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Found 10 results

  1. Kabul International Airport Ùرودگاه بین المللی کابل by DonbassCZ Information: Hamid Karzai International Airport (Persian: میدان هوائی بین المللی حامدکرزی‎‎, Pashto: د حامدکرزی نړيوال هوائي ډګر‎, IATA: KBL, ICAO: OAKB), is located 5 kilometers (3.1 mi) from the city center of Kabul in Afghanistan. It serves as one of the nation's main international airports and as one of the largest military bases, capable of housing over one hundred aircraft. The airport was given the new name in 2014 in honor of former President Hamid Karzai. The decision was made by the National Assembly of Afghanistan and the Cabinet of President Ashraf Ghani. It was previously named Kabul International Airport. The airport has been expanded and modernized in the last decade. A new international terminal was added and the older terminal is now used for domestic flights. A number of military bases were also built around the airport, which are used by the United States Armed Forces and NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF). The military of Afghanistan also has a base there, while the Afghan National Police provide security inside the passenger terminals. As of June 2016 the most frequently serviced destination from the airport was Dubai-International with no less than four passenger airlines flying the route, some with multiple daily flights. In terms of passenger numbers, Istanbul-Atatürk was the largest, followed closely by Dubai, given the high volume of travel with Turkish Airlines, and Ariana Afghan Airlines, which flies to both Istanbul and Ankara in Turkey. Description: Hello. As you probably know from KAF. This project will include three Afghan airfield (Bagram, Kabul, Kandahar). KAF is behind us and now we are embarking KIA. This base will be built in Reshmaan Province. It will be an airport in the middle of the map near the capital city Dilshad (Kabul). What more to say ... I will delete few objects and some places must be improved and i think it will be done. Iam really excitting how it will looks... and I can not wait :) . Also dont forget on this "I'll try to make this base with high FPS so then you could enjoy it"!! PS: I will add pics later. Requirements: CBA Reshmaan Province CJTF101 editor MAP Editorupgrade (EU) Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete [FIX] OPXBuildings and OPXmisc Stars Editing Suite DOWNLOAD LINK: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pt1aibr46sjsp27/Kabul_International_Airport_by_DonbassCZ.reshmaan.7z?dl=0 Greets DonbassCZ
  2. Bagram Airfield میدان هوایی بگرام by DonbassCZ Information: Bagram Airfield, also known as Bagram Air Base, (IATA: OAI, ICAO: OAIX) is the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan. It is located next to the ancient city of Bagram, 11 kilometres (6.8 mi) southeast of Charikar in the Parwan Province of Afghanistan. The airfield features a dual runway capable of handling any size military aircraft, including Lockheed Martin C-5 Galaxy and Antonov An-225. The base is mainly occupied by Government contractors, the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and minimally by the United States Armed Forces. Bagram Airfield is currently maintained by the Combined Joint Task Force 10th Mountain Division (CJTF-10), having taken over from the 101st Airborne Division in the winter of 2013. It is also maintained by 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade (Task Force Pale Horse) and 3-10 GSAB (Task Force Phoenix) of the U.S. Army, with the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing of the U.S. Air Force and other U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, and ISAF units having sizable tenant populations. In addition, the U.S. government regional platform for the east is at the base, staffed by civilians. The ICAO ID is OAIX and it is specifically at 34.944N, 69.259E at 1,492 metres (4,895 ft) above sea level. One of Bagram's runways is 3,003 metres (9,852 ft) long and the other is 3,500 metres (11,500 ft) long, which was built and completed by the United States in late 2006. There are a number of large hangars, a control tower, numerous support buildings, and various housing areas. There are also more than 32 acres (130,000 m²) of ramp space and five aircraft dispersal areas, with over 110 revetments. Many support buildings and base housing built by the Soviet Armed Forces during their occupation were destroyed by years of fighting between various warring Afghan factions after the Soviets left. New barracks and office buildings are being constructed at the present time, and the base is slowly expanding. The Kabul International Airport is about 25 miles (40 km) south of Bagram, connected by two separate roads. Also, the Parwan Detention Facility is located somewhere around the base at Bagram. It has been criticized in the past for its abusive treatment of prisoners. In May 2010, the International Committee of the Red Cross revealed that since August 2009 it was informed about inmates of a second prison where detainees are held in isolation and without access to the International Red Cross that is usually guaranteed to all prisoners. Description: Hello. After successful completion of the KIA we are moving to other airports which will represent BAF ( Bagram Airfield ) in Reshmaan Province. Base is orientated in the north of the map. You can look forward to lots of new things . Slowly but surely, we are approaching the completion REshmaan edition pack, so I hope you will like it because after completing his move into Clafghan . Surely you have something to look forward to. As a tradition i will delete some objects. Dont forget that "I'll try to make this base with high FPS so then you could enjoy it"!! Features: Huge ramps Helicopter airfield (bigger then in KAF) Fire station Prison Hospital Provincial HQ Lots of barracks Ammo storages (from Takistan bases) Containers yard and more structures Requirements: CBA Reshmaan Province CJTF101 editor MAP Editorupgrade (EU) Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete [FIX] OPXBuildings and OPXmisc Stars Editing Suite Softshelter MCAGCC 29 Palms (only wgl_commercial.pbo and wgl_objects.pbo) DOWNLOAD LINK:https://www.dropbox.com/s/jp3m0n50toc6pof/Bagram_Airfield_by_DonbassCZ.reshmaan.7z?dl=0 Best regards DonbassCZ
  3. DonbassCZ's future projects photo gallery Hello. This topic was created to show pictures of bases / projects on which is working my team. I wont add pics every day, but once a week. Started in Zargabad so enjoy. Greets DonbassCZ
  4. Malden bases in COLD WAR era by DonbassCZ Description: Hello. I decided to make a new collection of bases in the style of the Cold War . My goal will be to work at bases in these islands : Malden , Everon , Nogovo , Kolgujev . Now I am working on Malden Island . I would also like to know what you want to base owned by NATO and what USSR. Bases will be in one folder with the name of that island, which will be located . I hope you will like this project and wish me luck . Using addons: CJTF101 editor MAP Editorupgrade (EU) Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete Stars Editing Suite Hardened aircraft shelters [WIP] pics from Malden airport: Best regards DonbassCZ
  5. Kandahar Airbase پایگاه هوایی قندهار by DonbassCZ Information: Kandahar International Airport (referred to by ISAF as Kandahar Airfield, KAF) (IATA: KDH, ICAO: OAKN) is located 10 miles (16 kilometers) south-east of Kandahar City in Afghanistan. It serves as the nation's second main international airport and as one of the largest military bases, capable of housing up to 250 aircraft of all type. The airport was designed and built by the United States in the late 1950s. It was occupied by the Soviets during the 1980s Soviet war in Afghanistan. Following their withdrawal the airport remained in control of Najibullah's government until he stepped down in 1992. Thereafter, local warlords and the Taliban took control of the airport until the U.S.-led invasion in late 2001. Since 2007, the airport has been repaired and expanded. It is used for both military and civilian flights. The airport is maintained by the Resolute Support Mission and the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). The 2nd Wing of the Afghan Air Force (AAF) has a separate base within the airport ground. The Afghan National Police provides security inside the passenger terminal. Description: Hello. After some time, going back to Reshmaan Province to built a base that should resemble Kandahar Airbase. It will be built in the base in the south of the map. This base will be fortified and improved on some places . What will be completely new will be helicopter airfield. I'll try to make this base with high FPS so then you could enjoy it. Addons that I will use will be much the same as in previous projects . Completion time should be as at Takistan bases maybe later. I hope that things will go according to plan and I hope that i wont stop this project as it was with the Reshmaan bases. Again, I hope that this project will achieve great popularity and why? because it will be in Reshmaan Province!! I hope that its enough to understand it what i want to say :) . PS: Also i think after you will read this topic you will want to see some pics i must to say you that pics will arrive asap. :) Requirements: CBA Reshmaan Province CJTF101 editor MAP Editorupgrade (EU) Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete [FIX] OPXBuildings and OPXmisc Stars Editing Suite DOWNLOAD LINK:https://www.dropbox.com/s/9dz4xl7jqknlwef/Kandahar_Airbase_by_DonbassCZ.reshmaan.rar?dl=0 Greets DonbassCZ
  6. CHERNARUS BASES by DonbassCZ Story: After one of the team went to Kunduz province in Afghanistan to help German soldiers with the construction of their fortifications. Meanwhile the second team moved into the area known as Chernarus. After the war which took place here a local bases suffered great damage and they need to revitalize into a state in which they were before the war. Description: Hey. So far, I do not want to give large targets, but mainly I'd like to expand the local airport (Balota, Krasnostav and main airport). Maybe I will build here a few FOBs + outposts. :) PS: I will add pics later Greets DonbassCZ
  7. TAKISTAN BASES Story: After a while we go back to the distant Takistan so we are here to help with the construction of bases on the wishes of the command of ISAF troops who operate in this region. Description: It will be about the two airports + FOB in the Jilavur, Feruz Abad, Garmsar, Rasman. I assume that this project will take me about two maybe three months, so whoever likes Takistan and my work will wait :). Right now I'm working on an airbase Rasman and here's an example where you would, of course, this is just a basic layout that will change the course. I will add here weakly update. Feruz Abad FOB: PS: Sorry for bad picture resolution. If you have some good ideas please write me a message! Thanks Donbass
  8. KUNDUZ BASES by DonbassCZ Story: After completing the work which related to building and fortifying bases in Takistan we moved to Kunduz province in the northern part of Afghanistan. We have been called by the local command to build a new bases and some outposts that should improve the current situation in this region. Description: Hello. After my latest project called Takistan bases i started building bases in Kunduz province made by Project Reality team. It will be about 1-2 FOBs (I cant say it now), 2 outposts. So i hope you are looking forward and I hope that it would be as popular as Takistan bases :) PS: I will add pictures as soon as possible (7th April 2016) Greets DonbassCZ
  9. Hi. I'd like to ask you where you want that i have to started making/ expanding bases. You can choose from three options and if you choose "Another" please write which terrain you want. Best provided terrain that is already released and not in the WIP. Thanks EDIT: If you choose one of these three options please write terrain which you want for example European terrain - Chernarus etc. or ME - Zargabad etc. i hope that its clear. Thanks Greets DonbassCZ
  10. FOB Honor by DonbassCZ Description: This base is a remake of Battlefield 3 point E / Army base in Operation Firestorm with several objects which I added. I hope you will like it! Features: Virtual Arsenal Ambient life Vehicles Lights Details Credits & Thanks: CUP Team - CUP Terrains Complete Opteryx and S@ndBob - [FIX] OPXBuildings and OPXmisc Titi & McKeewa - CJTF101 Editor Requirements: Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete [FIX] OPXBuildings and OPXmisc CJTF101 Editor Download HERE! Pictures: Barracks: Second entry: Headquarters: Artillery nests: Greets DonbassCZ