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  1. Airwolf

    Arma3 Videos

    Cinematic I made for my gaming unit. Some Mods Shown - ACE3, VSM Gear Pack, EricJ UH60, Firewill F16, RHS, Konyo MH47, CUP Terrains, GOS Gunkizli, SMA Weapons, Spec 4 vests. Hope you enjoy!
  2. I can find all sorts of references to modifying the advanced flight model, but not the standard flight model. Can anyone direct me to which strings are used in controlling the flight model of the helicopter in standard mode? I'm trying to adjust things like how maneuverable it is, how fast it can slow down, drifting while hovering, etc. Thank you.
  3. Any help on this please? Still having issues with ace interact repair. Thank you.
  4. I would like to change the dispersion of the helicopter miniguns. I'm sure there is a variable in the config but I can't find it. I've searched and found various posts on this topic but no definitive answer. I just want to remove the laser like qualities of most of these weapons. I'm happy doing it as a mod where I reference the base class with adjusted weapon values, I just need to know which value controls it. Thank you.
  5. Helicopter I am working on does not allow repairs to Rotor, Instruments, Engine, etc, via Ace interact. Works through repair truck using full repair, but not the individual components. Could someone please direct me to the config necessary to enable this? Thank you.
  6. Trying to do some reskins of the new Apex Balaclava and Stealth Uniform, but i'm unable to get into the EBO files to pull the names and source textures. Is there any work around to this? Thank you.
  7. Thanks Night. Yeah, it references Helicopter_Base_F just like you posted, but it's still not working. So frustrating! Any other ideas?
  8. I'm trying to fix a Helicopter so that it rolls on the ground, it's an arma 2 blackhawk port much like the others out there but it stops dead when it hits the ground and won't roll. The wheels are defined in the config with driveOnComponent[]= { "gear_1", "gear_2", "gear_3" }; Is there anything else that needs to be defined to make the wheels roll, or atleast act like a low friction component?
  9. Airwolf

    Tier 1 Gear Pack

    Request: Can you nake a variant of your uniform with the collar up like you have shown, with nomex flight gloves instead of the blackhawk style gloves? Id like to get a good pilot uniform going but we lack a good flight suit model with the right gloves. The army air crew uniform is basically what you have made just with different gloves. Thanks!
  10. It happened before the magazine script, it also happens when i make a "filtered arsenal" using the ACE/Ares presets in 3d editor and zeus. When the players go to load a kit, it freezes the game for about 20-30 seconds. I also tried removing the magazine script and doing it manually, it still freezes the game, so it's not the custom lookup, it's the act of whitelisting that is causing the freeze. I have been on other servers before though with white listed arsenals and not ran into this. Any idea what the issue could be? Thanks!
  11. Thanks Kylania, Only issue I am having now is that when you click the "load" button, it takes a bit to bring up the arsenal, usually kicking people from the task force radio channel on our teamspeak server and then bringing them back in due to the game freezing. Any idea why this is? I'm guessing it's because they have to load the script each time they access the arsenal, is there a better solution? Thank you.
  12. Please remove - figured it out.
  13. I'm trying to open some p3ds in object builder, not for the purpose of modifying, but I need to find the names of certain components. The wiki (https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Object_Builder) says that you can open binarized p3ds to view these things, but it just crashes when i try to open them. Is there another way I can view the named properties and LODs? I don't need to modify the model. Thank you.
  14. If AFM is on the heli, you can do a rolling/skid landing in standard. Id like to know what makes it work though!
  15. I'm working on a helicopter config to enable advanced flight model, i've defined the class, and i've got the code as follows: class RotorLibHelicopterProperties: RotorLibHelicopterProperties { RTDconfig="A3\Air_F_Beta\Heli_Transport_01\RTD_Heli_Transport_01.xml"; autoHoverCorrection[]={3,2.45,0}; defaultCollective=0.625; retreatBladeStallWarningSpeed=85.556; maxTorque=1100; stressDamagePerSec=0.0033333332; maxHorizontalStabilizerLeftStress=10000; maxHorizontalStabilizerRightStress=10000; maxVerticalStabilizerStress=10000; horizontalWingsAngleCollMin=0; horizontalWingsAngleCollMax=0; maxMainRotorStress=200000; maxTailRotorStress=25000; rtd_center="rtd_center"; }; Advanced flight model is working, but on standard flight model the helicopter acts as if the wheel brake is on (which it can't be because that option doesn't exist in standard) So what happens when you land is that the helicopter lurches forward and stops. I really don't care about AFM, what i'm trying to make work is the rolling landing part in standard flight model, which I thought was part of AFM. Hope someone can help. Thank you,