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  1. Very interesting! Thanks for the input. Are you still testing the SA-313B? I got to ride in the SA-315B "Lama" years ago. One of the coolest sounding engines ever. I'm going to try and tinker with some of these values for the light heli and see how they work out.
  2. I have and was a huge fan of it! With a bit of controller curves tweaking and some testing of the different rotorlibs that people (including hovercontrol) put out, I thought it really gave an immersive experience. I thought it was definitely on the right track and had hoped that more of it would have been implemented in arma.
  3. Totally agree with both of the above posts to certain degrees. It's been nearly 17 years since I flew actual helicopters (my old man ran a helicopter tour company and I was fortunate enough to grow up around the hangar with a few ex army Hughes 300s, a civilian Hughes 500 and Bell 206 getting my feet wet before learning to fly myself) I haven't kept my rotor-wing licenses current but there are some things you never forget, like dropping the collective during a autorotation and that initial feeling of being light in the seat! This obviously as stated above changed with the size of the helicopter and weight etc but was especially noticeable with the lighter categories with lower inertial rotors that required you to trade that airspeed or altitude for rpm very quickly to avoid blade stall. I sense that since this isn't a dedicated flightsim that BIS has done this intentionally for the "game factor" especially when experiencing an engine out. I did not realize, probably foolishly that tweaking this would be so complex. Hats off to all of you independent mod makers that have enjoyed / suffered through hours of experimentation. I shall try a little tweaking and no doubt hair pulling! Thanks for all the input guys.
  4. Awesome thanks for the advice! If you look at the CH53's quick stop. Trying to do that in game right now with the current rotor dynamics even if you dumped all the collective (power) and pulled the nose up to that angle every helicopter would balloon regardless of weight. Having looked at some of the rotorlib values I do find them extremely hard to decipher so none the less kudos to your work so far!
  5. I believe what you're talking about also relates to what I'm struggling with. The video is a good example of how quickly forward momentum should be bled. Sorry for hijacking the thread! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CMcUASR3bmM (particularly the UH60 and CH53)
  6. Please don't take this as a "bump" I have just been doing some experimenting across the board with all arma helicopters and it does seem they exhibit the same fixed wing tendency taking a bit of time to bleed speed almost as if the blades are acting more like a high lift wing rather than rotor blades when power is reduced. Just a rambling thought!
  7. Love where this is going! Thanks for all the hard work. One question regarding the lift still being generated when dropping the collective. It seems it takes quite a while to bleed this. Is it possible to tweak this further? The helicopter theoretically should "nearly" drop like a rock when dumping the collective. P.S regarding the MH-9
  8. Hmmmm ok thanks will have a look and post what I have
  9. Same effect, really strange. No other mods running, files re-verified and the cobra is still silent after startup inside and outside when playing as the pilot. When it's AI I can hear it it fine. Can someone else please test this for me?
  10. I was but disabled them with the same effect. When I get home I'll try and repair and then "re-apply" UNSUNG and let you know
  11. Awesome work on the mod guys, thank you so much. Just curious if anyone else is having a problem with the AH-1 cobra sound. Once the startup is complete the engine sounds stop. Maybe I have corrupted files, I'm not sure. Anyone else had this issue?
  12. Hey guys, first timer here. I'm trying to make this into a stand alone mod with specific sounds and skins for the 2 variants, the M900 and the MH-6. I'd be needing a little direction if anyone would be so kind. A couple of things I'm currently working/waiting on. 1.) Approval for the sounds so that they can be added. and I've got a few questions regarding the helicopters if anyone can help. 2.) I'm still trying to work out how to use the decals to add the "UNITED STATES ARMY" so that it's not reversed on the other side. 3.) I much prefer the rotor style with the white and yellow high visibility scheme that seems to appear when the skin is added on the M900 but not the MH-6. Does anyone know how to change this so that it's added to both? (This is important as it was how the gunships kept sight of the low flying Loaches) 4.) I'm trying to apply the shiny/glossy appearance that magically appears when the skin is added to the M900 to also work on the MH-6. The biggest issue with using the M900 for the base is that it doesn't have benches which can be quite limiting. If anyone has any ideas and or suggestions/help it would be appreciated.
  13. Just want to say thanks mate! You've always responded to people's questions, queries, suggestions and comments and probably have one of the most frequently updated mods in the whole Arma series. Without it I would have dropped the game completely. I finally managed to get TPW working with UNSUNG and AirCAV everything spawned was courtesy of TPW. All I can say is...Sick! Thanks for all the work!
  14. Awesome update! This mod just keeps improving. Thanks for the continued tweaking and support.
  15. Hey thanks for the speedy reply! It's as you said, the faction names are correct but I believe they use a different format for the classes and strings within the faction. This is what I have anyway in case I have made a mistake (quite possible!). The CAS helos spawn perfectly btw it's just the factions that are problematic. // SKIRMISH tpw_skirmish_active = 1; // 1 = active tpw_skirmish_friendlysquad_max = 2; // Maximum number of friendly squads around player tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehicles_max = 1; // Maximum number of friendly vehicles around player tpw_skirmish_enemysquad_max = 2; // Maximum number of enemy squads around player tpw_skirmish_enemyvehicles_max = 1; // Maximum number of enemy vehicles around player tpw_skirmish_resistsquad_max = 2; // Maximum number of friendly squads around player tpw_skirmish_resistvehicles_max = 1; // Maximum number of friendly vehicles around player tpw_skirmish_minspawnradius = 500; // Minimum distance from player to spawn units/vehicles tpw_skirmish_maxspawnradius = 2000; // Maximum distance from player to spawn units/vehicles. Units/vehicles deleted beyond this distance tpw_skirmish_support = 1; // NATO units can call support tpw_skirmish_enemy_support = 0; // CSAT enemy units can call support tpw_skirmish_resist_support = 0; // AAF units can call support tpw_skirmish_friendlytype[] = {0}; // BLUFOR: 0 = user specified,1 = NATO, 2 = NATO PACIFIC, 3 = CTRG PACIFIC, 4 = CSAT, 5 = CSAT PACIFIC, 6 = AAF, 7 = FIA, 8 = SYNDIKAT, negative values will wear shemaghs. Multiple values may be selected eg {0,1,7} will spawn user selected, NATO and FIA BLUFOR. Empty = NATO default tpw_skirmish_enemytype[] = {0}; // OPFOR: 0 = user specified,1 = NATO, 2 = NATO PACIFIC, 3 = CTRG PACIFIC, 4 = CSAT, 5 = CSAT PACIFIC, 6 = AAF, 7 = FIA, 8 = SYNDIKAT, negative values will wear shemaghs. Multiple values may be selected eg {4,5} will spawn CSAT and CSAT PACIFIC OPFOR. Empty = CSAT default tpw_skirmish_resisttype[] = {0}; // INDFOR: 0 = user specified,1 = NATO, 2 = NATO PACIFIC, 3 = CTRG PACIFIC, 4 = CSAT, 5 = CSAT PACIFIC, 6 = AAF, 7 = FIA, 8 = SYNDIKAT, negative values will wear shemaghs. Multiple values may be selected eg {-6,-7} will spawn FIA and AAF resistance, wearing Shemaghs. Empty = AAF default tpw_skirmish_spawntime = 30; // Time (sec) between spawning each enemy/friendly squad/vehicle tpw_skirmish_friendlyunitstring = "UNSUNG_W_ARMY"; // Custom string to select friendly units from config tpw_skirmish_friendlyvehiclestring = "UNSUNG_W_ARMY"; // Custom string to select friendly vehicles from config tpw_skirmish_enemyunitstring = "UNSUNG_EV"; // Custom string to select enemy units from config tpw_skirmish_enemyvehiclestring = "UNSUNG_E"; // Custom string to select enemy vehicles from config tpw_skirmish_resistunitstring = "UNSUNG_EV"; // Custom string to select resistance units from config tpw_skirmish_resistvehiclestring = "UNSUNG_E"; // Custom string to select resistance vehicles from config tpw_skirmish_casstring[] = {"UNS_AH1G_M158"}; // Classname/s of custom friendly CAS aircraft. Empty = NATO default CAS tpw_skirmish_chsstring[] = {"uns_UH1C_M21_M158"}; // Classname/s of custom friendly support heli. Empty = NATO default CHS tpw_skirmish_uavstring[] = {"UNS_AH1G_M158"}; // Classname/s of custom friendly UAV. Empty = NATO default UAV tpw_skirmish_enemy_casstring[] = {}; // Classname/s of custom enemy CAS aircraft. Empty = CSAT default CAS tpw_skirmish_enemy_chsstring[] = {}; // Classname/s of custom enemy support heli. Empty = CSAT default CHS tpw_skirmish_enemy_uavstring[] = {}; // Classname/s of custom enemy UAV. Empty = CSAT default UAV tpw_skirmish_resist_casstring[] = {}; // Classname/s of custom resistance CAS aircraft. Empty = AAF default CAS tpw_skirmish_resist_chsstring[] = {}; // Classname/s of custom resistance support heli. Empty = AAF default CHS tpw_skirmish_resist_uavstring[] = {}; // Classname/s of custom resistance UAV Empty = AAF default UAV //><