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  1. More variant arrive in the future include old style UH-1 Vietnam with M-60 and gunship variant.😉
  2. Small update v 3.1 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1707773570 -Fixed Zeus Compatiliby Added download Texture Template to first page.
  3. Maybe in the future, now i have started a new project stay tuned 😉
  4. Hi thanks, yes i have a template for make skin. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LBPEN13GOh1U8A_Hf6obhJuNJeCgikmu
  5. New update is out https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1707773570 v 3.0 -Added AB412 military, medical, civilian, police. -Added SH-212 italian navy ASW, Transport, Armed -Added AB212 military, medical, civilian. -Added Bell 214 military and civilian. -Added UH-1Y Venom -Added UH-1J Japan -Added UH-1N -Added UH-1D Dornier german variant -Added SH-412 Koala US Navy variant -Added customize in virtual garage. you can add or remove winch, snow skids, floats for all helicopters -Added Interior red light for military helicopters -Added RTD compatible for all helicopters AB205 and UH-1H -Added details -Reworked models AB 205 MEP, UH-1H, UH-1D -New model MG 42/59 on italian model AB 205 -Changed roof glass is more green -Changed M21 pod model -Fixed stick pilot and copilot -Fixed external camera and various bugs -Fixed RTD -Removed UH-1C -Removed AB-204 Medium Helicopter -Added Flare launcher for military variant -Fixed search light -Fixed proxy copilot and cargo -Fixed Advanced Helicopter Flight Model stress damage tail rotor -Changed copilot now use flir turret -Changed commander now use search light
  6. More variants AB-212 ASW Italian Navy AB-212 NLA Armed Italian Navy AB-212 NLA Transport Italian Navy AB-412 REOS Italian Army this variant use Fire From Vehicles
  7. Coming Soon UH-1J UH-1Y Venom Bell 214A BigLifter Dornier UH-1D
  8. AB 212 Detail of new model MG 42/59 UH-1N Bell 212 civilian variant
  9. Hi Vilas. In Arma 3 Sample its present already a sample of T-72 with config, i use this sample for make my C1 ariete and T-72 works, anyway look in your config this: driverAction="JK_Ariete_DriverOut"; your name for animation driverInAction="JK_Ariete_Driver"; your name for animation memoryPointsGetInDriver="pos driver"; memory point pos memoryPointsGetInDriverDir="pos driver dir"; memory point dir Let my know it's helped 😉
  10. AB-412 Police variant with searchlight fully functional Red interior light for all helicopters
  11. Coming Soon AB 205 & UH-1H Reworked models New model MG 42/59 on italian model AB 205 Changed roof glass is more green Changed M21 pod model Added details Fixed stick pilot and copilot Fixed external camera and various bugs Added full customize in virtual garage. You can add or remove winch, snow skids, floats Added RTD compatible Added damage material Removed UH-1C and AB 204 And more 😉 AB 412 AB 412 variants Bell 412 civilian, police AB 212 & UH-1N AB 212 variants Bell 212 civilian UH-1N variants Medium Helicopter Fixed Advanced Helicopter Flight Model stress damage tail rotor Bonus Bell 214 UH-1Y Venom UH-1J Japan variant
  12. CSAT retake Malden last week Battle of Le Port against NATO forces Viper squad landing on Malden Mods: Alias script; CUP; Polpox Artwork;JK Ship; Livonia Lighting Replacement;