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  1. evrik

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Confirmed. Will be fixed for the next update. Thanks.
  2. evrik

    3CB Factions

    I don't disagree. It likely should be reversed to be more like RL. It is just the old model has it set up that way, presumably so there was no need for scripts in arma 2 to turn the commander proxy around onto the gun when he turned out. It also meant the AI automatically used the Dshkm as there was no need to use a scroll wheel User Action to swap to the Dshkm, like is done on the RHS version (theirs having the NSV).
  3. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Confirmed. I will attempt to fix the Y axis speed. Not sure why that is the case. As for the optic, it is due to the old arma 2 model having the Commander's Dshkm pointing forward on the turret. It then rotates with the commander's view, with the IR searchlight (that isn't the commander's optic) at the rear of the turret. It is so when the commander turns out, he turns out onto the Dshkm. If I reversed it, you'd need to turn out onto the searchlight, then use a script to rotate the proxy around onto the gun.
  4. evrik

    3CB Factions

    I am busy overhauling the magazine proxies and attachments, so I will likely look into these sort of things in due course for the next update.
  5. evrik

    3CB Factions

    I am aware of some of the new additions. I tend not to look at the Dev branch too closely until it becomes a release candidate as changes are continually made so it is pointless to start making use of classnames, kit etc... until they are finalised. It does look good though so I may attempt to use some of it in future, provided reskins of the assets are permitted of course. Currently not all of them are allowed.
  6. evrik

    3CB Factions

    No real roadmap. I intend to add another four arma 2 ported vehicles (LAV-25, Tunguska, Fishing Boat and Small Boats - armed and unarmed versions for pirates) and then likely restrict additional vehicles to variants of existing ones unless any complete or largely complete donations are made (always welcome! 🙂 ). The aim was never to compete with CUP and port everything across. It was really just to fill a few gaps in the RHS packs in terms of civilian and older vehicles and it got out of hand. :D. I'll then likely concentrate on adding a few factions. It is the porting of vehicles that really takes the time up.
  7. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Yes, known issue. I've recently corrected it. There are a couple of other fixes on the AAV that will be included in the next update. Thanks. 🙂
  8. evrik

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Thanks, I'll take a look.
  9. Really sorry to see this. Losing experienced community teams / members is always sad. I've always personally thought your Operation Frenchpoint group name was one of the best having started way back on Operation Flashpoint. Seeing it always made me chuckle. Good luck with whatever you do next!
  10. evrik

    3CB Factions

    It's something I can do for a future update, sure. I need to revisit the Armoured SUV anyway as I am hoping the Contact DLC will become unrestricted in future so that I can include a smaller flag proxy on the front. I can add an extra one then, yes.
  11. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Okay, thanks for letting me know.
  12. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Ah, I haven't touched that. It was just directly ported. Okay, fixed it, it just wasn't moving with the bike lean. However, there are no plans to put out another immediate hotfix due to RL issues. I will include the fix in the next pack update though. I hate those clan signs anyway! 😄 Thanks. Forgot to add. You should have the option to disable the clan logo and sign on the bikes. It's a normal hide animation you can do in the virtual garage. You could do that as a stopgap until the update.
  13. evrik

    3CB Factions

    Okay, added legacy support for those two classnames and fixed the missing inventory image for the PVS5A NVGs. If you have any more causing a problem, please let me know this weekend. I'll add legacy support for them before the hotfix release. 🙂 Hotfix changes so far are: - Added AN-PRC 155 Radio Backpack - Added Legacy support for enforced historic TKC Open and Fuel Ural classname change - Added M60A1 / M60A3 to AAF Indfor - Added Missing DHK1983, PGS64, and UKK muzzle brakes to AK-74n, AKS-74un and AK-74mr respectively - Added Option to enable thermal optics on gunner turret via vehicle attributes on AAF, HIDF, and USMC AAVs - Added Semi-Automatic mode to RPK / RPK-74 - Fixed ADA CfgGroups incorrect side entries - Fixed ADE CfgInfantry incorrect side entries - Fixed ADE, ADM, and ADP Automatic Rifleman having wrong magazines in backpack - Fixed AAF Indfor Automatic Rifleman and SF Automatic Rifleman missing gun - Fixed AAF 'MSV' displayed names on static weapon teams - Fixed AAF Opfor Incorrect Vehicle Radio - Fixed Incorrect Sten Magazine ammo count - Fixed M14 sounds - Fixed Mirrored text on M60 ammo box - Fixed Missing inventory image on PVS5A NVGs - Fixed Missing magazine in Takistan Army Team Leader weapon in Eden - Fixed Missing roof texture on Hilux Closed - Fixed M60A1 and M60A3 name - Fixed PAGST Vest armour values - Fixed SDV incorrect textures - Fixed Takistan Repair Ural texture error - Replaced all deprecated TFAR radio classnames - Replaced Soviet Automatic Rifleman RPK with RPK-74