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  1. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Okay, after speaking to our mission makers they have seen this error (thanks for reporting it guys!). I'll investigate further. I think it is down to trying to manually assign a decal number to the vehicle. That's why it rarely appears. I'll try and fix it for the hotfix coming up.
  2. evrik

    3CB Factions

    One other person has reported this issue since the last update of both RHS and 3CB factions. They resolved the problem by redownloading the mods as one of them had become corrupt (never did find out if it was RHS AFRF or 3CB Factions). We use both mods in our Ops on our bikey'd server and have not seen this issue. Maybe a mod version mismatch? Are you using the latest version of RHS, 3CB and CBA_A3? If you could try and reproduce the problem by quickly building a mission using just RHS, cba_a3, and the 3CB Faction pack, please pass it across and I'll investigate further. Where are you seeing the problem? Does it appear on screen on mission load or is it just appearing in the logs? The more information the better. If any one else is experiencing the same problem and can provide any steps to reproduce the issue, it would be a great help. I would suggest verifying / redownloading the mods first though in case they are corrupt as that is currently the only fix I know of.
  3. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Tanoa. Its the Horizon island Defence Force faction. :)
  4. evrik

    Crew Hit Reaction

    Congrats on the release!
  5. evrik

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    There is only ever one belt in the vehicle weapon. The rest is stored in the inventory of the vehicle and is drawn from the inventory when you reload the weapon. This should spawn in the vehicle. The AI can reload using the system just fine. Using our system, you can remove belts from the back of the vehicle to share between vehicles in the field or reload gpmgs from the commander weapons etc...
  6. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Our discord channel is fine, or here, or drop me a message. As for the LAV-25 HE resistance, it has been reported and addressed for the next update.
  7. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Sure. Thanks. I never turn down a contribution. 🙂
  8. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Thanks. Well aware. It has already been fixed for the next update. If you spot anything else, let me know.
  9. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Okay thanks. I'll investigate that and look to fix it for the next update.
  10. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Good spot. Thanks. I'll correct that!
  11. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Yeah, not sure how I can rectify it as the pilot is used for the plane.
  12. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Shame. I was hoping there was a config entry that would control ALIVE probability of spawn, something like spawnchance = 0.1; or something.
  13. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Hmm, that sounds like the pilot. Let me know how to reduce the frequency of certain units and I will.
  14. evrik

    3CB Factions

    I don't use ALIVE, sorry. I have set up the groups and such to use ALIVE config entries so it should. Hopefully others on here may have a better idea.