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  1. evrik

    Project OPFOR

    Looking good. 🙂
  2. evrik

    3CB BAF Weapons

    I don't know for certain if it is the cause, but it could be the scopes that we include in the pack as standalone .pbos. They are an old version of Da12thMonkey's scopes. Now that he has released them as a standalone mod on Steam Workshop, we will be removing them from our pack and adding his mod as a dependency. This will be happening in the next update. It's the only thing I can think of as nothing has changed with the pack, although as you state, something in the game may have changed with the last update that the pack doesn't now like.
  3. evrik

    3CB Factions

    @Fingolfin: Confirmed. The google randomization should be turned off if you turn off the randomized loadouts and enable custom loadouts. I'll see if a fix can be included in the next update. As for the uniform, did you disable the options for that specific ANA soldier in the unit options? If so, it should then keep the custom loadout you created - with the exception of the goggles due to the bug I've just mentioned. Also the 3CB Faction configuration module which you can place on the map in Eden provides more options for loadouts. @Kilo-Bravo: Not sure why you can't see the ANA groups (see right of image below). There are lots of them. I'd check you don't have a mod issue (i.e. corrupt download or conflict).
  4. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Glad you guys are liking things. I'll look to add a differently coloured icon into the arsenal so that it is different to our BAF stuff. As for adding more units, first priority is to fix the handful of bugs found since release in a quick hotfix. That should be out by the end of the month. After that it is Soviet and US Cold War, perhaps with some reskinned vehicles in AAF camouflage. With those done, I've got some BAF stuff to work on. 🙂
  5. evrik

    3CB Factions

    The mod doesn't include the M-60 from CUP as it isn't dependent upon CUP. It uses RHS as a base. Before anyone gets carried away, I will be making Cold War units based on the vehicles included in this pack already. It is mainly the infantry I will be adding. As was stated at the very beginning, this is not to compete with CUP or Project Opfor in terms of quantity of content or number of Factions. I am adding things primarily requested by 3CB. I would love to include an M-60, or a T-55, T-62, T-64, Jeeps etc... but I don't have models, so it likely won't ever happen. Sorry.
  6. evrik

    CAG/Delta Force Faction

    Lovely stuff. 🙂
  7. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Basically we use them to populate friendly or hostile towns. Civilians (i.e. side = 3 purple) tend to just run off whenever they see an armed unit. So if we are patrolling a town that has been considered 'friendly' we can put down Blufor civilians and they won't run off as we patrol. They'll stay on their waypoints and not react as we move by. Likewise, if they are hostile, I'd ultimately like to add some sort of reaction from them - i.e. throw stuff. Finally, if the town is considered pro-western and the civilians are Blufor, it means the insurgent Opfor units will exact revenge. I added in the sides simply because it's easier for mission makers and saves them from going around changing the side of the unit in Zeus.
  8. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Thanks. The tanks have been fixed. Over-sight ahead of release. Should be rolled out in the next update.
  9. evrik

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Nice. 🙂
  10. evrik

    3CB Factions

    @Disgusting_Man: Confirmed the tank missing the firing effects. Not sure what has happened there. They used to have smoke and flame when firing. Thanks, I'll look into it.
  11. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Hi Loopdk, sorry there won't be a light edition. As it states at the very top, this is primarily for the 3cb mission makers so I am first and foremost adding factions and vehicles that we use in our missions, i.e. fighting or patrolling alongside ANA / ANP. However, it is modular (apart from the Common, Equipment and Weapons), so in theory you could just remove some of the faction .pbos. You'd have to experiment with that though and to be honest, they wouldn't make that much of a difference. Most of the size of the pack is due to the vehicles.
  12. evrik

    3CB Factions

    @Disgusting_Man: Thanks, I'll check it out. They should have the effects as they inherit it all from the BIS base tank. They have been tested prior to release and they did appear to have effects. Did you check it with just the Faction pack and required mods in case of a potential conflict with something else? @Defunkt: Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately your suggestion is not something we will be implementing. It would require a fundamental reworking / restructuring of the pack. Furthermore, the randomization process is something we already us in 3CB for our own BAF units and it has proven pretty robust. All it does is randomize uniforms, headgear, vests and backpacks from an approved list. The loadout - i.e. magazines, medical supplies etc... is not affected. It is only a visual randomization. Certain units are exempt from receiving certain helmets, vests, backpacks etc... The option to turn this off is included should you wish to create your own specific loadouts for mission VIPs / targets. Should you wish to remove the option en-mass, you can select all placed units and turn them off in one go. EDIT: @Defunkt: Totally forgot to mention, like our BAF units, there is a 3CB Factions module that is placable on the map in Eden. In there you also have several options to change loadouts. You can remove NVGs, reduce kit loadout so that units are running low in the field etc... It may also have some options that will help you.
  13. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Thanks for the feedback. 1) RPK is a known issue. I'll correct the name. However it shouldn't be able to use the Zafir ammo so it must be inheriting it. I'll try and remove the option. 2) What is the issue with the sounds and the tanks? They use RHS ammo / sounds / shaders etc... What is happening exactly? 3) That shouldn't be the case. I'll check that. Are you seeing them with Knapsacks in Eden or in game? Edit: 3) Just checked this. When AT unit is placed in Eden it has default rifleman pack. When loaded into game it correctly has the RPG pack so it's fine to play with / against. I can likely fix the Eden visuals in a future update.
  14. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Essentially the base unit is put down in Eden, then upon game load, the backpack, helmets and vests are randomized according to the class of the unit. In this case, they are given the gun or tripod of a static weapon. I suppose it is something I could fix in a future update. If it is an issue for taking images, just give the unit a pack via the Arsenal for now. Also, if you want to turn off the randomization of a unit(s), just click into its properties and use the tick box to enable or disable 3cb randomization. One more thing to mention, all randomized textures on vehicles - notably the civilian ones - should appear the same across multiplayer. They are server-side, not client, so all red cars will be red to everyone etc.... Useful for calling out sightings.