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  1. evrik

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Foxone is correct. The C-130 is from RHS. It's a optional BAF reskin for both current and Cold War Era.
  2. evrik

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    We don't have a model, so no.
  3. evrik

    3CB BAF Units

    They are in the optionals folder as they require RHS as a dependency for some of the vehicles. Just move the optional .pbo into your main folder.
  4. evrik

    3CB Factions

    The first issue has been reported and fixed. It will be in the hotfix update. I will investigate the others. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. evrik

    3CB Factions

    I would love that as well, however the Mutt Jeep is donated to the pack by Vilas, so it is not mine to hand out unfortunately. You'd have to seek permission from him.
  6. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Sorry, no. RHS Dev version is constantly changing as, as the name suggests, it is still under development. I am only going to use the release version of RHS as a dependency otherwise it means constantly having to update as and when RHS make changes to their Dev build.
  7. evrik

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    The SVD in the 3CB Faction pack should simply be a wooden reskin of their original weapon. It inherits all the rest from the RHS SVD - sounds etc...
  8. evrik

    3CB Factions

    As bolo861 says, I don't understand how splitting it out would reduce the amount of mods you use? You would still be using 3CB Factions with or without the Cold War additions. If you are talking about size of the mods, rather than the amount, you can remove the Cold War .pbos as the pack is modular.
  9. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Regarding the mirrors, they should have the default BI mirror.rvmat applied to them. It should provide the basic Altis reflection in the exterior LODs to reduce performance impact, whereas in the internal LODs, you get the actual mirror image. I'll take another look though. As for the MaxxPro, I haven't actually changed anything to do with the weapon since release. If it is broken, then it has likely been broken since the initial release and hasn't been reported. I'll have a look at it as well. Finally, it likely isn't an issue to add the MTVR to the Marines as well.
  10. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Well we use Headless Client on our missions, so I'll ask about testing it.
  11. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Ah damn, the proxy must be missing in the exterior LOD. That shouldn't be a difficult fix. Thanks.
  12. evrik

    3CB Factions

    A huge thanks to everyone who helped or donated to this update, either with models, textures, or just emotional support. 🙂 3 Commando Brigade members:- Principle Developers: Apollo, Evrik, Lifetap Support: Alexander, Andy, Deltagamer, MrBagel, Nemiuk Project Management: Lifetap Very special thanks go to our external content providers for allowing us to modify their work for this pack:- 16AA (Bravo93 & Soldierman): Original Hilux source files Beppe_Goodoldrebel: 80s NVG open source files BIS: Arma 2 source files, and for creating this excellent game and sandbox for us to play in Chairborne: Original BRDM-2s source files Cinco: Nomex Coveralls source files Diabolical: Original MT-LB source files [Dust]Sabre: Original An-2 source files EddyD & Stiltman: A-10 textures Eggbeast & Jones.S: UH1H Huey source files EvroMalarky: Access to his Takistan_A3 sources Fingolfin: Texture templates and camouflage textures Gachopin: Motorbike physx examples Gossamersolid: CDF reskins GrumpyRhino: Huey Pack source files Gurdy: M93 uniform texture template Kiory: Balaclava sources masa[GOM]: MTLB & T-55 FDF textures Melvin Stubbe: Covered M1 helmet Red Hammer Studios (RHS): For their fantastic work upon which this pack is dependent Reyhard: Original release of arma 2 armour and civilian vehicle source files, plus help and support RichardsD: Original MaxxPro source files Rusty: CDF camouflage SomerenV: KLMK camouflage patterns Spearpoint: Access to source files Stagler: Access to some CWR source files TheEvansCat: Remote Weapon System Vodnik sources Tigg: M16a1, M16 Commando Carbine, M16a2 + M16a2UGL source files Toadie2k (NIArms): Access to open source models. M14 variants, M60, FNFALs and RPK, with additional thanks to contributing AK artists. Full list can be found here: – http://credmo.updatedtuesdays.com/tier1/products/legacy-products/ak-rifles/ Vilas: Willys Jeep and M151 Mutt Jeep source models Zedderzulu: Civilian KamAZ and UAZ reskins
  13. evrik

    Antonov An-2

    Very nice. The instruments and dash look a lot nicer! 🙂
  14. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Most army and militia units get two frag grenades as standard, plus one or two smoke grenades. It's likely not something I'll be changing. I have however reduced the amount of medical equipment down for the next update - especially as there appeared to be an issue of units receiving twice as much as they should have been (four first aid kits instead of 2). Not sure about your issue regarding the selection of grenades.
  15. evrik

    3CB Factions

    No idea. I'd be interested to see if it affects other mods as well, or if anyone else has the cause / solution to the problem.