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  1. fusionofp

    key list\remap controls.

    I too would like to know where I can manually change keys, the ingame keybingind does not 'take'. It shows that I am using arrow keys but the game still uses them for looking.
  2. fusionofp

    Ups and downs with Bohemia

    Moderator out of control will close any threads which contain complaints. You are not allowed to complain about BIS.
  3. Same as you Danetrooper
  4. Time for a refund, BIS has shown contempt for its supporters.
  5. fusionofp

    Linux Server Complaint

    Wolle, moderator out of control, says it all doesn't it. Always has to leave a "smart" reply ("But yeah I understand, this Generation wants it all, for free and of course right now.") State the facts and leave your opinion out.
  6. fusionofp

    ACR War Criminal

    Way to go BIS, first impressions count and this is not good. Has anybody gone back to the start point and ordered the MG man (SAW) to rearm ? He picks up one 30 rnd stang ! Tried it twice just to confirm.
  7. For those who can't download from the official link on the first page, are you using Peerblock ? It blocks Cenega International, based in the Czech Republic. Unblock for 15 minutes and you can get the patches. the IP is, try pinging to see if it's blocked somewhere on your PC or router.
  8. Most boring , annoying and pointless mod of the year.
  9. Won't run for me, using existing beta shortcuts or running the .exe directly. No error and no .rpt file created. Task manager shows 1 extra process for around 1 second. 90242 runs ok.
  10. fusionofp

    BattlEye GUID banning

    Thanks, I suspect it's a case of an old ban list.
  11. fusionofp

    BattlEye GUID banning

    He was banned using Arma2Rcon. No matter how many times I reload the ban list the ID (dcca6f5b0118d490c9301d92bd162880) is not there. Arma2Rcon is working, we can use it to kick and restart the server etc ( but it is a pain to use ). There was NO ban ingame using #exec ban. He does get the "you are banned" message. logging in as admin and running any BE commands produces nothing at all. When you say "run cmd bans" you mean #beserver bans ... right ? Hypothetical: What if the ban list was lost, have the BE developers catered for that possibility ? or are the GUIDs lost forever ?
  12. fusionofp

    BattlEye GUID banning

    thanks but i'ts not a PID, it's more like dcaac56fffdc788 etc, I'm not trying to unban from inside the game. So he remains banned :(.
  13. fusionofp

    BattlEye GUID banning

    I am trying to use Rcon to unban a player, his GUID is in the player list but not in the ban list so unbanning via Rcon is impossible. The server moved from Linux to Windows recently, is it possible he was banned under Linux and something went wrong with the ban list when reinstalling the server on Windows ? I have the GUID but can't do anything with it. He does get the " you are banned" message.
  14. If an MP game is started in Veteran, with 3rd person view off, can a script turn it on ? If so what is the command ?