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Found 17 results

  1. GERESHK OUTSKIRTS Authors: Me, Myself and I About Gereshk: Gereshk, is a town in Grishk District in Helmand province on the Helmand River in Afghanistan, some 120 km (75 mi) northwest of Kandahar, at 817 metres (2,680 ft) altitude. Upstream lies the Kajaki Dam which diverts water to the Boghra Irrigation Canal, an essential infrastructure for the region's crops. Gereshk Dam is also nearby. Gereshk was originally built around a fort on the east bank of the river but was later rebuilt on the west. Gereshk has a population of about 48,546 and has a hospital and a school of engineering which was built back in 1957. Grishk is located on the important transport route known as Highway 1, which was built during the time of the Soviet–Afghan War. This route links Farah Province in the west and to Kandahar Province in the east. As part of Operation Moshtarak the British Army and Afghan workers are constructing Route Trident, a road that will eventually connect Gereshk with the provincial capital of Lashkar Gah. Gereshk is also the southern terminus of Route 611. The area is irrigated by the Helmand and Arghandab Valley Authority. Why Gereshk? I chose Gereshk because i have plenty of photos from there in 2008/2009, also because my father was there together with the Czech, Danish, American and British contingent. All were dislocated in FOB PRICE. Over time, the base grew to MOB PRICE (Main Operating Base), and with the withdrawal of most of the contingents, the base was transferred to the hands of the Afghan National Army. The town of Gereshk is close to the Camp Bastion/Camp Shorabak (that time the biggest UK's base in the overseas), so the base that was near the town served as temporary stop for convoys and patrols heading through the Helmand valley/Green zone to Kandahar or other nearby bases and outposts. What you can look forward to? I hope that my skills are enough on the high level that i will be able to present you and give you another of a lot of great maps. BUT what will be different? The main difference between other terrains and maps and Gereshk will be sense for detail and real-looking bases as like as it is in real life. There will be some more outposts/checkpoints near the Highway 1. The infrastucture in the town like hospital, school, market, provincial authorities offices, police station, streets with houses, streetlamps, voltage poles etc. and fields with farms and villages. Imagine everything what belongs to this part of the world. Btw I already made a FOB Price base template and its already in the Armaverse, but the new base will be partly different because in recent time i know how to do a few things better and smarter then in the past. Estimate time of release? Who knows...maybe in half a year, maybe in one year, maybe in two years. We will see how the work on this project will go and if there will be any major problems. Thank you guys for patience and your trust!
  2. _______________________ 2nd Battalion, the Parachute Regiment British Realism Unit _______________________ ABOUT US The 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment is an ARMA 3 military realism group that recreates a modern interpretation of real operations, utilising up-to-date and realistic British army doctrine. We focus on having immersive campaigns and missions alongside having like-minded, mature and focused members who can appropriately carry out said operations in an effective manner and members who are able to work in a friendly and close-knit section. Our main focus is a unit is to host and play realistic and deeply immersive missions and to host a community where all members can have a good time and have some serious fun, not only destroying the enemy but making some friends along the way. Our primary recruitment video ROLES In the 2PARA community, we host a variety of roles and specialisms, allowing members to specialise in any field they would like to and to become a dedicated specialist role within the team to assist in operations. Some of our specialisms include: Leadership & Commanding Various Combat Medical Qualifications Signals Heavy Weapons Precise Weapons Instructing Rotary Aviation Intelligence & Reconnaissance and many more... 16 CSMR personnel training their MERT capability OPERATIONS We hold a high expectation on attendance, as mass attendance improves the experience for all of our members, however we understand commitments and other requirements in the lives of others. Because of this, we have a clear communication policy between members and their direct superior being able to report leave and absence. Below are some of the time scales and days we host specific events: Primary Operations (MANDATORY) Currently hosted on Monday & Wednesday Timed from 8PM GMT onwards Secondary/"Fun" Operations (OPTIONAL) Currently hosted occasionally throughout the week Timed from 8PM GMT onwards Training & Selections (CONDITIONAL) Currently hosted throughout the week, mainly Thursday and Friday Timed from 6PM GMT onwards A Coy, 2 PARA deployed into the Lythium Region of Afghanistan REQUIREMENTS Legal copy of ARMA 3 Working (and FUNCTIONAL) microphone ATLEAST 16 years of age Strong Attendance Correct attitude of maturity and seriousness Willingness to learn and train Ability to work with others and make friends JNCO Cadre being hosted at our Infantry Training Centre LINKS Our Discord - http://www.discord.gg/mMGfbAjN9X Our Twitter - https://twitter.com/2para_arma Our Teamspeak -
  3. -Snafu-

    SP The Green Zone

    I was inspired to create this mission after reading some accounts written by British troops who fought in Helmand Province in the late 2000s/early 2010s. Set in March 2007, command a troop of Royal Marines with an attached Fire Support Group as 3 Commando Bridage takes the fight to Taliban territory. You will lead the troop in a mission to clear a section of the Green Zone to the designated Limit of Exploitation. A battery from 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery will support you. Can you develop a sound plan and make effective use of supporting assets to get your troops home alive? Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hwFt4VrPZG57cZQCJ1FEKRKEbsjhOOcJ/view?usp=sharing Features: - Blackblood's UK desert troops - PUKF weapons and Landrovers - CoC's artillery and mines - Reno's Afghaneveron - Kenoxite's squad control - Platoon command - Basic intro with custom music giving some historical background ReadMe: Screenshots:
  4. Mandol, Afghanistan Description A terrain of eastern Afghanistan intended to show the major differences in the biomes of Afghanistan and the immense size of the mountain ranges, and the difficulties they provide. This is not a one-to-one representation of Mandol, I have defiantly taken creative freedom. I have released my terrain on the steam workshop so that the community can offer feedback on what they like and don't like, also, almost half of the map has been placed and is fully playable for the community. I'm doing what I did on the workshop here, making a thread so that more members of the community can have the chance to view the terrain and offer their input. 32768x32768 cell: 8 45-50% complete Goals The end goal is to offer a terrain that folds in much of the more diverse and uncovered areas of Afghanistan into one area, everything from the vast pine forest of Nuristan, the neverending farmland of Jalalabad and Bagram, to the dense urban areas of Kubal and Kandahar. My ambition has definitely revealed itself in the size of this terrain and the goals that it is set to accomplish. Along with what was mentioned above more goals include: Show the intensity and difficulty of the Afghanistan mountains, displaying the isolation that some of the populations have. Utilize JBAD structures to offer dense urban areas. Offer a very large terrain to the various pilots of the community to soar, mixed with the intense terrain variation, it should offer a unique problem for supporting assets. Create accurate military installations of varying sizes. Will have 2 airports, one will be helicopter-based like Jalalabad Airport in the central part of the valley, with the other being more similar to Bagram Airbase in the SW corner of the terrain. In all, there are about 5 cities planned, not including the one in the north. Links Steam Workshop Youtube JBAD big thanks to them P.S. My name is from Arma milsim, not any military affiliation. I have not found a way to change it
  5. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2502834537 BETA RELEASE - MAY CONTAIN BUGS Lead your ODA in their fight alongside the Northern Alliance to unseat the Taliban and hunt down AQ terrorists involved with the 9/11 attacks. FEATURES SP or COOP play for up to 12 players, loosely inspired by the story of the horse soldiers and the film 12 Strong! CAS and Mortar Support modules (usable only by the Detachment Commander) Virtual armory-enabled supply truck at the LZ, allowing you to run custom addons and use whatever weapons/gear you want! Go full-on horse soldier and ride into battle on horseback (requires @dbo_horses addon, not usable by AI) Custom "war-torn" hand placed set pieces and references to the film, use them to your advantage in order to withstand a hostile force many times your size! Dynamically-spawned enemies for optimized CPU-friendly performance! AUTHOR'S NOTES This is my third scenario for Arma 3 based on modern ops or real-world operations, it's also based on a movie, so take the "realism" with a grain of hollywood-flavored salt This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to real people, units, or events is purely coincidental. This is a beta release, some bugs may exist. Also, it's Arma, so there are bound to be things that will affect your playthrough. Reloading the mission can solve some issues. Please let me know if you run into any game-breaking bugs. NOT RESPONSIBLE for any game-breaking bugs or issues playing with any addons in addition to the required ones listed here, I designed the mission to support Virtual Armory, but I can't be held responsible if things don't work because of another modder's addon. I'm interested to hear about your playthrough! If you enjoyed playing, please leave a comment, give a thumbs-up, or add it to your faves! CREDITS Jonstyler and Domokun for beta testing Addon authors, especially those behind RHS, CUP, and FFAA Lythium Simple Surrender Script by MMK Carpet Bombing Script by Grumpy Old Man IED Script by Jeevz Post processing effects created using Recolor addon
  6. KUNDUZ AFGHANISTAN REVIVAL project Hello! I would like to announce the Kunduz, Afghanistan Revival Project. The lighting update has made Kunduz, Afghanistan extremely bright and unplayable, the terrain just looks very ugly. The main purpose of this addon will be to restore the old lighting and atmosphere of Kunduz, in other words, the beauty of Kunduz. IMAGES 1. https://ibb.co/Q6x9X74 2. https://ibb.co/x8LGYFd 3. https://ibb.co/L9BqrCm 4. https://ibb.co/9tzshZg 5. https://ibb.co/6F4bXty 6. https://ibb.co/54Nvt8L 7. https://ibb.co/HG6T1nn 8. https://ibb.co/hLtB49t 9. https://ibb.co/pKv91XK 10. https://ibb.co/DKjb6Rh 11. https://ibb.co/jLpz0Jd RELEASED! https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2119373391
  7. The Soviet army back in the action! The armed forces of the Soviet Union was created in 1918 (then called the red army), and ceased to exist in 1993. Apply a crushing blow to the world imperialismo, or head to the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, to fulfill their internationalist duty! For our Soviet Motherland! For correct work need: http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/1 - RHS: AFRF http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/2 - RHS: USAF http://www.rhsmods.org/mod/3 - RHS: GREF Screens Class List Download Google Drive Steam
  8. EntityOFdiseasE

    DCO/DRO port for $?

    With the Covid lockdown I've found myself looking for more to do. Specifically, I tried to port Dynamic Combat+Recon ops onto a few Afghan terrains not available for download already, and couldn't for the life of me figure it out as I don't have much experience. If someone with experience or the know how who is willing to help, I'd be grateful and am offering to even pay you for it. The maps I'm trying to apply this to are: Arc farkhar - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1281275340 Kandahar Province - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=448948483 Kholm - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=605959658 Wardak Province - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1937597435 Khogyani, Ghazni Province - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=30991 Uzbin Valley - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1882424760 Esbekistan - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=815171749 Kokan - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1426683465 Al rayak - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=648172507
  9. UPDATED TO VERSION 0.3 Changelog: *Added blue sky *Added loading picture *Added overview and addon icon *Added key and signed files 1 month ago I downloaded Southern Wardak, Afghanistan by Drifter. The map was amazing. Even tho it was WIP, it had the same quality as a completed map. The map had massive detail thanks to it's small size. However, there was one thing. It was broken. Broken because of the APEX Visual Update. So just like I did with my Improved Lighting mods, I decided to fix this map. I gave the map brand new lighting (not vanilla, the same one used in my Improved Lighting mods) and a new skybox. After taking permission from Drifter, I decided I upload it here. STEAM LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1937597435 Requirements JBAD Images https://ibb.co/ZKtz4M1 https://ibb.co/rfvVdZ8 https://ibb.co/W5hwhBq https://ibb.co/qY4qf2d https://ibb.co/bB6d1XT https://ibb.co/549QBT1 https://ibb.co/fNqYMdF https://ibb.co/2ZDDbPM https://ibb.co/W0hfxTT
  10. The road to Lolosalam is heavily mined. In order to restore access for our forces and build rapport with the local populace we have initiated a clearing operation. As an EOD specialist you will be attached to the lead element. Your job is to clear mines when requested to do so in order to facilitate mission fulfillment. Following this mission you will spend the night in the hills surrounding Lolosalam. In the morning you will RTB. Your callsign will be 'Keymaster'. You will be attached to a small fireteam codenamed 'Seeker'. Following you will be two rifle squads codenamed 'Reaper' and 'Slayer' respectively. Headquarters callsign is 'Crossroads'. This is a very basic mission with very little scripting, but it feels really good and almost like you're really on a deployment. You (and up to 3 of your friends) are EOD specialists in the United States Army and are attached to a fireteam which will lead and assist you. You need to move in a convoy of 3 MRAPs to the city of Lolosalam, securing the path along the way for more troops to follow in your wake. You ride in the front MRAP while the two MRAPs following behind you contain regular U.S. Army rifle squads to support the ultimate Lolosalam objective. You start at the base by an arsenal box. Get whatever gear you need out of there and then go to the front of the base and get in the lead MRAP. Don't worry about the fireteam leader bitching at you over the radio, they will never leave without you because they need you. All you have to do is concentrate on your job. The AI will (should) do their job without you having to babysit them. They will order you from time to time to defuse or destroy an IED blocking the path of the vehicles. After you're satisfied that the area is safe get back in the MRAP and the convoy will start moving again. If you ever come under fire or are attacked simply retreat to the MRAP and re-assess the situation. If you have to clear a path of IEDs while under fire it is easiest to simply detonate them with an explosive charge. The front MRAP has a decent supply of these explosive charges for dealing with the IEDs. Be careful because some IEDs are dual-charges and are designed to kill EOD. This usually takes the form of an anti-personnel landmine placed on top of or near the main IED. Use your eyeballs and be cautious. This mission starts out very slow and boring because not much happens at first. There are long periods of driving through the mountains looking at the sights and listening to music, but the Taliban are always watching you. If you look closely in the hills you may see them planning your future demise. As you get closer to Lolosalam, that dreaded city, more and more activity will start popping up. Your troops should deal with the enemy most of the time (as long as they can find/see them) and will even call in air support to help level the playing field. This all plays out over sidechat radio. To actually win the mission and end the game you just have to clear the way and let the two rifle squads do their patrol around Lolosalam. They will inform you of further developments. No Taliban can be in or near Lolosalam. You can make the Taliban retreat without having to hunt down and kill every last one. If they feel like they're getting fucked up they'll run into the hills to regroup, just like real life. This mission can be completed without taking a single U.S. casualty, but one wrong move can also instantly take the lives of about 40 people. Possible glitches/bugs you may encounter: - Vehicles falling off mountains - A-10's crashing during CAS runs - No lag during most of the mission but a lot of lag inside of Lolosalam Top two are caused because of the nature of the map Clafghan and its extremely steep slopes. I did everything I could to kind of code around it though, so it should be okay most of the time. The last one is simply in regards to your CPU and possibly RAM. I've had two people play this same exact mission and one had 120 FPS the whole game, the other had 120 FPS and then about 15 FPS once they entered Lolosalam. A dedicated server and headless clients will mitigate this issue. Let me know if you run into any problems. Note: Default view distance is 4500 for gameplay purposes. This seems to be okay for most people. If you need to turn it down the host or any logged in admin should be able to access the debug menu in-game in multiplayer. Simply type "setviewdistance NUMBER;setobjectviewdistance NUMBER" and hit global exec or something and it should change it for everyone. I'll add in an option later that lets you select the view distance at the beginning of the mission. Download: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1265397099
  11. FOB PRICE Story: In March 2008 czech contingent with my father went to Afghanistan to help other states here in the most dangerous part of the world to fight against Taliban fighters. For the time spent at FOB Price My dad took some photos that I would like to share with you. History: The base used to be occupied by both British and Danish troops; however, on 22 July 2013 the Danes left, having used FOB/MOB Price since 2007, so now the base is used by mainly the British under Operation Herrick (OP H). Despite the drawdown of British troops this base has been expanded by 21 Engineer Regiment during November 2012. Description: As you can see from the title will be a FOB Price southeast of Gereshk. I will draw from photos in 2008 that got out of Afghanistan. I hope that next year i will make a map around the Gereshk town and paste there FOB Price like static base. I built some buildings in Gereshk like hospital, police station and few afghan ouposts along the main road. In FOB Price will be about 800 metres long runway with two ramps for C17 and C130. Know issue: Red containers will be repaint its just basic layout of them for me. Pictures from A3 and from reality: !NEED HELP WITH TEXTURE ON WATCHTOWER. PLEASE IF YOU WANT TO HELP ME SEND ME PM! Donbass
  12. Version: 1.1 Description: This addon adds a retextured A3 Vanilla Offroader. It also comes with some extra Customizations like the Police Beacons, Afghan Police Siren and an Roll Dumper at the rear. Model is made by Bohemia Interactive, only the exterior texture, the siren and config is mine. Download: Steam Workshop: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=692870391 Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=31265 Feel free to post your Feedback and further ideas for this mod!
  13. Hi guys, this is my first (public) SP mission! (Steam WS) You're taking role of SBS squadleader and your objective is to infiltrate enemy compound, locate any enemy intel and get out before reinforcements arrive. Weather is randomized with every mission start so if it isn't what you expected just reload the mission from beginning. Every feedback no matter if its about scripting, syncing, translation, difficulty etc. is really welcome! (NEEDED!!!) I need it for future missions and so I can edit this one to your liking. Thanks and I hope you'll enjoy it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Features: Single Player mission. Level: Easy/Medium. Style: Infiltration. Intro Music / radio chatter Multiple Objectives Description: An afghan contact of ours in gave us some information about a Taliban meeting . It is in a small village deep in enemy territory and several ranking Taliban officers will be there. The village is about 15 klicks behind enemy lines. Afghan forces are still fighting with the Taliban on the border, so expect a lot of bodies and burned out vehicles in the village. We do not have any intelligence on when the meeting is happening so you will be leaving ASAP. A transport is ready and waiting for you. It will take you to 8 klicks out from the target. From there you will be on foot. Your primary objective is to sweep the village and collect intel about enemy forces, weaponry, etc. In a few days our US and Afghan allies will begin an assault to retake Kunduz City from the Taliban. Any information you collect will help in this effort. How you proceed is up to you but staying quiet is recommended. Remember, this is in bandit country, if you make yourself known, the Taliban will swarm you in no time Good luck.
  14. After a long campaign, Marine Special Operations Team 7113, supported by elements of the 82nd Airborne, have nearly defeated the Taliban in Kunduz. They have been driven to Anbar Tappeh, one of the last safe havens for the Taliban in the region, and have nowhere else to flee. Your MSOT and soldiers of the 82nd will destroy them for good. Requires RHS USAF, Kunduz, CUP Units, ACE. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=732664135
  15. Kandahar Airbase پایگاه هوایی قندهار by DonbassCZ Information: Kandahar International Airport (referred to by ISAF as Kandahar Airfield, KAF) (IATA: KDH, ICAO: OAKN) is located 10 miles (16 kilometers) south-east of Kandahar City in Afghanistan. It serves as the nation's second main international airport and as one of the largest military bases, capable of housing up to 250 aircraft of all type. The airport was designed and built by the United States in the late 1950s. It was occupied by the Soviets during the 1980s Soviet war in Afghanistan. Following their withdrawal the airport remained in control of Najibullah's government until he stepped down in 1992. Thereafter, local warlords and the Taliban took control of the airport until the U.S.-led invasion in late 2001. Since 2007, the airport has been repaired and expanded. It is used for both military and civilian flights. The airport is maintained by the Resolute Support Mission and the Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF). The 2nd Wing of the Afghan Air Force (AAF) has a separate base within the airport ground. The Afghan National Police provides security inside the passenger terminal. Description: Hello. After some time, going back to Reshmaan Province to built a base that should resemble Kandahar Airbase. It will be built in the base in the south of the map. This base will be fortified and improved on some places . What will be completely new will be helicopter airfield. I'll try to make this base with high FPS so then you could enjoy it. Addons that I will use will be much the same as in previous projects . Completion time should be as at Takistan bases maybe later. I hope that things will go according to plan and I hope that i wont stop this project as it was with the Reshmaan bases. Again, I hope that this project will achieve great popularity and why? because it will be in Reshmaan Province!! I hope that its enough to understand it what i want to say :) . PS: Also i think after you will read this topic you will want to see some pics i must to say you that pics will arrive asap. :) Requirements: CBA Reshmaan Province CJTF101 editor MAP Editorupgrade (EU) Community Upgrade Project - Terrains Complete [FIX] OPXBuildings and OPXmisc Stars Editing Suite DOWNLOAD LINK:https://www.dropbox.com/s/9dz4xl7jqknlwef/Kandahar_Airbase_by_DonbassCZ.reshmaan.rar?dl=0 Greets DonbassCZ
  16. KUNDUZ BASES by DonbassCZ Story: After completing the work which related to building and fortifying bases in Takistan we moved to Kunduz province in the northern part of Afghanistan. We have been called by the local command to build a new bases and some outposts that should improve the current situation in this region. Description: Hello. After my latest project called Takistan bases i started building bases in Kunduz province made by Project Reality team. It will be about 1-2 FOBs (I cant say it now), 2 outposts. So i hope you are looking forward and I hope that it would be as popular as Takistan bases :) PS: I will add pictures as soon as possible (7th April 2016) Greets DonbassCZ
  17. Camp Bastion by DonbassCZ Description: Camp Shorabak, formerly Camp Bastion is an Afghan Ministry of Defense airbase located northwest of the city of Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. The base has barracks for the Afghan National Army. Between 2005 and October 2014 it was the logistics hub for International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) operations in Helmand during the War in Afghanistan and Operation Herrick, it was capable of accommodating over 32,000 people. The camp was built by the British Army and was the largest British overseas military camp built since the Second World War. The base was also home to troops from a number of nations including the United States of Americaand Tonga. Shorabak contains the Afghan National Army (ANA) camp (also called Camp Shorabak), and held Camp Leatherneck until 2014. In November 2006, the then British Prime Minister Tony Blair visited Camp Bastion, and, while addressing a gathering of British troops, described it as an "extraordinary piece of desert ... where the fate of world security in the early 21st century is going to be decided". Features: Afghan, US and UK parts in base, Canteens, HQs, helicopter airfield and plane airfield with 2 runways and huge ramps, terminal, massive containers yard , warehouses, fuel depots... Known issues: Only manual landing and taking off! The biggest base in Arma 2! Requirements: - Softshelter - ASC EU Lights - MBG Buildings 3 - European Theatre - MBG Killhouses - MAP Editorupgrade (EU) - MBG Islandobjects - Avgani Iraq & Afghan Village (just opxbuilding.pbo, opxmisc.pbo) - MCAGCC 29 Palms (just wgl_commercial.pbo, wgl_objects) - Arma 2 Credits and Thanks: eddyD and Deanosbeano - Softshelter ASC Addon Team - ASC EU Lights Mondkalb - MBG Buildings 3 - European Theatre, MBG Killhouses, MBG Islandobjects Lester - MAP Editorupgrade (EU) Opteryx - opxbuilding, opxmisc Phaeden - wgl_commercial, wgl_objects BIS - Arma 2 Pictures: Entry to Camp Bastion: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237594203/C742386227CE2CB34C877F3B6764FC32AD7B174C/ Barracks: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237598457/129EAA96B49C7C2F507A4A0BBAA0E47BB2509574/ Warehouses: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237599289/63287C838F4BF741F5EB0CEAA90FCC7316ABF6BA/ Fuel tanks: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237597671/267BBDDBFB99C1377CD0995686C3F5539C71B03E/ Helicopter airfield: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237595098/D5E0323F7DD5EEE8D1C0BDF69E4CEA4BC102FA3B/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237596095/29E1F50DF20983381D9D583B1D4C45863B16D024/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237602481/0C60C750735AA2D0B2C2CA81824D29FBAB033C34/ Plane airfield: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237596812/1C8A0D36DCB65CD035485FE935D727F237AF8637/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237601086/235D6119879B1DC0D338ED31E685ED1011AF18E1/ http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/607223562237601847/B7AACE882091D98BEBD0720D09F250A8744AA89B/