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  1. evrik

    3CB BAF Weapons

    It's the normal weapon fire mode selector key. Usually F.
  2. evrik

    3CB BAF Weapons

    The pack does include some keybinds - ctrl+b - for example is set as default. This combines the Javelin CLU in the binocular slot and tube in the launcher slot into a functioning Javelin. There are likely others. It is possible they are conflicting with keybinds you / your players have set in their game options. Ours can be changed. Just go into the addons options in game and look in the 3CB mods. You can set them to whatever you like. We use TFAR and Enhanced Movement, and we haven't had any issues. I don't believe we set our keybinds to match the default on either TFAR or Enhanced Movement. If players are using non-standard keybinds for TFAR and Enhanced Movement, then yes, it is possible there is a conflict.
  3. evrik

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    My guess would be that this was something that's been added to the vanilla helo we inherit from since the Apache was created.
  4. evrik

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Did it change after the recent RHS updates? If so, it is likely they have changed something.
  5. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Hello. It is probably easier to jump onto our website or discord channel. You can find us at: www.3CommandoBrigade.com. The discord link is at the top of the home page.
  6. If anyone is interested in creating a complete faction, or just some uniform / vehicle reskins for 3CB Factions, please get in touch. The more the merrier. I am always looking for anyone interested in creating their own Factions. You don't need to be part of 3cb. The pack is for the community. If you are interested in adding anything - pick any environment you want - Europe, Asia, South America etc.. or base it on the maps BI released (Malden, Altis) or popular 3rd parties maps, just drop me a reply. Thanks, Evrik.
  7. evrik

    Altis 90's

    Nice job. In particular, the tail flag on the Hellcat looks great!
  8. Sorry to hear that. I can't imagine how infuriating it must be. ☹️
  9. evrik

    3CB BAF Units

    Then I don't know, sorry. I will check with the people who regularly play as mortar gunners on our server and see if they have experienced it. If not, it could potentially be a conflict somewhere.
  10. evrik

    3CB BAF Units

    Are you using ACE3? Do you have ACE air resistance enabled ? If not, then that could be the issue. We tend not to use the artillery computer.
  11. evrik

    3CB BAF Units

    Yes, confirmed. We are looking to release an update to the Units anyway to incorporate the new medical kit in ACE3 (splits etc...) in the unit loadouts, so we can hopefully fix the compatibility issue at the same time.
  12. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Well, Project Opfor has a lot more factions and is RHS-based as well. We use both in 3CB. Our pack has a lot more weapons / vehicles to supplement Project Opfor. I also recently spoke to Keeway, who said that they are still working towards an update on Project Opfor, so its all good.
  13. evrik

    3CB BAF Units

    Cold War units are optional and require ACE3 and RHS for some reskinned vehicles (Chinook, C130 etc..). If you are not running ACE3, you will not be able to use the CW units and compatibility mods. That is why they are initially in the optionals folder rather than the main directory.
  14. evrik

    Altis 90's

    Great work! Love the new camo scheme!