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Found 15 results

  1. shadowhunter123

    Project Livonia

    WELCOME TO: Ladies and Gents! I present to you the newly re-textured/added assets to the LDF Faction in-anticipation for the upcoming Contact DLC. Hope you all enjoy! CH-49 MOHAWK DOWNLOAD: Livonian CH-49 Mohawk Version 2.0 (New Texture Update) F-149 Gryf Bajeczny DOWNLOAD: Livonian F-149 Gryf Version 2.0 OT-12 Czar DOWNLOAD: Livonian OT-12 Czar Version 1.0 AWC-304 Nyx DOWNLOAD: Livonian AWC-304 Nyx Version 1.0 MBT-31 Leopard DOWNLOAD: MBT-31 Leopard Version 2.0 (New Texture Update) Pandur II DOWNLOAD: Pandur II Version 1.0 (Newly Released) What's inside: CH-49 Mohawk LDF Camo Livery (Standard Military) Aircraft Grey Livery (Rescue) Dark Green Livery (Night Operations, Air Interdiction Patrols) Ranger Livery ( Air Interdiction Patrols, Local Law Enforcement) Rescue Livery (Emergency Rescue) F-149 Gryf LDF Camo Livery (Standard Military) *Updated* Aircraft Grey Livery (Standard Military, Ceremonial) Dark Green Livery (Night Operations, Air Interdiction/Interception Patrols) OT-12 Czar LDF Camo Livery (Standard Military) Aircraft Grey Livery (Standard Military, Ceremonial) Dark Green Livery (Night Operations, Air Interdiction/Interception Patrols) White Livery (Whatever you want it to be.) Ranger Livery (Forest Ranger Livery) AWC-304 Nyx LDF Camo Livery (Standard Military) Autocannon Configuration (Anti-Infantry) Anti-Tank Configuration (Anti-Armor Operations) Anti-Air Configuration (Anti-Air Operations) Recon/Radar Configuration (Recon/Surveillance Operations) MBT-31 Leopard LDF Camo Livery (Standard Military) Pandur II (IFV) LDF Camo Livery (Standard Military) Add-on Locations: Mohawk: INDEP > LDF > Helicopters > CH-49 Mohawk Gryphon: INDEP > LDF > Planes > F-149 Gryf Bajeczny Czar: INDEP > LDF > Planes > OT-12 Czar Nyx: INDEP > LDF > Tanks > AWC 304 (Autocannon, AT, Recon) Nyx (AA): INDEP > LDF > Anti-Air > AWC 304 (AA) Leopard: INDEP > LDF > Tanks > MBT-31 Leopard Pandur: INDEP > LDF > APC > Pandur II *Optional liveries can be found in the livery editor.* LDF Fighter Pilot: INDEP > LDF > Men > Fighter Pilot REQUIREMENTS: You MUST have purchased the Contact DLC. (All mods PR: Livonia releases use Contact Assets) Gryphon MAY require Jets DLC. Czar MAY require Apex DLC. Nyx MAY require Tanks DLC. Message of Thanks: A big shout-out to all of you who helped me out on Reddit and the Bi-Forums (Mug Runcher) for making this possible! Looking forward to bringing you more content in the future! If you haven't already, please don't forget to like and leave a comment! Would love to hear the feedback.
  2. B52 Project Delta - A Milsim Ops Unit loosely based around the work of the 5th Special Forces Group Long-Range Reconnaissance unit, a precursor to MACV-SOG. We are run ops each week on Sundays, playing with Unsung, TFAR and AIS medical system. Missions will be designed to make use of a modular force - some air and armour supporting the majority on long range recon and destruction operations. Besides our weekly operations, we have a dedicated team server for members to play on and several public servers running Evolution Co-Op Based Missions. Over the course of the next few months, we plan to add variety to these public servers and add new mission types to the mission rotation. Project Delta is seeking able-bodied men of all ages to rise to the challenge, and learn the ways of the jungle from the veterans in this unit who have been developing Unsung mod and running weekly ops for more than 4 years - in the dark, the rain, the heat and against massively superior enemy numbers. Project Delta will teach you combat skills, teamwork, weapon and vehicle proficiency and above-all how to survive in the hostile terrain of South-East Asia circa 1965-70. Requirements: It doesn't matter your level of skill, as we can train you, but we expect you to be a reasonable team player. Military veterans are especially welcome. Patience and an aptitude for team tactics are vital. Arma 3, microphone and Teamspeak Mods: Unsung Mod - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=943001311 Prei Khmaoch Luong - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=950966660 CBA - https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=450814997 Enhanced Movement - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=333310405 DUI - Radar - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1638341685 TFAR - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620019431 Philosophy: You get to play Arma 3 with the best jungle fighters in the game Play style is informal, though with a lot of ex-military, and mature modders, we have a solid team of operators - we horse around, but not when under fire, or on a scheduled unit op. Teamwork is key. If you can't carry your weight, or work with others, especially being led, then Delta is not for you! You don't need to be an expert, but you do need to be a good human being. We have a teaching (but not preaching) mentality, with literally years researching and playing Vietnam combat ops Intense combat ops, great mission design and variations in roles Be part of the only unit who beta tests Unsung and feeds into its design. You can be in another gaming clan, and still join us, this is a milsim unit set up to support the Unsung mod development, to beta test it, and to play ops together. Operations: We run unit ops on Sundays, and 6 public 24/7 servers provided by Gaming Deluxe, with an additional beta test server provided by mod-team member TeTeT. Our recent Operation was month 10 of our Vietnam Campaign playing the roles of USMC in 1968. We are currently playing through a campaign based on historical events of the Vietnam war. This is played by a week by week basis, each Op is normally around 4 hours in length. Recent footage of our last event: From the perspective from Cherry Squad: From the perspective of Eagle Flight Further Information: Our teamspeak: teamspeak.armanam.eu Discord group: https://discord.gg/FhJDb7J Arma3 Unit Profile: https://units.arma3.com/unit/unsung-project-delta Find out about the real Project Delta: On May 15 1964 Project Leaping Lena was established by US Army Special Forces Vietnam for countrywide special reconnaissance operations. In June 1965 Leaping Lena was re-designated Project Delta, commanded by a B team (B-52) from 5th Special Forces Group Airborne (SFGA). Delta worked very closely with the Luc Luong Dac Biet (LLDB), ARVN Special Forces units trained by USSF, and the Civilian Irregular Defence Force (CIDG), civilians hired by the US State Department to work for the US Army (often Nung Chinese, Montagnards or Cambodians, as they were ineligible for recruitment to ARVN on racial grounds). Over it's lifetime Delta grew from six 10-man recon/hunter-killer teams (4 USSF and 6 LLDB) to: Strike-Recondo platoon of 12 6-man teams (3 USSF and 3 LLDB) Roadrunner platoon (dressed as VC) of 12 5-man teams (CIDG) Supported by 4 Companies from ARVN 81st Airborne Ranger Battalion. Delta worked alongside other USSF units and CIDG Mike Forces (Mobile Guerilla Force, Mobile Strike Force and Camp Security Forces) to detect, disrupt and destroy North Vietnamese and People's Liberation Front (Viet-Cong) supply routes, base camps and operations in the Republic of Vietnam, across all 4 Corps Tactical Zones (CTZ's).
  3. Project OPFOR brings you new factions and armies, which were/are involved in recent military events in past few yearrs. For now to use this mod you only need three mods made by Red Hammer Studio - Armed Forces of Russian Federation, United States Armed Forces and GREF . Never heard about our mod? Mind reading this summary. It adds over 30 new factions to the Arma 3 from all around the world. A vast range of forces such as Middle Eastern Militia, Novorussian Armed Forces, Ukrainian Armed Forces, Islamic State, Irish Republican Army and many more will totally revamp your Arma 3 experience. You dont need to bother about quality of weapons used by our units - in this case we are totally dependent on RHS. In summ our mod adds nearly 500 new uniforms, headgears and vests to keep our factions as realistic as possible. DOWNLOAD: Mega - https://mega.nz/#!GwImlYRQ!I4zAYgarZjtPtB_mHOegURVHQxlGymp6ydX28zkNx80 Steam Workshop - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=735566597 http://imgur.com/a/9nVey Changelog: (for complete check SW or README.txt) 0.3.0 - Added Hellenic Armed Forces - Added North Korea Army - Added Syrian Arab Army - Added Turkish Armed Forces - Added M93 uniform for several factions (about 50 variants) - Added some PMC uniforms textures (including DADPAT mod) - Added PASGT helmet in various camouflages - Added SSh-68 helmet in various camouflages - Added M1 Helmet in various colors - Added new content to randomization scripts - Added Offroad (SPG-9) for several factions - Added 2S1 for Iraqi Armed Forces, Iranian Armed Forces, Novorussian Armed Forces and Ukrainian Armed Forces - Added GREF weapons to several factions - Added IzH18 for Middle Eastern Militia - Added Kar98 for Middle Eastern Militia - Added L1A1 for Iranian Armed Forces - Added MG 42 for African Militia, Boko Haram, Iraqi Armed Forces, Iranian Armed Forces, Islamic State, Novorussian Armed Forces - Added Mosin Nagant for Afghan Militia, African Militia, Islamic State - Added Sa vz.58 for Afghan National Police, African Militia, Islamic State, UVF, IRA, Peshmerga, Iraqi Armed Forces - Added Sa vz.61 for Middle Eastern Militia, African Militia - Added Project OPFOR icon to uniforms in Virtual Arsenal - Changed renamed Ukrainian 6B27M to Kaska M-2 - Changed Lee Enfield hidden from arsenal and units - Improved totally revamped Private Military Company faction - Improved Datsun Physx (thanks to reyhard) - Improved many older textures - Fixed Land Rover dust effect - Fixed backpacks classes to better fit some units - Fixed many things we cant recall at this moment - Removed A3 BDU in favour of M93 uniforms - Removed 6B27M in various camouflages - Removed ISTS and Boko Haram tags from uniforms Known Bugs: - Generating ST on the fly is very slow .rpt error - Missing some takistani clothes (help needed) - Missing some dedicated textures for vehicles - Black spots on Chedaki 03 uniform back - Some 3den preview images are missing (IRA and UVF) Credits: - Red Hammer Studio for their awesome mods - Reyhard for a lot of help, T-72 CDF textures and permission to include his T-34 and T-55 - zGuba for introducing me to the arma configs and answering many of my questions - Stagler for his chechen units textures from Arma 2 - LFT? for textures for turkish faction - trenchgun for his "DADPAT" Private Military Company retextures - Nadezhda_grapes for his "Plaid" and "Floral Plaid" patterns - rawpixel.com for his "Floral" and "Palm" patterns - >D4S< Shepherd of Fire for extending some editor groups - Ma77h3hac83r for new logo and banner - Mikero for his awesome tools - Basher for helping with stringables - brainslush for helping me fixing a lot of stuff - (SWE) Jonathan for making ChDKZ and SLA screenshots - Aplion for letting me use his physX configuration for landrover (not in use btw) - Krukov and his IEU for bughunting and feedback in the past - Grim Panda and his Force Protection Combat Team for testing in the past - Sharpmaster1379 for being our military advisor in the past - Whole community for help, feedback and ideas - Bohemia for best game in the universe
  4. Hello guys, I share my new project, currently WIP. 1st Chapter (10 missions): Release + 5 cooperative missions 2nd Chapter (10 missions): Release TRAILER - Chapter 1: TRAILER - Chapter 2: ***Description*** The American special forces called the Navy Seals are undoubtedly part of the best soldiers in the world. They have never abandoned or renounced in their training as well as in operations. They are predators lethal to their enemies but today they are the target of a new enemy... ***Important Note*** - Make sure to activate ONLY mods required (CBA A3 + CUP Collection). Many mods can disturb your gaming experience ***Features*** - Written and directed by Helios - Single Player Campaign - 3 Chapters, 30 missions - Rich story around the world (Altis, Stratis, Takistan, Chernarus, Zargabad...) - Fully translate (English/French) - Play 6 characters, switch between themselves - Improvement enemy AI (teamwork, reinforcement, CQB...) - Replay value - Unsconscious system and teamplay - Drag body system - Great Atmosphere - Background musics - Several missions adapted for cooperation (Coming soon) ***Credits*** - Abia Dasein, Grimtidings, Pak Benou: english translation - CUP Team and contributors: CUP Addon - giallustio: =BTC= Revive Quick script (improved by me) - POLPOX: Ambiant animations script - BangaBob: Dragbody script - Celery: CLY Jukebox script ***Special big thanks*** - Abia Dasein - ApexDali - Julien Certoux - Antonin de vestel - Jeff Larcher - Frederic Nihus - Ranagash - Nikki Näslund - Nathan Croft - BoltSauce - Alexandre Bouffard Support the project on www.patreon.com/HeliosArmA to help with the full creation of the campaign and its numerous features. Receive on early-access (chapters and missions on beta-test) for my donators. Steam Workshop (Chapter 1 and 2 + Cooperative missions): http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=608963174 ArmaHolic (Chapter 1): Navy Seals - Blood Brothers - Campaign (@) Navy Seals - Blood Brothers - Coop Pack (@)
  5. I propose a community project for this thread, BAD LUCK. Write a script snippet that applies a negative effect on the player character whenever the variable Badluck==1. Example Engine overheat EngineStallh = [] spawn { waitUntil { sleep 0.5; Badluck==1 && (getPos xPLANE) select 2 > 300 && speed xPLANE > 400 }; xPLANE engineON false; vehicle player setHit ["motor", 1]; sleep 40; hint "Try the engine again"; vehicle player setHit ["motor", 0]; sleep 4; hint "": }; It could be anything. A fog cloud suddenly obscuring a target, equipment lost to a hole in a sack or weapon jams. Anything that makes the player hiss and say, "Damn-it! Bad luck!". Submit your script snippets below and let's see what kind of mean, gnarly challenges we can come up with. It would be hilarious to spawn a tank on the player's head but not very useful in a real mission. Try to keep it useful-- but still clever and fair. One more example, //naked player if (Badluck==1 && getdammage player > 0) then { hint "Your uniform is tattered and fell off"; removeUniform player; sleep 120; player addUniform "U_C_poloshirt_salmon"; hint "You found some common clothes"; sleep 4; hint ""; };
  6. Welcome to the official WIP thread for Project ASTFOR (Astelandic Armed Forces Mod) for ArmA 3. Some of you already know about the project, while others may just simply know of it. It's been a long time coming, but we've finally decided to come up out of the proverbial dark hole for some air and say hello to the community officially. Information will be added to the first page as it comes in, per usual. Project ASTFOR is basically built around the premise of a fictional Scandinavian country of our creation which we've come to simply call "Asteland", existing within the fictional "ArmAverse" located in/around the Norwegian Sea area. While currently housed in proximity at the moment to Norway, the Astelandic kingdom is an independant entity. Furthermore, Asteland is officially a Constitutional Monarchy and member of NATO. Since Asteland is Scandinavian, it obviously draws in influence from said countries. However, while the ASTFOR team is focused on keeping hold of some form of realism within this project, the team also does take some creative license here and there along the way. While much of the equipment deployed with the Astelandic forces are familiar to the Scandinavian world, we also have taken creative liberties in some of our choices of said equipment as well to keep some of that uniqueness we wanted with our project. That is why you will find some non-Scandinavian equipment such as choosing the use of the Galil and Negev LMG (thanks to some of the non-Scandinavian influences we've decided to keep) instead of the usual over-used and seen everywhere M4's or HK 416's and M249's. [As of 12/2015] Yokhanan thepuglife Jones RobertHammer R0adki11 Task Soldier aka "That Guy" Folkward (Weapons) Galil SAR AG890k (Astelandic version of Sweden's prototype Galil, the FFV890c) AGA25k (Astelandic version of the Galil ACE) Negev LMG (5.56 commando/NG7-style) Carl Gustav ,45 USP SAKO TRG-42 Barrett M82 MG3 & MG3KWS (Upgrade) M14 (Model JAE 100) M60E6 (Vehicles - Land) CV90 + variants Rheinmetall AMPV Rheinmetall Survivor R Rheinmetall Pzh2000 XA-180 "Patria Pasi" Leopard 2A4 MAN HX60 4x4 MAN HX58 6x6 MAN HX77 8x8 Rheinmetall YAK Jackal 2 ....& More! Note: Land vehicles will have interiors. (will take forever, but it's worth it!) (Vehicles - Air) Bell 412 NH90 AS 550 Fennec JAS 39C/D (Vehicles - Sea) Absalon class frigate Hamina class corvette LCAC-1 Jurmo Class landing craft Unfortunately since it's early creation, we've met quite a number of challenges and unfortunate events that did their damage to the project. Namely, lot of people coming around with false promises and hopes, only to never deliver but leave after the damage was done. However, like the phoenix--we too kept rising from the ashes and keep fighting to move forward with our project. So what do we require to keep this project alive and moving? Everything. Whether you know your way around 3d modeling (weapons-based or infantry assets), or texturing....we accept any and all help we can get. The more hands on deck, the better and the quicker we can get this little gem of ours into the hands of the community to play with and enjoy. Basically any help we can get will benefit this project. So if there are people out there who really like the sound of our vision and want to be apart of a team where they are free to relax and explore their creativity in a friendly and welcoming environment---feel free to contact us and let us know. And for those who are able to help but worried about time schedules and the like, don't worry. We work strictly in the time frame of "when it's done". We prefer things take their time and be done right rather than rushed through with lots of mistakes that will take even longer to fix. So if you feel the desire to want to help but limited in time or busy finishing up on another project--don't worry. We are a very flexible and understanding team. All that matters is to see this project through to completion rather than end up yet another promising-sounding project that never got the chance it deserved to succeed for the community. :) [UPDATED 6/4/2017] http://i.imgur.com/dzakSqO.jpg http://i.imgur.com/4gqiXGH.jpg http://i.imgur.com/KVF5E9D.png http://i.imgur.com/RQrS4xo.png http://i.imgur.com/kXmpSoo.png http://i.imgur.com/NdbgwgM.png http://i.imgur.com/NTnmyJB.png http://i.imgur.com/kRzDRW7.png http://i.imgur.com/bplAsYe.png http://i.imgur.com/b2Y4mmM.png http://i.imgur.com/Uo3tWEY.png http://i.imgur.com/CShXnIi.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DMcLomO.png http://i.imgur.com/YR4PnLT.png http://i.imgur.com/hTNCUrH.png http://i.imgur.com/ok6NCx0.jpg http://i.imgur.com/yOTMge5.png http://i.imgur.com/sfjdGnC.jpg Q: Why is Asteland using a Galil?! Shouldn't they have [insert every other rifle under the sun that we've seen 50 billion times]?! A: Discussions concerning this have been tackled numerous times, please visit these for our reasons: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/166606-project-astfor-astorian-armed-forces/page-5#entry2629131 https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/166606-project-astfor-astorian-armed-forces/page-20#entry3043787 Q: This looks great so far! So, um...what kind of ETA are we looking at? A: When it's done. Q: I noticed some non-Scandinavian weapons/choices. What gives?! Why not a M4, HK 416 or something? A: Short answer--because we wanted to take a bit of creative license with our project. Many of us were bored back in A2 after seeing so many M4's, 416's, etc, that everyone seemed to release and use. It's kind of like how you try looking for a squad to join and notice there's 50 billion different "omgsupereliteDeltaSFRangerMarineReconChuckNorris" groups out there all looking and sounding alike. Sometimes, there's people like us who want something a bit more....unique or different. Q: How big will Astland be? A: We're constantly back-n-forth with such topics as this. Obviously when it comes to things like maps for ArmA, it will be different in terms of size scale compared to the "real life" size of Astoria in the ArmAverse, since you have to make sure the size makes sense and makes certain facts and figures seem plausible (i.e. population size, armed forces size, amount of resources, budget, etc). So right now, nothing is set in stone yet and like much of the mod—subject to change at our discretion. Q: Did we hear right, you guys are putting interiors into your tanks?! A: Yep! We've looked at photos as well as even renting a license from Steel Beasts Pro for a month to gather pictures, movies and to experience how proper tanks not just look but functions as well and how we can achieve something close given ArmA's limitations and playability. Now due to size, workload, etc, things might not be 110% all there, but we hope to get as much in as we are able to. The UV mapping alone will be a living nightmare. Moreover, we do hope to explore the possibility of having some sort of interaction with some of the interior. We won't be going crazy with the interactions like the awesome Apache for A2 as it'll be way too much and complex for us currently. However, we will look at some basic stuff to turn on monitors, start the engines, etc. Basically, give the crewmen a better feeling of immersion instead of the usual, stale and boring BIS method of jumping in and immediately on your way. It means tons of work and stress, but it'll be worth it. We like to look at the finer details and see how we can make things more fun and awesome when and where we can. Q: Ok, sounds good, but seriously....when will it be done? A: Please refer to the top question and our official response. If you still proceed to keep asking us this question, you will be beaten repeatedly to death slowly with a spoon by an obese man dressed like an adult baby as he shouts, "Not the momma!". Thank you.
  7. Hello mission makers, I hereby want to gain attention for a project of mine introducing a new level of gameplay and community existence. Looking for a mission maker, in this case, would need that person to agree with intention of the concept that I am going to propose, probably more than in most other contexts. The unit will be a virtual unit with its mission being primarily infantry and air-assault, coop and TvT, the more people will join, the more missions we can cover. What is different to other units? a lot, in regards of ranks, roles, code of conduct and chain-of-command. Presenting all the details here would definitely change the nature of this post. The core mission of this unit will be a seeder mission with main and side objectives, semi-persistence in regards to equipment and mission progress, largely focusing on patrol operations. In comparison to what I know in the communities and missions, it is leaned on the old Patrol ops from ArmA 2 and can be considered the most hardcore and most immersive. The core mission does not have to be build from scratch, it can be ported from an existing framework ( like ALIVE ) or a similar mission type. All the details about most of the modpack and mission properties are concluded in the following sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1FkHMx1NCX2z_suyCdxafjOlVPnJDPGlKazGs3Hd5_kU/edit?ts=59ad131f#gid=700967663 Your current level of mission making is not important to me, as long as you can imagine ( and want ) to adapt to the essential concept and are able to dedicate yourself to the idea. I also can imagine having more than one mission maker, I will not be able to determine who is going to be the best for this idea, because that will largely depend on attitude and self-motivation which reveals only on a long-term basis. Anyone interested, give me a shout via PM here and we see what we can make out of it.
  8. First of all, hello to everybody who is reading through this. My team and me consisting of two other ppl who are both highly experienced scripters both 3 years+ experience. Who would tackle the difficult part of the project like for example scripting a who new custom survival mod (work is allready beeing done on that front see below) The whole project aims to combine all the good from the arma2 dayz mod (the feel and ambiance, the amazingly high chance to run into another person, the absence of, i can just do some lootruns sell junk at the trader and buy myself an as50), Arma3 features (everything the arma3 engine has to offer and that we can use to our advantage), and some highly polished and custom "exile like" features. (completely custom trading system and tradingzones thats about it, yes there will be no missions because missions are just a big mess all there is either the server is empty -> you can do your missions in peace or server is full -> everbody camps a missions and waits until some idiots starts to do the missions and then snipes him when hes at the crate. Aswell as no exile like base building see below at "Whats planned" Whats planned: As mentioned allready completely custom survival DayZ script (so no exile scripts -> fully custom and expandable). Highly customized map (but done properly well not just some barracks in a massive sand bank square haha we all know and hate that stuff) (Base map will most likely be the A2 Version of chernarus not CUP since it looks quite alot better) (allready in the works) Coming with that new map design what will happen exactly. The whole maplayout will be story based fyi. when a zombie outbreak starts, it will probably not just the country that outbreak was in fighting the outbreak there will be help from other countries. So what is planned multiple smaller outposts from different factions Obviously the whole map would be polished up with props and small overrun checkpoints to make it feel proper zombie appocalypse (further details on interest) When you have that properly planned map layout you almost have to make a fully custom loot table which means that you can only find american weapons at american outposts same with AK's bla bla i think you get the point. What this does very well is encurage ppl to go to multiple outposts to get the best loadout which increases traffic on the map tremendously. (the loottable is allready beeing worked on aswell) Adding to that will come a completely custom trading system that completely gets rid of the whole coin system and makes it far more realistic alswell as a new tradezone system in itself (further details only on interest) Custom crafting system will also be available aswell as a wear system on guns and vehicles. Completely custom base building no ugly ass block fortresses but realistic stuff like pichting a tent, diggin a small hole to hide a chest or seeking shelter in a house and barricading the windows and puting a lock on the door. Lots more in planned and if i would go into detail about most of this stuff here i would be writing this for the next few hrs, and nobody would care to read through this (i think its already a bit much) What are we looking for? Modeling artist, what tasks would be there ? Custom items: backpacks, misc items, clothing (also converting arma 2 clothing (like about 5 skins) and making it modular for the arma3 system) Custom props and eventually even smaller buildings. Config coder, what tasks would there be ? Managing all weapons giving them sound proper recoil etc. General config work for interactions and managing the addon files. Thank you very much for reading through this If you seem interested (and even if you dont have the exact skills we need feel free to still contact us) feel free to contact me or my mates and we will be discussed further details as mentioned already what is described above is mearly a part of the bear shell. Best regards Chris KiwiBear: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018276573/ MrCopyright: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198067442279/ My steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046410470/
  9. Hello everybody, i am currently working on a very big and detailed plan to make a properly done arma 2 dayz mod mod oldschool style proper first day of release. I have played dayz since the very first day i know what its all about and i have done alot of research on what was there and how everything setup, unfortunatly i cant do all the coding and modding myself as my skills are limited on the heavy hitters. So i am looking of for some modders and coders who share my vision and passion for the old dayz and are down to work on this unique project, the project it aims to catch tha flair and feel of the good ol days of dayz arma2 mod. As some of you might know, there like 1 or 2 other server out there trying to do this and even tho they do horrible job on it, yet their server are still filled to the brim allmost allways so emagine what a proper done server will achive. A little overview of what is planned https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33301738/Overview.png.html (about 15 pages font size 11 in total and still growing) The main tasks would be : -Getting the hud up to date or rather down to date https://www.pic-upload.de/view-33301742/512231231.jpg.html means all the icons changed (i allready have all the icons ready to go just needs to be changed) -Importing all the guns we need from arma 2 into arma 3 (full list of all guns that where in the game back then is ready) and making them work with sound animations and very important ZEROING, obviously back then guns didnt have attatchments so now they wont have them either which means every gun has fixed attatchments (i allready started with that task) -Map changes chernarus back then was looking quite a bit different obviously this needs to be changed to fit aswell im sure you can find the code for the special dayz mapping somewhere in the dayz files (i got allmost every dayz version file from vanilla to now) but if that wont work ill just map in the stuf. -Custom loottables will ofc also be a task that needs to be done i allready got everything planned out on what spawns where just needs to be added in a lootcompiler -Importing skins from arma2/dayz to arma 3 and make them work i thought of putting them in the vest slot since i plan on giving certain skins more armor like the hero skins to encurage less kos. -Importing all the sounds from arma 2 to arma 3 including the (background music from dayz (dont know if we are allowed to do that might have to get a license)) -Getting custom models from arma 2/ dayz for all the misc items bloodbags, car parts, etc. -Also getting a repair system working because the normal all in one duct tape exile fix is just boring. -Possibitly of making cars damaged and also make guns spawn with attatchments if needed -Getting a debug monitor running -Adding helicopter crashsites with special loot Thats roughly the goal to get these things done and working. I know very well that this is no over the weekend project or even over a few weeks but this project would go off like a rocket i already asked many ppl (100+) if they would be interested in playing on such a server with highly positive responce. I am looking very much forward to translate this into action and make a proper oldschool arma 2 dayz server. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR ATTENTION Best regards. Chris. STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198046410470/
  10. Can someone help me with this. I'm Kinda new to the whole sound mod but am interested, I have no idea but gotten this far and im just Confused on how to proceed from this point on how i can even get sound through. if someone could help me Thank you. class CfgPatches { class mx { units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; requiredAddons[]= { "A3_Data_F", "A3_Sounds_F", "A3_Weapons_F" }; version="1"; author="cheif22"; }; }; class CfgSoundShaders { class MX_Closure_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shots\closure1", 1 }, { "\mx\shots\closure2", 1 } }; volume=0.17782794; range=5; }; class MX_closeShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\closeshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\closeshot2", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\closeshot3", 1 } }; volume=1; range=50; rangeCurve="closeShotCurve"; }; class MX_midShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\midshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\midshot2", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\midshot3", 1 } }; volume=0.79432821; range=1800; rangeCurve[]= { {0,0.2}, {50,1}, {300,0}, {1800,0} }; }; class MX_distShot_SoundShader { samples[]= { { "\mx\shot\distshot1", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\distshot3", 1 }, { "\mx\shot\distshot3", 1 } }; volume=1; range=1800; rangeCurve[]= { {0,0}, {50,0}, {300,1}, {1800,1} }; }; };
  11. Hi! I've been around since OFP, playing online since 2010 at Hotshots. I very much enjoyed Benny's CTI, I enjoy exploring the vast and beautiful Arma worlds and I'm a vet, thus I'd like to combine these aspects onto a semi-serious CTI immersion for single players (just due to lack of my MP scripting experience, but if the interested person is more into that...) Over the last year, I have tried several different approaches and community AI scripts to create a decent SP CTI. The concept is solid, the core element has been written and tested, so now its about putting some horsepower onto the road. If you - are a CTI enthusiast - like to develop a dynamic SP experience for Arma 3 - are not into survival/zombie/life, preferably also with mil background - have at least beginner coding skills - can spare some hours a week to contribute Feel free to ask and respond in this thread, contact me by PM or by Skype (look for ZeroG, am using the same avatar). Best regards, ZeroG
  12. Feel free to download & use :) http://imgur.com/a/Jmifs
  13. Famousbasic13

    Project LVR

    Hi all, Welcome to Project LVR (Lakeside Valley Remastered) Below is a Short Summary of what Project LVR is, however My Website - http://www.famousbasic13.org (Dedicated to the Project - Nothing else) is where you will Find out a lot more about Project LVR with a Fully Detailed Roadmap. What is Project LVR? Project LVR (Lakeside Valley Remastered) Is a recently started project that has been setup to ‘remaster’ Lakeside Valley. The map itself was well made, all credits go to the previous Creators, who are ‘Falcos’, ‘Sirel76/El76’ and ‘Shultz’ however as most of you know, there are still large areas that need working on. Stated below you will see what I am going to work on and the progress of that specific task. What should we expect in the LVR? For the Full Roadmap of Project LVR see Website ^^^ (Below is a Short Summary, There is a lot more to come than stated below) New Towns New Roads Fixed Roads Less Trees Less Mountains / Hills Smoother Water - Land Merges Want Something Fixed / Added / Changed? I have all played a fair amount Arma 3 Life however nothing would help me more than for you (The Players and Community) to make suggestions about possible additions to the map / Changes and fixes. If you wish to submit one of those, you may do so on the website. P.S The Website is Not Finished and is Updated Daily so Keep Tuned! Thank you Famousbasic13
  14. From a PCGamer article: Project Reality 2 announced, turns the military FPS mod into a standalone game http://media.pcgamer.com/files/2013/09/project-reality-2.jpg (324 kB) "The Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2/Arma 2 finally hit version 1.0 earlier this year, after eight years of development time. During that time, the game series it was modifying have moved on to bigger and more explodey installments – several times, when it comes to Battlefield. Now, the PR Team have announced the mod’s follow-up – and, excitingly, you won’t need to rely on any other games to play it. Project Reality 2 is being built using CryEngine 3 to be “completely standaloneâ€, in contrast to the distinctly semi-detached nature of the original. Like the original mod, the aim with PR2 is to be one of the more realistic multiplayer shooters out there. As the announcement post reveals, “Initially, Project Reality 2 will be a small scale, infantry based FPS with a comprehensive weapon handling system that will aim to be as realistic as possible. Map sizes will be 1km and 2km with an Advance and Secure (or “AASâ€) style game mode, similar to that seen in the Project Reality: BF2 and Project Reality: ARMA 2 modifications.†The team are currently working on the alpha – development began in mid-2012 – although a public release “is still away off†as there’s obviously a lot more work involved with making a standalone release. Interestingly, Project Reality 2 will also be “free to playâ€, and thanks to the lack of hyphens there I’m going to assume that means the good kind of free, rather than the wallet-tickling kind often favoured by many of today’s online-FPS developers. For the full details, be sure to read that announcement post – in the meantime, here’s how PR1 was looking just a few months ago: "
  15. I'm looking for a way to change the color of some specific elements of the HUD that do not seem to be changeable in the options. I'm looking at the objective marker and user placed way points (or whatever the proper term is). Basically the carrot with distance HUD items. Thanks in advance, YT