga 35% Urban/village 5%
  9. https://m.imgur.com/a/1Y9wwvo
  10. https://imgur.com/a/57CQdTr
  11. No there will be mostly taiga and canals. There will be a lake or two but nothing like your pics. Most water is salty or brackish and summer is short. Performance will not allow for that dense object placement either and that is why most arma maps don't have stuff placed in rivers.