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  1. I am VERY impressed on what you and Rydigier created with these addons. THAT is exactly how Arma should be played. For many years, I have been tackling with DAC, MCC GAIA, ALIVE, DUWS, Drongo, TRGM, Dynamic Recon Ops, Evannex and whatnot...but your mod works, is easy to use and yet leaves nothing out.... One word: Brilliant! 👌
  2. Hi Larrow, I justed tested the VR mission in the editor and also with my own mission, nothing seems to happen, regardless which sector creation option I hit? I have tried both with mods and without, no change. I use dev build 1.87.145170 Thanks for your help in advance!
  3. Hi! I've been around since OFP, playing online since 2010 at Hotshots. I very much enjoyed Benny's CTI, I enjoy exploring the vast and beautiful Arma worlds and I'm a vet, thus I'd like to combine these aspects onto a semi-serious CTI immersion for single players (just due to lack of my MP scripting experience, but if the interested person is more into that...) Over the last year, I have tried several different approaches and community AI scripts to create a decent SP CTI. The concept is solid, the core element has been written and tested, so now its about putting some horsepower onto the road. If you - are a CTI enthusiast - like to develop a dynamic SP experience for Arma 3 - are not into survival/zombie/life, preferably also with mil background - have at least beginner coding skills - can spare some hours a week to contribute Feel free to ask and respond in this thread, contact me by PM or by Skype (look for ZeroG, am using the same avatar). Best regards, ZeroG
  4. Seems I figured out a workaround with BIS_fnc_nearestPosition, not 100% what I wanted but also suiting my purpose: //LOCATION CHECK LOOP FOR EACH UNIT OF A SPECIFIC SIDE MYLOCATIONS = [[x1,y1,z1],[x2,y2,z2],...]; //Can be markers/objects as well. If so, then getmarkerpos/getpos _NearestLocation has to be used at the distance check line below. CLOSELOCATIONS = []; while {true} do { _NearestLocation = []; { if ((side _x) == west) then { _NearestLocation = [MYLOCATIONS , _x] call BIS_fnc_nearestPosition; if (_x distance NearestLocation < 1250) then { CLOSELOCATIONS pushBack _NearestLocation ; //fill array with new item MYLOCATIONS = MYLOCATIONS - [_NearestLocation]; //remove item from original array if repeated script execution is unwanted }; } } forEach allUnits; sleep 20; //adapt as needed };
  5. Hello @all! I have an array of markers which I like to check against in a 10 sec while loop instead of using too many 0.5 sec triggers on the map. I'd like to check all markers in that very array against all units on my side for distance between each other and add all "positive markers" into an array. My attempts have led me to the code that can be seen below. With that script however, only the markers get stored that are close to one of my units, not the entire side. I assume I have to do sth about the double forEach-loop ?! or does anyone have an even better idea how to achieve what I'm looking for? Help is much appreciated! _Friendly = []; {if ((side _x) == WEST) then {_Friendly pushBack _x}} forEach allUnits; _CloseMarkers = []; {if ( ({_x} forEach _Friendly) distance (getmarkerpos _x) < 2000) then {_CloseMarkers pushBack _x} } forEach ZONEMARKERS;
  6. Astonishing how far the community has come in map designing!!!
  7. Hi! Been enjoying ALIVE since autumn last year. I play SP though and the ALIVE AI commanders make it great fun. Now, I was wondering how the major ALIVE variables are named, which would allow me to create a status monitor, trigger events etc. So far Spyder has shown me two interesting major variables: _forcePool1 = [ALIVE_globalForcePool,"BLU_F"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet; _forcePool2 = [ALIVE_globalForcePool,"OPF_F"] call ALIVE_fnc_hashGet; hint format ["Forcepool Values \n West: %1 total groups \n East: %2 total groups", _forcePool1, _forcePool2]; _profilesWest = count ([ALiVE_profileHandler, "getProfilesBySide", "WEST"] call ALIVE_fnc_profileHandler); _profilesEast = count ([ALiVE_profileHandler, "getProfilesBySide", "EAST"] call ALIVE_fnc_profileHandler); hint format ["Force Matchup \n West: %1 total groups \n East: %2 total groups", _profilesWest, _profilesEast]; Could you advise on similar variables like ALIVE_globalForcePool or getProfilesBySide i.e. point out where I'd have to look? Thank you...
  8. Hi all, I'd be keen for the variables showing the size of the total force, both spawned and cached, to deduct a "total force count" for each side i.e. a kind of progress. I know how to do it with a trigger, but I was wondering whether the cached force size could also be taken into account. Thanks in advance!
  9. ZeroG

    High resolution DEMs

    SPAIN 5m Several European states in good resolution For excluded countries or other continents than NA, one will have to use the new SRTM data if one aint rich :-)
  10. ZeroG

    High resolution DEMs

    ASTER unluckily is full of artifacts. Good news I just discovered: SRTM is publishing 30m data world wide since 23rd of September!
  11. Great job putting it all together! I wonder if anyone has some experience which of those mods are compatible with each other/useful to combine?
  12. ZeroG

    Help needed with Power-shell Script

    http://wiki.armamapmaking.info/arma3:terrainbuilder:resources:v3_to_tb_objectconverter This nice tool will allow you to import objects placed with V3/WorldTools/3DED into your new TB project
  13. Create a new template library in TB. For my suite, I used the exact class names as they can be found in the directories. By doing that, you should be able to import your objects 1:1
  14. Same for me. Tried different projections and whatsoever...did not work.