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  1. Cochise333

    RTD Rotorlib

    A long shot but any chance you could include that tutorial? @Crielaard
  2. Hi all, is there a way to pivot a turret with the hands and NOT the body? I'm using a simple composition for a door gunner in the MH-9 as shown below. I'd appreciate it if someone has a lead and could point me in the right direction! Thanks
  3. Cochise333

    Retexture of Helicopter Rotor Blades

    I'm struggling with the same ie the rotor textures.
  4. @tpw knowing you mainly play this in singleplayer have you toyed around with the option of being able to "join group" some of the randomly spawned skirmish units? I tried this using ACE's interact menu but I'm unable to make headway. I'm not sure if this is because the individual AI spawned are all privates and since there is no group leader or higher ranking member I'm unable to join or if there's something else I'm missing. Is the rank of the spawned AI editable? Thanks again for all the effort put into this mod! Update: After some messing around it does work with skirmish you just need to find the group leader which at times especially during a skirmish can be a little difficult. The function worked well and the group didn't disappear I guess because of my proximity to them. The whole idea was to "join group" and then "become leader", use the group for whatever the task is and then "leave group". Actually very happy with the result!
  5. I use this together with some of Drongo's mission making stuff and it's epic. Great for single or multiplayer.
  6. Hey @tpw been tinkering a little with Drongo's Map population mainly for the mission side of things. Have you had a look at his stuff?
  7. Ah gotcha, no sweat thanks for the reply. I'll keep toying with it!
  8. @tpw Question regarding , "[INIT] Changed TPW MODS initialisation routines to prevent sporadic lockups when using CamLaoNam." Wondering if you managed to pin point this exactly? I've found I get the same lockups on Tanoa if I use certain content from the SOGPF DLC even if they aren't actually included in any of the TPW mod strings. An independent vehicle for example.
  9. @tpwHey mate, just curious if you're working on implementing any new features or expanding the current mod at all? I've said it countless times, I'd have stopped playing Arma long ago if it wasn't for gems like this one! Thoroughly enjoying this with prairie fire.
  10. Deleting the cfg file worked thank you much! Looks like there were a bunch of controller input overlaps when I looked into the file.
  11. Ah ok, no not a powered USB hub with try the cfg backup and replacement and see. Thanks👌
  12. Awesome! I've been doing it with vehicles but wasn't bright enough to think to use it for infantry groups! Thanks for this. A few builds ago I managed to get boats working with UNSUNG's river sampans. Any plans for this or the period cars?
  13. Sorry figured this out somewhat and have gotten it working with skirmish. The below is what COULD be defaulted to be used with SOGPF. I am having one issue with Air support but I need to test it further. I've found that when I put specific aircraft in the CAS, CHS and UAV ie {vn_b_air_f4c_cas,vn_b_air_ah1g_04}; they seem to spawn more readily as opposed to the below with the generic "air" for each faction. Very exciting none the less, thanks again @tpw for continuing to keep this updated! // SKIRMISH tpw_skirmish_active = 1; // 1 = active tpw_skirmish_friendlysquad_max = 2; // Maximum number of friendly squads around player tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehicles_max = 1; // Maximum number of friendly vehicles around player tpw_skirmish_enemysquad_max = 2; // Maximum number of enemy squads around player tpw_skirmish_enemyvehicles_max = 1; // Maximum number of enemy vehicles around player tpw_skirmish_resistsquad_max = 2; // Maximum number of friendly squads around player tpw_skirmish_resistvehicles_max = 1; // Maximum number of friendly vehicles around player tpw_skirmish_minspawnradius = 500; // Minimum distance from player to spawn units/vehicles tpw_skirmish_maxspawnradius = 2000; // Maximum distance from player to spawn units/vehicles. Units/vehicles deleted beyond this distance tpw_skirmish_support = 1; // NATO units can call support tpw_skirmish_enemy_support = 0; // CSAT enemy units can call support tpw_skirmish_resist_support = 1; // AAF units can call support tpw_skirmish_friendlytype[] = {0}; // BLUFOR: 0 = user specified,1 = NATO, 2 = NATO PACIFIC, 3 = CTRG PACIFIC, 4 = CSAT, 5 = CSAT PACIFIC, 6 = AAF, 7 = FIA, 8 = SYNDIKAT, 9 = LDF, 10 = SPETZNAZ, 11 = NATO WOODLAND. Negative values will wear shemaghs eg -1 will spawn NATO with shemaghs. Decimal values with wear civilian clothes e.g. 1.1 will spawn NATO units wearing civilian clothes. Multiple values may be selected eg {0,1,7} will spawn user selected, NATO and FIA BLUFOR. Empty = NATO default tpw_skirmish_enemytype[] = {0}; // OPFOR: 0 = user specified,1 = NATO, 2 = NATO PACIFIC, 3 = CTRG PACIFIC, 4 = CSAT, 5 = CSAT PACIFIC, 6 = AAF, 7 = FIA, 8 = SYNDIKAT, , 9 = LDF, 10 = SPETZNAZ, 11 = NATO WOODLAND. Negative values will wear shemaghs, decimal values will wear civilian clothing. Multiple values may be selected eg {4,5} will spawn CSAT and CSAT PACIFIC OPFOR. Empty = CSAT default tpw_skirmish_resisttype[] = {0}; // INDFOR: 0 = user specified,1 = NATO, 2 = NATO PACIFIC, 3 = CTRG PACIFIC, 4 = CSAT, 5 = CSAT PACIFIC, 6 = AAF, 7 = FIA, 8 = SYNDIKAT, 9 = LDF, 10 = SPETZNAZ, 11 = NATO WOODLAND. Negative values will wear shemaghs, decimal values will wear civ clothes. Multiple values may be selected eg {-6,-7} will spawn FIA and AAF resistance, wearing Shemaghs. Empty = AAF default tpw_skirmish_spawntime = 30; // Time (sec) between spawning each enemy/friendly squad/vehicle tpw_skirmish_friendlyunitstring[] = {vn_b_men}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select friendly units from config tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehiclestring[] = {vn_b_wheeled}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select friendly vehicles from config tpw_skirmish_enemyunitstring[] = {vn_o_men}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select enemy units from config tpw_skirmish_enemyvehiclestring[] = {vn_o_wheeled}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select enemy vehicles from config tpw_skirmish_resistunitstring[] = {vn_i_men}; // Custom strings (comma separated) to select resistance units from config tpw_skirmish_resistvehiclestring[] = {vn_i_wheeled}; // Custom string (comma separated) to select resistance vehicles from config tpw_skirmish_casstring[] = {vn_b_air}; // Classname/s of custom friendly CAS aircraft (comma separated). Empty = NATO default CAS tpw_skirmish_chsstring[] = {vn_b_air}; // Classname/s of custom friendly support heli (comma separated). Empty = NATO default CHS tpw_skirmish_uavstring[] = {vn_b_air}; // Classname/s of custom friendly UAV (comma separated). Empty = NATO default UAV tpw_skirmish_enemy_casstring[] = {}; // Classname/s of custom enemy CAS aircraft (comma separated). Empty = CSAT default CAS tpw_skirmish_enemy_chsstring[] = {}; // Classname/s of custom enemy support heli (comma separated). Empty = CSAT default CHS tpw_skirmish_enemy_uavstring[] = {}; // Classname/s of custom enemy UAV (comma separated). Empty = CSAT default UAV tpw_skirmish_resist_casstring[] = {vn_i_air}; // Classname/s of custom resistance CAS aircraft (comma separated). Empty = AAF default CAS tpw_skirmish_resist_chsstring[] = {vn_i_air}; // Classname/s of custom resistance support heli (comma separated). Empty = AAF default CHS tpw_skirmish_resist_uavstring[] = {vn_i_air}; // Classname/s of custom resistance UAV (comma separated). Empty = AAF default UAV tpw_skirmish_deadtime = 180; // Dead units will be removed after this amount of time (sec)
  14. I've also had a few issues lately will a lack of left pedal authority in a hover with the AFM enabled. Mainly in the Ghosthawk and more recently with some of the DLC Medium helos. I thought this too was a controller issue but with recalibrations and reinstallation of the pedal software I'm still in the same boat. Not sure how to check this with the pedal input as there isn't a correlating control image like the collective to compare it to. Just want to know if anyone else is experiencing the same before I try the above🙈 p.s in the customize controller the "rudder" is working perfectly and corresponds to the pedal position accurately
  15. If you know, are the unitstrings all "vn_c_something" to get SOG working with skirmish?