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  1. Busy flight from the MOB Rasman, Takistan 2022 More about his project on my account: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198128080660/screenshots/
  2. Luke_z_Brna

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hello, I would like to ask you, if there are any ambitions of improving Mi-8 MTSh variant, at Russian VVS, in the aspects of the nose part and also the rear. Because the rear part is supposed to be a ramp for loading and unloading material (air-drop) or vehicles (like quad-bike). Thanks
  3. Luke_z_Brna

    Mandol, Afghanistan WIP

    Hey really nice work with this terrain especially with the airbase. I have only one advice for you…If you would be able to make a fence at the airbase on the mountain side and move those hills far away from the base to make a plain between airbase and mountain/hill, that would be perfect and it would also be helpful when defending base…to have complete fortification on all perimeters/sides. thanks
  4. Hey guys...I have got one question about the Chernarus 2020. It really seems that itw would be as same as the Chernarus map is in the DayZ, so will the Chernarus main airfield look the same way? I mean as the proper airfield without those wrecks, garbage etc.?
  5. Main Operating Base Rasman, TAKISTAN BEFORE / AFTER Mods: PMC, CUP, RHS, USAF, Xcam, EFM, AH-64, UH-60, Tanoa hangar, GM, C-RAM, BoxLoader
  6. What's going on in Rasman (Takistan)?😱
  7. Outpost Baker - Kunduz Province, Afghanistan ALREADY ON STEAM WORKSHOP
  8. Update 1: Hello, I already started work in the terrain builder and rendering a SatMap and i had a some spare time to let my imagination run wild and this is the result... What I'm talking about? I was wondering about the bigger base in the area ,besides FOB Price, that would be dislocated at the NE/E part of the map at the Highway 1. The base is called FOB Stryker and it´s mix of 2 real bases in Afghanistan made into this kind shape. Please keep in mind that all those vehicles and various objects are there just for showcase and partly an example how you can fill the places in the base. I used vanilla objects and OPX ME pack that I would like to consider in the Gereshk map. FOB Stryker consist of two entrances, 3 camps, canteens, the whole base is illuminated and electric poles will be added, then there are helipads with tent hangar, HQ, logistic and fuel depot, C-RAM and artillery/mortar posts, field hospital, car-park and technical part (repair station/ammunition depot (depends on you)), also with fortification system (H-barriers and jersey, wires, T-walls, ditches/trenches, watchtowers, bunkers etc. I would also like to say that all those roads will be supported by the AI driving skills to make taht AI won't stuck in the middle of the base or even won't enter the perimeter. What about the gameplay and FPS rate? Since I don't have the most powerful computer, so of course I also felt with gameplay and FPS drops and I must say, that it's pretty good. So don't worry about map detail at the expense of gameplay. i know that the whole Arma 3 is not very friendly with the detailed terrains and a lot of objects, in addition, when there are players, AIs, scripts, etc., added to this. i will do my best to make this map Arma 3 and SW/HW friendly. PS: In the recent time it looks that I won't be able to continue on Gereshk map due to the school and work, so after this situation and chaos time will calm down I will return to the working on this project. Thank you for understanding. Pictures:
  9. GERESHK OUTSKIRTS Authors: Me, Myself and I About Gereshk: Gereshk, is a town in Grishk District in Helmand province on the Helmand River in Afghanistan, some 120 km (75 mi) northwest of Kandahar, at 817 metres (2,680 ft) altitude. Upstream lies the Kajaki Dam which diverts water to the Boghra Irrigation Canal, an essential infrastructure for the region's crops. Gereshk Dam is also nearby. Gereshk was originally built around a fort on the east bank of the river but was later rebuilt on the west. Gereshk has a population of about 48,546 and has a hospital and a school of engineering which was built back in 1957. Grishk is located on the important transport route known as Highway 1, which was built during the time of the Soviet–Afghan War. This route links Farah Province in the west and to Kandahar Province in the east. As part of Operation Moshtarak the British Army and Afghan workers are constructing Route Trident, a road that will eventually connect Gereshk with the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah. Gereshk is also the southern terminus of Route 611. The area is irrigated by the Helmand and Arghandab Valley Authority. Why Gereshk? I chose Gereshk because i have plenty of photos from there in 2008/2009, also because my father was there together with the Czech, Danish, American and British contingent. All were dislocated in FOB PRICE. Over time, the base grew to MOB PRICE (Main Operating Base), and with the withdrawal of most of the contingents, the base was transferred to the hands of the Afghan National Army. The town of Gereshk is close to the Camp Bastion/Camp Shorabak (that time the biggest UK's base in the overseas), so the base that was near the town served as temporary stop for convoys and patrols heading through the Helmand valley/Green zone to Kandahar or other nearby bases and outposts. What you can look forward to? I hope that my skills are enough on the high level that i will be able to present you and give you another of a lot of great maps. BUT what will be different? The main difference between other terrains and maps and Gereshk will be sense for detail and real-looking bases as like as it is in real life. There will be some more outposts/checkpoints near the Highway 1. The infrastucture in the town like hospital, school, market, provincial authorities offices, police station, streets with houses, streetlamps, voltage poles etc. and fields with farms and villages. Imagine everything what belongs to this part of the world. Btw I already made a FOB Price base template and its already in the Armaverse, but the new base will be partly different because in recent time i know how to do a few things better and smarter then in the past. Estimate time of release? Who knows...maybe in half a year, maybe in one year, maybe in two years. We will see how the work on this project will go and if there will be any major problems. Thank you guys for patience and your trust!
  10. Members of CPSS (Center of special forces support) boarding Mi-171Š together with their 6x6 ATVs.
  11. Member of the Czech SOATU (Special Operation Air Task Unit) with his darling.
  12. Ample Strike 2019 Crew of Czech Air Force Mi-35 is proceeding take off procedure before flight. Czech JTACs navigate Mil Mi-35 to land on the ground.
  13. Do you know the game and location/mission? Crysis nanosuit, PLP, CUP, SU35 Pinaz, Xcam etc.
  14. Luke_z_Brna

    Big tanoa airport hanger

    I just spent time of searching for it but didnt find it at all... Could you please show me where exactly?
  15. Hi, could anybody help me to find mod/addon or something to get big hanger? Really need that...🥺