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  1. Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New Year!!!
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays All Addons: My Italian Pack; PedagneMod
  3. Yes it work on all choppers. Maybe
  4. Work in Progress Added Civilian Bell 412 Added HH-412A armed and medevac variant Italian Army Added PO-412EP Transport and Armed variant for CSAT Added Dynamic Loadout for MH-146 (DAGR) and PO-412EP Armed Changed SH-412 Koala skin Fixed various bugs Screenshot
  5. Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Maybe IDAP will be a new organisation to support IDRO that acts as a kind of UN
  6. CSAT on Malden Addons: Dev Branch; Mi-24\35 hind pack wip (coming soon)
  7. Assault on Malden Italian Aircraft Carrier near Malden coast to support the assault A-16 Ghibli II engage CSAT forces EF-2000A take down the TO-199 Neophron Ground force advance on La Riviere and Cancon Addons: =BTC= EI project [A3]; Project Infinite; Pedagne Mod; CUP; Private Addons.
  8. HALO on Malden Addons: BTC= EI project [A3] ; Project Infinite; Private addons
  9. Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    But IDAP what it should mean? However perhaps they will add a new helicopter or transport plane, truck and unarmed apc as in Project Argo with new uniforms.
  10. Thanks for the feedback in the next patch I will try to fix it.
  11. Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    It's not fake I do not know what it is but it also has a rvmat file called idap_bumper_fabric_super.rvmat and idap_text_wide_01_nohq.paa if you have Project Argo with the latest update open the soft_f.pbo file with BankRev from Arma 3 Tool These textures are found in soft_f \ offroad_01 \ data \
  12. Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Hi guys I found this in soft_f.pbo\offroad_01\ data\idap_text_wide_01_co.paa from project argo and its identical with arma 3 orange dlc logo
  13. Working in Progress Working on SH-412 Koala Navy variant Added AB-412 Grifone ISAF variant Italian Army Reworking M21 model on AB205 and UH-1H Screenshot SH-412 Koala (Uss Freedom) (WIP) AB-205 Huey with reworked M21 model AB-412 Grifone (ISAF)
  14. HH-412 Italian Army over Malden Mods used: My take-on-helicopters-medium-helicopter-huey-and-more; Pedagne Mod; Private Addons