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Found 23 results

  1. Steam Workshop - Full Release Overview Insurgency - 2035 is a project focusing on fleshing out the various insurgent and paramilitary groups scattered across the globe in the Armaverse, focusing on the 2030s onwards. This modification uses the Western Sahara CDLC from the Rotators Collective, as well as Arma 3 Aegis and Atlas. Both are essential to Insurgency - 2035, and I am immensely appreciative for the fantastic work they have done. A full list of dependencies can be found on the lower right-hand side of the Workshop page. For any additional queries, feel free to drop me a private message here or reach out to me on my Discord. Factions Chernarussian Radical Party Although the original Chedaki insurgency was wiped out by a joint U.S. and Chernarussian offensive at the close of Operation Harvest Red little was done to curtail pro-Russian sentiments in the north of Chernarus. In the intervening years, a loose coalition of political parties and citizen militias have formed together as the Chernarussian Radical Party, and have since seized control of the north of the country. Reinforced by foreign fighters and equipment from across the border in Russia, the party has proclaimed itself the successor to the Chedaki insurgency of old. Pro-Akhanteros Paramilitaries The outbreak of the Altian Civil War in the mid-to-late 2030s saw the rise of paramilitaries on both sides of the conflict that were quietly backed by foreign countries with a vested interest in the island nation. Those that supported Georgious Akhanteros and his military junta were known to employ death squads, brutalising the population of Altis. Takistani Insurgents Despite the relative stability brought to Takistan following the NATO intervention during Operation Arrowhead, insurgent forces have continued to operate freely in the country. One of the most prominent groups is believed to be led by the son of former dictator Muhammad R. Aziz, and is currently engaged in a bloody insurgency against the CSAT-backed government in Takmyr. Pictures Changelog Credits
  2. There weren't any loot position files for buildings in the Chernarus 2020 map or none that I could find, so I went and did them all myself in the editor. I included every CUP and Malden building and the commonly used military Altis buildings. Some buildings that are not enterable will also spawn junk at their doorstep as well as the smaller ignored buildings in countryside areas. I also created some loot positions for certain vehicle wrecks. Civilian vehicles spawn vehicle service parts, Industrial tractors spawn industrial junk and some of the military vehicles spawn military loot of course. Factory exhaust stacks and other towers with ladders also now spawn stuff! If there is a building missing from the list, would like more added or a misplaced position, please let me know. Installation: Go into your "exile_server_config" folder and drop the attached file inside. You can also make your own C++ language file and copy the string over from my dropbox. Open up the config.cpp file and replace the entire CfgBuildings string with this: So the beginning of your config should look similar to this: Here is the string file. Chernarus2020 Loot -------------------------------------------- Once you've completed the above steps, re-pack your PBO and enjoy.
  3. Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113631358&tscn=1503026494 Chernarus 2035 is the Eastern area of the fictional country of Chernarus, known by most to just simply be Chernarus. This mod aims to be a slight re-master and overhaul to some locations of Chernarus in line with the original terrain. The terrain size has been increased from 225km2 to 419km2, a number of new islands large and small have been created off the coast of Chernarus, ranging from a Nuclear Power Plant to a large island with an airfield a some small settlements, to nearly a dozen smaller islands to fill in the gaps. More inland enhancements to locations are also underway, currently the only location which has had any noteworthy changes is Elektro with a large upper town area being added. Utes island has been added to the map aswell, bringing the total playable space up significantly, and even more locations previously barren may also be updated in the future. Thank you! Other notable features: -Overhauled Grass Configs & Textures -Beautiful Lighting, Sky, and Cloud Configs -Many structures have added interiors by Argument and myself -Utes Island + Chernarus merged -Post-Catastrophe Setting (Garbage and abandoned vehicles) -Many new additions planned for the future
  4. Chernarus Redux In the post-Soviet country of Chernarus. Several years has passed since the insurgency conflict and viral outbreak. The russian oriented country is now desolate and overgrown. The few that remain and inhabit the surrounding cities have chosen to bare arms and scavenge the land for supplies which is difficult to come by. Some may chose to believe Chernarus is hopeless, however there is a growing movement of survivors trying to take back the very cities they lost 26 years ago. What Is It? Chernarus Redux has been a on and off project for a few months now, The goal is to bring the Arma 2 Chernarus up to Arma 3 Standards, with the inclusion of making it a more of a apocalyptic feel. So it can be used in the way a lot of Arma 3 mods are trying to achieve. We are trying to strive towards adding that extra bit of detail that has always been missing from this beloved map. We also have a modeller which has made amazing progress on opening up a lot more buildings. Download from Steam Development Road Map Public Defect Tracker Social & Communications Discord Youtube Channel Twitter Requirements - CUP Core If you have any ideas or any suggestions please post them in any platform you like. Will like to say Thank You for Bohemia giving us the go ahead for the project. Where the data came from: Arma Licensed Data Pack Arma 2 Sample Models
  5. Hi folks The campaign trailer is here! Campaign is Live! - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871329059 Playthrough Mission 1 by Jeza - The same mission run as coop by Comrades in Arms using ACE - Mission 2 by jeza- Mission 3 by Cubic Virtuoso - Mission 4 by Jeza- Gold Mountain Original Thread Discussion - I've had a decent break from A3 after producing the Island Thunder campaign and playing a fair bit of coop with Task Force Dingo. And now I'm ready to pick up something I was messing about with end of last year: The Original Ghost Recon campaign from 2001 based on the Russian annex of Georgia but for my campaign will be heading to Chernarus including Winter Chernarus. I already know I can't reproduce all of the missions as the original campaign moves to Russia itself and there are some missions which are just not possible to recreate. But, I have been working on several remakes including recreations of: Caves Farm Night POW Camp Castle Night Sub Pens and one or two others. Making sure my SP fans get what they need and should be some decent coop to be had too. Required Mods: CBA3 CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps CUP Terrains - CWA 1.3.0 RHSAFRF RHSUSAF RHSGREF
  6. Arma 3 Survival "A3S" (Zombie Survival) A3S Developer Team Hungry? - Project Lead (Scripting, Guis, Config editing, Encryption, Mapping) Marshmallow - Developer (Modeling, Config editing, Animation) Falke - Developer (Texturing, Concept Artist) Tycho - Developer (Programming) Cybeija - Developer (Graphics) luwi77 - Developer (Mapping) Story (W.I.P) -Chernarus- am 26. April 1986 versuchte ein Forschungslabor ein Mittel gegen Krebs zu erschaffen, das Verfahren war neu und wurde zum ersten Mal an diesem Tag getestet. Während der Zellteilung im Labor, kam es gleichzeitig im Block 4 des Kernkraftwerks Tschernobyl zu einer nuklearen Katastrophe. Durch die Erschütterungen gab es gravierende Probleme im Labor für Monokulare Prozesse und musste daher sofort geräumt werden. Niemand konnte ahnen, dass die Zellen sich durch die Strahlung veränderten. Die Bewohner der Insel Chernarus erkrankten und weisten unterschiedlichsten Symptome auf, aber am schlimmsten war das Fieber. Aus diesem Grund wurde auch der Notstand ausgerufen und die Organisation T.E.R.A übernahm das Evakuieren von Chernarus. Bis heute kämpft T.E.R.A noch immer gegen die Ursache. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Features: -Chernarus with two climates (Winter/Sommer) -Custom Map -Custom Zombies -Melee System (Fists,Axt,Baseball Bat) -Basebuilding -Fishing System -Farming System -Territory System -Contaminated Zones (With Ai/Withoit Ai) -Custom Damage/Health System -Custom Inventory -Dynamic Helicrash/Air Drop System -Crafting System -6 Custom Vehicles -Vehicle Upgrade System -80+ Weapons -Interaction Menu (Objects,Players,Vehicles) -Custom Weapon Attachments Animation -Wildlife -100 Custom Items (Molotov Cocktail,Flare,Medicine Items etc.) Upcoming Features: -Quest System -Hero Bandit System -Underground Labor -... [Steam Workshop] https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1278609853 [Discord] https://discord.gg/47yf3HY
  7. Captain_N00by

    [MP/CO-30] War-3-Front

    War-3-Front Mission by Slon&Qwertt ported from Arma 2. Island: Chernorussia Languages: Russian, English Mods: CBA_A3, RHSAFRF, RHSUSAF, RHSGREF, CUP Terrains - Core, CUP Terrains - Maps (ACE supported) Description&Features: Join your forces to liberate Chernorussia from NATO occupation. Gather a big team, split into 3 and attack 3 fronts simultaneously, or slowly capture towns one after another together with a friend or two - mission autosaves your progress (on dedicated server too), so you don't have to start from scratch every time. Flexible difficulty settings (mission params) let you enjoy the mission even if you are playing alone. The mission works both on in-game and dedicated server. Download: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2023789594 Changelog: Please note that there's probably still some bugs (I tested the mission mostly alone), and there's no briefing explaining all the features. So please leave your questions, bug reports and suggestions below, I'll try to respond in my free time.
  8. Join our Discord! (http://discord.gg/CsuuGe7) steam favourites: direct connect: *Server informations:* 1. Bases need to be paid every 7days (will be removed on the 8th day) 2. Territory moderators have the ability to go through their own doors and open their safes without entering the code 3. revive system 4. The Radiation zone has a protection bubble around it. No bullets will enter or leave the Radiation zone (about 370m from Centre) 5. Custom wages depending on your respect 6. Gambling System (Scratchies) buy them, take part (winners are drawn every 2 min) and if you’ve won redeem your price 7. ZCP: half of the poptab reward is automatically transferred to your bank account 8. Drop crates at the Wastedump to sell them automatically 9. Tigris anti air rockets got replaced with zephyr 10. Non flare helicopters got flares, if a heli is missing, then tell it to an admin 11. Loadouttrader!!! Yes, just walk up to an equipment trader and scroll down on him 🙂 Mods: Extended Base Mod CUP Weapons 1.15.0 CUP Vehicles 1.15.0 CUP Units 1.15.0-hotfix1 CUP Terrains - Maps 1.14.0 CUP Terrains - Core 1.15.0 Chernarus_Isles Advanced Urban Rappelling Exile Mod Enhanced Movement Community Base Addons v3.15.1 Join our Discord! (http://discord.gg/CsuuGe7)
  9. Wolves and Sheep Campaign on Steam Workshop 20 years after operation Harvest Red, the CHDKz are back. But so is NAPA. Take your stand against the Chedaki oppression and make them feel the power of guerilla warfare. Take down enemy officers, sabotage Chedaki equipment, ambush their convoys a fight for freedom! Immerse yourself in a long story! Stroll once again through the streets of Chernogorsk and venture deep to Chernarussian forrests. The Chedaki are back. And this time, it seems, they plan to finnish, what they started back in 2008. What happens, when no mighty allies come to aid, like in operation Harvest Red? Or do they come? Lots of custom voice acting to hear, lots of cutscenes to watch and lots of seemingly hopeless fights to fight! For everyone, who left a piece of himself in deep dark Chernarussian forrests. Play as a brave NAPA fighter, a special forces team member of the Czech Army, lead British and German teams trhrough tough engagements! This is my first Campaign ever, so any feedback would be highly appreciated. Shall you find a problem, a typo or just wanna share your feelings, let me know! The biggest thanks goes to Lou Montana, a BiWiki wizzard, who turned all the strange files and uncomprehansable scripts into something, that might actually be playable. Any Feedback would be most wellcome! Cheers! SKS
  10. Hi all, Here is a new WARLORD ,CUP oriented scenario, if you love Chernarus in winter! You can play in MP only but this scenario is fine on solo MP (but hard). You need all CUP mods (+CBA). Recommended addons: Enhanced movements, JSRS sound mod (with some limitations on CUP assets) MGI Tactical pack (for beginners). As usual now, there are plenty of mission parameters, coming from Warlord or added for: - All AIs in a played leader group can heal and be healed/revived by player or Ais. - you can opt for civilian life , and opt for human bombers also (enemy for reds/blues). - you can opt for weapon loots in houses. - you can mark unconscious and/or dead units. There are some enemy areas, all the map. So be cautious when you plan a path to next sector. Have fun! on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1618406445 Pbo for servers: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9gmbt17zovk39ou/CHERNARUS_WARLORDS.Chernarus_Winter.pbo?dl=0
  11. Steam workshop link - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1652839680 BACKGROUND: The U.S. has sent our team to assist U.N. humanitarian aid forces in Chernarus. Rebels forces have been attacking the U.N. and stealing supplies. There is a blizzard moving through Chernarus, and the rebels are using it to cover their attacks on the U.N. OPERATION SNOWMAN: The rebels attacked Hope Station at 03:00 this morning under their mission name 'Operation Snowman.' Their next target is Salvation Station, where your team is stationed. Defend the location, eliminate the rebel presence in the area, and get Hope back!! FEATURES: Close-Quarter Combat Revive Virtual Arsenal Dynamic Civilians & Traffic Mobile Respawn Snow Storm! (You can disable it from mission parameters) REQUIREMENTS: CUP Terrains RHS GREF RHS USAF RHS AFRF CREDITS: Civilian scripts by Enigma Snowstorm script by ALIAScartoons Settings button by nEXaus A few scripts from Occupation by BangaBob Thanks to Yumsum, Porte and Phil for all their patience in testing.
  12. Chernarus Winter A3 by ArmanIII (port by Arthyc) Description: This terrain is the winter version of Chernarus for A3. Prepare to fight in the snow. An advice, don't forget your warmest uniform! Original A2 version by ArmanIII: here Screenshots: Change log: v1.11 - fixed: missing server key files v1.1 - fixed: Objects altitudes issues - fixed: missing sound files v1.0 - added: Custom Satellite Map - fixed: Artefacts issues - fixed: Crash and stability issues Known Issues: / Credits & Thanks: -ArmanIII for A2 version -Mikero for his tools -Bohemia Interactive Studio Requirement: - All In Arma Terrain Pack or @CUP_Terrains Download link: (595.3 Mo) - Mega (Mirror 1) v1.11 - Armaholic (Mirror 2) v1.11 - withSIX (Mirror 3) v1.11
  13. jake maisy

    Maisy's Mil Sim

    would any want to join my mil sim group i am creating? i have a server and we plan on doing zeus made missions, and campaigns on the weekends, we are scheduled to launch this coming Saturday and really need players, theirs no recruitment atm we are looking for players that just want to have a good time and enjoy aspects that Arma 3 offers that a lot of players dont get access to, there are no time requirements or skill requirements, We do plan on being realistic and structured but at a its a video game and we are going to make sure we have fun kinda view. discord with more information https://discord.gg/Wx3vQw4
  14. Addons/Server features: *Server Restarts every 4 hours *Roaming and Mission AI (details below) *Zombies (details below) *Mods: 4 RHS, TRYK, CUP (CORE), EXILE, Extended base mod, Ryans Zombies,----- Exile *XM8 Apps (view distance, customizable statsbar, crafting) *Full day/night cycle-- At night the time is sped up to 24x and day is 4x *Day/Night voting system (type /vote day or /vote night) *PVP (Play how you want | You can be friendly) *Optional Mods: JSRS and blastcore --- More to come *****NEW BASE RESPAWNS****** Mod Downloads: Required: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1494503178 Optional: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1510537696 Server IP : Additional server info: The server is pretty new and has a pretty decent player base. The server is well set up with active admins and changes/fixes constantly rolling in! Don't let that deter you from joining! Within our discord, I will be posting changelogs for each day that I change/add/balance things. We are always open ears to suggestions that's why we set up a suggestions chat within the discord. The server is set up on the map Chernarus 2035 with 3 trader cities (safezones), 2 aircraft traders and 2 boat traders. The mods we use on the server are all 4 RHS mods, TRYK (multiplay uniforms), Chernarus 2035 (duh), CUP terrains Core, Exile (super duh), Ryans zombies, and Exile extended base mod! We also allow blast core and JSRS (with and without RHS compatibility)! Although those are completely optional! We aim to have a harder more realistic feel for the game. New players to the server will start with 5k in their bank. To keep this challenging for the players we have added zombies which are very balanced and will spawn in zones marked in red on the map... Hordes have a chance of spawning around players in order to keep them on their toes. Roaming AI are implemented to keep players aware of their surroundings and to simulate a more alive environment (good and bad AI). Of course we have AI missions on the server and will soon be adding more. We are always adding new things and as said before open to new ideas and suggestions. !!SERVER RULES ARE POSTED IN GAME ON THE XM8 APP IN THE UNDER THE MORE TAB "Server Rules" (should have a picture of a book) not the one on the first page!! *Please note that we are constantly adding things so whats posted here is likely to differ a little bit from ingame (meaning there will be more custom addons than whats listed)*
  15. Classic Chernarus Wasteland Hi, everyone. I've been hearing for a while now that there is interest in a wasteland server on Chernarus. Due to that, I'm starting up a brand new wasteland server designed to reflect the old Arma 2 wasteland servers that we all know and love. To do this, I've ported the A3Wasteland mission to Chernarus using the CUP Terrains mod. Alongside the server, I'm starting a new gaming community, Armageddon Gaming. The server will be under this name. The server runs what is essentially the default A3Wasteland mission, but with some slight modifications and additions, as well as obviously being on the Arma 2 Map. Building and saving is also enabled, and will persist over every restart, so that players can build bases or store weapon caches around the map. Vehicles also persist over restart. Connecting To join, the only required mods are CUP Terrains - Core and CUP Terrains - Maps. The easiest way to connect is to install the mods using A3Launcher and then search for the server name found below. Alternatively, I've created a Steam Workshop collection with both mods included, which you can subscribe to here, and then connect directly through the in-game server browser. Information NAME: Armageddon Gaming | Classic Chernarus Wasteland | CUP Terrains IP: PORT: 2302 Status: arma3-servers.net Community Armageddon Gaming has a public Discord chat and encourage anyone who plays on the server to join. Feel free to stop by! Join
  16. In the ArmA 3 DLC "Laws of War"'s showcase "IDAP" you can examine a "survivor's stories" info display. This display shows that the location of Chernarus is at the Caspian Sea. My question is: What happened to the Green Sea?
  17. when i try to play on the chernarus map i get a short loading screen after which a white screen appears and the annoying sound of water at max sound also starts is it just my potato pc?
  18. Thanks Bohemia Interactive! Ok great, thanks a lot for releasing Malden 2035! I am going to update my mods and build a mission file for this map. (Assuming it works with ALiVE and ACE 3) Just a question... Please, please will there be a BI release for a new version for Chernarus?!? Does anyone else want to see a new Chernarus map released for ARMA? Cheers,
  19. October 2025 A.D. The world is in chaos. Stock Markets blown up in early 2019, countries and alliances did literally fall apart. Europe isn't anymore, the whole continent is in anarchy. You have been displaced to the southern region of former Russia. There are no rules, except to survive. Several smaller groups established a basic infrastructure of trading, where the only currency seem to be Poptabs, it's probably the metal the Warlords are after. Nobody knows the details. There is no communication, no other infrastructure. Just you in a hostile environment of fear, panic, and greed. Expect no mercy. Don't try to escape. You simply won't make it. You'll die before you can reach any border. There are rumors about a UN base somewhere in the area, but they don't care about your business. As you should not about theirs, for your own safety. Sometimes their resupply convois get stuck somewhere. Maybe that's a chance for you to gather some useful things, but - and that's more likely - you will be shot while you attempt. We don't want to lie to you. It's easier for you to end your life by killing yourself. Welcome to Chernarus, the worlds true anarchy. --- Server Details --- Name: [EU]zoo-gaming.com|Exile Chernarus|Sector B|New and Wiped IP: Website: http://www.zoo-gaming.com Teamspeak: ts.zoo-gaming.com Discord: discord.zoo-gaming.com Slots: 50 Map: Chernarus Isles Style: PVP, PVE, but no "hilarious Warzone" - no Navid, no Ghosthawk etc. Loot is balanced and handpicked, further changes possible. Safes are really rare. You need to care about your stuff! Specials: No Demolition Charges or launchers available for players. “Sector B”. There is a Sector controlled by the UN with lots of stuff. But be warned, the UN is very well equipped and try to secure the sector! Extended Base Mod and Extended items with custom crafting. Needed Mods: CBA_A3 Chernarus_Isles Open Chernarus Project with JBAD CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps CUP Units CUP Vehicles CUP Weapons Extended_Base_Mod Extended_Items_Exile Exile Mod The easiest way to join is via the A3launcher. You can download it here: https://a3launcher.com/ See you @ the Server Black
  20. Hey would love to see new players join this up and coming community Server status: Online Map: Chernarus Website: http://armareality.org/ Server ip: name: Arma Reality Exile Chernarus |Deploy Bike|+loot|Virtual.G|25k|missions|Custom Staff: 4 Admins (need more) Come and play :)
  21. CHERNARUS BASES by DonbassCZ Story: After one of the team went to Kunduz province in Afghanistan to help German soldiers with the construction of their fortifications. Meanwhile the second team moved into the area known as Chernarus. After the war which took place here a local bases suffered great damage and they need to revitalize into a state in which they were before the war. Description: Hey. So far, I do not want to give large targets, but mainly I'd like to expand the local airport (Balota, Krasnostav and main airport). Maybe I will build here a few FOBs + outposts. :) PS: I will add pics later Greets DonbassCZ
  22. As part of a USMC platoon deployed to Bystrica, command a force recon team to setting up a safezone around FOB 'Foxhound', the temporary base in the region. As Russia looks to expand communism to its neighbours, it begins a radical troop movement, threatening the countries on its borders. Seeing this, the NATO and UN deploy a collaborative USMC specialized recon force to counterattack the advances of the militias and communist parties secretly being funded from the Russians across the border. Play as Corporal Reynolds, serving under the 1st Armored Recon batallion led by General Campbell. (This is Day 1 of the upcoming campaign.) Mission Features: Infantry combat, Vehicular Combat, Specialized warfare, Grasping Storyline, Commanding, Support Units, Armored combat.
  23. The Republic Of Elektrozavodsk Life Multiplayer RPG Hi all, I currently have a new mutliplayer RPG gamemode I have been working on, and I would like to share it with you all and it would be great to get some help!. I'll firstly explain it to you in a nutshell. How it works is, the town of Elektrozavodsk in Chernarus is a small republic/city state, and is governed by a voted prime minister. The prime minister has partial control of the police and military forces within the republic, and the police force enforces the people and the military keep a careful eye on rebel uprising and the national militia. The national militia is a paramilitary force, who can side with itself or the government, and it can act as a back up police force or a threat to the Prime Minister. The civilians, can choose to become a criminal, take a job and earn money, and can join any of the these agencies just like any other RPG gamemode. Your may be thinking here, 'here we go again, another RPG going to fail, just like all the others'. However, this gamemode is unique to other RPG's as Elektro isnt massive, and its easy to make a living and also easier for the police to patrol. The map isnt locked to Elektro, there are borders to cross using visas and passports to sell your petrol in Chernogorsk, enter illegally for a drug run or take Elektro Airlines (Elektro doesnt have a runway as we know, so we use helicopters!) on a holiday on the beaches of Berenzino. The RPG is a serious but friendly and fun roleplay mode. The RPG uses Chernarus as a map and RHS escalation for the weapons and some vehicles. Sorry if it wasnt very breif for you but I will go into more detail about the gamemode. I have halfway made the gamemode, but I still need help with the money and taskbars like other RPG's have. People may think this is a copy of Chernarus life, but isnt, as for starters the police sometimes struggle to cover the map! Now, I will go into detail on each role in the game: Prime Minister The Prime Minister is voted in every 4 real life days, and is voted ingame at the polling station. His job is to keep his civilians happy and his aim is to keep them doing wealthy legal runs e.g Petrol, and keeping away from criminal or rebel activity using the police and military force, while keeping a careful eye on the militia, whom can overthrow him. The Prime Minister can be replaced by the military using Martial Law, and can be declared only when the Prime Minister has served a day in office, and renders the Prime Minister powerless. The military takes control until the next voting day. The Police can back the prime minister on such events, but again can still overthrow him on command of the Superintendent. These forces can either back the Prime Minister if they think he is doing a good job, not because he likes having sausages and mash at dinner time. The militia however, can back the Prime Minister, but the militia are not refrained from doing drug runs and rebel activity, and this goes against the Prime Ministers law. The Prime Minister can create laws not too absurd, and can change wages and prices of jobs and shops, but this is at his own risk however. The Prime Minister usually has 4 bodyguards and they are chosen by himself and always loyal to him, and they will usually chauffeur him around. The Prime Minister cannot leave Elektro, but can take exile in Chernogorsk if he is overthrown. When the Prime Minister first takes office, he will then have to say a short speech to his people on getting power on the balcony of the town center. The Prime Minister is given a relatively good wage, but at the same time is a risky job. The Police Force The Police Force is lead by the Superintendent who's job is to control and enforce the people of Elektrozavodsk. They wield RHS weaponry like Shotguns and drive a custom skin SUV. There job is to enforce the laws of the Prime Minister, and the Police tend to overthrow the PM only if hes being a massive nuisance e.g Envolved in Criminal activity. They crackdown on drug trade and criminal activity,and man checkpoints along the border. Unlike other RPGs they wield guns not tazers, however they shouldnt abuse this privilege, and should use a strict gun behavior. The police can handcuff and arrest people, and for bigger cases e.g Murder or robbery, this requires a prison sentence and the Police have to organise a court session including a jury, prosecutors, witnesses and a judge. Lawyers may accompany the defendant, and if the defendant loses the case, they are so forth sent to Prison. The Police in the republic of Elektro should use a very serious RP attitude and should be friendly and helpful. Joining the Police force gives you a better wage, but you need to put an application in to do so like alot of RPG's. The Military The Military are the defence of Elektrozavodsk. They crack down on drug runs and defend the border and man checkpoints. Along with the Police, they have to follow the Prime Ministers laws and help enforce them. The Military use RHS weaponary and vehicles, and usually the opposition to the National militia. If there was going to be a civil war, it would be the Military vs The Militia. The Military cannot intervene with the militia, but the military are better equipped and well trained compared to the militia. The National Militia Civilians can join the National Militia anytime, as long as they have no criminal record of any sort. The Militia tend to not be linked in criminal activities, and militia members dont get payed. Someone could be doing a job e.g Petrol trading and still belong to the militia, and when called to fight against e.g Police for a valid reason, they will follow that order. The militia can be a threat to the Prime Minister, but again the Prime Minister can make a friendly bond with them. The Prime Minister can make them a back up Police force, help enforcing and fighting crime but again thats the Head of the Militias decision. The Civilians Civilians have to follow the laws of the Prime Minister, and have to make a living. They can start off farming or selling peaches to mining Iron and bringing it to the Elektrozavodsk factory to create steel. Usually the mines are across the border in Chernarus, so they need a work visa and a passport, and then sell the items in Elektrozavodsk. Also, civilians can start criminal lives by robbery or drug runs. The drug fields are in Chernarus so they have to illegally enter Chernarus and back into Elektro to avoid being stopped at the border and checked. Civilians have a taskbar like any other RPG, a cell phone and may buy many things from Gun Stores to Restraunts to Car shops. Civilians also can join the militia, Police or the Military. Civilians are the backbone of the republic, and may take many routes in their RP lives to make themselves wealthy or even dangerous. Thank you for reading this overview, and need some help with scripting money and creating the taskbars. I have made the shops and alot of the maps features, and will post more on some pictures of the skins the police, military and the militia with use. I am in the process of making an official website I thank you for reading this overview! List of Jobs: Help with making of skins Scripting (Taskbars, .sqf files, money, Shop scripts) Alpha Testers Mad Musketman