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  1. Airwolf

    Secret Weapons Reloaded

    B-17 and A-26 are looking and flying very nicely so far!
  2. Steam Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2723434750 9th Air Commando Group - Cold War Factions is a lightweight CUP, CWRIII, and SOGPF dependent modification which adds a number of Opfor factions from the Cold War Period. Most of these factions have been well researched and are created as historically accurate as possible within the restrictions of the base mods. Several reskins are included. All factions are ALIVE compatible. The purpose of this mod is to allow the members of the 9th Air Commando Group to experience a more diverse selection of enemy forces. If you are interested in experiencing these conflicts and fighting against these factions in a multiplayer environment, please consider joining the 9th Air Commando Group: https://discord.gg/RJcCzvN This mod adds the following Opfor factions: 1950s North Korea Soviet Army Soviet VDV 1960s Soviet Army Cuban Revolutionary Forces 1970s Armed European Civilians Soviet Army North Korea Spanish Army Zimbabwe Liberation Army 1980s Central African Rebels South American Cartel Panama Defense Forces Grenada Revolutionary Army 1990s Iraqi Army These factions have been tested with CWRIII, CUP, SOGPF, Alive, and ACE and work as designed. Additional factions are planned for the future. If anyone has any suggestions on additional factions to add (that are not already covered in SOGPF or CWRIII) please feel free to request, we are interested in new ideas. Hope you enjoy. Some of the factions:
  3. Airwolf

    Secret Weapons Reloaded

    An A-26 and a P-40! You are the man! P-51 interior would probably suffice for the P-40 & P-38, and perhaps the Mosquito cockpit for the A-26?
  4. Airwolf

    Secret Weapons Reloaded

    Thanks for adding in the B-17, with an interior! Great work so far Sab.
  5. Airwolf

    Secret Weapons Reloaded

    Still excited for these! Hope you get your ARMA mojo back.
  6. Airwolf

    [Terrain] Uzbin Valley

    Looking forward to the new update!
  7. Airwolf

    F5-E Tiger 2

    This sounds exciting, ARMA needs a good F-5! I would be happy to help out with texturing if you have a base template developed. Please let me know if you would like any assistance. Regardless, I've searched the sources I know and pulled the best photos I could find regarding the F-5 Tiger. For me, the most iconic look for the F-5 Tiger is that when it was first used in the Vietnam War and it had the classic SEA "South East Asia" Camouflage pattern. Both used by the USAF, and South Vietnamese Air Force. Pictures of SEA Camo below. (Some of these are from the game DCS, and some of these are models. Not many good images of SEA F-5s publicly available) South Vietnamese F-5 in SEA Camo - Both USAF and South VIetnam used SEA camo, note the South Vietnamese flag and AIr Force Roundel. USAF F-5 in SEA Camo (from DCS) USAF and South Vietnam F-5s in SEA Camo (models) USAF on right. USAF SEA Camo (Model) 2-Seater (T-28) - SEA Camo SEA Camo Prior and also during the Vietnam War, the F-5 would have been presented in a gray or bare metal variety. The first F-5s made would have been of this type. Photos below. This type of finish was very classic for 1960s fighter jets. Bare Metal with black nose paint Bare Metal with black nose paint After Vietnam the F-5 was used in a variety of roles. Some shots of the F-5 during the 1980s in various camouflage patterns. Used by the US Air Force, Marines, and Navy. 57th Fighter Weapons Wing - USAF - 1980 57th Fighter Weapons Wing - 1982 425th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron - 1980s US Marine F-5 in Desert Camo - 1984 US Navy F-5 in unknown camo pattern. - 1984 527th Aggressor Squadron - 1987 VFC-111 US Navy Aggressor F-5 - Year unknown. USAF Aggressor F-5s in various colors - 1983 F-5 of the Royal Thai Air Force - 1980s Jordanian T-28 - 1987 Royal Moraccan Air Force F-5 Swiss Air Force
  8. Airwolf

    ToH Characters

    I'm going to counter-vote with yes. Mainly because I'd like to adopt this mod for my group but I'm not sure what kind of weirdness would ensue from trying to use female faces on male bodies.
  9. Airwolf

    Secret Weapons Reloaded

    Excited to see this coming. Looking forward to that A-26 in particular!
  10. Airwolf

    TOH Cessna 172 Skyhawk

    Winning! Thanks for the armed version.
  11. Airwolf

    Civil Aviation

    Sab, been doing some searching and it looks like you made an O-1 Bird Dog at one point. I can't find it anywhere and all the links point back to this mod. Could you shed some light on that one? Would really like to see that again. Thanks.
  12. Airwolf

    Flying Legends (WIP)

    Hey Sab, Made a few reskins of the P-51 into one Korean War Variant "F-51" and a fictional Vietnam War variant in SEA Camo. Also added a few fictional independent and opfor variants for use with misc cold war factions. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2434675459
  13. Airwolf

    Civil Aviation

    Could I convince you to strap a few rocket pods onto the Cub? Or atleast put a pylon mount there so it could be modded to accept something? Would make for a great recon aircraft for smoke markers or light attack. In WW2 they strapped bazookas in them and used them as AT aircraft.
  14. Airwolf

    O2A Skymaster and Cessna 337

    Hey Pook, any chance you'd be willing to add something like a black dot on the windshield for aiming? Currently no way to aim the bombs, rockets, or guns other than just eyeballing it.
  15. Airwolf

    TOH Cessna 172 Skyhawk

    Awesome! Do you know if anyone, or you, made a texture template for this.