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  1. rundll.exe

    Forums migration/update status items

    Somehow, I still get logged out quite often for no reason. And when I come from an external link to these forums, Its super frustrating that logging in bounces you to the main page... That should be a simple fix!
  2. Congrats on the release leshrack, seems pretty polished! I know what hurdles you've gone over and trough, and it's nice to see my script idea made it into Arma 3! If I ever find the time I'll check the scripts how you've tackled all the PhysX stuff :)
  3. rundll.exe

    Server stats logging

    You'd have to script that yourself, and use an external database engine (don't remember it's name) to store and retrieve the stats. It's possible, but don't expect this to be a straightforward task.
  4. rundll.exe

    A plea from someone with lazy, stubborn friends

    Wow, reading this thread almost makes me ashamed of being a part of this community... The downright rude responses of otherwise mature community members to valid points are mind-boggling for me. The OP has a very simple plea, and doesn't force anything to anyone. He just wants to raise some awareness to a problem I can fully imagine. And of course a lot of valid points are raised here, and i'm pretty sure most of you agree with those: Mod authors decide what they do with their content. No one can force them. Players are free to suggest other distributions to authors The old-fashioned way of downloading zip's and copying them is something from the past decade. Really, it's not about lazyness, it's about embracing technology that does stupid tasks for you. Not everyone can invest time in managing (many) mods manually, and a one-click system like PWS still enables them to enjoy the mods. There are many disribution systems for you to choose from, but none are perfect: Armaholic (Manual copying, no auto-update), PWS (huge potential, but buggy/slow), Arma3Sync (Custom repository needed), SWS (Steam, it's EULA, and the (seemingly) underage userbase are not really attractive to authors) Armaholic is a great site, and could/should happily coexist to other systems. It's the only fail-safe resource that has about anything Arma related hosted. The lack of a perfect distribution system makes the community and mods scattered over them. Read trough this thread for proof. We have to live with it for now. Unless BIS invests heavily in a better (read: perfect one-click solution), we have to live with different distribution systems. If your favorite mod that you want to play with friends is not on your favorite distribution system you have these options: Switch to another distribution system. Ask the author to put it on your favorite distribution system. Accept no as an answer. Don't use that particular mod. So with that settled, can we please treat each other in a civilized way, no matter how strongly you disagree?
  5. rundll.exe

    Any chance of finally fixing clipping issues?

    Haha, that's a quote that applies to ArmA 3 in general I think... It made it into my sig :D
  6. rundll.exe

    Any chance of finally fixing clipping issues?

    Ontop of that issue, is the clipping of AI guns trough walls when lying down, and them being able to see trough it (and kill you). It seems their "eye" is at the front of the scope?. This is mostly noticeable when units are placed behind windows, and lie down when suppressed. BTW, I know from OFP and Arma1, that the AI (local to the server) ignores collision when the server FPS is below some threshold. I don't know about A2 or A3 though.
  7. rundll.exe

    Forums migration/update status items

    Looking good! (also on mobile). I like the post body now. One minor complaint is that the quote/report button takes up an additional line (it's perfect when logged out), they could easily fit left of the like stuff.
  8. rundll.exe

    ArmA Weekly Podcast

    Nice, reminds me of JerryHopper's SahraniRadio podcasts. They were pretty good with notable guests (also from BIS), but it was way too long. I'd say, keep it short (max 1 hr) and action-packed, you'll get a bigger audience that way.
  9. rundll.exe

    Forums migration/update status items

    Using tables for markup is a bad idea. Ever. For example if you open the forums on your phone, there is no way for the browser to break down the table to make it fit. That being said, It would be a good idea to hide signatures on mobile (small screens) all together. Try it for this thread, the required amount of scrolling is horrible. A simple css rule should be enough.
  10. I don't think there is a need to bind this to the number of posts, it might be confusing for newbies that they cant see it, and (I hope) the senior members are not that elitist. Set that either to zero, or even better, bring the old system with ranks back, it fits the theme of ArmA :) On this topic: The profile area of the post looks messy now with the share button, It should go to the right top of the post, as all forums have it. And pleaaaase bring the "Join date" back below the avatar, that's way more useful info compared to the postcount.
  11. rundll.exe

    Is Arms 3 the new game for me?

    You dont need ACE :D No I'm pretty serious. ACE adds another layer of complexity, while arma is already complex enough. Add it later when you're comfortable with the game. My advice: Run without mods at first, and start with the campaign. It teaches you the basics, while granting some nice firefights. And the one advice: DONT GIVE UP . The game can be very frustrating, because of the completely different playstyle compared to what you're used to. It's hard. The controls are weird. The Interface is horrible. But it's worth every struggle in the long run. Good luck!
  12. Very nice! It's still elastic, but that also happens with any scripted method, you simply need some elasticity for it to be stable. My guess it works like a position feedback controller, which needs an error to be able to correct the position. You could increase the stiffness, but you lose robustness and stability. I have the feeling that BIS limited the minimum length to get this stability, as a really stiff rope would be hard to sync in MP.
  13. You want to do this for a specific soldier in a mission you're making? (I wouldn't get why you want to do this otherwise). Then you could try making a little script that sets his behaviour to "CARELESS", until you get close, and set it to "AWARE"
  14. I agree, the post link button under the profile is weird, and there is enough space right of the "Posted Today" line. The location of the "like this" button is logical like this (you like the post, not the sig.), so moving the quote and report buttons to the lowe left of the post body would be good.
  15. I like the new compact post layout! Saves a lot of vertical space. Keep up the good work, only the thread header might need some cleaning up