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  1. British Armed Forces : Combined Arms Formerly DG British Armed Forces First part of this mod will be released soon This is an update to my previous mod DG British Armed Forces. With all my work that has went into CUP I've decided to release the assets I've worked on throughout the years to kind of update my previous mods. With permission from previous modders who you will recognise from the screenshots below this will be a rehash with some new and ported content making its way to arma 3. Special thanks to all involved who have helped me and donated work to allow me to create this project and support the growth of CUP by donating high quality assets. I'm unsure if there will be any requirements to use this mod, to make life easy for myself I will probably require cup weapons for the units and vehicles as this has a good selection of weapons to choose from. Also other baf related mods are highly recommended to be used with this. DBAF_JointUniforms : UBACS Clothing Osprey MK4 Vest Webbing and Belt System Mk7 Helmet Various Backpacks Berets, PRR headsets DPM, DDPM uniforms/vests Credits: Anyone I forgot to mention and credit please let me know. FAQ: Q:- Do you support monetisation and will you approve it? A:- No sorry. Q:- Can I retexture these assets? A:- yes! and please send any textures my way as I would love to include them. Q:- Can I have the sources of this mod? A:- Simply No, this is because not all of it is my work. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.
  2. ==================================== ARMED FORCES:UK VIRTUS BODY ARMOUR ==================================== So with the British MOD rolling out the new Virtus body armour system to the british army I decided to try recreate it for Arma. The new personal armour, known as Virtus, uses the latest materials and offers the same protection as the Osprey system but it is significantly lighter, moves with the body more easily and produces a slimmer profile. This Mod Contains: Revision Batlskin Helmet (6 Variants) Boonie Hats (2 Variants) Revision Ballistic Glasses (3 Variants) Virtus Webbing Virtus Body Armour + Webbing (8 Variants) Virtus Daysack (9 Variants) Various Uniforms You can download the mod from the link below! Version 1.61 https://drive.google.com/open?id=16064GQWuCyDOKpPBkvpFVY3tSq0frKDE Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=927414389 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32696 1.61 - A few minor fixes
  3. INTRODUCTION Equipment of the British Royal Marines Commandos and other UK Armed Forces. By 3 Commando Brigade DESCRIPTION The modern Royal Marines Commando or British Army soldier carries a lot of kit in addition to his weapon. This mod aims to recreate some of that equipment. In current MTP camo, we provide updated combat uniforms, Mk4 vests, ‘Bergen’ backpacks, Mk7 helmets, berets and tactical glasses. A huge variety of options enables each player to give their character a unique look on the battlefield, whether it be as an Officer, Forward Air Controller, Medic, Sapper, Signaller, Engineer, Point Man, Grenadier, Marksman, Machine Gunner or just plain Rifleman! We’ve now expanded the range of combat uniform camouflage patterns to include DPM Woodland, DDPM (desert), DPM Temperate and Arctic. Along with these come accompanying sets of new Mk 2 vests, webbing, Mk 6 helmets and backpacks. We haven’t forgotten support forces either, with new uniforms, vests and helmets for RAF / RN pilots and tank crews. For full details, including user and admin guides, please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/3cb-baf-equipment/ CHANGE LOG VERSION 2.2 Added hidden texture selections to all vests Added missing .rvmat to helmet ghillie02 textures Added UK MTP XL Bergen Fixed helmet binlog errors Fixed helmet non-100% sum of weights errors Fixed helmet non-closed Shadow LOD objects Fixed helmet .p3d build errors Fixed mod dependency issue Fixed plate carrier ownership issue Removed helmet non-active UV sets Updated radio backpacks to be compatible with TFAR v1.0 SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD Current version: 2.2, released 15 September 2017 Download from Google Drive License and DisclaimerFor details please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/license-and-disclaimer
  4. THE KUNDUZ INSURGENCY AIS [SP/MP Coop-14] by 1-506Ranger STEAM LINK: The Kunduz Insurgency AIS ACE version utilizing ADV - Medical available here: The Kunduz Insurgency ACE The Kunduz Insurgency AIS is optimized for SP with Psycho's AIS revive system. This mission is MP coop ready, but instead of ACE, a number of immersion scripts and AIS make this a much more tolerable Single Player ALiVE insurgency experience as AI will heal the player (if AI teammates are not in direct contact) when you are down. READ THE MAP BRIEFING AND DIARY SECTIONS IN-GAME Features: AIS revive - nothing needed to stabilize and revive , first aid kit/medkit needed to heal smaller injuries. F/A 18 - 25 CAS sorties (JDAM and CBU only) available to Leaders only. FOB West - Independent 81mm mortars will fire at will in support of operations. If you see red smoke in an area of contact, withdraw to a safe distance. ALiVE Combat Support - Transport, CAS, and 1 x 105mm howitzer available for indirect fire support. BAF Ground and Air Service available at both FOBs for rearm and refuel ZLT field repair in effect, toolkit needed after 5 repairs. Troop recruitment available at both FOBs and US OP. SEE STEAM PAGE FOR REQUIRED AND RECOMMENDED CLIENT SIDE MODS Script Credits: *AIS Revive - Psycho *ArmaPhronk - CRS, Earplugs and IR Strobe *johnnyboy - JBOY Combat Up Down *JW Custom - Close Air Support Field System *Neko-Arrow - Mortars *Pokertour - ATM Airdrop *Psycho - AIS Revive *zealot111 - Realistic Field Repair *Quicksilver - QS icons ***Thanks to HeroesandvillainsOS for use of the core content of his ALiVE diaries (edited) - see map in-game for more information
  5. INTRODUCTION Weapons of the British Royal Marine Commandos and other UK Armed Forces. By 3 Commando Brigade DESCRIPTION This pack now contains almost all of the rifles used by the British over the last few decades, including many of the variants produced as the weapons were developed or evolved. There are a number of authentic scopes, customised ammunition, plus many accessories to complete the picture. New to version 2.2: A brand new L129A1 and TA648, along with a long list of updates to our existing weapons. For full details, including user and admin guides, please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/3cb-baf-weapons/ VERSION 2.2.1 Fixed visual bug on L85A2 VERSION 2.2 Added ACE3 compatible M6 range table Added airburst ammunition for M6 and L16 mortars Added crates containing new mortar ammunition Added HE munition to Zeus Added JDAM munition to Zeus Added missing default.rvmat to m203_col.paa on ukUGL Added missing javelin.rvmat to javelin_co.paa Added plastic_smooth.rvmat to ugl_ladders_ca.paa texture Added new L129a1 model and attachment system Added new TA648 scope Added new White Phosphorus Mortar ammunition Added safety fuse to all mortar rounds Added “uk3cb_” prefix to all models to prevent conflict with other mods Adjusted ACE3 size of large mortar crates Adjusted L119 CQB ballistics Adjusted suppressor positions on all L119 variants Fixed binlog build errors Fixed bone skeleton errors throughout the mod pack Fixed degenerated faces errors throughout the mod pack Fixed gunner proxy position on M6 mortar to realign hands on weapon in Pilot LOD Fixed ILAW (AT4) broken positions of animated parts Fixed incorrect L110 variants reload sound Fixed L119 config errors Fixed L119 reload animations Fixed M6 elevation overrun Fixed missing green and tan L85 in Virtual Arsenal Fixed missing L115 / L118 variants in Virtual Arsenal Fixed missing shrapnel from Zeus placed munitions Fixed mod dependancy issues Fixed mortar smoke not appearing in MP Fixed naming of L115 camouflage dead_bunch_grass textures Fixed NLAW lock distance Fixed non-convexities in Geometry LODs throughout the mod pack Fixed standard mortar smoke rounds causing damage Fixed ‘sum of weights’ vertex errors throughout the mod pack Fixed vanilla Kitbags appearing in L16 mortar crate Fixed visual and shadow LODs issues on all suppressors Fixed Zeus smoke modules Improved efficiency of all mortar munitions Improved section count in .p3ds throughout the mod pack Improved visual effect of mortar smoke rounds Removed duplicate or non-active UV sets on .p3ds throughout the mod pack Removed rogue internal rounds in magazines causing LOD face count errors Removed old L129a1 variants Removed old TA648 scope Removed US text from all L115 variants Updated mortar reload system to allow ammunition to be fed from nearby crates Updated smoke grenades to use British Armed Forces naming designations SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD Current version: 2.2, released 15 September 2017 Download from Google Drive License and DisclaimerFor details please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/license-and-disclaimer
  6. After weeks of work, I'm proud to finally present The East Wind: Escalation in a releasable state. EWE is the RHS-inspired adaptation of BIS "The East Wind"-Campaign. Nearly all assets have been exchanged and most scripts have been altered in some way or another. EWE also features a custom made FIA-faction, made with assets from both RHS and BAF. Workshop Link: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1423933010 (No direct download as of now) I tried to keep it as vanilla as possible, but you obviously require all RHS factions, as well as BAF Weapons and Equipment by 3CB and CBA. In addition to that, I strongly recommend you the following mods, that'll greatly enhance your gameplay experience: DynaSound 2 Enhanced Soundscape Blastcore Edited (Standalone Version) Be advised that, just like the original campaign, EWE is not compatible with ACE/AGM, due to systems conflicting with the mission scripting. However, there are ways to get around that. Don't recommend that though if you don't know what you're doing, and if you know what you're doing, you don't need me to tell you how to. Despite the numerous hours i spent with this project, it is far from being perfect. Consider this release v.0.9. Some bugs are still present and some of the later missions have to be playtested/bugfixed yet. All major work is done though and i'll be releasing a couple of hotfixes in the next few days to tackle the remaining issues. Known Issues: I always appreciate help, and since this is a one-man project, i can need a lot of it. If you find a bug and want to help, try to figure out how to fix it and tell me. Fresh ideas are never a bad thing. This campaign emerged from a small-time project to a full time venture during my holidays and i never thought i would actually be able to pull this off. I learned a lot about Scripting and C++, and i came to really appreciate the work and creativity that BIS has put into this. Credits and special thanks also go to: The RHS Team for their great mod 3CB for their beautiful uniforms Many people in the BI-Forums, who write wiki-stuff, answer questions and provide great information in general.
  7. Developed in partnership with the 2035: Russian Armed Forces mod. Check them out here! Arma 3 Aegis is an unofficial expansion centered around the vanilla game's 2035 setting. Along with new factions, weapons, vehicles, and gear, Aegis provides a platform update that overhauls several weapons and vehicles to make them more authentic to their real-life counterparts, while remaining loyal to their Armaverse depiction. Aegis is actively updated, with new content being added frequently. Arma 3 Aegis is currently in its beta stage, some content may be work in progress, removed, or yet to be implemented. Credits Content Download & Images
  8. Introduction Vehicles of the British Royal Marines Commandos and other UK Armed Forces. By 3 Commando Brigade (http://www.3commandobrigade.com) Contents (version 7) Bulldog Land Rovers 'Coyote' Tactical Support Vehicle 'Jackal 2' Light Patrol / Fire-Support Vehicle 'Apache' Helicopter 'Merlin' Helicopter 'Wildcat' Helicopter New to version 7: Bulldog, along with a list of updates to our existing vehicles. For full details of this and all our mods, please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/3cb-baf-vehicles/ CHANGE LOG VERSION 7.0 Apache Added support for Jet DLC Pylon system Improved destruct textures Coyote / Jackal Added 'PIP' bounding boxes to mirrors and screens Added 'vehicle in vehicle' bounding boxes Fixed HMG L111A1 carry handle Fixed HMG L111A1 rotation on Coyote P HMG Woodland Fixed incorrect naming of 'maxDroop' variable name Improved damage and destruct textures Land Rover Added missing passenger proxy to WMIK GPMG variant Added 'PIP' bounding boxes to mirrors and screens Adjusted memory point for lens flare position Fixed clan logo on Soft Top variant Fixed incorrect naming of 'maxDroop' variable name Fixed WMIK HMG carry handle Improved Dashboard texture layers Merlin Added Eden Editor Attribute to enable pre-folding of HC4 / HM2 tail and rotor on spawn Improved destruct textures Improved lock detection system Wildcat Fixed Cockpit search light - works when pilot has activated helicopter main lights Fixed incorrect inheritance of class Sounds Improved destruct textures Improved lock detection system Bulldog The FV432 armour personnel carrier has been used in the British Army since the 1960’s. The FV432 Mark 3 “Bulldog” is an up-armoured variant, introduced in late 2006, for use in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Bulldog’s improvements include an up-rated engine, reactive armour as well as IED jammers. Highlights All new high-resolution textures with weathering Realistic driving performance with dynamic suspension FFV (firing from vehicle) Automatic unique vehicle identification plates Integration of long-range @task_force_radio pack in vehicle for driver/commander/gunner Custom GPMG and HMG weapon models with muzzle flash, heat haze and new sounds Opening rear hatch and rear door Transportable vehicle ammunition, stored in vehicle cargo Crew of 3, plus accommodation for 8 troops Land Rover The Land Rover has been a familiar sight in the British Army since the 1950s, the latest model of which is the Defender 110 (eXtra Duty). During its illustrious service it has undertaken many roles in numerous climates. Several of these are now represented in Arma 3. Highlights All new high-resolution textures with weathering Realistic driving performance with dynamic suspension Sling-loading capability FFV (firing from vehicle) Externally attached UK3CB BAF bergens and equipment (with functionality when combined with other UK3CB mod packs) Automatic or manual door opening, doors can be used for limited cover High-powered Search light on Snatch models Usable Sun Visors Spare tyres mounted on vehicle that can be used via ACE3 interaction Automatic unique vehicle identification plates Integration of long-range @task_force_radio pack in vehicle for driver/commander/gunner Ambulance variant acts as a medical vehicle for healing units, and include animated stretchers Custom GPMG, HMG, GMG and MILAN weapon models with muzzle flash, heat haze and new sounds Transportable vehicle ammunition, stored in vehicle cargo Head lights with high/low beam option Interior lighting on Snatch and Ambulance models Flashing Blue Lights and Sirens on Ambulance and Police models Illuminated dashboard and icons Camera shake on firing Animated aerials Deployable camo nets on WMIKs Soft top defender can be stripped down for Merlin transportation AW101 MERLIN HM2, HC3 and HC4 The Merlin HM2, HC3 and HC4 are advanced, medium support helicopter designed to operate away from base workshops and in difficult terrain. It is an all-weather, day and night, multi-role helicopter used in both tactical and strategic operational roles. With a five tonne lifting capability, a diverse range of bulky cargo can be carried internally or underslung, including artillery, Land Rovers and light-strike vehicles. Highlights Advanced Flight Model Working suspension and wheels New navigation, landing and anti-collision (strobe) lights Cabin interior lighting added and optimised for night-time operations Custom animations for gunners Automatically applied sequential real-life serial numbers MFDs show camera and CCTV feeds from inside the cargo bay, the ramp, sling-load and starboard winch Unarmed variants with 18, 24 or 32 passengers, including 2x Firing From Vehicle (FFV) Armed variant with 18 seats (2xFFV), 3 GPMG Gunners CSAR variant with 10 seats (2xFFV), 2 Stretchers, 3 GPMG Gunners Sling-Loading - capable of picking up loads up to 5 tonnes, including a Land Rover Camera shake and heat haze and smoke effects on firing Animated winch on starboard side, with @ace3 fast roping Copilot Searchlight based on Thommen HSL-1600 (4-20deg, 1000m range) Improved Flare/Chaff and Infrared Jammer Voice warning system Jackal 2 and Coyote TSV Jackal 2 is a high mobility weapons platform, used by British Armed Forces in the role of deep battlespace reconnaissance, rapid assault and fire support. The Coyote TSV (Tactical Support Vehicle), introduced for operations in Afghanistan and entering service in late 2010, is based on a 6x6 derivative of the Jackal. With a crew of 3, two variants are provided - a transport version with 8 passenger seats, or a logistics version with just 2 passenger seats but a larger cargo carrying capacity. Highlights All new high-resolution textures with weathering Realistic driving performance with dynamic suspension FFV (firing from vehicle) Automatic or manual door opening, doors can be used for cover Choice of which side to dismount Automatic unique vehicle identification plates Additional seating position at the rear of the Jackal and Coyote Coyote Passenger variant can carry a full Section plus vehicle Coyote Logistics variant acts as a Refuel/Repair/Rearm vehicle Custom GPMG, HMG and GMG weapon models with muzzle flash, heat haze and new sounds Transportable vehicle ammunition, stored in vehicle cargo Head lights with high/low beam option Rear facing camera on driver dashboard Apache AH1 The Apache AH Mk 1 (often known as the Apache AH1) is an attack helicopter produced by AgustaWestland, under license from Boeing, for the British Army. It was custom built to meet the mission specific requirements of the UK Armed Forces, being a derivative of the US Army's AH-64D Apache. Highlights Advanced Flight Model Working suspension and wheels All texture maps extensively overhauled and upgraded Automatically applied sequential real-life serial numbers Module based customisable rearm / re-role selection options which can be attached to any object by mission makers in the Editor or Zeus Weapon pylons pitch with the gunner's aim Infrared Jammer All new damage model referencing critical systems on the airframe Customised Helmet Mounted Displays (HMDs) AW159 Wildcat AH1 / HMA2 The AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat is an improved version of the Westland Super Lynx military helicopter designed to serve in the battlefield utility, search & rescue and anti-surface warfare roles. In British service, common variants are being operated by both the Royal Navy and British Army to replace their ageing Lynx Mk.7/8/9 rotorcraft. Highlights Advanced Flight Model Working suspension and wheels Rotating surveillance turret seen from inside cockpit Under-nose Selex Seaspray multi-mode surveillance radar (HMA2) Two-tone grey camouflage pattern Panel lines and riveting more in keeping with the Wildcat Automatically applied sequential real-life serial numbers 6 or 8 passenger seats, including 2x Firing From Vehicle (FFV) Sling loading Copilot Searchlight based on Thommen HSL-1600 Variants with Hellfire and CRV7 rockets Infrared Jammer All new damage model referencing critical systems on the airframe Customised Helmet Mounted Displays (HMDs) Screenshots Download Current version 7, released 18 March 2018 Download from Google Drive License and Disclaimer For details please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/license-and-disclaimer
  9. RMMV (WIP)

    As we know the british millsim groups are missing the MAN fleet of cargo trucks so I decided to start making them so what I have got planed is. MAN HX 6 tonne Flatbed, cargo open, cargo closed, ammo, fuel. MAN HX 9 tonne Flatbed, cargo open, cargo closed, ammo, fuel. MAN HX 15 tonne Flatbed, cargo open, cargo closed, ammo, fuel, DROPS/EPLS, REBS. MAN SX 15 tonne, Flatbed and the MAN SX Recovery Lorry plus I will make Left hand drive variants in there as well
  10. After a 14 year break from releasing an addon, I'm giving it a new shot. Helping fill out the British armed forces faction with the CVRT Scimitar and Scorpion. Light tanks designed and deployed in the 60s/70s, the CVRT range is an interesting anomaly in the history of armoured vehicles: light, fast and roadworthy. Scorpion had a 76mm gun, Scimitar the 30mm rarden cannon. Scimitar is being replaced by Ajax/Scout SV and RWMIK over the next couple years and Scorpion dissapeared in the 90s, but these still seem like the perfect class of vehicle for the armaverse: Not totally impervious and steamroll capable like Challenger 2, but more than handy in an infantry support role or zipping around Altis as formation recce. Planning to cover different variations from its timeline, but probably will hold off on Scimitar 2 (a UOR that mated Scimitar turret with Samson APC hull to add more IED protection and ECM gubbins) unless I get around to making CVRT Samson to the level of detail it deserves. Similarly, not gonna bother with CVRT Sabre (Fox armoured car turret on the CVRT hull). On the cards: different hidden selections, camo options, markings and potentially some OPFOR faction variations for Scorpion in particular - it got shipped around the world. Progress on variations: Early cold war era Scorpion with wading screens and old style engine deck. Perfect for Germany, Norway, defending the homeland and the Falklands deployment. Mid life gulf war era Scimitar with IR plates, storage and other gubbins slapped on in the attempt to fit into the harsh desert environ and keeping up with the combined arms battle space. Late life uparmoured Scimitar. A diesel engine upgrade and Thermal Imaging extended the lifespan and capability of the tank far into our recent incursions in the middle east. Bar armour and ECM will also be an option.
  11. ==================================== MPX BAF: MASTIFF PPV ==================================== Back with another mod, British Army Mastiff. The British version of the Cougar 6x6 which arrived in Afghanistan during December 2006, with FPII providing the base vehicle and NP Aerospace in the UK integrating electronics and the British armour package. The Mastiff 2 is an improved version with a capacity of 2 + 8 which arrived in Afghanistan during June 2009. The Mastiff is armed with a 7.62 mm GPMG, 12.7 mm Heavy Machine Gun or 40 mm Grenade Machine Gun. Spent about 8 hours on this so far, stay tuned for updates, follow me at https://www.twitch.tv/mikephoenix85 as im streaming the whole process
  12. INTRODUCTION Units representing British Army Soldiers, Royal Marine Commandos and Support Elements in Arctic, Desert (DDPM), MTP, Temperate (DPM), Tropical (DPM) and Woodland (DPM) camouflage patterns. By 3 Commando Brigade DESCRIPTION With a large number of units and a multitude of pre-built infantry Groups to choose from, it is easy to create whole Company sized formations for your missions. Not only that, every Troop or Platoon will look unique, thanks to an automatic randomisation routine which equips each infantryman in gear suitable to his role from the wide choice of kit available. This mod now fully utilises our 3CB BAF Equipment and BAF Weapons packs allowing the representation of 6 unique theatres / era’s: Arctic: Winter camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights Desert: DDPM camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights MTP: MTP camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights Temperate: DPM Temperate camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights Tropical: DPM Woodland camo and contemporary weapons with LDS sights Woodland: DPM Woodland camo and period weapons with SUSAT sights Each theme is divided into 3 factions: Army, Navy and Airforce, giving a total of 18 factions. For full details, including user and admin guides, please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/3cb-baf-units/ CHANGE LOG VERSION 4.2 Added HM2, HC3 Cargo, and HC4 Merlin variants to each camouflage faction type Added new L129a1 to appropriate units Added rangefinder to FTL / M6 Gunner / BPT Point man for all appropriate camouflage faction types Added WMIK GPMG variants to each camouflage faction type Fixed binlog errors Fixed mod dependancy issue Removed adensine injector from standard infantry loadout Replaced one non-tracer magazine for a tracer magazine in standard infantry loadout Updated group descriptions to show different models of Merlin helicopter Updated group descriptions to show different models of WMIKs Updated various loadouts to correct equipment based on time period of camouflage factions SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD Current version: 4.2, released 15 September 2017 Download from Google Drive License and DisclaimerFor details please visit our website at https://3cbmod.wordpress.com/released-mods/license-and-disclaimer
  13. Who are we? Number 2 Company of the Coldstream Guards was created on the 2nd of April, 2018. We are a semi-realistic British milsim unit that operates in modern times. Since the Coldstream Guards are a Light Infantry unit, most of our events consist of maneuvers on foot at a Section-level although if we need to cross long distances or get somewhere quickly, we utilize lightly-armoured vehicles for transport such as Coyotes, Jackals and MRAPs. Event Information We conduct 4 types of events in No. 2 Coy, C. GDS. These are: Field Training Exercises (FTXs) Trainings Standalone Operations Campaign Operations Our events start at 7PM EST and can last anywhere from 1 hour - 3 hours depending on the type of event. We will give appropriate notice if the event will last a while. Structure of the Unit The Coldstream Guards are one of the Foot Guard Regiments of the British Army and is the oldest regiment in the Regular Army that is still in active service. Although we are technically underneath 1st Battalion of the Coldstream Guards, in reality there is only a single battalion anyways so we took that out of the equation when naming our unit. Our long-term goal is to grow and fill up an entire company and have linked support assets working alongside our guys on the ground. Although it may take a while to ever get to that stage, we are confident that with the right people helping organise and lead the unit, we can get there. Everyone has a part to play! Available Roles Since we are a brand new unit, we doubt they'll be pilot slots or sniper positions opening up anytime soon. That being said, there are plenty of infantry-based roles that might interest you: Rifleman Grenadier (Underslung Grenade Launcher) Pointman (CQB) Marksman (7.62mm Designated Marksman Rifle) Light Machine Gunner (5.56mm belt-fed Machine Gun) Medium Machine Gunner (7.62mm belt-fed Machine Gun) Junior NCO Positions (Cpl. and below) Senior NCO Positions (Sgt. and above) Signaller (Communications) Medic For those of you that enjoy helping units stay organised and would like to get into the admin side of things, once you've been in the unit for a couple weeks and have shown a good level of commitment and loyalty, we can look into getting you incorporated into our admin staff. Recruitment Process If you would like to join the unit, please contact one of our Recruitment Officers or comment below and we'll get in touch with you ASAP. (Please see bottom of the post for a list of our Command Staff and Recruitment Staff) Once contact has been made, we will answer any questions you might have and get you to fill out an application form. This gives us a good basis of what kind of person you are. After that, you will go through a quick 2-3 minute interview where we will ask you some standard questions and all you have to do is answer them to the best of your ability. Finally, you'll be tagged up on Steam, asked to start getting the mods downloaded, invited to the Steam group and voila, you're now a member of Number 2 Company of the Coldstream Guards! Command Staff & Recruitment Officers LSgt. L. Martin - Command Staff Section IC of 1 Section, 1 Platoon Steam Link | http://steamcommunity.com/id/BritanniaRulesTheWaves/ LCpl. H. MacLean - Command Staff Section 2IC of 1 Section, 1 Platoon Steam Link | https://steamcommunity.com/id/Hekkie/ Gdsm. O. Drakard - Recruitment Officer Steam Link | https://steamcommunity.com/id/Rainbow_Hedgehog_Guy_FCNR/ Gdsm. M. Moore - Recruitment Officer Steam Link | https://steamcommunity.com/id/Mayze6/ Gdsm. A. Handley - Recruitment Officer Steam Link | https://steamcommunity.com/id/sonicwildcatz/ Gdsm. D. Weeber - Recruitment Officer Steam Link | https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198015369964/ Additional Information Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/no2coycgds TeamSpeak 3 IP - Thank you for reading, we hope to see you soon!
  14. WIP/BETA The last Brazilian Armed Forces update brought some naval units including: Three "Amazonas" class Ocean Patrol Vessels: P-120 Amazonas, P-121 APA and P-122 Araguari, each one with 2 organic RHIB's on each side. Those RHIB's are a port from Arma 2 ones, with new textures and new panel instrumentation (WIP) and are capable to carry up to 8 soldiers plus driver. All OPV's are REAL VEHICLES, movables and capable to receive helicopters on its flight decks, which have deployable fences and NVG landind guide lights. They are armed with one Bushmaster II Mk-44 30 mm front canon and 2 Bushmaster Mk-242 25 mm gun located at starboard and port side respectively. Commander has a FLIR pod located at the main mast. The vessel can carry up to 10 soldiers plus it's own crew, i.e: Driver, Commander and 3 Gunners. We'll increase that number to maybe 25. To do: - Be able to walk on it even when the ship is moving. - Detailed interior Lods for gunners, commander, driver and Cargo. - Proper damage configuration. - Custom sounds for engines and alarms. - Usable deck crane with slingload capabilities. - Deployable salvatage boats, for SAR missions... Exterior View Front Cannon Side Cannon Deployable RHIBs Functional Helipad One Brazilian version of Scorpène class submarine SBR S-40 Riachuelo. S-40 Riachuelo, is fully functional, capable of diving and "sail" around, it has two special features called: Emergency Dive and Emergency Blow, which you can dive or emerge more quickly. It is armed with SM-39 Exocet missiles, only capable to lock on targets and fire when surfaced, unfortunately. We'll implement in near future torpedo launch capabilities too. It can carry 22 soldiers as cargo plus its crew, and one mini sub or rubber boat on it's back for special operations insertions. To do: - Lock capabilities when submerged. - Disable water shader/effects when using internal lods, like I really would appreciate some help from Arma 3 GURUS on this feature! - Sonar for only subs or boats entities. - Acoustic countermeasures. - Torpedo launch script. - Recharge batteries snorkeling script Exterior view Interior view Exocet SM-39 As we always warn this is a WIP/BETA version and you can download it at: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=504306716 Please give us your feedback so we can improve it and correct bugs!
  15. Just to make you aware I have my own private server running KP Liberation 0.963. At the moment it has a 10 player limit but often there's no more than 3 players at any one time and usually it's just myself! So anyone who's looking for a fun and cooperative server where team work is a must then PM me or search for 'Boyos Brigade'. Server tends to be online 12am-4am GMT. UPDATE: I'm presently running a modified KP Liberation mission on the fantastic Xcam Taunus map. I've also added the Challenger 2, Eurofighter Typhoon and various aircraft from the USAF mod (by Sgt Fuller) which has the B-1B and B-2 bombers, AC-130 gunship, F-16, F-22 and F-35 as well. Please PM me to arrange a game.
  16. Bagram Airfield میدان هوایی بگرام by DonbassCZ Information: Bagram Airfield, also known as Bagram Air Base, (IATA: OAI, ICAO: OAIX) is the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan. It is located next to the ancient city of Bagram, 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) southeast of Charikar in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan. The airfield features a dual runway capable of handling any size military aircraft, including Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy and Antonov An-225. The base is mainly occupied by Government contractors, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and minimally by the United States Armed Forces. Bagram Airfield is currently maintained by the Combined Joint Task Force 10th Mountain Division (CJTF-10), having taken over from the 101st Airborne Division in the winter of 2013. It is also maintained by 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (Task Force Pale Horse) and 3-10 GSAB (Task Force Phoenix) of the U.S. Army, with the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing of the U.S. Air Force and other U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, and ISAF units having sizable tenant populations. In addition, the U.S. government regional platform for the east is at the base, staffed by civilians. The ICAO ID is OAIX and it is specifically at 34.944N, 69.259E at 1,492 metres (4,895 ft) above sea level. One of Bagram's runways is 3,003 metres (9,852 ft) long and the other is 3,500 metres (11,500 ft) long, which was built and completed by the United States in late 2006. There are a number of large hangars, a control tower, numerous support buildings, and various housing areas. There are also more than 32 acres (130,000 m²) of ramp space and five aircraft dispersal areas, with over 110 revetments. Many support buildings and base housing built by the Soviet Armed Forces during their occupation were destroyed by years of fighting between various warring Afghan factions after the Soviets left. New barracks and office buildings are being constructed at the present time, and the base is slowly expanding. The Kabul International Airport is about 25 miles (40 km) south of Bagram, connected by two separate roads. Also, the Parwan Detention Facility is located somewhere around the base at Bagram. It has been criticized in the past for its abusive treatment of prisoners. In May 2010, the International Committee of the Red Cross revealed that since August 2009 it was informed about inmates of a second prison where detainees are held in isolation and without access to the International Red Cross that is usually guaranteed to all prisoners. Description: Hello. After successful completion of the KIA we are moving to other airports which will represent BAF ( Bagram Airfield ) in Reshmaan Province. Base is orientated in the north of the map. You can look forward to lots of new things . Slowly but surely, we are approaching the completion REshmaan edition pack, so I hope you will like it because after completing his move into Clafghan . Surely you have something to look forward to. As a tradition i will delete some objects. Dont forget that "I'll try to make this base with high FPS so then you could enjoy it"!! Features: Huge ramps Helicopter airfield (bigger then in KAF) Fire station Prison Hospital Provincial HQ Lots of barracks Ammo storages (from Takistan bases) Containers yard and more structures Requirements: CBA Reshmaan Province CJTF101 editor MAP Editorupgrade (EU) Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete [FIX] OPXBuildings and OPXmisc Stars Editing Suite Softshelter MCAGCC 29 Palms (only wgl_commercial.pbo and wgl_objects.pbo) DOWNLOAD LINK:https://www.dropbox.com/s/jp3m0n50toc6pof/Bagram_Airfield_by_DonbassCZ.reshmaan.7z?dl=0 Best regards DonbassCZ
  17. Hey guys, as part of Brazilian Armed Forces Mod we are proud to release the AF-1 jet fighter a Brazilian Navy modernized version of the A-4KU Skyhawk We hope you guys enjoy and give some feedback about this new model! You can take a look at another model made by us clicking HERE Please consider take a look at our FACEBOOK page! Cheers from Brazil! ;)
  18. ========================================================== VIRTUS BODY ARMOUR SYSTEM =========================================================== So with the British MOD rolling out the new Virtus body armour system to the british army I decided to try recreate it for Arma. Iv currently made the following: Source Body Armour. Source Webbing with multiple attachments and a standalone version with the webbing on its own for jungle style ops. Revision Batlskin Cobra Plus Helmet. plus version with scrim Revision Ballistic Glasses. Further goals: Revision face mask. Revision Goggles. Various configurations to suit certain roles. The base model is currently in testing phase, once reached a suitable standard il release V1.
  19. im unable to connect to my server useing tadst and im given this error. any help is awsome many thanks, ultra <21:50:35> "Pte. H. Bowker": 21:50:22 mpmissions\__cur_mp.Takistan\mission.sqm/Mission/Entities/Item82/Entities/Item0.type: Vehicle class CUP_B_BAF_Crew_MTP no longer exists 21:50:22 Mission OP_20Saracen_20StormV3.Takistan read from bank. 21:50:22 Player Pte. H. Bowker disconnected.
  20. Battlegroup Falke Battlegroup Falke is a British Light Infantry 'Milsim' unit. As you will notice on our website, our unit name is fictional. This is to pay due respect to currently serving military units and to reflect an apolitical stance on world events. However for the purposes of authenticity, we have chosen to base our organization on the standard British Infantry. What we are looking for: - Mature, active, and reliable members. - Applicants interested in utilizing realistic tactics and squad layouts. - Members able to make our weekly events. (Sunday at 8PM GMT+1 till around 10-11PM GMT+1) We offer: - A fun and friendly community of players, without any shouting/screaming Drill Sergeants. - Open recruitment opportunities for various roles within our Infantry. - A continous developing internal campaign, with longterm goals and effects. - A unit lead by people with experience from various realism communities. - An always open Teamspeak ( Adress: ts3.swifthosting.dk:12417 ). How to join: Submit an application following the standard form in the "Recruitment Office" on our forums. Forum Steamgroup Any questions can be directed towards myself on Steam Found Here
  21. Consider the 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment. Information 2 PARA is a British Milsim unit, with roots dating to 2012 and a multinational group of dedicated and commited players. Here at 2 PARA we use equipment, weaponry, vehicles and a structure based closely on the British Army's Parachute Regiment and 16 Air Assault Brigade. Mods At 2 PARA we use a set of mods to enhance the realism and immersion of the game as well as bring in equipment, weapons and vehicles that allow us to accurately portray the British Armed Forces. Our main mods are the following: - ACE3 - Task Force Radio - ALiVE - 3CB BAF Equipment, Weapons and Vehicles Operation 2 PARA features a slick balance between training and missions. We organize our time into Home Rotations and Deployments. The Home Rotation focusing on training and practice while the Deployments focus on immersive, developed campaigns based on realistic story-based missions. The duration for a Home Rotation is approximately 2-4 weeks and 4-8 weeks for a Deployment. Application 2 PARA features a wide range of roles for new recruits to fill, and proper training to fit new recruits into those roles. As a friendly and welcoming community, we ensure that all new recruits are part of the group and have fun both in and out of our events. For information on requirements and recruitment for 2 PARA, you can view the website or join our teamspeak. http://2para-arma3.co.uk/index.html